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Chapter 211 – Divine Decree

A temple that seemed like it was constructed out of golden pillars was emitting light. As it bathed in multicolored splendor, it seemed incomparably divine. As it rested within the innermost area of the Rain Clan, a rain of light scattered down.

This was one of the Rain Clan’s important locations in the real world, and it was providing them with a magical fragrance, causing the auspicious qi to overflow. Typically, no one was allowed to enter, and only during great events that affected the Rain Clan’s reputation would they be able to.

Currently, a group of elders were kowtowing one after another. As they walked over, their expressions were solemn and dignified. These people were all incomparably devout, and traces of blood could be seen on their foreheads.

They were kneeling and bowing with their hands joined, giving their greatest respects to a statue of their divine ancestor. At the same time, they gave an offering. Everyone was in prayer, and their expressions were extremely solemn.

Did all the ancient deities die off? This question wasn’t something that anyone could give a clear answer to. It was likely that they had all fallen, buried with the passage of time.

Upon entering the temple, an extremely indistinct stone statue could be seen. Its appearance had long become unrecognizable. Its mystical golden body had cracks in it; its luster was dull and its coloring mottled.

Rumor has it that the Rain Deity had long fallen within an ancient battle. However, the Rain Clan still worshipped his ancestral figure, hoping to bring about the miracle of him returning someday.

Even though the exterior of the temple was brilliant, the interior was rather old-fashioned and full of antique energy. The Rain Clan’s people were all kowtowing and mumbling as if they were in meditation.

Finally, under the lead of an ancestor, they opened up the altar in front of the divine figure. A small jar was buried there; its body was pitch black and it carried rain-like spots.


The jar was opened, and a wave of terrifying energy immediately rushed out. It was as if a divine being was coming into existence, and the brilliance that erupted made it seem as if the sun itself had burst open. It completely lit up the old-fashioned temple.

These were pieces of torn earthen-colored papers. After combining together, they were barely enough to form a complete document. Every piece fluttered upwards like constellations in the sky. As they circled about, they brought a rather oppressive feeling.

This was the last decree left behind by the Rain Deity, but due to various reasons, it was shattered.

It was divided up into more than ten pieces with each piece carrying a few characters. Only when combined together did they reveal what the divine will represented.

Everyone within the Rain Clan was shivering, and even their souls were trembling. This kind of pressure and aura made them feel like their bodies were about to shatter, as if they were being offered up to the deity.

In the end, only after that ancestor read some complex incantations did those pieces gradually calm down and the divine splendor fade. In addition, the people here had sliced their wrists to trickle out some blood, proving that they were the Rain Deity’s descendants.

A female walked up. Her eyes were closed, and her delicate hands were like jade. She began to feel for the ten or so pieces of paper. After choosing a piece, she clasped her hands together before retreating.

She was precisely Yu Zimo, a female who possessed spirituality and a strange perception ability. Her body was sparkling like jade, incomparably pure and holy.

The group of people piously conducted the ceremony. They returned the remaining paper into the black jar before burying it within the altar. Soon after, they silently left the ancient temple.

“Alright, this is the one. This piece of the deity’s decree has the characters ‘attack’ and ‘word’. Even though it isn’t ‘kill’, it should still be powerful enough to kill any opponent.

The old ancestor began to laugh loudly. A single ‘attack’ character was enough to represent the profound strength of the decree. It would inevitably demonstrate its power and kill off all enemies within the Void God Realm.

“Bring it over and carefully protect it. After using it, it still needs to be returned to the altar!”

Within the Rain Clan’s pure land in the Void God realm, a great battle was carrying out. Great formations were activated; flood dragons covered the sky, peacocks cut across the heavens, and many archaic descendants rushed forth, as if they were truly appearing.

The Rain Clan’s great formations were mysterious and extremely powerful, all of them targeting the little guy, making it momentarily difficult for him to charge in. Together with the numerous experts using their most powerful symbols, even the exceptionally powerful broken sword was not enough to overcome this.

On the other side, the little guy was covered in bloodstains. His strength had been exhausted considerably, because the broken sword was like an abyss, frantically consuming his essence energy without end.

This was all still happening under the restriction of this heavenly paradise. If this was in the true world, the after effects will truly be inconceivable.

Fortunately, the little guy’s body was sufficiently powerful. Wave after wave of magma-like liquid trickled out from the void and bubbled within his body, replenishing his needs.

This was precisely the profoundness of the heavenly passages, the seizing of the luck between heaven and earth.

“Yi, just how many heavenly passages did he open up? He started with five, and now increased to seven. It seems like there are still a few volcanoes hidden.”

