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Chapter 207 – Archaic Divine Book

Some people who fought even had thoughts of suicide. Needless to say, during this battle, all of them became fodder for enhancing the devilish child’s fame.

During this battle, they all began to feel grief. There were more than ten great powers there! After all of their experts moved together, they were slaughtered by the devilish brat alone. That demonic land was dyed red with blood.”

The worst part was that this all happened under the gaze of everyone. Even if they wanted to hide what happened, they couldn’t because everyone saw what happened. This was simply too shameful! How could they endure something like this?

Inside the Void God Realm, the starting ground immediately began to erupt with commotion after a brief moment of silence.

The people here were pushing and bumping into each other, and they were composed of experts from all different ancient countries and great powers. They were originally attracted to this place because of its reputation and wanted to see what the devilish brat was truly like.

It was quite obvious that what they saw today far surpassed their expectations. Their trip truly wasn’t made in vain, and they were able to gain quite a bit from coming here. They were able to see a battle that was fierce and bloody to such an extent.

The devilish brat felt no qualms about being someone who angered people and God alike. He eliminated all of his opponents in one battle without letting a single person go. His shocking attitude and efficiency deeply shocked everyone, overwhelming them with conflicting emotions.

The news spread out like a huge wave, engulfing every region. Not only were the heavenly paradises within the Void God Realm shaken, even the various great sects in the real world were shocked greatly. Many people were left dumbstruck.

“What kind of thing is this?” The little guy was puzzled. Multicolored light scattered down, surrounding this object. A circle of light began to suspend itself in front of his body like a lantern.

He reached out his hand to touch it, and a light bo sound rang out. That lump of light broke apart, and a piece of metal appeared. It was extremely irregular, seeming like some kind of fragment.

“What kind of lousy thing is this?” The devilish brat immediately became unsatisfied. After killing all those enemies and wiping them clean, he only received this kind of broken thing?

Everyone became speechless. This child truly did not know when to stop. After the Void God Realm personally gave him a precious object, he was still being picky. He was truly a small miser.

Many people were watching from the sidelines. They wanted to know what kind of object he received. After all, there was actually a record that was established! It created a reaction from the laws of this world, dropping down a precious object.

“It seems like the broken corner of a plate. What kind of use would such a thing have?” The devilish brat scratched his head, and his face had a puzzled look. It was an expression that was completely different from the demonic aura he had when he slaughtered in all directions.

He didn’t want to miss out on a precious object, and so he carefully looked it over. In the end, other than a few weird streaks, there wasn’t anything. He was unwilling to give up, but after circulating his symbols, the bronze piece still remained unreactive.

Finally the little guy began to chew on the metal piece with a vibrating kengchi sound. Qiang qiang sounds rang out as he used all of his strength to grind on it with his teeth. However, it didn’t suffer any damages from being chewed on, because it was extremely sturdy.

“I can even eat archaic descendants, yet I can’t do anything to a broken piece of copper.” He squinted his large eyes, and they became like crescent moons. He felt that this thing wasn’t ordinary.

“Let me help you appraise it a bit.” Right at that time, coin elder spoke. He took a huge step and ran over quickly. When he stopped, his face was calm, as if he was a great person in the outside world.

“I won’t give it to you!” The little guy immediately put on his guard and threw it into his bosom. This was an old cheat, and if he were to hand it over, then that was the same as saying that he no longer wanted it back.

“What are you trying to imply? Why are you acting like you are protecting yourself from a thief?” Coin elder was unsatisfied as he raised his beard.

“How about you give it to me? This old one will pass on to you a world shocking precious technique, so let’s exchange!” Bird grandpa also came over. Even though he seemed calm, the little guy could still tell that the old fellow was not undisturbed inwardly at all.

“Yi, those two old things are veterans at this. Since they are so eagerly attentive, it must be some supreme treasure!” The people muttered and looked forward. Everyone wanted to know what it was.

The little guy backed up and watched them vigilantly. Then, he turned around toward the stone tablet to see if he could get some information from it.

The stone tablet flickered. It was brilliant and sparkling, and there were a few words on it that recorded down his record.

“Little war saint”

The beginning were just these three characters, and the main idea of the words below explained how he defeated a large amount of experts in the shortest amount of time. After taking in the precious artifacts, formations and experts he destroyed, it was decided that he was able to establish a new record.

Quite a few people made their way over and saw this short statement. They immediately became inwardly fearful.

This time, there were many powers that made their moves, all of them sending out their experts to probe the situation. At the very least, there were more than ten great powers that brought precious blood, and those that took action during the battle surpassed twenty.

There were at least twenty to thirty people that made their moves from each sect, and in the end they were completely wiped out.

The formations, precious artifacts and other things combined together were enough to kill an archaic vicious beast descendant. They were fighting with power that was at the extreme peak of the blood transformation realm.

However, not only did the little guy not die, he even tore them apart like rotten weeds. In such a short period of time, he killed all of those outstanding individuals. Not a single person was able to leave, and all of them were exterminated!

“Archaic bronze artifact, occupying one tenth.”

It was the very last sentence that clearly explained what the reward was. However, it only made the little guy even more confused. What was this used for?

However, when the people who rushed over heard this sentence, their expressions immediately changed. Some of them really wanted to kill him and seize it.

A few of the older individuals cried out in alarm. Their facial expressions were revealed looks of wonder.

“How could that be? It’s actually that kind of object! Could it be that his strength is so heaven defying that he would actually be bestowed such a legendary divine object?!”

“This is truly too shocking! After so many years, this type of object appeared again!”

The group of elders’ faces and necks reddened. They did everything they could to cram their way in. They truly wanted take that metal piece from the little guy’s bosom for themselves.

