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Chapter 2011

The moonlight was gentle as its hazy yet bright light scattered down. Talking and laughter filled the lakeside, and this as something that they did not experience for two years. The little guy and Qingfeng were incomparably happy and lively here.

“Grandpa Chief, your sickness should be curable now!” The little guy ran over, and his smile was extremely pure. He was happy, because the Little Devil Wine he brought back could cure the village chief’s injury.

If not for the fact that he found the Immortal Spring, Little Devil wine and other heaven defying things, he definitely would have pleaded for the Willow Deity’s help.

The Willow Deity’s goals were probably set rather far, and might even be outside the nine heavens. Even though it was protecting Stone Village right now, that did not mean that it was concerned with the natural lifespans of the villagers. In its eyes, this was not something unusual.

“I feel like there is a lump of fire burning within me. The condition of the mysterious injury I got back then in the divine storehouse seems to have improved, and that disease is on the verge of disappearing.” The clan chief was extremely emotionally moved.

So many years had passed, and he had long given up on looking for a cure. He never would have thought that this child would actually bring back this type of divine wine, giving him hope.

“Grandpa Chief, drink a few more cups. You don’t need to fear becoming drunk, because I’ll help you dissolve the medicinal properties.” The little guy said. Curing the clan chief’s illness was always one of his most heartfelt desires.

“Okay!” Shi Yunfeng laughed heartily and began to drink with delight. He celebrated with the people around him, enjoying the night to its fullest.

Multicolored light surged, rising from his pores. A layer of mysterious brilliance covered his body. The little guy quickly took action, striking the clan chief’s body according to the ancient methods written in the True Primordial Record. It broke apart the medicinal effects, helping the village chief cure the strange disease.

The villagers were all shocked. They all looked in this direction and carefully observed, because all of them wanted the chief to become well.

The divine wine was extremely effective. The old clan chief drank another cup, and his entire body seemed have ignited into flames. It was dazzling as the light blazed, submerging his body.

Pipa sounds were emitted. The little guy continuously slapped his body, and there were all types of symbols at work here. The markings entered the old clan chief’s body, and that was Shi Yunfeng’s opportunity to strengthen his body.


Finally, a dusty haze surged, gushing out from the old village chief’s mouth. It made chichi sounds in the air before slowly disappearing; his old illness was eradicated.

The divine wine’s characteristics took effect. An incomparably dazzling rain of light scattered down, surrounding him. His scars were healed, and his flesh became nourished. It allowed his weak condition to quickly strengthen.

“I… have truly been cured!” The old clan elder stood up and felt as if his age lessened by twenty years. His body was brimming with energy, and his flesh was shining. Symbols flickered, and divine light surged, immediately seizing the luck between the heaven and earth.

Shi Yunfeng who was normally calm and unperturbed suddenly had water in his eyes. Back then, among his dozen or so brothers, he was the only one to survive. However, his body was riddled with a demonic illness, and only today did he finally break free.

The villagers exulted and rushed over together.

At the lakeside, the atmosphere became even more enthusiastic. Not long after, another dozen people collapsed from drinking too much. This was because they were too happy, and so they began to drink slightly more.

Qiang, qiang….

Streaks of multicolored light flew across the night sky, creating kengqiang sounds. Precious artifacts flew out one after another, inserting themselves into the grass.

“Ah, so many precious treasures!” Pi Hou, the snotty baby and others’ eyes immediately stood up straight.

Even Shi Linhu, Shi Feijiao and the others stood up, all of them rather stunned. Their cultivation periods were profound, and they naturally knew what was what. These precious artifacts were all unordinary.

“Are you really giving it to us?” Ermeng was originally going to collapsed from intoxication, but now his eyes were completely round. He immediately becoming clear-headed.

“Didn’t I say that I was going to give you guys a gift? Of course I’m not joking.” The little guy laughed happily, and he seemed completely pure.

Everyone was both shocked and happy. At the same time, they were shaken.

“This scarlet sword belonged to a Feiyi, and it was refined from a blood-colored tooth. It is incomparably sharp, containing powerful symbols. As for this beast horn, as soon as it’s blown, the wuwu sounds it creates will shatter a person’s body, and it is something that I obtained from a child of the Stone Country’s Martial Imperial Family. This piece of beast skin…”

The little guy introduced them one by one, informing them about the formidable power, the unique characteristics, as well as his own experiences with them. There were a more than ten of them, and all of them were his spoils of war.

