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Chapter 208 – Without Worries

“Archaic divine birds and vicious beasts were born with strong bodies. They are destined to be deities from birth, and their futures are great. However, humans are different. They start out frail and weak, and only after bitter cultivation would one out of millions and millions become a deity.”

There were elders discussing amongst themselves within a few of the ancient families. With the appearance of a piece of the bronze divine book, people like them were immediately moved.

“The route of a human’s cultivation is extremely unstable with countless untold dangers and difficulties. They can only push through with perseverance and willpower, and only then would they be able to establish their own divine road. They would then be able to jump out from the mass of common people and separate themselves among millions and millions.”

A clan’s great master was thinking as he muttered out loud.

“Historically, there were those who started out gloriously on a smooth path only to later on show decline.”

When the younger generation heard this, they all began to develop confidence.

“He is like an archaic vicious beast, already so terrifying at such a young age. Don’t tell me that he will always advance so boldly! A person’s potential has limits. Even if he is unrivalled within the Blood Transformation level, once he enters the heavenly passage realm, he might not necessarily be so amazing. It is likely that he will gradually become weaker.”

In reality, not only the Rain Clan, Tuoba family and the others began plotting. Even those that originally did not carry any hatred towards the little guy started to become interested.

They were a generation of heaven warping talents that showed extraordinary promise. There were a few people whose faces were expressionless as they looked into the distance. It was as if their gaze could pierce through the endless space ahead, revealing their desire to fight that savage child.

“Enter the heavenly paradise, and there will definitely be a battle!” They thirsted for an opponent, wanting to fight a battle with the peak of their abilities.

Within the starting ground, the little guy was exceedingly happy and didn’t seem like a mass murderer at all. His long eyelashes gently swayed, and his large eyes blinked. His smile was extremely brilliant and his small canines were revealed.

“This is too great! I like precious techniques the most! This is but a would-changing divine ability! Records, precious bronze books, mine, mine, all mine!” He shouted.

Currently, his sincere eyes that contained a bit of savagery were like black gemstones. He began to laugh until they curved into crescents, making the group of onlookers speechless.

“Youngster, don’t you owe us a something?” Coin elder’s facial expression was not that great.

Bird grandpa also hurried over, seeming rather anxious. When he looked at the devilish brat, for the first time, he suddenly felt the urge to rob him. The enticement of the precious book was too great, and even pure-blooded creatures would be moved.

“When have I owed you guys anything?” The devilish backed up, his face carrying a confused expression.

Coin elder’s face immediately darkened. After realizing that it was impossible for them to obtain the precious bronze book, could it be they had to give up on those jars of precious blood as well? This little fellow seems like he wouldn’t acknowledge a debt even if he was about to die.

“Don’t tell me that you forgot about it?!” Bird grandpa asked in a small voice.

“Oh, I remember. The three of us cooperated on something, and so we have to divide up the profits. Of course you guys have your portion.” The little guy spoke.

He took out a few jars of precious blood happily and handed them over to those two. The brilliant jade jars emitted light, and the fluid inside circulated. There were a dense mist of light circulating about in an elegant manner.

Everyone became fearful, because this was archaic descendant blood. A single jar’s value was priceless, enough to make even the higher ups within powerful clans jealous.

“Yi, have you all heard clearly? The devilish brat just said that those three worked together. Could it be that these three swindled those powers together?” Someone began to speak in a soft voice.

“I feel like there’s a possibility! Look, that is the precious blood of archaic descendants. A single jar being enough to create a huge bloody battle. The savage child actually gave out several jars just like that… Isn’t his generosity a bit too excessive?”

The people discussed in a soft voice. They had strange expressions as they looked at those three.

Coin elder and bird grandpa immediately began to stare blankly. This rotten child was truly lacking in moral sense! By handing this precious blood to them under such circumstances, wouldn’t that simply lead to their destruction?

Were they supposed to accept it or not? If they accept it, then those ancient great powers would also become furious at them, lumping the two together with the devilish child as colluders.

“Brat, you can eat random things, but you can’t say random things. Don’t frame us!” The two old men stared fiercely at him, ready to argue nonstop.

