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Chapter 206 – Invincible

This was not merely a few people, but rather a group of experts. They all came from different great powers, and even though they were grouped up in an unspoken alliance, they were still slaughtered in a chaotic manner.

The little guy didn’t waste a single extra ounce of strength. His movements were quick and fierce as he leapt like a rabbit and swooped down like a falcon. An absolute massacre unfolded, and blood would blossom from time to time. He killed everyone in a clean and efficient manner.

Each time the Kun Peng wings flapped, there would inevitably be people smashed apart, crushed by the powerful symbols. Meanwhile, the lightning radiance about his body interweaved, engulfing in all directions. As a result, many people were turned into processed coal before falling down

“How can we permit such vicious actions? Lay out the formation!” The Rain Clansmen shouted. They couldn’t tolerate his vicious actions, because they lost twenty to thirty of their men just now in a split second.

More than ten pieces of beast bones appeared and released multicolored light. They began to spread out, arranging themselves in all directions before fixing themselves in the air. As a result, a hazy radiance began to envelope this region.

Under normal circumstances, a few pieces of powerful precious bones were already enough to lay down a formation, yet the Rain Clan used more than ten pieces. This was one of the most complex killing formations they possessed, and they were employing it to deal with the little guy.

Ash colored flood dragons rose from all directions. They opened their mouths and spat out divine radiance, scattering down a rain of light.

Chichi sounds fell incessantly onto people’s ears. The rain of light looked like streaks of electricity as it covered the sky with divine swords. The scene was extremely terrifying.

Every single one of the symbol bones represented an archaic descendant. They were all the bones of flood dragons, and after gathering together, they became incomparably powerful, displaying an unrivalled type of suppression.

Everyone was overwhelmed with shock. This should be the flood dragon suppression formula! More than ten pieces of vicious beast bones had been previously refined to merge together into a great formation. Even if it a legendary pure-blooded vicious beast appeared, they would most-likely still be suppressed.

This place was engulfed in wind and lightning. Ash colored flood dragons soared, and a hazy mist moved about as the dozen or more flood dragons collided together. They formed a great formation that locked up the heaven and earth.

Everyone was startled. How was this type of murderous technique supposed to be defeated? With the strength of over ten descendants, this was a powerful method that could kill even individuals with extremely great cultivation realms.

The little guy did indeed feel the pressure, and even his body began to feel rather sore. The dozen or more vicious flood dragons began to smash about as they twisted their bodies one after another. Soon after, a rain of light scattered down and shot towards his body.


The devilish brat erupted into movement. What kind of person was he? He truly broke through the cultivation limit, and under the power suppression of the starting ground, who could defeat him at the blood transformation stage? He was simply unparalleled.

His body fiercely shook. Symbols erupted, directly blasting apart the several flood dragons surrounding his body. He used his unrivalled physical strength to tear apart these descendants with his bare hands.

In the blink of an eye, fresh blood was scattered everywhere. The broken corpses of flood dragons fell, and the little guy was like a demon king as he unleashed chaos within the formation. He swept everything before him, and whenever he soared up, an ash-colored flood dragon would be torn apart with a movement from his hands; the scene was incredibly bloody.

Everyone was shaken. Just how powerful was his fighting strength? He could kill descendants with his bare hands! Could it be that he was a pure-blooded creature himself?

As for the devilish brat, there were too many rumors, but how many people actually personally saw him in action? Those within the Hundred Shattering Mountains should be familiar with him, but those restricted individuals had all been killed by him!

Each time the little guy killed a flood dragon, a crack would appear on the primitive bones. As the battle became increasingly fierce, the Rain Clanmen’s faces become increasingly ashen as well. He was a bit too terrifying.

“He is definitely comparable to Yi’er back then. If the two were of the same age, it would be a battle between giants. Without the power of the dual pupils suppressing him,  it would be difficult for such a battle to reach a quick conclusion.”

“Yi’er not only has his dual pupils. He still has other unrivalled methods, so that might not necessarily be the case.”

In the blink of an eye, the Rain Clan’s important characters quickly made a comparison between the two. The little guy’s power exceeded their expectations, making these clansmen a bit scared and upset.


In the end, the little guy’s two hands moved, and a purple Suan Ni roared. It was larger than a mountain, and as it rushed out, lightning interweaved. It swallowed all of the ash-colored flood dragons in one gulp.


The dozen or so symbolled bones immediately cracked apart. The powerful precious artifacts were destroyed and ruined here.


Not only were the Rain Clansmen trembling, even the others felt their hairs standing up. This was a bit too unrivalled and powerful!


The little guy soared and rushed forward. He quickly took action, and the purple Suan Ni that still had a hint of gold charged forward. Lightning radiance flickered about the mountain sized Suan Ni as it threw itself at the Rain Clansmen.



