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Chapter 209 – Heavenly Paradise

A hazy transient light appeared. The stars began to fall back in reverse, and the little guy felt a strange sensation, as if he was traveling within an ocean of stars. His lone figure traveled through the tens of thousands of ancient ancient skies.

Without much time for him to admire what was going on, the golden passageway opened, and a new world appeared before his eyes. He stepped onto a giant boulder and raised his head to look at this heavenly paradise.

At the starting ground, after a large commotion, everyone began to return. They quickly made their reports, because this was an important matter.

“What?! He really rushed into the higher heavenly paradises?”

“He’s merely a single child, yet he dares to make so many great powers into enemies. In addition, he is so powerful! This is truly a strange thing.”

Regardless of whether it was the Void God Realm or the ancient countries, after they received the news, they all felt a wave of shock. The devilish brat actually started taking action.

The rumors only began spreading yesterday, yet he already entered the heavenly paradises today. The decision was made in a swift manner, and everyone was able to see how decisive the devilish brat was.

This naturally instilled a huge disturbance. After the people saw the power he displayed in the starting ground, they became fully aware of how terrifying his fighting strength was. No one knew just how many groups were paying attention to this matter.

“This brat, he actually went there without even taking a small break, creating such an enormous disturbance. Truly a disaster child!”

Within the Fire Nation Imperial Palace, a scarlet light flickered. A woman wearing red clothes adorned in feathers softly spoke with her eyebrows knitted. She was extremely beautiful, and even though she was only fourteen or fifteen, her physique was rather tall and her curves undulated up and down.

This was precisely Huo Ling’er. Soon after, she recalled the nickname the devilish brat gave her – big fatty. She immediately clenched her teeth, and her bright white face became filled with anger.

Ever since she was born, no one had ever said anything bad about her figure. Why did that scoundrel call her a fatty?

Right at this moment, a small gray creature ran over. It held a stalk of spiritual medicine in its mouth, and with a sou sound, it disappeared into its own small home.

“Thankless wretch, why are you so obedient towards him? Every day you eat good stuff, as if you want to squander my entire storage.” Huo Ling’er was annoyed.

The small wolf hid within the small nest that had spiritual grass covering the floor. Its large eyes blinked, and its face was completely innocent.

“Alright, let’s go to the Void God Realm and see how he’ll end up. Does he really think he’s unrivalled under the heavens? At the very least, I know a few who aren’t inferior to him, but the the better question is whether or not any of those people will show up.”

A dense smoke rose and mists curled about. This was a fairyland-like area with lofty mountains towering above. Precious splendor was being emitted, and all types of spiritual medicines grew on top of them. There was even one that swallowed the natural luck of the sun and moon, and it was faintly discernible within the mist.

A purple-haired girl suddenly opened her eyes and walked out from a cave within the divine mountains. She looked into the distance and bit her bright red lips. “Shameful devilish brat!”

Rain Clan, Tuoba ancient family and many others received the news as well. They were all making their preparations.

“The wastelands aren’t the only entrance point into the starting ground. At the very least, there are creatures from the archaic divine mountains that don’t use that route, and there are also many other creatures that have other ways of entering. Should we invite some others to our side? It’ll be best if we can get the heirs of the archaic creatures to kill their way over.”

There was already someone who began to scheme, wanting to be like a ‘wolf devouring a tiger’. He wanted to use the pure-blooded creatures from legends to defeat the little guy.

“You absolutely must not provoke them! Even my clan’s ancestors don’t dare to enter those prohibited lands. It will bring a huge disaster onto the clan!”

“The archaic divine mountains can’t be touched. Even if you are from some aristocratic imperial family, it will still be razed to the ground. However, are there any other creatures outside that can be drawn in?”

The wastelands were extremely vast, and the land it contained was boundless. However, outside of it, there were still many great regions.

“Forget it, it’s too large. There’s simply no way of crossing it.” Someone shook their head.

“Hmm, that might not necessarily be so. There are still some splendid geniuses that might cross over to this region after establishing success in their homelands. We won’t have to invite them ourselves.”

The little guy found everything he saw new and odd. Within this upper domain, the spiritual essence was even richer, far surpassing that of the starting ground. It was a place extremely suitable for cultivation.

“It feels almost the same as if I was in the real world. I almost thought that I entered with my physical body.” He began to doubt himself again. Exactly what was with this world created by the deities that were worshipped by the ancient residents?

Could it be that one can cast aside their flesh after reaching the peak of cultivation? After possessing an immortal spirit, would it lead to reaching the divine realm?

