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Chapter 204 – Receiving a Great Gift

“That child didn’t die within the Heaven Mending Pavilion? Various powers joined arms to surround that area, and there were numerous experts there! Even after such a bitter war, he was still able to escape harm?!”

News spread, and they quickly proliferated from the starting grounds to the higher heavenly paradises. It triggered a huge wave of commotion.

At this very moment, the starting ground was bustling with noise.

Everyone was in discussion. Some people believed, and some people coldly laughed, unconvinced.

Regardless of whether it was the four great clans, Rain Clan, Tuoba Family, or the ancient families, they all had people rush over to seek confirmation. The more they heard, the more restraining fear they felt towards that savage child.

“If his natural talents really are as terrifying as the rumors say, then he won’t just be the ruler of this desolate region when he grows up. He’ll definitely show disdain towards even supreme experts. He absolutely must not be allowed to grow up.”

“Do you not know who those two old things are? They are two frauds, and have tricked so many people already!” There were also people who felt that this was not that big of a deal.

At the starting ground, all sorts of things were being discussed. However, not everyone believed the rumors.

“Wei, what are you youngsters saying? This old one treats everyone fairly with absolute honesty, a paragon of virtue!” Coin grandpa retorted, seeming like an honorable person.

Bird grandpa sat on the other side, appearing rather calm and easygoing. He did not say much, but the bird on his shoulder casted a sidelong look as if it held everyone in disdain.

These two old fellows swindled others quite a bit, and those who did not know of them were fooled after seeing their relatively older ages. However, there were many people who were familiar with them at the starting ground, so quite a few people were looking at them superciliously.

“Old things, if you two dare to cheat us in this serious matter and we find out that these are empty words, it will be difficult for you two to escape death!”

Finally, there were experts that rushed over. Their faces were cold as they spoke with powerful tones. The look in their eyes were like torches as they stared at the two individuals and threatened with this warning.

“If you believe then you believe, if not then that’s up to you. I don’t want to lower myself to your level, so it’s best if you get your clan lords to personally come. I promise that they will be satisfied.” Coin elder said.

“Who do you think you are? If you were just being swindlers here, then that is that. However, you actually want to deceive true ancient families! Be careful or you may lose your heads!” Two people walked up with their hands behind their backs. Their eyes were fierce as they spoke imposingly.

“You’re trying to pick a fight with us? What kind of person hasn’t this old one met yet? If you aren’t satisfied, then come at me!” Coin elder seemed to have erupted in anger. He carried the appearance of a powerful individual and was more feisty than a younger man.

The people who came sneered, and with a wave, a group surrounded the two. Symbols flickered, and with a weng sound, precious techniques were brought out, enveloping this land.

“You better speak, or else you will have to take responsibility for the results!”

It was clear that they came from a large powerful, and naturally did not want to purchase the information. They directly used forceful methods to try and suppress these two old men, coercing them to speak.

“Using strength to approach this old man? Your actions are affecting my business…” Coin elder appeared extremely discontent and clamoured, “Ruining my livelihood is akin to taking my life. I’ll fight you guys to the death!”

He roared loudly and threw bird grandpa who was next to him outwards. In that split second, there was absolute chaos. Bird grandpa was furious and no longer acted calm and collected.

The group of people’s precious techniques smashed over on the spot. All types of symbols flickered, making this area extremely brilliant. Bird grandpa turned around and didn’t face everyone, facing coin elder instead. However, that bird on his shoulder instead soared into the air and faced the enemies.


A streak of fiery light dropped down from the sky, as if a sea of primal chaos descended. The bird was extremely terrifying, immediately turning this pace into a lake of raging flames.

The group of people cried out miserably as they directly turned into human torches. They began to roll on the ground one after another before backing up and fleeing. Even though their lives were not in danger, their bodies were practically half roasted.

The one that led those people looked even more like processed coal. He didn’t carry the slightest bit of arrogance anymore as he trembled from the pain. Only by relying on the support of others could he even stand.

The most intolerable thing was that the two old men ran off to the side and began fighting with each other. The two didn’t pay any attention to their group, and all of this was done by a single bird.

Did heavenly logic even apply to these old bastards? The group of people were in grief and indignation, and even though they wanted to cry, no tears came out. In just a split second, those two old fellows that were fighting immediately became equivalent to fiends in their eyes.

After witnessing this fight, everyone gave up on their plans of using force. These two old fellows truly weren’t worth provoking. Their strength were deep and immeasurable, and most importantly, they were lacking in moral sense.

However, because of the current situation, their words seemed a bit more truthful. Quite a few people began to feel like maybe these two truly did know the devilish brat’s whereabouts.

“This old man is putting his head on the line, so the information is definitely true. That little bastard is hiding within his little nest, and I can get him out. However, this is on the premise that the information is exchanged for symbol bones and precious blood!”