“Do you guys want it or not? Give me a clear reply.” The devilish child had an innocent look on his face as he asked.

“Little bastard, you are something!” Coin elder spoke quietly.

“Of course we want!” Bird grandpa also transmitted his words mentally, not daring to let other hear.

“If you want it, then I’ll give it to you. If not, then don’t bother me about this later on.” The little guy clasped a brilliant jar and handed it over to them.

Everyone looked over towards those two old individuals. This was simply too evil.

“Forget it, if you don’t want it, then I’ll just take it back. Everything is settled here.” The little guy threw it into his bag and turned around with joy.

“Brat, you want to set us up and leave? Not a chance!” The two old men directly pounced over to deal with him.

“Qie, if you two had your eyes on the bronze book and the precious blood, then just say it. Do you think I’m scared of you two?” The devilish brat looked at them with contempt.


A flame flew over, and it was as if the magma from the earth’s core surged. The great flames were like a scarlet liquid as they directly submerged forward. This was bird grandpa’s bird taking action, and it was extremely terrifying.

Everyone’s expressions changed. This was definitely a top level expert who concealed his strength. It displayed strength that was at the absolute peak of the blood transformation realm.

Even the little guy’s expression changed. This old fellow’s strength did not match his appearance. He never saw this type of strength before, and it was the first time he encountered something like this in the starting ground.


His palms released lightning. A string of light beads flew out, arranging into ten stars and a sun. Ten purple stars and a brilliantly flourishing sun collided, bursting into a radiance that made people unable to look directly at it.

The purple multicolored light erupted within the boundless heaven and earth. This was a pure lightning that was emitted from the collision of the lightning spheres, its divine might absolutely shocking.

The little guy used an extremely powerful precious technique in fear of something unexpected happening. This one attack made all of the surrounding people back up, scaring their souls into trembling. They no longer dared to dally here.

“The stinking brat is too savage!”

Bird grandpa shouted loudly. When the brilliance dispersed, his charred black body was exposed. His clothes were tattered, almost completely destroyed. As for his hair and beard, they were already standing erect. He was like a hedgehog, and his body was still making chila chila sounds as electrical light was emitted.

Chirp chirp… On the side, a bird was miserably shrieking. It was running as fast as it could, because the little guy was chasing after it.

When bird grandpa heard this, he shouted out in a hurry, “Stop, you can’t hurt it!”

The little guy was too fast. With a stamp of his feet, the ground below him cracked apart. When he rushed up, he reached an altitude that was even higher than a mountain. He possessed extreme speed and caught that bird.

This was an extremely strange and powerful divine bird. It had flames curling about it, and rainbow colored light danced about. Not long ago, it roasted the disciples until they were half-cooked with a single swoop. Its power shook this region, intimidating everyone here. However, it was now caught by the devilish brat. It wailed incessantly as its feathers were continuously being pulled out, and its feathers swirling in the air.

“Who told you to attack me from behind? You almost burned off my hair, so I’ll pluck you naked as well and barbeque you!” The devilish brat shouted viciously. A few locks of his hair were burnt, allowing one to see just how powerful this bird was.

“Don’t pull anymore! This old one won’t make any more trouble for you!” Bird grandpa became extremely worried.

When coin elder saw this, he also stopped and didn’t make any moves. He was fully aware how powerful bird grandpa was, yet he actually wasn’t able to gain any advantages, and was instead charred black by lightning. One could see just how terrifying the devilish child was.

In the end, that bird was plucked until it was half naked before it was able to flee in panic back to bird grandpa’s shoulder. When it looked at the devilish brat again, it was as if it was looking at a demon. It no longer dared to act recklessly.

“I’ve decided, I still want the precious blood. Who cares if those great powers come at me? I’m not scared of them.” Coin elder transmitted mentally to the devilish child.

“Not giving!” The little guy hugged his bag, as if he was a savage little beast protecting his food. “You said just now that you didn’t want it.”

“Who said we didn’t want? Of course we do.” Bird Grandpa also spoke.

“You guys are already so well into your years, and your cultivations are so high. Of course you guys don’t need it.” The devilish brat ‘fairly and considerately’ explained for them.