“Too scary, even getting rid of the flesh. What is the point then?” He shook his head and jumped off a giant boulder. Nearby, birds chirped and the fragrance of flowers wafted about; the scenery was elegant and beautiful.

“Yi, a stalk of precious medicine. Let’s pluck it and see what kind of effects it has.” After running around and after passing through an elegant mountain, he saw an ancient medicine rooted within a cliff.

The little guy leapt up and plucked it, eating it in a few gulps. He felt as if the essence energy within him increased a bit.

“This world is constructed out of essence energy, and everything from the grass to the tree corresponds to the outside world. It would turn out exactly like how it was created. The deities are truly terrifying.”

“The devilish child came!”

Up ahead, there was actually a city. It wasn’t that big, but it was still rather impressive. It was like a reclining divine beast as it radiated strands of bright light.

There were many people who were looking around. They all stood on the city wall, filling up the space.

The heavenly paradise was extremely huge. It was vast and boundless, and only by passing this region could one proceed into the various precious lands. Otherwise, they would never reach the other parts of this region.

Nearly every great clan occupied a piece of land within this paradise, and there was quite a bit of distance between them. Only by passing these city walls could one advance.

“So this is Heavenly Passage City!” The little guy stopped to size up everything before him.

The city was not very tall, but it was ancient. It had never collapsed from the ancient times, and since it was constructed out of essence energy, it was just as sturdy as in the past.

He was informed by coin elder that Heavenly Passage City was a connecting city that lead to the various heavenly paradises. It was an extremely vital location.

“The city’s name matches this region of the heavenly paradise, suppressing people down to the heavenly passage realm. Hmm, I established the ninth heavenly passage, so there shouldn’t be much danger.” The devilish brat said to himself.

However, he was still looking forward to it. He wished to encounter a few true opponents, because if he swept everyone before him like rotten vines, then it would be too boring. He wanted to sharpen himself.

“Heavenly Passage City, I have arrived!” The little guy shouted loudly. Then, with a fierce stamp of his feet, he soared up. Even though they were separated by a large distance, he made his way over and smashed down onto the ground with a rumbling sound.

The incomparably solid rock began to crack apart in all directions. The entire street almost crumbled apart, revealing streak after streak of black crevices. It was clear how powerful the impact was.

Everyone became dumbstruck. This child was too ferocious! Not even the city gate could hold him back as he directly smashed in like a huge boulder.

The little guy scratched his head. He thought that there would be people there to stop him, and so that’s why he directly ran in. He didn’t think that he would create such massive destruction.

A stone tablet rose up, and a few small brilliant words appeared. The Void God Realm issued a warning, and the main idea was that if he dare to destroy the city walls any more, he would immediately be expelled.

The  devilish brat’s face immediately became green. He had just returned! He had been locked out for two whole years, and if he was chased out now, then he would truly spit out blood.

When these people saw this, they were all dumbstruck at first. Then, they began to laugh loudly. This child truly possessed amusing traits. Even though he was savage, there were still times when his action were hilarious.

The little guy walked forward dejectedly, and even even his steps were carefully placed. He was scared of crumbling the ancient city, so he directly ran to the center of the village. There was a symbols passage there that allowed one to select a destination.

“I know! There are many people from the great powers here. Now, I will declare that starting from the Rain Clan and Tuoba family, every clan has to bring ten jars of precious blood. Otherwise, I will personally go and take it from them!”

The devilish stood at the center of the city. He loudly proclaimed his arrival and tried his best to put on the most bandit-like look he could. However, no matter what he did, it didn’t match at all.

However, not a single person laughed. They all knew that they absolutely couldn’t laugh, or else the devilish brat would immediately take revenge. The great powers that caused the bloody Heaven Mending Pavilion war were all made into his targets.

There was a storm raised within the city. Even though the devilish brat’s tone was rather aggressive, the people all knew that it was highly likely that he possessed destructive force. It was likely that he could truly cause those great powers to suffer great losses.

“Is there anyone from the Rain Clan here? Let’s start with you guys. Quickly bring out ten jars of descendant precious blood, or else I will personally pay you guys a visit. I will give you guys two hours to make your preparations.” The devilish brat shouted.

Soon after, news was spread to all different lands. In particular, after the information traveled to the real world’s Stone Country, it created a huge uproar. Within the Rain Clan’s mansion, everyone became furious.

The savage child actually made the first move, threatening in such an open manner. He was clearly forcing them to fight, because they wouldn’t bring out ten jars of precious blood even if they had them! Otherwise, how could the Rain Clansmen raise their heads in the future?

Time passed, and the two hour time limit was almost up.

