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Chapter 202 – Pure Blood

The little guy’s eyes became round, and his mouth was wide open. “This tiny pagoda isn’t even an inch tall but actually possess such an amazing background? That’s too shocking!”

Following that, he thought of an important question. Exactly what era was the Willow Deity from? Could it be that it personally witnessed the things it spoke of?

If this was true, then this thunder-stricken lightning would truly be terrifying beyond belief.

“Willow Deity, did you personally witness this in the past?” The devilish brat carefully phrased his words, but how could his intentions not be noticed by the Willow Deity.

The charred black tree was quiet. Ten or so green and lush branches danced in the wind. It was peaceful and without movement as it replied, “It was something I heard.”

The devilish brat’s large eyes moved around. The opposing party’s response was a bit too ordinary, almost as if it wasn’t willing to say to much. It made him rather suspicious.

“What kind of thing was this small pagoda originally? Why does it have such a past?” He asked, because he wanted to know more.

“Those years are too far in the past, and they are difficult to trace back to. Knowing too much won’t help you much, and might even put you in danger. You just need to know that it is a formidable item. It is a precious artifact that possesses a truly unrivalled divine might.” The Willow Deity replied.

It was extremely serious, and its words carried a hint of prestige. It warned him with a serious tone that there were certain things that were not good to dig too deep into. Otherwise, it might lead to a life-endangering calamity.

The little guy was in a difficult situation. He truly didn’t find this small pagoda dangerous at all. Was this sparkling and translucent small pagoda really going to take his life to silence him?

“It lost a large portion of its body. The pagoda is several layers smaller than before.” Right at this time, the Willow Deity once again spoke, saying, “It’s form is a bit different.”

When this little guy heard this, he was immediately shocked. He placed the small pagoda in the center of his palm and carefully looked it over. There were only four layers, and it was extremely beautiful and bright. He didn’t notice any imperfections, and it did not occur to him at all before that it could have been damaged.

No wonder even the Willow Deity didn’t recognize the small pagoda when he returned to Stone Village. Its form actually changed.

Soon after, the little guy recalled what happened within the Hundred Shattering Mountains. The small pagoda once used phoenix fire to refine itself, trying to restore its body and improve its condition.

Second Baldy and the big red bird’s saliva were spilling everywhere as they stared at that small pagoda. If it wasn’t because of how savage that devilish brat was, they really would have stole it.

Hairy ball was like a thief as it jumped onto the little guy’s shoulder and slid down into his wrist. It once again hugged the small pagoda, but this time it did not bite it, because it had done so not long ago only to hurt its teeth.

Qingfeng was extremely happy and felt glad for his small big brother. With this kind of supreme treasure in his hands, if he was able to use it in the future, he would be able to defeat anything before him.

In the end, they once again returned to their original question: the little guy asking for the Willow Deity’s help. He wanted the Heaven Swallowing Sparrow’s wing and the Qiong Qi’s claw, but they had all been devoured by the small pagoda. It seemed as if it wouldn’t release it no matter what, making him extremely unreconciled.

“It might be too difficult to do so. It has absorbed the essence and used it to refine itself. In the end, we might only be able to extract a small amount,” the Willow Deity said.

The little guy was discontent. He once again began to chew on the small pagoda to vent his anger. Those were pure blooded creatures’ blood essence and precious bones! The inherent value contained in them were too high, and any small portion released into the world would instill great waves.

Second Baldy and the big red bird were tensed up. They really wanted to try the taste of a pure-blooded creature, but they also knew that the chances of that happening wasn’t high.

Rustling sounds rang out, and some white powder fell down. They looked like snowflakes, and this sight made the little guy cry out miserably. It was obvious that the small pagoda was digesting the bone essence and was spitting out a portion of the leftovers.

“These are the bone fragments of pure-blooded creatures, and can be used as medicinal primer. It is priceless.” Second Baldy spoke. This time, the amount of powder was great, making its its eyes light up as it quickly used something to catch it.