The two old fellows made solemn vows as they pledged towards the sky.

“It seems like it really is real! I have never seen these two act so serious. They aren’t cheating us this time, right? Otherwise, the commotion they stirred up is a bit too great.”

Many people were moved, and began to get the feeling that their information was most likely real.

This time, even more people came. The starting ground had a stream of people moving about, and many great powers sent out their experts to find out what really was going on.

Of course, not everyone here bore hostility. Many of them just followed where the crowds were, because the baby that angered both ‘the heavens and the people’ alike was too unique. Now that his period of exile was over, no one knew just what kind of crazy storm he would stir up.

“The return of the devilish brat to the Void God Realm is truly something to look forward to!”

“Hehe, haha… I truly want to see what kind of performance he will give us now that two years have passed. I hope the four great clans, Tuoba Family and the others wage war within, and it’ll be even better if the Western Tomb Beast Mountain’s archaic descendants hurried over as well.

“If archaic divine mountains like Mount Yi and Southern Meteor also dispatched their pure-blooded creatures, once they travel from the divine lands through the mountains and rivers of the great wastes, it would be even more amazing.”

News traveled outwards at an inconceivable speed, quickly reaching the higher heavenly paradises. It attracted the attention of countless people.

It was easy to see that after two years, the starting ground once again became the gathering place for a storm. It triggered a shocking wave of sensation.

“Is what you guys said true? The two old fellows truly have guts, actually daring to brazenly sell this kind of information. They must have some kind of power backing them.”

“First, these two are quite strong, and aren’t easily pushed around. Second, it’s quite likely that they truly know the whereabouts of that child.”

The Rain Clan’s people discussed among themselves. Their hatred towards the devilish brat was bone deep. Within the Hundred Shattering Mountains, they lost so much, and now they even let him escape during the Heaven Mending Pavilion war. There wasn’t a single moment where they didn’t want to kill him.

“Won’t we find out if we just take a look? So what if we bring a jar of descendant blood? It’s not like we have to make the deal. We can just wait until the people around us start discussing the result.

The Rain Clan’s people decided to join in on the action. In addition, several of their important figures were the ones that went.

The Tuoba Family was an ancient family that had existed since a long time ago. They experienced prosperity, decline, hiding, and revival. Currently, they were extremely powerful, and there were also some people discussing this in their clan.

“I will personally go and see what is going on. It is just a child, so there is no need for us to involve everyone. However, we can’t allow him to truly mature!”

A few of the clan’s youth began to speak. Their statuses were high, and all of them were powerful candidates qualified to be their clan’s successors.

As for the four great clans, then were even more furious. They were all incomparably resentful, because that devilish child had been a thorn in their sides all the way until now. He showed them defeat and humiliation again and again, making their hatred towards him difficult to dissolve.

Their bodies were piled up within the starting ground into a human mountain, becoming the target of others’ ridicule. Within the Hundred Shattering Mountains, their clan’s restricted individuals all fell, and their outstanding youth were all killed. It was truly a great hatred.

The news spread, and it was not limited to the Void God Realm. It reached the ancient countries within the real world, and quite a few people were shocked.

A massive storm converged, and more and more people began to pay attention to this matter. The clamoring within the Void God Realm made it so that the place could no longer calm down.

In the end, experts from powerful races arrived one after another, walking out from the golden passageways. Only a short period of time would pass before another great clan would appear, creating a huge sensation.

More and more people began to hide their identities, not wanting others to recognize where they came from. After all, there were some things that had to be done that weren’t all that glamorous.

The starting ground was packed with people, making this a huge deal. Many people wanted to see some chaos and came here to join in on the fun.

People rushed over from the various heavenly paradises within the Void God Realm. This place was like a jungle as new faces showed up one after another, shoving and bumping into each other.

“Yi, Scarlet Cloud’s prince is here!” Someone immediately became shocked.

Scarlet Cloud’s prince was extremely well known within the higher level heavenly paradises. He was a formidable young expert!

He was from the four great clans, and his scarlet fan was lost here two years ago. Back then, his younger brother carried it to kill the little guy and take his treasures. After angering the little guy, he was forcefully suppressed, leading to the calamity that the four great clans eventually faced.

“Things are going to get lively from here!” Everyone was in expectation as they revealed excited expressions.

“Yi, those are the great princes of the Tuoba clan. They really came here undisguised!”

Several people walked over, their ages all around twenty. Their auras were unordinary, and their expressions were stern as they walked silently. These were the ancient families’ elites.

Soon after, coin elder and bird grandpa were surrounded by people. A group of individuals who had high statuses appeared, and they were all unordinary.

However, the surrounding people could not walk forward, because they were blocked by a few experts. They cleared up a large area there, and the mood immediately became tensed up.