The little guy was suspicious. He knew that he might have received a great treasure, so he quickly backed up to increase the distance from everyone. After seeing coin elder and bird grandpa silently walk closer, his small face began to darken even more.

“I’m warning you guys! Everyone who dares to get within ten meters of me will be eaten!” The devilish brat threatened with his eyes widened. He revealed his small snow white teeth.

The group of people’s bodies shook, stopping their movements soon after. This was simply a death threat. Just now, the little guy had been immersed in the blood of over a hundred experts’ blood as he went crazy and killed so many people. Who dared to bring disaster on themselves at this point?

“What exactly is this thing?” The little guy asked.

Even though there were many people who enviously wanted it for themselves and didn’t want to tell him, there were still a few people that sighed inwardly. They knew that they couldn’t seize it, because the devilish brat was unrivalled here. Someone said, “It’s a fragment of the archaic divine book.”

“Why aren’t there any words on it?” The little guy took out the copper piece and continued to look at it.

“That’s only a tenth of it. If it was completely pieced together, it could open up a divine storehouse. Inside, there will definitely be some world-shocking precious technique.” Someone said.

‘What?!”The devilish brat’s eyes immediately became round. There were also these types of things within the Void God Realm? He became incomparably excited.

In the past, there were people that obtained it. When completed, the bronze fragments would enable one to obtain an unrivalled precious technique from the archaic era. It was something that even pure-blooded vicious beasts and divine birds coveted.

After someone spoke out, this place immediately broke out into commotion.

Many people were like the devilish brat and didn’t know at first. Now, they immediately became stirred up. That was definitely an amazing ability created from a supreme primitive symbol.

“How can I obtain the other fragments?” The little guy longed for it.

“Difficult, too difficult. The only way is if you continuously break records, and those all must be the most difficult and impossible to accomplish records. Only then will you have a chance of obtaining more.”

“Then that’s fine. I’ve already killed enough in the starting ground. I’ll go to those heavenly paradises, since I’ll definitely have some chance to break records there.” The little guy began to smile radiantly.

Meanwhile, the group of people’s faces changed. This was an offspring of disaster! After tossing the starting ground from side to side, he then wanted to advance into an even higher region to inevitably cause even more heaven overflowing waves.

There were quite a few people whose heads and hearts began to throb. They seemed rather stifled as they turned around to leave and report these things.

The higher heavenly paradises were important places that the great clans and ancient families occupied. None of those regions were lacking, and their values were immeasurable.

It seemed like this devilish brat was preparing to ransack those areas, marching straight into those pure lands to cause chaos. If he was still invincible in those regions, then it would truly be a disaster.

It was scary to just think about these situations!

“What?! He obtained a piece of the archaic divine book?!” Within the Rain Clan, when a group of people heard this, they were immediately angry beyond belief.

The devilish brat killed all of them. This was a record that was accomplished over their dead bodies, and he even obtained such a heavenly defying object. One can imagine how much this messed with their minds.

Even the elders were angry to the point of shaking. They stopped themselves from spitting out blood with great difficulty, otherwise, their wounds would have became even worse.

“Back then, Yi’er also received a mysterious divine object. However, he didn’t announce what it was, and to my understanding, its value shouldn’t be any less than that of the archaic divine book.”

Within the Rain Clan, no one could suppress their fury. They all felt that this was an absolute disaster and that they had to get rid of the devilish brat as soon as possible. The only comforting factor was that Shi Yi was also amazing.

Tuoba Clan was an ancient family that was now incomparably splendid. After they heard the news, a bunch of people became speechless, and only after a long time did someone open their mouth.

“That brat is too strong. He’s ridiculously powerful, and if he is allowed to grow up, there won’t be anyone that can keep him in check!”

“He’s only unequalled within the starting ground. That only signifies that his luck in the blood transformation realm is extremely great and can fight with an archaic vicious beast descendant. However, once he leaves that place, he might not necessarily continue to be so heaven defying.

“I don’t think so as well. Would he still be so unrivalled within the heavenly passage realm? When he leaves the starting ground, we absolutely have to kill him!”

The same discussions were happening within the four great families. Everyone’s faces were darkened.

“That brat is truly terrifying. We can’t really deal with him at the blood transformation realm, but once he enters the higher domains, let’s see whether or not he’ll still perform. We definitely need to find a way to kill him, making his void body and real body both die.”

News broke out. The devilish brat fought and exterminated the experts of various clans. Over a hundred people fell, creating a scene of massacre. He even established a terrifying record, and a archaic divine book dropped down from the sky in acknowledgment of his strength. It contained the ability to bestow a precious technique, making many people tremble.

Regardless of whether it was the Void God Realm or the great ancient countries of the real world, a violent commotion was stirred up, creating huge waves.

Some were envious, others hateful. These types of feelings were too common, and even though it was only a small bronze piece of the book, it still made people feel endless desire. If they obtained it, they would definitely gain a great world-changing ability!

If this type of precious book were to fall into the imperial palace’s hands, then even the human emperor would be moved.

Many great powers and influential families were in an uproar as they discussed these events.

“Go, let’s go as a group and kill that devilish brat. We are going to seize that precious text.”

“Stop dreaming. Those various powers were killed until they were completely smashed. With people like you, even if ten thousand went, it still won’t be enough.”


People were discussing this topic, and a huge commotion was taking place. However, there were also many people who clearly recognized that it was only the beginning of this crisis. With the devilish child’s temperament, he would definitely leave the starting ground. At this point, no one knew if these various powers would seize this opportunity for themselves or if they were going to kill him together.

Regardless, an even greater disturbance is brewing, and it is all about to happen soon!

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