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Chapter 210 – Fighting the Rain Clan Alone

The vast expanse of sword qi was like an ocean as it swept out. Stars scattered down from within, and a bright sun descended; the scene was simply outrageous.

While this scene unfolded, a mist was proliferating outwards. Lightning flickered and thunder rolled; this grand spectacle made it seem as if the heavens itself were opening up. It made people feel reverence as their hearts began to beat faster.

“Not good!”

The Rain Clan’s people quickly retreated. A great fear began to stir within them, because they could feel the might of that sword. It was not something they could meet head on, as its strength was difficult to match.

Everyone rushed towards the sides, quickly fleeing for their lives. That giant sword qi fell down between them, hacking straight down the middle of the pure land. With a honglong sound, it was as if a galaxy was falling down.

They could clearly see the sun, moon and stars falling. The sword qi tore through the skies and hacked the building in half, creating a huge black crevice.


On the ground, precious bones appeared one after another. Soon after, cracks appeared on them. As if they were withering flowers, they fell down one after another before ultimately breaking into fragments.

These were only the symbol bones originating from that huge crevice, so one could imagine just how many were laid throughout the entire pure land. They were simply waiting for the devilish brat to walk into their killing formations to directly destroy him.


An elder from the Rain Clan shouted maliciously with an ashen complexion. Killing intent poured out from him like a tide, because he hated that child bitterly. With only a single strike, their pure land already suffered a tremendous harm.

Within the Rain Clan’s strategic area, all types of light flew about, creating a vast expanse of symbols. Everyone moved together to create a large mass of symbols and precious techniques that aimed at a single direction.

With a rumbling sound, it was as if the earth’s core itself was being blown apart. Symbols bubbled forth like magma as they shot towards the little guy.  Being so vast and concentrated, it was not a force one could easily withstand.

The little guy was startled. This powerful wave of strength was not something he dared to meet head on; after all, this was created from the cooperation of countless experts. After grouping together, it turned into killing beams of light. They gathered together and focused on him.

If he was actually struck, then forget about his cultivation level; even those with fighting prowess at a much higher level than his would be unable to defend themselves.

He shifted his body to another position, and when his body moved, it was as if a Kun Peng appeared. Golden wings spread out as he soared past, avoiding this attack.

Waves of energy spread throughout the entire region. The area he previously stood on exploded, immediately forming a bottomless abyss. Numerous giant boulders weighing tens of thousands of jin flew in all directions, creating a scene that was absolutely terrifying.


The little guy’s entire body emitted light. An innumerable number of golden feathers shot out from his back like divine arrows, densely descending down on the center of the pure land.

Zheng zheng sound continuously sounded, and golden light clustered together in the sky. They interweaved into a lightning-like divine radiance before dropping down and creating pu pu sounds. Almost a hundred people were penetrated on the spot, releasing miserable shrieks.


The golden divine feathers were terrifying. They pierced through their chests, heads and abdomens, bringing about large blossoms of blood. In addition, when these golden feathers pierced through their bodies, they sent them flying for over ten zhang.

This type of spectacle made the people’s hearts tremble. Their souls were even shaking, as this was too terrifying. The Kun Peng’s technique displayed its might, and a single attack took so many lives.

“Sky-sealing Aqua Barrier!”

An elder shouted loudly, and a light blue curtain of light rose from within the pure land. It turned into a large light screen, blocking the area in front of him. It looked like it was made out of a blue crystal as it flickered with beams of light.

Finally, the golden feathers disappeared, and those divine arrows began to vanish one after another. The Rain Clan did a head count and found that this one attack actually seized the lives of nearly a hundred men, making them resentful and incomparably angry. Their losses were disastrous.

Of course, many experts avoided the attack, and it was mainly those whose cultivation levels weren’t powerful enough that suffered. However, even though this was the case, it still made them furious.

“Just one move of his displayed such strength! The devilish brat is so powerful!”

“The Rain Clan will most likely suffer greatly!”

The people muttered amongst themselves. The devilish brat was powerful beyond their expectations, actually possessing a great killing artifact that could destroy the Rain Clan’s formations.

As a result, miserable cries rose and fell in succession within Stone Country in the real world. Nearly a hundred people were killed, making their spirits suffer injuries. Even their real bodies suffered heavy damage.

“Send out more experts and have them all enter the Void God Realm. Bring the clan suppressing primitive killing formation to slaughter him!” Someone howled. This truly couldn’t be endured, because even though the battle had just started, the losses were already so disastrous.

Within the Void God Realm, the various outstanding individuals in front of the Heavenly Paradise were all excited. Watching this battle made them all stirred up.

