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Chapter 205 – Unleash Slaughter

The little guy’s movements were swift. A beast pouch was opened, and the pile of sparkling and translucent jars were collected in one motion. It was quickly moved to his back, his speed making people stare blankly.

“You dare!”

One of them erupted into fury. With a raise of his hand, an expanse of heavenly sand appeared. It quickly formed stars and rumbled as they moved. Large heavenly bodies appeared one after another, surrounding this area.

Everyone became overwhelmed with shock; just how powerful of a figure was this? He brought such a precious artifact with him and directly laid down a formation, immediately trapping his opponent.

The little guy was shocked, and he felt a tremendous pressure. However, he was happy and without fear. Multicolored light emerged from his entire body, and a pair of Kun Peng wings appeared on his back. They immediately trembled before erupting with a flourishing light.


The divine wings shook, and a great star was smashed apart. He once again charged forward and moved his wings. The surroundings area rang out with rumbling sounds of destruction, and the great stars that were circulating about were blasted apart.

Everyone was shocked. What kind of formidable precious technique was this? It directly destroyed a powerful precious artifact with such ease!

At the same time, various symbols dropped down as densely as raindrops. They were extremely dazzling, and it was as if the words of a divine incantation were materializing in the sky.

With a chi sound, the little guy left behind an afterimage. He was not hit, and with a flap of the Kun Peng wings behind his back, it allowed him to travel without touching the ground. A single movement would shift him a hundred zhang out, making him simply too fast as he escaped their encirclement.

“Devilish child!”

When he stopped, many people were alarmed. They all recognized him and revealed shocked expressions. They didn’t think that he would truly come to the Void God Realm and prove the rumors true.

“He’s still alive and trying to steal from the tiger’s den! He truly came to this place!”

The starting ground immediately erupted into commotion. Many people came to this famous location purely for the sake of seeing the youth that once angered humans and Gods alike. They were now able to see his true self.

“After the Heaven Mending Pavilion war, skeletons covered the ground and blood died the pure land red. Not many were able to survive, yet he was actually completely unaffected!”

Everyone discussed passionately, filling this area with chatter.

This result went against everyone’s expectations. At the crucial moment, he personally jumped over and seized the entire pile of precious blood.

“Quick, transmit news outwards that the devilish brat appeared! He revealed himself within the Void God Realm, and is going to fight a great war against the great powers!”

“Send a report to the clan lord! A huge event will unfold here, and a decision must be quickly made!”

“We must report to the princess. She loves this type of activity the most, and if she misses this, she’ll definitely start blaming people.”

Movements immediately happened in all directions. The information was spread out in the quickest way possible, and not only was the Void God Realm shaken, even the great powers and ancient countries in the outside world became aware of this.

The number of people entering the Void God Realm shot up. The people that came later suffered, because there was an extremely large number of people rushing towards the starting ground.

“So? Didn’t I say that the information was true? You all didn’t want to belive it.” Coin elder stood up and then suddenly shouted, “Return my precious blood!”

Bird Grandpa stood up and rushed towards everyone saying, “To honor the agreement, you all had to exchange with precious blood or symbol bones. However, now, they aren’t in our hands.”

Who still paid attention to these two’s cocky words? Their eyes were all red from anger after seeing the little guy. Groups like the Rain Clan and four great clans charged murderously together.

In reality, the devilish child’s eyes were more red than theirs. If not for the pile of magnificent archaic species’ precious blood, he wouldn’t have held himself back for so long.

“Much thanks to you all for this great gift. After welcoming me so enthusiastically, I think this will be enough for several baptisms. These are truly precious.”

After hearing the devilish brat’s words, the group of people immediately clenched their teeth. All of them had the urge to vomit blood. They would rather throw away the precious blood than give it to him.


They charged up, all of the experts from various clans moving simultaneously.

They brought over the precious blood, but they weren’t actually going to carry out the transaction. It was all a front, after all, was there anyone that dared to lust after their items? However, the target personally came and directly stole them, catching them completely unprepared.

Everyone felt that this savage child was too daring. He was fully aware that a group of people would go after him with ample preparations, yet he still showed his face; he was a bit too bold.