“Stop talking nonsense and give it to us. Or else, we’ll join up with those large powers and make trouble for you every day.” Coin elder fiercely threatened.

“Who’s scared of who? Bring it on!” The devilish brat directly rushed forward, immediately unleashing the Kun Peng technique. A huge fish soared out from the vast ocean behind him. Symbols covered the sky, oppressing the old men.


Coin elder continuously retreated while swinging his arms. He grimaced in pain, and his precious technique quickly faded.

The little guy felt a cold chill. Turns out that coin elder and bird grandpa were top level experts after all. Otherwise, how could they fight him head on and take his attack like this? These two were quite formidable.

One has to understand that everyone else were immediately killed. Even when a group of people came up came up together, they were still sent flying, exploding in midair. It was difficult for them to escape death.

“Seniors, here, these are your precious blood.” In the end, the little guy had a smile on his face as he handed over the jars of precious blood.

“Brat, what are you plotting?” The two of them were vigilant, and didn’t seem to be too trusting.

“I honor my words!” The little guy hurried over and placed his arms around their shoulders.

The two elder’s hairs began to stand on end. This brat really was a dangerous character. He actually moved close to them, making them feel rather uncomfortable.

Such a large group of experts were blasted apart. With such a short distance between them, if the little guy went crazy, the two of them probably wouldn’t be able to do anything.

The little guy did not make things difficult for them. He spoke to them enthusiastically in a low voice, as if they were familiar with each other.

“You’re telling the truth?” The two elders were immediately aroused. They couldn’t hold back the enticement.

“Of course!” The little guy slapped his chest.

“Good, when the time comes, let us take a look at the precious bronze book!”

“Of course.” The little guy took out the copper piece and let them look at it. However, he did not place it into their hands. If they were to work together in the future, they naturally had to be familiar with each other. In the future, if he gained anything, he would let them see it.

“Brat, the price we paid was truly too great. Our moral standings were even placed in your hands.” Coin elder said.

“Qie,you’ve done so many bad things and cheated so many people. What moral standings is there to even talk about?!” The little guy curled his lips.

“This won’t do… Fighting for someone else’s benefits really won’t do.” Bird grandpa said.

“If it’s no good, then the deal is off!” The little guy did not loosen up.

Then, the three of them gathered together and began to slowly chatter. They discussed for an extremely long time, as if they didn’t even notice the weird stares coming from all directions.

Finally, the sun fell behind the mountains and night descended. The little guy ran away and left the Void God Realm.


Under the willow tree, the little guy opened his eyes. After passing through and exiting through the gate, he appeared directly within the village. His spirit returned to his body, and it all happened several times faster than the first time back then.

It was clear that the Willow Deity was much more powerful.     

The sunset glow was also scattering down within stone village, creating a scene that was auspicious and peaceful. A group of large aunts were taking care of some things, and as smoke rose in spirals, the fragrance of meat assailed his nostrils. There were also all types of berries that were emitting their fragrance.

Above the horizon, a group of robust males were returning from a rewarding journey. They dragged a pile of prey behind them, the amount almost enough to make a small mountain. The sun that was on the verge of disappearing stretched out an expanse of long shadows.

“Little guy, you woke up!”

Pihou, Snot baby, Ermeng, Huzi and a group of people rushed over. They directly threw themselves over and buried him underneath, asking him to tell them what happened in the Void God Realm. They were all itching to go inside.

Even the big red bird, Ziyun, Dapeng, Second Baldy and the others rushed over. It was clear what they were hinting at, because they were truly restless as well. They really wanted to enter the Void God Realm.

“Stinky brat, have you seen? This time, we killed so much prey that we’ll have enough even if we don’t go out. Tomorrow, you have to bring us too!”

Shi Linghu, Shi Feijiao and the large group of men also began to gather around. Their expressions were fiery and full of expectation. Even Chief Shi Yunfeng came over, seeming quite moved.

The little guy was too happy. This time, the rewards from his trip were too great. He had a silly smile on his face as soon as he came out, and he didn’t even hear what everyone else was saying.

“Little big brother, say something! What happened? Can we go?” Qingfeng shook his arm.