It was clear that there were experts that hurried over from every clan. In addition, none of their statuses were low, and as they faced the two old fellows, they wanted to get to the conclusion of this.

“There’s nothing to discuss here. This old man has already said everything that should be said. Use archaic descendant blood or precious primitive symbol bones to exchange!”

“You truly want to exchange for precious blood? A middle aged male asked expressionlessly. Cold light flickered within his eyes.


“Fine! As long as the information is real, we are willing to pay!” The middle aged man laughed coldly. Killing intent pervaded the air as he placed a jade jar on top of the stone table. Purple light flickered within.

The jar was filled with purple blood, its reflection even making the jade container transparent. Purple multicolored light surged, as if it possessed life. A dense purple mist curled up around it.

“It truly is precious blood. It is extremely rare and simply too precious.” The people were shocked.

Within the darkness, the little guy was extremely happy as he clenched his small fist.

Coin elder and bird grandpa were both calm and collected. This time, they didn’t act out of greed, and they didn’t even bat their eyelashes. They sat there steadily without moving.

“Speak, tell us the circumstances.” The middle aged man spoke. He was someone from the four great clans.

“I will tell you alone. Is anyone else going to bring precious blood to exchange?” Coin elder calmly spoke.

“Are you messing with me?!” The middle aged male was furious.

“No I am not. So many of you came, and each great power brought a jar of precious blood. Place all of them on the table, then I’ll tell all of you.” Bird grandpa spoke.

When everyone heard this, they all sucked in a breath of cold air. This was simply too much greed! It was just a bit of information, yet they wanted so many jars of precious blood. Was there even any other profession that could make more at once?

You have to understand that a jar of archaic descendant precious blood was already priceless. It was enough to make people risk their lives, yet these two actually wanted numerous jars.

“Those who want the information, walk up. If not, back up.” Coin elder spoke, and then added, “There must be at least fifteen jars of archaic descendant precious blood on the table, or else we won’t speak.”

He spoke extremely boldly. A jar of precious blood was enough to carry out several baptisms, and when used appropriately, it could prove to be extremely vital and affect their entire life.

“So many people came. If you all were sincere, one person a jar would truly create a small mountain,” Bird Grandpa said.

Even though he was exaggerating, there was still a bit of truth in that statement. There were experts from all the various powers here. If a jar was offered up by every clan, then it would be similarly impressive.

The people here all sneered, feeling as if these two truly messed around too much. If this continued, things could turn out bad for them. If they didn’t have real news, then they would inevitably bring popular indignation on themselves and get attacked from all directions.

“Old ones, be careful not to create self-immolation.” A young person spoke and then took out a jade container, placing it on the table. Blue light flickered, and the liquid inside was translucent as it flowed with brilliance.

“Count me in as well.” The Scarlet Cloud prince calmly spoke. He took out a jar and placed it on the stone table. It contained scarlet liquid that shot streak after streak of scarlet multicolored light.

A haze curled up around it, and mist was scattering about. An elder walked up and placed a jar on top of the stone table. Golden liquid shone from within, the descendant blood within it shocking everyone.

“Rain Clan’s people?” The little guy’s heart jumped as he made this judgment from the individual’s aura. For the sake of dealing with this clan, he studied the bone text and became extremely familiar with their auras.

“Is there any more?” Coin elder spoke. During this entire process, he carefully inspected everything to make sure that he wasn’t being cheated.

“There are times where it’s better to just take a life. Forget about ordinary people, understand that there are ways where even a supreme pure-blooded archaic beast can be killed here!”

Someone else threatened before placing a jar of precious blood onto the stone table.

This made the little guy shiver a bit inwardly. They were truly concealing their urge to murder here! There will most likely be a huge battle. These people weren’t easy to provoke, and they were all prepared inwardly; otherwise, how could they say these words?

However, he wasn’t scared at all, because he had enough hidden trump cards that could suppress all the various experts.

In the end, the various ancient powers all expressed their intentions before offering up a jar of precious blood each.

The little guy’s eyes turned red. It was obvious that these people’s hands were bloodied from the Heaven Mending Pavillion war. They were going to move out again today to get rid of him.

“Senior brothers, sisters, and elders, I will first get back a bit of interest!” The little guy clenched his fists.

In the end, there were fifteen jade containers piled up together on top of the stone table. They flickered with brilliant multicolored light and were incomparably splendid. The liquids were all transparent and sparkling as divine splendor curled up around them.

With a aolao sound, the little guy directly pounced over. He broke through the limit and seemed to possess unrivalled power. He directly soared up before dropping down from the sky.

Following that, he made a sweep and directly snatched the tableful of precious blood into his bosom. He shouted noisily, “Mine, mine, all mine!”

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