A willow branch reached out and wrapped itself around the jade-like small pagoda. It gently swayed, and an array of symbols spread out. In addition, a strange and mysterious sound was emitted.

With a putong sound, two pieces of flesh fell out. They were extremely huge, and were several thousand jin in weight. Essence energy surged, and it was as if two divine depositories appeared.

Second Baldy and the big red bird’s eyes immediately reddened, and they really wanted to jump over. The little guy was also stupefied. There was clearly a mountain sized wing and claw before, yet why was there so little left over?

The Heaven Swallowing Sparrow’ flesh began to flicker with dark light, and the Qiong Qi’s flesh burst with scarlet multicolored light. They were both extremely shocking, and there was a fluctuation being emitted from them that made people feel intimidated.

“Fetch two jade containers. I will help you refine them.” The Willow Deity spoke.

The little guy snapped back to reality and quickly took out two sparkling jade containers. They were both sculpted out of the highest quality jade, and could be used to store precious medicines as well as other valuables.

Two willow branches were lowered. They stabbed themselves into the pieces, releasing dazzling multicolored light from the green and lush branches. They were filled with auspicious and peaceful energy as they emitted waves of sound.

These two tender branches interweaved, appearing mysterious and unordinary. In just a split second, the pure-blooded creatures’ flesh were practically completely refined, turning into the most foundational essence.

The flesh lost their luster, and became like dried up fossils. However, there was a single drop of black jade-like liquid rolling. This was the concentrated form of the Heaven Swallowing Sparrow’s blood essence. On another branch, a drop of scarlet liquid was flickering. It was like a blood diamond, and was extremely brilliant.

Several thousand jin of flesh quickly lost their luster. Even though there was still a large amount of divinity and primal force contained within them, the Willow Deity did not continue refining them.

Su su

A willow branch wrapped itself around the small pagoda. It continued to sway, and in the end, there were two pieces of several thousand jin flesh that fell. They were the Southern Meteorite Divine Mountain and Mount Yi creatures’ flesh.

It was clear that they weren’t originally humanoid creatures. From the pieces of flesh that remained they could see what the original bodies were like.

The Willow Deity used the same method. It extended two emerald-green branches that entered the two pieces of powerful flesh. The refinement began, and the divine liquid was extracted.

The little guy quickly lifted up the two jade containers, waiting in expectation.

The willow branch was brilliant and carried an endless amount of diving might. It could even refine the flesh of pure-blooded creatures. It seemed like in just a split second, a golden drop of liquid appeared on the tender branch. The dazzling drop rolled down the branch. On the other branch, a drop of pure white liquid appeared. Waves of radiance rippled outwards from it.

The two drops of liquid emitted magnificent multicolored light. Their divine characteristics undulated greatly, and it was as if they penetrated through space itself. They flew out, shocking everyone.

The liquids dropped into the containers, leaving behind a precious hazy splendor.

The little guy was joyous. He was incomparably happy as he looked at these four small jade containers. This was concentrated pure-blood. It’s divine characteristics were terrifying, and from time to time lightning would be emitted too. It was a shocking sight.

The big red bird and Second Baldy were completely stupefied. Even Hairy Ball’s eyes were round as it carefully observed.

Even though there were only four small drops, they were countless times more valuable than a pile of precious medicine. This refined divine liquid was a type of concentrated essence.

Ten Archaic descendants weren’t even comparable to the four small divine liquid drops in the small containers. If these were out in the open market, it would definitely create chaos.

Second Baldy and the big red bird watched keenly, but they knew that these drops had nothing to do with them. They had already heard the Willow Deity say that they were going to be used for the devilish brat’s baptism, and so these were merely the preparations for that event.

Second Baldy swallowed its saliva asked while looking at the several jin of lusterless flesh, “Do you still need this flesh?”

“I do not need it anymore.” The Willow Deity spoke.