Those people cried out miserably. With the Suan Ni precious technique released, there was nothing they could do. After undergoing a transformation, the technique far surpassed what it was like back then.

Burnt bodies appeared one after another on the ground. There wasn’t a single one that survived after being pounced on, all of them directly dying.

Within the ancient country in the real world, more than ten people cried out inside the Rain Clan. They all spat out large mouthfuls of blood, and there were even some whose foreheads began to crack and continuously leak out blood. As a result, their minds received an extremely terrifying injury.

The Rain Clan residence was greatly shaken. The clan’s experts unexpectedly suffered injuries at the same time, terrifying many people. This was the result of being killed within the Void God Realm, and such a result might leave behind repercussions.

Within the starting ground, the little guy had unleashed a bloody slaughter in all directions. In the end, the Rain Clansmen all fell with only Yu Feng remaining. He was lifted up by the little guy and then cut open.

This time, it was not just a single arm, but rather his entire body directly being torn in half. The blood was a deep red as it splashed high into the air. When paired with that child’s young and tender face, it made people’s hearts tremble.

Wasn’t this simply the cost for attacking the Heaven Mending Pavilion? If this child were to grow up, with his natural talents, it was quite likely that another world-shockingly great power would rise up from the ruins.

This was what was on the minds of many, making their hearts trembled. Rumor had it that he was on par with pure-blooded beasts. Could it be that this was true?!


Someone shouted out loud, and a scarlet divine needle shot out. Multicolored danced about with dazzling brilliance.

“What?! Soul Shattering needle!”

Many people cried out in shock, their expressions changing. This was truly severe! Within the mortal world, there were none who didn’t fear this, because the needle’s origins were too powerful.

The little guy quickly evaded and did not meet it head on. He dodged to the side, and as the scarlet radiance danced about, it was as if the needle came from a poisonous scorpion straight from hell. The bright redness was a bit terrifying.

“Soul Shattering Needles are demonic artifacts refined within the Void God Realm. If one is struck by it, then not only would they be exterminated here, their souls in the real world would also shatter, causing them to die.” Bird Grandpa spoke softly.

Many people entered the Void God Realm to train their minds, because the results of their training here carried on to the outside world.

There were many heavenly paradises within the Void God Realm, and the higher regions were mostly occupied by the great clans. The natural resources were abundant, and there were many precious materials that were suited for cultivation there.

Within the heavenly paradises, there were symbols and descendants that originated here. The ten or so jars of precious blood they brought here today were obtained within this world.

The Divine Flame Silkworm that Tuoba family’s fourth prince possessed was also caught like this. It was originally an inhabitant of the heavenly paradise, only that it was later tamed by one of the clan elders and have a part of its interior symbols refined.

Soul Shattering Needles were extremely famous within this world, and rumor has it that these were refined from special materials that contained a portion of this world’s laws. As a result, it was exceedingly terrifying, and once struck by it, one would undoubtedly die here, and their real body would have trouble escaping this disaster as well.

However, these treasures were exceedingly rare. After so many years, there truly hasn’t been many rumors of people discovering them. These had all been accumulated from the past, and were almost never seen nowadays.

It could kill the void body and destroy the real body at the same time. As a result, it was known as a demonic artifact!

“Tuoba Clan is worthy of being called an ancient family! They can even take out this type of item!” Someone cried out in shock. The individual couldn’t help but take steps backwards.

The little guy retreated. He did not recklessly face it head on, but rather carefully observed the situation.

Scarlet multicolored light flickered, and that divine needle flew over again with terrifying wuwu sounds. It pierced through everything in its way, and when the little guy threw out a ten thousand jin boulder out, it was directly penetrated by the divine needles.

“So powerful!”

He truly became apprehensive; this was a demonic artifact after all! If he wasn’t careful, he truly would pay a bitter price, as this endangered his life.

“Tuoba family, thank you for your great gift! In the future, I will definitely return it to you!” The little guy shouted.

His two hands made some movements, causing purple lightning to dance about. They formed a cauldron that was rather simple looking. This was creation through lightning, which shocked the onlookers.

His actions were simply too shocking!

Lightning represented destruction, and those who successfully pried into its sliver of life force would then be able to create through the lightning dao. Even though he wasn’t at that level yet, what he was doing now was enough to shock everyone.

The little guy’s hands moved about, forming a cauldron. Lightning flickered about, massing together to form lightning from the ninth heaven. Then, with a fierce vibration, the scarlet Soul Shattering Needles were collected by him.

A weng sound rang out, and a divine ring appeared behind the back of his head that emitted purple qi. The little guy sat down and faced the purple cauldron; he began his refining.

“You want to steal these enchanted needles? Keep dreaming!”