The moonlight scattered down like water. The group of youth and adults fondled them admiringly. They were obsessed with the items as they gently caress each and every precious artifact, cherishing them greatly.

Stone Village had two ancestral devices. They were extremely powerful, but unless a great disaster happened, they would not use them. Those were passed down by their ancestors.

Now, the little guy immediately brought back more than ten. They were all unordinary, and so they naturally made them excited and joyous beyond belief. This was true for Dazhuang, Pihou and the others in particular, because they could finally touch a precious artifact.

The villagers were all drunk. The little guy gave these precious artifacts to them, and when he turned around to look at the village, he could see that the spiritual essence here was dense and that the planted medicines were all unaffected. Their growth were all good.

“Qingfeng, let’s plant the immortal peach tree.” He called out to Qingfeng.

After entering the Hundred Shattering Mountains, he received this great harvest, and it was the divine medicine he dug up. After seeing that the spiritual stalks they planted were fine and growing well, he became completely reassured. He decided to plant the peach tree here as well.

“Ya, what is this?” The villagers were all alarmed.

“This is a silver peach tree. In the future, it might evolve into a true divine medicine. It is about to succeed.” The little guy explained and talked about its origins.

The precious tree radiated light. Even though it was only the thickness of a wrist and was half a person in height, it was extremely upright and strong. Regardless of whether it were the branches or leaves, they were all silver, and it was as if a silver flame was burning.

There were two silver peaches on the tree, and a faint golden colored decorated its surface. They appeared exceptionally bright and resplendent, as if they were sculpted from the most delicate divine jade. In addition, they possessed a rich fragrance that far surpassed spiritual medicines.

“Plant it at the center of the village!”

They dug up a large hole. This time, they dumped in an entire beast skin pouch full of golden silk for the sake of nurturing this sacred silver tree.

“It really is about to mature. Even though it isn’t a divine medicine yet, it still far surpasses those spiritual medicines.”

Dazhuang, the snotty nosed baby, Pihou and the others were truly drunk. They surrounded the silver tree and began to jump and shout, appearing extremely happy and excited.

Even Shi Linhu, Shi Feijiao and the others were extremely excited. It was just one thing after another today, and even if Stone Village didn’t want to grow more powerful in the future, it would still be difficult. With these spiritual medicines here, it completely turned this place into a pure land.

It was deep into the night, and people began to scatter off and return to the rich smelling village. There was another group that were directly knocked out by the ladeside.

Early the next morning, the little guy was woken up by the loud movements happening everywhere. He rubbed his eyes and quickly rushed towards the clan chief’s courtyard. Qingfeng followed closely behind.

“Child, yesterday among the descendants, there was still one that was alive. It was a chicken, but it actually turning into essence and bore into the ground. No matter what we do, we can’t catch it.”

Hushen and a group of people were trying to catch the chicken, and they were so tired they were gasping for breath.

When the little guy heard this, his heart immediately jumped. Yesterday, he was too drunk and was too careless. He even took out the Octadic Treasure Chicken from the heaven and earth pouch.

“That chicken fled?” Second Baldy and the others were startled. They all began to run, and even Hairy Ball jumped over. It bared its fangs, showing its dissatisfaction.

“It didn’t, it’s still inside the village. However, if we leave a chicken running around, it won’t be good for the village. It’s better if we catch it and stew it.” Hushen said.

“Don’t, it absolutely must not be harmed.” The little guy quickly blocked off this group of the group of large aunts. He was really scared that they would get it in their hands, and by that time, he wouldn’t even be able to cry even if he wanted to.

“Where is that chicken? We brought over the precious artifacts, so it can’t run anymore.” Shi Linghu and the other robust males all moved out, and there were many people involved in this affair.

“Don’t move recklessly!” The little guy quickly stopped them.

Following that, Second Baldy’s saliva began to spurt out as he quickly began to explain what the Octadic Treasure Chicken was. After hearing about it, the people began to stare blankly one after another.

“What?! The egg it lays is comparable to a spiritual medicine? And after half a month, we can get one?”

Everyone was shocked.

“That’s why you can’t hurt it. I brought it back in preparation of raising it. Even the great Stone Country’s imperial family only has one,” the little guy said.