Without waiting for the little guy to say anything, the big red bird and Second Baldy both got up and pounced. They moved as soon as the Willow Deity spoke, disappearing like a wisp of smoke.

“Where are you guys going? Go look for Hushen so we can make a large feast for everyone.” The little guy shouted from behind.

With a sou sound, Hairy Ball chased after them. It directly jumped on top of the meat mountain, waiting for the barbecue.

“Will the Willow Deity help Qingfeng carry out a baptism too?” The little guy asked.

“Let’s allow him to refine his body first.” The Willow Deity replied, but did not actually refuse.

In the following days, the little guy spent all his time refining his body and cultivating his symbols. He wanted to adjust his body to its peak condition. The Willow Deity had already said that he could carry out the baptism soon.


The field began to shake. The little guy began to run while carrying a hundred thousand jin boulder. The scene was a bit terrifying; the ground was being cracked and the crevices extended outwards.

In the end, his feet directly caved into the ground.


The big red bird was a bit scared after seeing this. Was this still the strength of a human? This was just a child, yet he was carrying a mountain while running. This was absolutely terrifying.

The little guy emerged from the ground. He ran far away and carried back countless giant boulders, placing them on the plains to replace the earth there. Then, he once again began to carry hundred thousand jin boulders to train his strength, but in the end it didn’t help him at all.

When he ran, the rocky ground would all develop cracks and split open. It couldn’t support his terrifying strength.

He left this place and entered the primitive mountains to cultivate. He directly leapt from one mountaintop to the next. Smoke and dust soared into the air, and each time it was as if a giant was displaying its might. The mountain peaks were split open by his two legs.

When Stone Village’s hunting party saw this sight, they all became dumbstruck. Why did this child seem like he was becoming more and more scary? No wonder he could bring back so many heaven defying things.

Qingfeng was also constantly tempering his own body. When he saw the little guy, he was speechless. When he found him later, he said, “Little big brother, you can enter the Void God Realm again. Two years have passed already.”

When the little guy heard this, he nodded. His heart was ignited, because he always wanted to enter again.

“What? Void God Realm?! I want to go too!” After they returned to the village, Ermeng, Pihou, snot baby and a large group of people were stirred up after hearing the little guy ask the Willow Deity for this favor. They all began to clamor about.

They never exited the primitive mountain ranges, and would at most see a few villages within the great mountains. They truly longed for the opportunity to encounter the outside world.

“Let me take a look first, and then we can go together and stir up more trouble,” the little guy said. He wanted to discretely take a look at the situation.

The Willow Deity was not opposed to this. It had always wanted the little guy to sharpen himself there, but unfortunately, last time he was too crazy. He only entered for a single day, yet he completely threw everything into disorder. Even the Void God Realm couldn’t handle him anymore and expelled him.

“Child, go and take a careful look at the situation. Later on, uncle will go with you as well.” Shi Linghu and the other group of robust men also looked forward to this event.

The little guy immediately got a headache. He nodded soon after.

No one knew just how strong the Willow Deity was currently, but ten of its green and lush branches suddenly rose. They directly pierced into the heavens, and symbols began to densely occupy this area, creating a door.

The little guy sat under the scorched black tree trunk. He didn’t feel as if his essence energy was being separated from his flesh, but rather as if his entire body completely disappeared from his original position as he stepped through that gate. Multicolored light was flickering, and the sound of thunder roared within that gate.

“Ao…” The devilish brat immediately began to shout. He felt extremely emotional inside.

The primal chaos’ mist was hazy. The little guy quickly ran forward, directly charging through the vast ruins. He entered from a different place than the ancient country’s people.

He needed to pass through these ruins filled that were filled with debris and ancient remnants in order to enter the true starting ground. Only then would he have access to the various great heavenly paradises.

“Void God Realm, I’ve returned!” The devilish brat shouted out loud. He felt excited, and he was extremely stirred up.

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