“I’ve decided that I’m going to suppress the Rain Clan and pull them up by the roots. I am going to start by expelling them from this heavenly paradise!” The devilish child shouted.

This disturbance this created was too great. It was just a single youth, yet he threatened to invade an ancient family and wipe them out from this domain! It truly was a big deal.

This was the the Rain Clan’s foundation within the Void God REalm, because their younger disciples typically stayed here. Since their strength were limited by their cultivation levels, it wouldn’t help them much even if they entered the higher domains.

If that place was eliminated, then it was the same as destroying one of the Rain Clan’s old nests.

It was clear that the aftereffects were tremendous. Not only did this event influence the Void God Realm, even the real world was in uproar. Everyone began to discuss, and many cultivators quickly rushed into the Void God Realm to see what was going on.

“Have you guys heard? A youngster is going to exterminate the Rain Clan by himself, and he’s going to raze their foundation to the ground.”

“I don’t think that’s possible… The Rain Clan is such a large power! Who could knock it down? After flourishing for so many years, how could a single child accomplish such a thing?”

“Don’t forget that this child carries the reputation of angering Gods and people alike. Until now, he has never been defeated, so he might truly break through the heavens.”

Within the Rain Clan, a group of people were absolutely furious. At the same time, they were a bit nervous, because everyone’s eyes were truly on them this time. The news had already been released; who knew just how many people were already waiting in anticipation?

Why did he start with them? They anticipated that many of the large ancient countries, ancient ancient inheritances and countless great powers were watching.

If they lost, the news would inevitably spread everywhere. Would the Rain Clan still have any face left? They would thoroughly fall into disrepute and bring about an extraordinary shame and humiliation.

“He’s too wild! Does he really think he can defeat my clan alone? Kill him until both his body and soul are both destroyed. Prepare a great killing artifact, make his void body and real body fall at the same time.”

“That may be true. However, we can’t deny the fact that he’s truly heaven defying. Under the cultivation restrictions, it is truly difficult to say what the end result will be like.”

“Has Yi’er exited the divine garden? Go and take a look. If he came out, then we must have Yi’er come over. Within the same cultivation realm, that devilish brat will definitely explode to death!

Void God Realm, Heavenly Passage City.

The little guy directly went on his way. He entered a golden passageway towards Rain Clan, and behind him, many outstanding individuals became stirred up. They followed behind, because what was about to happen was definitely going to be a big event.

The great mountains were majestic, and dense spiritual essence enveloped this place. This was a grand piece of paradise where auspicious animals and spiritual birds moved about. Clouds and mist floated about, creating an area that was radiant and almost-illusionary.

This was precisely the Rain Clan’s heavenly paradise region. In front of him towered a majestic building; a great pure land was established there.

Following the little guy’s arrival, everyone within this pure land began to move. Countless experts appeared, and they all came out, because if they didn’t after someone threatened to attack their foundation, then they would no longer be the unshakeable and splendid Rain Clan.

“Rain Clan, you attacked when the Heaven Mending Pavilion’s people were down and killed so many of our elders and disciples. Without talking about other grudges, your actions within the Heaven Mending Pavilion alone already makes it so that we cannot coexist!

“Heng!” Someone snorted and did not give out a response. However, killing intent filled the pure land; everyone was furious and wanted to kill him until he was in pieces.

“I will single-handedly exterminate your pure land and let you all experience the sorrow and bitterness of losing your home and people.” The little guy spoke in an overcast voice. He readied twenty Soul Shattering Needles, because how could he not kill the important characters in this battle?!

He wanted to raze this land to the the ground and turn this pure land into ruins, destroying its existence.

Countless people appeared from behind him, and all types of outstanding individuals followed over. They wanted to see this fierce battle between giants, and there were some that felt like the Rain Clan was about to suffer from great misfortune.

Everyone’s attention were focused on this place, and it was boiling with activity everywhere.

Everyone from Rain Clan had gloomy expressions on their faces. Regardless of how the outcome turned out, they would not become a winner. Being surrounded and watched by so many people made them extremely discontent.

“Lay out the formations! As long as he dares to attack, then let his body and soul get destroyed. Even his real body will die!” An elder coldly shouted.

At this moment, the little guy no longer advanced. The Rain Clan’s pure land was definitely transformed into a ‘dragon pool’ and ‘tiger cave’. They prepared countless killing weapons against him.

He stood on his original spot and slowly drew his sword. It was a broken black sword, and he hacked out with a sudden force towards the pure land.


The thick sword radiance soared into the heavens. It was incomparably bright and resplendent, and it suspended in the sky like a river of stars before it hacked down towards the vast pure land.

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