Of course, there were quite a few people whose faces were gloomy as well, because their sects once sent people to the starting ground to fight the devilish child. They were his enemies, and now that they saw how powerful the little guy was, it indicated that they might suffer misfortune in the future as well.

Silver light flickered with dazzling brilliance. An enormous piece of beast skin appeared within the Rain Clan’s pure land. Then, it turned into a vicious beast that was as tall as a mountain. Its entire body was covered densely in scales that flickered with cold metallic light.

It opened its mouth to reveal ferocious teeth. There was a horn on its head, and even though it looked like a wolf, it had the tail of an alligator. There were also a pair of wings extending from its ribs. This was a Lunar Sky Wolf, also known as a Silver Sky Wolf, and it was extremely powerful.

“Wu, the Rain Clan used an extremely powerful precious artifact! That beast skin is definitely rarely seen among archaic descendants. It’s extremely shocking!” Quite a few people were shocked.


The Silver Sky Wolf rushed over, its aura frantic and berserk. This was a precious artifact that was activated through the cooperation of everyone, allowing it to reach the peak of its fighting potential. The silver-colored beast skin formed the true body it had back then.

The little guy stared at that wolf and did not use the broken sword. The reason he didn’t do so was because it consumed too much energy to use, and he already noticed that the other party was relying on their great numbers to exhaust his strength.

A blood-colored precious fan flew over, releasing brilliant scarlet multicolored light. This was the precious artifact he seized from the four great clans back then, and it was the Yuan Clan’s suppressing treasure.


With a gentle fan, flames immediately overflowed into the heavens before rushing forward. It was as if a volcano was gushing out scarlet flames, causing blazing magma to surge. It completely submerged the area in front of him.


The Silver Sky Wolf was as large as a mountain. However, after being enveloped within the divine flames, it still roared angrily and released miserable shrieks. It was set aflame, becoming a flaming wolf.

“Yuan Clan’s supreme precious artifact!” An elder within the Rain Clan’s complexion became gloomy.

Back then when this precious artifact had been lost, the Yuan Clan became absolutely furious and sent out large groups of experts to search for it. After they entered the Hundred Shattering Mountains to catch the little guy, their losses became even greater.

Ao… The silver wolf was extremely terrifying. Symbols erupted all about its body to defend against the divine flames. It charged towards the little guy and was going to kill him.

It had already turned into a flame wolf. Scarlet flames curled about it, fiercely burning its body. However, it did not give up and opened its ferocious mouth wide to shoot out silver symbols. They were like stars as they exploded one after another.

On top of that, its large claw dropped down, causing the ground to split apart. It was incomparably terrifying, and its divine might shocked everyone.

The little guy was fearless. He released a roar and directly met the Silver Sky Wolf head on. His entire body erupted with immeasurable amounts of light as his fist smashed into its large claw, creating a huge weng long sound.

The Silver Wolf roared loudly. It actually began to stumble about after being struck and almost dropped down onto the ground. Its large silver claw was smashed to pieces.


The Rain Clansmen felt fear and trepidation after what had just happened, no longer daring to meet the little guy head on. They quickly collected their precious artifact, or else it was going to be destroyed.

The little guy pursued and attacked. A purple radiance appeared within his palms and wrapped around his fist. Purple lightning danced about, and with a honglong sound, it smashed into that mountain-sized wolf’s back.


The silver wolf’s vertebra exploded, and a large portion of its flesh was missing. It cried out miserably as it fled.

At the same time, the little guy waved the scarlet precious fan. Vast flames rushed forward, surrounding the Silver Sky Wolf and turning its body pitch black. It’s previously brilliant fur was turned into a charred black color.

In the end, it fled into the pure land and turned into a sheet of wolf skin before floating down.

The people watching all became foolish. The little guy was able to smash a portion of it into pieces. It was now no longer bright, and was instead pitch-black, almost being burned down.

“Rain Clan, how can you act like this? I am just one person, yet you guys are holed up inside after I attacked you guys. Could it be that you all are extremely terrified of me?”

After the little guy stood in front of the pure land and spoke like this, it made the Rain Clan stare viciously at him. Their faces were simply beyond ugly.

This was especially the case since he was just a child. His eyes were bright, and he looked incomparably pure. When this type of individual challenged such a flourishing aristocratic clan by himself, what kind of face would they still have?

In the distance, the outstanding individuals all revealed strange expressions. When they tried to put themselves in Rain Clan’s shoes, they felt that it was truly difficult to bear. A single youth was standing outside their pure land and threatening to destroy their sacred land! This was truly a disgrace and humiliation.