“Don’t worry! When the time comes, it won’t be a problem even if the entire village wants to go. Of course, you must first reach the blood transformation realm, otherwise, your spirit won’t be strong enough to enter that world.” The little guy said.

“Awesome! We can finally see what the outside world is like! This is too exciting, I want to leave as soon as soon as possible!”

“We can’t wait any longer! This is so exciting! I want to go inside the Void God Realm immediately and see what the beautiful outside world really is like!”

The group of youth were all crying out in excitement as they continued to jump about. They had grown up within the great wastes their entire lives and never entered the vast world. They really wanted to see for themselves what it was like.

They were like birds trapped within cages, and now they could use their wings to soar into the skies. One can well imagine how excited and hopeful they were, as it was enough to make them intoxicated.

Forget about the children that were going crazy, even Shi Linhu, Shi Feijiao and the others were rubbing their fists and wiping their palms in excitement. They beated their chests and shouted at the top of their voices. They truly didn’t want to wait any longer.

“Uncles, when you guys go inside, you all can’t act recklessly. When you see other people’s battle companions, don’t think of them like the prey inside the great wastes.” The little guy reminded.

Shi Feijiao laughed while he scolded, “Stinky brat, do you really think your uncle is a muddle-head? Of course we won’t be as savage as you. I heard Qingfeng say that you ate everything inside of a region and those geniuses from the various clans all had to hide from you.”

“Actually, there is no need to worry. After we get there, you can just act like you do in the village. I’ve requested for two bodyguards that will guide you all in your cultivation, and they will protect you guys as well.” The little guy said.

What he discussed that entire time with coin elder and bird grandpa was precisely regarding this. There were two of them, and they were both definitely top level experts that promised to protect the villagers. This was his greatest gain, because it allowed him to be feel completely relieved without any fear of consequences.

“I received some archaic descendant precious blood. After entering the Void God Realm, everyone can undergo baptism, because there are more than ten jars here.”

After the little guy received so much precious descendant blood, there was no way he could use it all up by himself. That’s why the Heaven Devouring Sparrow, Qiong Qi’s blood were only going to be used on him by the Willow Deity.

He wanted to give Shi Linhu, Shi Feijiao and the others a great cultivational boost. Dazhuang, Ermeng and the others missed precisely this type of baptism.

That night, all of the villagers suffered from insomnia. Regardless of if it was Dazhuang, Pihou or the other robust men, after laying down, their snores would immediately shake the heavens. However now, they went through an entire night without sleeping out of excitement. In the end, they all left their stone houses and gathered together to wait for dawn.

They were too excited. They have never taken a single step outside the great wastes, and so they haven’t seen the ancient countries. The amount of people they met were limited, and so they really wanted to take a look at the outside world.

Finally, the sun appeared. Golden colored multicolored light broke out from the mist, scattering down on the mountains forest. The warm radiance fell onto everyone’s bodies.

Everyone wolfed down their food. After their breakfast was quickly consumed, they gathered in front of the willow deity. The children excitedly shouted, and the grownups also hurriedly made their way over.

“Have you guys memorized the things I handed out? Carefully study them, we are about to enter the Void God Realm.” The little guy said.

Everyone first greeted the Willow Deity, offering it their sacrifices. Then, they all sat around and began to meditate, trying to feel the Void God Realm.

At this, time, the Willow Deity’s tender green branch shot towards the sky, directly piercing through the heavens. A gate was opened, and as symbols curled up, rays of lightning flickered about.

“Let’s go!”

At long last! Everyone’s spirits were raised as they stepped into that unfamiliar land, appearing within the ruins.

“This is not it. We still have to advance!”

The little guy quickly called out. This bunch seemed like they were looking for something within the ruins, as if they seeking out precious treasures. The little guy stopped them from being distracted and told them to continue moving.

“The divine king is up ahead. If I’m not mistaken, this is actually not an ordinary road, but rather chopped up primal chaos. We are entering through the abandoned earth of various deities.” Second Baldy muttered. It felt extremely shocked.

Finally, the little guy brought the bunch into the golden passageway. They entered the starting ground in a grandiose manner.

“Ah, too miraculous. We walked out from a golden passageway, but why do we feel like we just penetrated through the void? What a strange feeling.”