Chi chi sounds penetrated through the air. Streak after streak of sparkling threads interweaved, forming a heavenly curtain that enveloped the starting ground skies. It was a sparkling and translucent net that was extremely gorgeous.

“Divine Flame Silkworm!”

Everyone cried out in surprise and saw that it belonged to one of Tuoba family’s princes. In his hands was a inch long scarlet silkworm, and it was something that he spat out.

“A well known creature among archaic descendants! I didn’t expect to be able to see this type of creature!” Many people widened their eyes as they looked towards that direction.

The Divine Flame Silkworm’s entire body was a gem-like scarlet red that was almost transparent. It carried a bright red luster, and a flame was curling about its body. It seemed harmless, but it was actually a vicious creature that would kill without a second thought.

The silk that it spat out was incomparably tough and durable, and even precious artifacts would find it difficult to break through. It curled up in flames, and could burn a person into ashes in an instant; it was extremely terrifying.

The transparent divine flame silk spread out like a web as it descended, surrounding the little guy. It was about to capture him alive.

“Let’s see how you will escape!” Tuoba family’s fourth prince sneered. This wasn’t simply the precious artifact of the Divine Flame Silkworm, as it also underwent the clan’s refining. There were many mysterious symbols added, making it difficult to break.


The little guy shifted horizontally. His body emitted light, and an ear-splitting sound was emitted. He withstood a large amount of symbols and avoided this large net.

“The net is inescapable! It can cover the heaven and earth. You won’t be able get away!” The fourth prince from Tuoba family shouted.

The divine flame silkworm within his bosom released a vicious look. Scarlet light surged and an even greater mass of silk was released from its mouth, completely sealing up the area in front of it.

Even the others halted their steps, no longer daring to move forward. They stopped their attacks in fear of getting caught up in it. The dense and brilliant great web ignited with a great blaze, the heaven overflowing flames terrifying everyone.

The little guy stopped and calmly waited for the web to fall. Then, he suddenly he reached out and caught the silk thread. A golden vortex appeared in front of his body and continuously revolved.


Tuoba clan’s fourth prince shouted, his eyes filled with a frantic radiance. He never thought that his opponent would be so brazen as to commit suicide. Could it be that he was actually going to destroy the divine flame silk?!

Fiery light radiated, and the brilliant scarlet red silk tightened. It wanted to bind the little guy and cut him up into ashes.

At this moment, however, the golden symbols around his body became increasingly dazzling. Those vortices rotated, swallowing essence energy from all directions, completely devouring the flames.

“This…” Everyone was startled. Wasn’t this a secret passed down within the Peng race? Based on their understanding, this was likely the Kun Peng’s precious technique.

“It’s the Golden Spiral Ripple Technique! It’s the Heaven Mending Pavilion’s precious technique, but the one he’s using seems to be more terrifying! It contains the secrets of the Kun Peng!” An elder was terrified, and his expression changed greatly.


The golden vortex refined the flames, swallowing those endless symbols and resisting the fiery silk’s attacks. Meanwhile, the little guy’s two hands fiercely pulled, and with a kacha sound, the sound of breaking rang out.

“Heavens, what am I watching? He tore apart the fiery silk! Just how terrifying is his divine strength? With a body like his, he could definitely lift mountains and move seas!”

Everyone was overwhelmed with shock. Many people cried out in surprise.

The devilish brat’s performance was too shocking. He destroyed an utmost powerful precious artifact with his bare hands. One has to understand that the silk was extremely tough and durable, completely unlike other weapons.

With a xiu sound, the devilish brat turned into a golden light as he rushed over murderously towards Tuoba family’s fourth prince. When the people saw this, they all rushed in to stop him.

The reason behind this was that they all knew that the devilish brat was unrivalled in bravery within the starting ground. He was definitely not someone that a single person could deal with, so they all tried to stop him.

With a honglong sound, a vast body of water appeared behind the little guy’s back. An overbearing wave roared like thunder, the billows seeming to submerge the heavens itself. It was constructed out of symbols and its power directly sent a group of people flying.