Within the Rain Clan pure land, a group of old men shouted. The entire pure land became dusky as mists enveloped the area. Large sections of symbols lit up as they began to unleash the immeasurable killing formations.

Ear-piercing chichi sounds rang out, and streak after streak of light flew out; they took the initiative to attack. In addition, a huge palace building actually left the ground and smashed towards the devilish brat.

They unleashed their attacks, because if they truly hid behind their doors while being attacked by a single child, even if they won, they would still have lost their pride and dignity. After news of this was spread outwards, others would only laugh at them.

This threatened their reputation. They were the splendid Rain Clan, so not only did they have to win, their victories had to be brilliant and magnificent.

This building was an imposing ancient structure with precious bones accumulated within. At this time, countless rays of murderous light were released. They poured down in torrents to submerge the devilish brat inside.


The little guy shouted loudly and rose high into the air. The broken sword in his hand erupted with divine light, and contained within the sword qi were various circulating suns and stars. It was incomparably large as it poured down like a sea of stars.


That imposing building began to violently tremble on the spot, and precious bones began to shatter. In addition, they were violently shaking, as if they were going to fall off.

“What?! Even this level of precious treasure isn’t a match for him?”

“Something isn’t right. That broken sword seems extremely similar to the one that the Heaven Mending Pavilion’s first ancestor held. This is bad!”

The Rain Clan were overwhelmed with shock.

The little guy did not seem to pay attention to their reactions. He exhausted all of his capabilities and continuously brandished the sword. Waves of sword qi poured out like an ocean, submerging the imposing building.


Finally, the sound of shattering rang out. The grand and imposing building was smashed apart, erupting into an endless rain of light. The sky became incomparably bright.

Within the pure land, the elders’ vision were turning black as their blood sprayed out. This was one of their clan’s treasures and it was priceless. However, it was destroyed just like that.

This was truly a disastrously loss. This precious artifact consumed an innumerable amount of precious materials to make, and was created after being refined for many years.


The devilish child took the initiative to attack. He inhaled a huge breath and used his nine heavenly passages to seize the luck between the heaven and earth. His entire body was filled with energy as he unleashed a huge attack, targeting the pure land.

A great battle erupted, and that broken sword’s black light covered the sun. Its sharpness possessed a divine radiance, and suddenly, brilliant light erupted and covered this pure land.


The great earth split open and dirt overflowed into the heavens. The broken sword’s divine might was unrivalled, and despite the fact that it caused the little guy to exhaust an extremely large amount of energy, it really was without equal. It caused the ancient constructs within the pure land to collapse.

Many miserable shrieks rang out. The Rain Clan’s losses were disastrous.

They possessed many great protection formations, but currently, they were broken apart one after another, unable to defend against the little guy’s attacks. He was incredibly savage, and was about to make his way in.

“Kill ah!”

The Rain Clansmen were anxious and angry. They activated the primal divine formation at the heart of their clan, unleashing their counterattack.

War cries immediately shook the skies. Precious techniques flew everywhere as the pure land erupted into action.

Not only were the people within the Void God Realm were shocked. Countless people rushed over to observe this battle. Even the great powers from ancient countries in the real world were paying close attention to this. All of them were quietly waiting for the results.

The reason was because the effects of this battle were extremely great. It was just a single youth, yet he wanted to break open a glorious ancient family by destroying one of their true pure lands.

Was he trying to get the title ‘unrivalled’ or was he going die at the hands of the Rain Clan? Everyone was waiting for the results, as this battle affected all of their hearts.

“If they are truly defeated by him, a balance would be destroyed! A single person laying waste to an ancient tradition! This will inevitably shake the world!”

“How many years has it been? Has another ridiculous individual appeared in this world? It truly is shocking. How savage!”

The world was far from calm, and currently, regardless of whether it was the ancient country’s imperial family or the upper figures from various sects, they were all waiting for the curtain to drop on this battle.

“Only victory, defeat is not allowed!”

Within the rain clan, an ancestor released a low bellow of rage with a sinister face. Defeat was unacceptable, or else the Rain Clan would definitely be laughed at by others. How would they keep their footing within the aristocracy then?

“However, he’s just too powerful. Within the Heavenly Passage realm, he’s unmatched. In addition, he has a supreme treasure in his hands, making it difficult to contend against. Unless Yi’er comes out from his training, we will have a tough time defending against him.”

“Depart for the divine decree. Not only do I want his void body to die, his real body must be annihilated as well and turned into eternal ashes!” The elder’s pupils were malicious, and his voice was extremely cold.

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