Tuoba clanmen shouted angrily and moved out together. They activated their symbols to try and reclaim the precious technique.

In addition, the other great powers’ people no longer spent time dreading what was happening and quickly took action. How could they allow him to just sit there without attacking him? This was an opportunity!

However, a humongous black fish emerged from the boundless sea behind the little guy and swayed its tail. A tremendous black wave was created, immediately sending all of them flying.

“Quickly, recollect them!” Everyone cried out.

Tuoba Clan’s people began to feel anxious because they were starting to lose their connection with the Soul Shattering Needles. The precious artifacts were seized from them and quickly refined. They were now on the verge of receiving a new owner.

Everything was finished. That purple lightning turned into a small cauldron, and all twelve scarlet divine needles glowed brilliantly as they became motionless.


The little guy shouted, and the space between his eyebrows lit up. Symbols dropped down and wrapped itself around the demonic artifacts; he was about to gain control over them.


Many people’s expressions changed. At this moment, they became incomparably fearful. It was because the owner of the Soul Shattering Needles have changed, implying that the devilish child could now truly kill them. Regardless of whether it was the void body or their real body, they would both die.

“Dealing with you bunch won’t even require the usage of these!” The little guy got up and looked at them with disdain.

He already understood the strangeness of the demonic artifact. Upon usage, it could kill the individual’s body in the real world. How could he use it on these people’s bodies? This was a truly great murder weapon, and could be used to make any expert within the Void God Realm cower in fear.

Upon penetrating and killing someone, it would immediately explode, making it unable to be used twice. He had already decided that unless they were upper level figures, he would not hastily used this as it would be too wasteful.

The little guy leapt over and blocked off those large chunks of limestones because he did not want the golden passageways to be activated. These people all wanted to escape the Void God Realm, but they had to go through this path.

However, the devilish brat would never give them the chance. He attacked and fought fiercely with the experts from different clans. Fresh blood died his clothes red, and no one could stop his attacks.

“You all disappoint me. There were only a few killing formations and Soul Shattering Needles, not even enough for me to have some fun,” the little guy ridiculed. His body was died in the blood of everyone here.


As the battle reached its conclusion, the little guy put away his scorn and used all of his strength to release the Kun Peng precious technique. Black waves engulfed the heavens and earth to deal with those killing formations.

Many of the great powers used their most powerful formations. Primitive symbolled bones filled the air, causing brilliance to overflow in this place, suppressing this region.

However, it was a pity that within the starting ground, regardless of how exceedingly great your cultivation realms were, how world-shocking your precious artifacts were or even how powerful your great formations were, they would all be suppressed. They all ended up restricted to the scope of the Blood Transformation realm.

The great ancient families’ methods were truly terrifying, and the force they used could even kill a pure-blooded vicious beast. However, they still weren’t able to do anything about the devilish brat.

This was because he even pursued and attacked a Zhujian, Horned Dragon, and many others in the past. He could even kill an archaic beast youth. He truly possessed an unrivalled power here.

Blood flew everywhere as people were slaughtered within this battle. The experts that showed up suffered extreme losses, not a single one of them still alive. Those that moved against him were all killed, and the ground was dyed in red.

No one knew just how many experts came to spectate here. The children of the ancient country’s aristocracy, the ancestors of the ancient great powers… They were all dumbstruck and couldn’t speak for a long time.

How long this this all take? All the experts from the great powers were wiped clean without a single one left alive.

Within the real world, shouts rang out from every clan. They were incomparably furious, and many of them coughed out blood after suffering heavy injuries. Even several months wouldn’t be enough to heal their injuries.

A lump of hazy radiance dropped down from the sky onto the starting ground. It surrounded a precious object that fell in front of the little guy.

At the same time, a stone tablet appeared. It flickered with brilliance, and there were several small characters that lit up on it.

“He… killed his way up to a new record!”

“Is there still reason within this world? After killing so many experts like the incarnation of a devil, he still can obtain a reward?!”

The starting ground broke into commotion, and everyone was in uproar.

“What kind of object is that? It seems rather terrifying! It shouldn’t be some heaven defying precious artifact, right?!”

News naturally began to spread. There was no lack of disciples from the great powers within the crowd who weren’t killed, because they merely didn’t make a move just now. They slipped away and returned to the real world to report to their superiors.

“What?! After killing so many of our men, he was still able to establish a record and obtain a mysterious object? Ah pei!”

Within the real world, many people from the great powers were angry to the point of coughing out blood, making their injuries worse. Was there still heavenly reason in this? What was a stepping stone, and what was grief and sorrow? These events simply used their bodies to explain the answer to these questions!

“I’m going to die from anger! Ah pei!” These people continuously coughed out blood.

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