The most terrifying part was that a great black fish appeared within the sea of water. Its size made people tremble, as it was vast and obscure. With a fierce sway of its tail, the black symbols flickered before landing on everyone’s bodies.


Many people cried out miserably, and the ones with relatively weaker cultivations were immediately scattered into pieces. The more powerful individuals quickly avoided it, but even after doing so they still spat out fresh blood before staggering backwards.

“Kun Peng, the legendary giant bird of the sea! It’s a divine Kun!” The people were overwhelmed with shock. This type of precious technique actually appeared, shocking people to the extreme.

With a peng sound, the little guy dropped down from the sky after sending a large group of people flying. The ocean waves rolled over and over, imprisoning the Tuoba family’s fourth prince. With a single step, he caused the people to rolled about on the ground. He caught that divine silkworm.

“You…” Tuoba’s fourth prince was scared and furious. However, the little guy didn’t even wait for a reaction before stepping down. He directly splattered apart, dieing here.

The fine hairs on everyone’s bodies stood up. How powerful was this strength? He could directly trample one of Tuoba’s princes to death!

Dying within the Void God Realm would inflict a serious injury in the real world as well. Their strength would suffer a huge blow, and their essence energy would be affected as well. At the very least, they would need several months of self-cultivation before fully recovering.

The effects of these injuries were great, and can cause problems in an individual’s essence energy. The unluckiest ones might even lose their spirituality, creating huge problems for their cultivation in the future.

The little guy picked up the divine silkworm and carefully looked at it.

The Divine Flame Silkworm silkworm revealed an ominous look. Symbols interweaved all about its body as if they embers were lighting up. They were extremely hot as they tried to burn the little guy to death. At the same time, the silk it spat out was even more terrifying; it wanted to wrap him up and refine him.

The little guy could tell immediately that this type of descendant was untameable. His hand exerted force and directly pinched it to death. Then, he placed its corpse into a bag, because it was precious flesh medicine.

Everyone became dumbstruck. This was too savage! That was a rarely seen powerful descendant! He actually squeezed it to death! What an abnormal person!

The group of people were all in fear. Was there really no one who could control this youth? The group of people took out their precious artifacts and rushed forward. They even activated formations to kill him in their traps.

“It’s you…” Suddenly, the little guy became angry after feeling a familiar aura. He sent a person flying with ease and charged into the mist with thunder-like power.

Suddenly, he lifted up a person with a peng sound. His eyes began to shoot flames.

The individual was a white-clad youth roughly fourteen to fifteen years old. Symbols circulated about him, and a hazy mist curled about. It was the Rain Clan’s genius — Yu Feng.

“You thankless wretch, bringing your clansmen to the Heaven Mending Pavilion to kill everyone. You bite the hand that feeds you! Today, I will hack you apart!”

The little guy was furious. He tore off one of his arms and threw it away. He did not immediately kill him, but instead started to violently strike down.

Yu Feng screamed miserably, and the sounds he made were no longer like that of a human’s.

The Rain Clan’s people were all angry as they charged up together.

As a result, a streak of lightning appeared. Magnificent lightning blazed about the little guy’s body as rage consumed him. Behind him, a vast body of water surged, and a huge black fish rose.

With a hong sound, the Kun Peng precious technique merged with the lightning and crushed down on every direction. This was simply an unrivalled power that swept through everything. The Rain Clansmen cried out miserably, and they were all blasted apart.

People were sent flying in all directions. They would explode and turn into a bloody mist.

This type of divine might and oppressiveness shocked everyone. They simply couldn’t believe that this devilish child slaughtered a group of experts!

“Yu Feng, Rain Clan, you all are a group of scum!”

The devilish child went mad. The Kun Peng behind him appeared, emitting the sounds of wind and lightning. It erupted with golden light, and whenever it smashed into people, there would immediately be flesh exploding. Bloody mist filled the air.

He unleashed a massacre, killing the people from more than a dozen clans. They were all great powers of this world, but in the end these experts weren’t a match for him. They were all slaughtered until they shouted miserably. They all howled endlessly in anguish.

This area became chaotic. The little guy went crazy after thinking about the bloody tragedy that happened within the Heaven Mending Pavilion and unleashed a massacre.

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