“It really is interesting. Can we go back and do it again? I haven’t experienced it enough yet.”

Snot baby, Pihou and the large group of youth were filled with fresh experiences. They were curious about everything, creating a huge racket. It gave the little guy a huge headache.

“Heavens, there are treasures here! Quick, bring a hammer over, these are precious bones.” A few of the smaller children were standing on the large limestones. They stared continuously at those primitive symboled bones and were about to take action.

There were many people in the starting ground, and they all knew that the devilish brat appeared. They ran over to take a look, so there was already a vast crowd so early in the morning. When they saw this group of youth acting like so, everyone became dumbstruck. Why did they feel like this style was somewhat familiar?

“This… Why do I feel like a group of devilish brats appeared? What are they trying to do?” Someone muttered.

Above the large limestones, the little guy felt as if he was losing control. His group of companions were constantly moving up and down as they looked around. There wasn’t a single one that was easy to deal with, as everything was brand new to them.

“So many people! Hey, why is that old man’s eyes emitting green light?”

“Why is that beauty over there disfigured? There’s another eye on her forehead. What a pity, the heavens were truly unfair towards her.”

The little guy immediately felt his head throbbing. The elder emitting green light from his eyes was definitely a powerful creature that took human form, and the girl with a vertical eye was an expert from the three-eyed race.

“That group of old men over there aren’t worthy of respect. They are already so old, yet they still make two beauties wait on them. This is truly an example of shameless lust-filled old men.” Snot baby said.

Up ahead, there were stone tables and chairs. Two young ladies were pouring tea and waiting upon a group of old men. It was obvious that these were important characters from a few of the powerful clans.

“They are lead by the devilish brat. They seem a bit like him, and this time they came in a group.” The people sighed.

“Nine flood dragons are pulling an emperor carriage, and it seems rather elegant and precious. That’s a good treasure!” Pihou tapped the little guy and said, “Are they your enemies? Do you want to go steal it?”

“There is a golden bird over there that’s carrying a purple-haired beauty. That one seems a bit like the one we ate, could it be some golden Peng as well?”

The little guy really couldn’t take it any longer. When he saw them so excited, he really didn’t want to put a stop to their fun. He summoned up the courage to grab these people by the necks and began to look for coin elder as well as bird grandpa.

“The bird on that old man’s body seems like it’ll taste good.”

“It’s too small, it won’t fill us up.”

As soon as they met, the group of youth began to discuss among themselves. They were interested in the bird on bird grandpa’s shoulder, and were all wondering if that was a descendant.

“Stinky brat, stop! You’re just going to throw this this group of savages on us? You’re too irresponsible! Won’t this tire us out?!” Coin elder and bird grandpa bellowed from behind. They felt that this group of youth was extremely unruly. They were all like little pricks, and were extremely difficult to bring around.

However, the little guy made his getaway. His speed could only be described as too quick, as his figure had long disappeared.

Fortunately, Shi Linhu, Shi Feijiao still played their part. They did not run from one side to the other like the kids, and had innocent looks on their faces.

“You guys seems alright, seeming rather sincere.” Bird grandpa nodded.

The group of mature men scratched their heads. Shi Linhu said in a soft voice, “Old ones, it’s okay if you just teach us some random precious techniques.”

“We heard that you two were peak level experts, and can teach us some extremely powerful methods. In the future when we become unrivalled under the skies, seniors will also receive glory.” Shi Feijiao also began to smile in a simple and honest way.

“This is still called sincere?” Coin elder casted a sidelong glance.

“Pretend I didn’t say anything!” Bird grandpa said with a sigh. Then, he rushed into the distance and shouted, “That brat! Where did he run off to?”

The little guy already opened the golden passageway, and was about to leave the starting ground.

“I’m going to the higher heavenly paradises to conquer some great rivers and mountains. You all wait for me. In a few days, there will be news. At that time, I’ll bring all of you with me.” The little guy transmitted mentally.

With a bright flicker, he disappeared from the golden passageway.

The starting ground erupted into commotion. Everyone knew that the little guy was going to unleash a crazy siege. It seemed like he wasn’t satisfied at all with the results of yesterday’s battle, and as about to create an enormous shockwave.

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