This was the first time the devilish child revealed his heavenly passages. Bright volcanoes appeared one after another, surging with heaven and earth essence that nourished his powerful flesh.

His spirit was transformed. The process was not much different than if it happened in the real world.

“Youngster, you’re too unbridled! You don’t know how high the sky is and how deep the earth is. To offend my Rain Clan’s prestige, even if deities descended, they still wouldn’t be able to save you!” Within the pure land, an elder’s expression was gloomy and cold as he shouted, his voice like thunder.

Within the Void God Realm, endless debris lied at the border of the ruins. An extraordinary willow tree was rooted within the void, and at this time, it was as if it received some sort of insight. A willow branch gently swayed, causing green and lush radiance to circulate.

In the end, it once again calmed down. It no longer made any unusual movements.

Within the Rain Clan’s pure land, a group took the initiative. They unleashed a great killing formation, and all of the precious bones were wrapped within multicolored light. Those flood dragons, peacocks, and others completely disappeared.

“Yi, what is the Rain Clan doing?” The group of heroes were all apprehensive.

The little guy didn’t seem to care at all. He directly brandished the sword and hacked in front of him. Since an opportunity was presented right in front of him, how could he let it go? Of course he would attack.

Suddenly, the sky and the earth shook. The area that the Rain Clan occupied began to fiercely shake, and a wave of terrifying aura erupted. It actually affected the Void God Realm’s rules and order, turning this place indistinct and warped.

“What?! This type of force almost seems as if some type of limit was broken through, a power that could destroy the the laws of this place!”

“Exactly what did the Rain Clan bring? Why does it make our hearts unsteady and our souls shake?”

The outstanding heroes were all absolutely horrified. They felt as if the rules and order of this world were about to transform, and an earthen radiance began to appear. It was as if a deity was coming into this world.

“Suppress and kill!”

Everyone within the Rain Clan shouted together. They wholeheartedly offered their worship. Upon looking up into the heavens, one could see a piece of shabby yellow paper. It flowed with hazy splendor, as if the primals chaos were being opened.

This was the decree of a deity, and was far superior to the wordless paper of the Hundred Shattering Mountains. That was was simply an empty one, while this was a divine object that truly contained the deity’s intent.


The piece of divine decree exploded, and countless drops of golden rain scattered down. They descended frantically, directly striking towards the little guy.

“Not good!”

At this moment, the little guy became frightened. He no longer dared to be reckless in the slightest. The hairs on his body all stood erect, and with a turn of his body, a pair of Kun Peng wings appeared, rapidly increasing his speed.

He seemed like an unstable light, but also like a fleeting shadow as he fled frantically. At the same time, the broken sword hacked out behind him, blocking the densely concentrated golden raindrops.


However, no matter how fast he was, there were still golden raindrops closing in. It swept through everything and shook the world. As the drops fell onto the the broken sword, ear-splitting keng qiang sounds were continuously emitted, making his arm numb.

At the same time, the devilish brat’s arm was pierced through by one of the raindrops. Fresh blood immediately flowed out.

It was simply impossible to outspeed this bright rain. It was too concentrated, and it covered the sky and earth with incomparable speed.

“I’m going to risk it all! Who cares about how powerful you are. Don’t tell me that you are going to disobey the Void God Realm’s will and exceed the Heavenly Passage Realm!” After being struck, the devilish brat went crazy and suddenly turned around.

The reason was because he knew that he couldn’t outspeed the golden rain. Continuing to run in such a frenetic manner would only make it easier for him to get injured.

Dang, dang…

He brandished the broken sword and continuously hacked about, turning into a wheel of wind. Symbols covered the sky, ultimately turning into a vast ocean to confront the divine decree.

“No matter how powerful you are, there’s no way it’s greater than ten heavenly passages or else you will definitely be suppressed. I’m not weaker than it by much, and together with the broken sword, I refuse to believe that I can’t hack you apart!” The devilish brat shouted.

He did not retreat, but rather pushed forward, killing his way over. In addition, he went completely berserk; his body lit up, in the end making him look like a great fireball that burned with matchless brilliance.

The black blood traces on the broken sword in his hands became indistinct, making the sword become increasingly resplendent. Beams of light soared into the heavens, continuously hacking towards the symbol parchment in the air. Kengqiang sounds rang out as the battle raged on.

Everyone became dumbfounded. In particular, the Rain Clan’s people felt felt their scalps going numb; how could the devilish brat be so powerful?! Was he going to stand off against the will of a divine creature?

“How could the will of a God be something a cockroach like you can resist? You are simply asking for death!” An elder within the Rain Clan shouted.

“Deity my butt, can he defy the heavens and disobey the rules of the Void God Realm to surpass the Heavenly Passage realm? If not, then you can just dream about catching me!” The savage devilish brat shouted.