What was the most worrying was that this chicken might have fled. After all, it could escape through the ground, and there was nothing they could do about it.

“It didn’t escape, it’s over there!” Qingfeng’s small voice sounded as he pointed towards a direction.

The little guy turned around and noticed that the fellow was currently lying at the base of the Willow Deity. It was incomparably content, and had a face of infatuation.

Even when it saw the little guy, it didn’t get up. It had a look of laziness as it lied there without moving.

The reason was because it knew that the little guy was aware of its origins and wouldn’t hurt it. It was not as dangerous as that group of valiant women, because if the chicken was caught by them, it most likely would have been cooked.

“You aren’t escaping?” The big red bird was surprised.

The chicken had a look of disdain and shot it a glance. It was as if it had a higher status than the big red bird, and then it became extremely sincere as it worshipped the Willow Deity.

The big red bird was absolutely furious. No matter how you looked at it, it was an expert, yet it was actually looked down upon by a chicken. It immediately threw itself over. However, after it raised its head to look at that sparkling willow tree, it withered, no longer daring to act impudent here.

“Don’t be upset. Their race has shook the lands since the Archaic era, and its family background might not necessarily be lower than yours,” Second Baldy said.

The big red bird was extremely angry, and almost slapped Second Baldy.

Just like this, the little guy and Qingfeng returned and lived for a while. Every day, they would cultivate, and then they would hunt and pick medicines with the villagers. Their days were extremely cheerful.

Gachi, gachi…

“Little bro, what are you chewing on?” Qingfeng was curious. Recently, he always saw the little guy grinding his teeth on something.

“This pagoda, this hateful pagoda took my pure-blooded precious medicine. It’s not giving it back to me.” The little guy was upset, because he had spent these days researching the small pagoda. He used all his strength to shake it, but the Heaven Swallowing Sparrow’s wing, Qiong Qi’s claw and other pieces disappeared without a trace.

The small pagoda was only an inch tall, and it was transparent. It flickered with light and possessed exceptionally beauty. During the great battle, it received great benefits, swallowing the pieces of precious flesh medicine that were sliced off by the ghostly grandpa.

“Hairy Ball, come and give it a try!” He was at wits end. The little guy beckoned for Hairy Ball, because he wanted to see if it could change anything.

Hairy Ball turned into a streak of Golden Light and scuttled over. It was extremely sensitive and immediately noticed that the small pagoda was not ordinary. It immediately began to gnaw on it after it got its hands on it.

Kengchi kengchi…

In the end, the golden thing chewed for a long time without any results. It directly threw it down and bared its fangs. Its eyes were glistening with tears as it soundlessly pointed at the little guy, accusing him.

Meanwhile, its other small claw was holding its mouth, rubbing its mouthful of snow white teeth. It was feeling an unbearable pain.

“There’s nothing we can do. Both of us failed to do anything to it. Stupid pagoda, it didn’t show any response at all. It really took my pure-blooded precious medicine!” The little guy howled in grief, and he felt as if his heart was leaking blood.

Second Baldy and the big red bird were both waiting impatiently. There was flesh from pure-blooded creatures there, so both of them were hopeful.

As a result, nothing the little guy did worked. The little pagoda did not show any response, and the stuff inside did not come out.

“It shouldn’t have been digested by it right? You gnawed on it these past few days, and I’ve constantly seen bits of powder fall off. I just feel as if something’s not right,” Second Baldy said.

The little guy immediately cried out miserably, using all of his strength to pound the small pagoda. “Return my pure-blooded precious medicine to me!”

In the end, there was no way. The little guy bothered the Willow Deity to see if it had a way. The reason was because the Heaven Swallowing Sparrow, Qiong Qi, Southern Meteor Divine Mountain and Mount Yi’s creatures were extremely world shocking. Their blood essence could definitely be used for his ten year old baptism.

“This pagoda appeared again…” The Willow Deity carefully stared at the small pagoda. After looking at it for a long time, it surprisingly spoke out these words.

“Willow Deity, does it truly have an extraordinary origins?” The little guy asked.

“It appeared during the archaic era, and appeared in the ancient era as well. It possesses an unrivalled divine might. Currently, it is sparkling and and translucent, and since it was so small, it’s almost unrecognizable.” The Willow Deity was serious as it spoke.

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