He began to fight for his life even more furiously, because he knew that as soon as he loosened up in the slightest, he would undoubtedly be killed. Moreover, his words weren’t completely ungrounded. Even if a deity came, only by defying the order here could they break through this restriction.

He believed firmly that the Rain Deity had died, and that it was impossible for a small piece of badly damaged symbol parchment to defy the rules here. Only by fighting fiercely head on could he make it through this great disaster.

“Kill! I am going to chop you into pieces!”

The devilish brat cried out loudly. His entire body shone, releasing his endless potential and unifying with the broken sword. An extraordinarily powerful sword radiance hacked out, making even the heaven and earth shake as it continuously struck the symbol parchment.

Everyone became dumbfounded. This fellow as too savage, not even fearing a God as he resisted in such a manner. He wanted to destroy that decree, truly fearless!

“This… was this one of the ten Archaic savages? This was too ferocious! Did he go crazy? Was he really going to withstand the will of a deity?”

“This devilish child is not normal. Did he consume the Octadic Treasure Chicken’s blood or something? This is simply too unbridled. With no fear of anything, he is going to scale the heavens to slaughter a deity!”

The spectators were all nearly speechless. This was too crazy! Challenging the will of a deity while loudly clamoring, it seemed like a small aboriginal of a primitive tribe.

The Rain Clansmen were also stunned. This piece of divine decree did not dominate the devilish brat, but rather evoked his stubborn and savage nature. He was shouting loudly as he rushed towards the heavens.

If it was the people on the sides, they would have became discouraged a long time ago. However, this devilish child’s fighting spirit was still high, as if he had the imposing intent of killing through the heavens to meet the true God. His heart was completely fearless.

“Dare to kill me? I am going to eat you!” The devilish brat shouted. He exhausted everything, igniting flaming divine light around his body. This type of declaration once again made everyone somewhat stupefied.

This wasn’t even like that of a human anymore. How could he have this kind of reaction and thoughts? This was quite different from ordinary people, and this made everyone curse silently. This youngster was definitely not a true human.


Within the skies, the symbol parchment shone. An ‘attack’ character appeared. It was the will of the deity, and with rumbling sounds, the supreme law interweaved, terrifying people’s souls.

In the blink of an eye, the tattered and damaged decree seemed to have revived. It was as if it carried the will of the True God. The golden rain was like a waterfall as it poured down in torrents.

Everyone became overwhelmed with shock. How could this type of divine might be resisted with just the heavenly passage realm? Was he trying to transcend?!

Only, the devilish brat continued to shout. “Still not breaking? If you have the ability, then break through! Otherwise, you can’t kill me!”

Outside his body, honglonglong sounds rang out. Nine heavenly passages simultaneously appeared, and the ‘magma’ surged, continuously trickling out. It was just like a waterfall as it submerged him, endlessly supplying him with essence energy.”

“What?! Nine Heavenly Passages established? For humans, this has only been recorded within ancient texts!”

Even though such a thing was heard of before a long time ago and was something long suspected, it still made the people shake when they saw it in person. He was like the heir of a living deity, too terrifying.

“Broken sword, wake up! Isn’t it just a piece of tattered paper? Shatter it!” The devilish child shouted loudly.

Several holes appeared in his body after being penetrated by the golden rain of light. However, he did not possess any type of fear and only became increasingly valiant. With a single step, he soared into the heavens to hack at the symbol parchment.

The Rain Clansmen’s hearts were all shaking. Was there still heavenly reasoning in this?! This devilish child was too ridiculous! Could it be that not even a divine decree could suppress him?

This was not some ordinary precious artifact, but rather a decree carved from the essence of a divine creature’s will. It far surpassed those supreme treasures, yet it was being resisted like this. The devilish brat was strong to the point that it made people wanted to curse him; he was fierce beyond belief!


A few more bloody holes appeared in the devilish brat’s body, but his eyes only grew increasingly bright. Light shone from his entire body, and his nine heavenly passages rumbled. The Kun Peng diving wings flapped; he was actually about to take flight.

“Eat, eat! Eat them all!” He shouted out loudly, and the black broken sword in his hands erupted with brilliant light. It continuously hacked towards the sun-like divine decree high up in the sky.

“This…” In the distance, a purple-haired girl became rather speechless. She came from the Archaic divine mountain, and even though her status far surpassed that of the great wastelands, after seeing this scene, she still had a foolish expression on her face.

“This fellow is truly mad!” In the distance, a young lady was wearing scarlet multicolored clothes that fluttered about. She was also a bit stupefied and couldn’t help but mutter this out in the end.

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