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Chapter 200 – The Land Where His Heart Lies

The branches of the willow tree were charred black. It contrasted brightly with the dozens of lush green soft shoots that swayed in the wind. It was bursting with vitality and life, a scene tranquil and sacred.

The little guy opened the heaven and earth pouch and immediately lifted out six beast skin sacks. They were all gigantic, and radiant light illuminated the area after the sacks were opened. It appeared as if a vast patch of light appeared in this place, rumbling and echoing.

The sight seen at the divine spring deep inside the Hundred Grass Land came to life again. Golden waves submerged the area. There was clearly no water, yet the crashing sounds of waves and brilliance emitted by the divine spring still appeared.

The villagers cried out in surprise. This was too shocking for them. It was only one sack just now, yet a whole pile appeared simultaneously, becoming golden waves that enveloped even the high sky.

“Willow God, this is what I brought out from the Hundred Shattering Mountains as a present to you. I think it might be of some use to you.” The little guy said.

Needless to say more, these were definitely considered to be divine earth to plants. A handful of golden sand was enough to provide for a stalk of spiritual medicine. You could imagine how shocking such a huge pile of this was.

“Ao….” Between Xiaobudian’s hair, a small stone howled out like a beast. It then slipped off and pounced towards that mountain of golden sand, shouting out, “Mine!”


The little guy reacted in the blink of an eye and grabbed ahold of it, saying, “You ate half of it at the Hundred Grass Land. This is my gift to Willow Deity, you are prohibited from snatching it.”

The divine striking stone struggled free, rolling on the ground before bawling loudly, “I just want to eat it, I still want to eat it, you emptied the entire divine spring!”

Everyone was dumbstruck, a stone that was able to talk?

“Hundred Shattering Mountain, Immortal Divine Spring, there really is divine immortality here. However, this silt is not of great use to me,” the willow deity said.

“What? You don’t even want this? Then it’s all mine!” The divine striking moved forward, but it did not dare to rush in indiscriminately. It merely climbed up and faced the ancient tree. It was respectful inwardly, and could not help but tremble.

“Willow Deity, do you really not need any?” The little guy was at a loss. He picked up the divine striking stone and directly threw him into the heaven and earth pouch.

“A small amount is enough. I will take a look at the divinity of the immortal spring.” The Willow Deity spoke and stretched out a branch. It extended into the golden silt, and the golden divine multicolored light entered the willow branches. Soon after, the small of pile of the silt quickly lost its luster, and the tender branch retreated.

The little guy was amazed. The Willow Deity recovered greatly, and the branches grew in number and size. It no longer needed the divine earth’s nourishment.

“Willow Deity, I still have five drops of immortal spring here. Do you need it?” He felt that if he did not give the willow tree a real gift, he wouldn’t feel good inside. After all, it gave him many things and put great care into giving him guidance. It educated him on the limits of breaking through, and used up a great amount of energy to bring him into the Void God Realm.

He took out a small jade container, and within it were five small snakes. They were made of golden fluid, and they were currently making jerking motions, full of spirituality.

The villagers were shocked. Just how many heaven defying things did this child get? It was obvious that divine liquid that took form was a world-shockingly rare thing.

“One drop is enough for me. With this, it’ll be easier to break down the divinity of the immortal spring.” The willow deity was tranquil as it spoke, and did not make any great movements.

A drop of golden fluid flew out, and the small snake turned into a golden mist. Multicolored light was resplendent as auspicious light surged. They all entered a tender branch, turning a batch of leaves golden.

“So miraculous!” Everyone was fearful.

“Very good, this Immortal Spring’s immortal characteristics are formidable.” The Willow Deity sighed and said.

The little guy knew that the Willow Deity truly became a lot more powerful. It was now far superior to before, because if it was still weak, any type of spiritual objects would be useful for it. Currently, it did not need much anymore, and could depend on itself to seize the luck between the heaven and earth.

“Willow Deity, I still have another divine treasure.”

This time, the little guy took out the jade artifact that held the True Supreme Water. He was extremely careful when opening the heaven and earth pouch, fearing that it would escape.

The True Supreme Water emitted light and continuously rushed about. It wanted to fly away, and if not for the heaven and earth pouch emitting strands of light that held it in place, it truly would have escaped.

“This is True Supreme Water. When divine medicine is being created, or when supreme treasures are being refined, its use becomes extremely great. It could be used as a primer for creation, and its value is astonishing,” the Willow Deity said.

After hearing its explanation, one could truly see the value of the True Supreme Water.

“What? This is True Supreme Water?” Village Chief Shi Yunfeng was shocked.

“Grandpa Chief, I brought back several jin of it. There is enough for us to use, and I’ll give it to you in a bit,” the little guy said.

“This… can be measured in jin?” Shi Yunfeng became a bit stupid. When making medicine, only a small amount was needed to make it an even higher quality precious medicine.

After the villagers asked the village chief and were informed about how rare this water was, they all became stupefied.

“Willow Deity, this can be eaten. I ate many jin already.” The little guy spoke as he gave it to the Willow Deity.

“This can be eaten?” The clan chief was shocked.

“You ate it?” Even the Willow Deity was astonished. It seemed rather fascinated.

“En, I ate it. The taste isn’t great, and it isn’t easy to digest. However, it’s divine characteristics are powerful.” The little guy nodded.

“Weirdo!” Second Baldy muttered from the back. Even being able to digest the True Supreme Water, was this youngster still a person? It was too savage.

“Very good. It seems like your improvements are quite significant. During this short period of time, your condition has stabilized. You can prepare to receive your baptism.” The Willow Deity said.

“Okay!” The little guy raised his spirits. He never forgot that the Willow Deity told him that he must come back before he turned twelve.

Regardless of whether it was when he was five or now when he is ten, the effects of these baptisms were extremely great and were of great importance.

The Willow Deity did not accept the True Supreme Water, but instead told him to hold on it it. Following that, it stated that it needed to comprehend the immortal profoundness of the Immortal Spring before entering a state of silence.

“Stinky brat, did you raid clean the nest of a deity or something? How could each item you pull out be more heaven defying than the last?!”

Pihou, Huzi, snotty kid and the others all threw themselves over. The pushed him down here, making him talk about his two years of experience because these things were too shocking.

“Grandpa Chief, this is from the immortal spring. These two drops are for you.”

After the little guy struggled free, he stood up and divided the remaining four drops of golden fluid into half. He gave them to Shi Yunfeng and the other elders, and since they were growing in years, these two drops could allow them to increase their lifespan.

“We’ve all aged naturally, and so we won’t have any regrets from peacefully passing on. We cannot waste this type of thing.” The elders all shook their heads, feeling that it would be truly a meaningless waste if they used it.

However, the little guy firmly refused to take them back and resolutely gave it out.

“We’ll leave it for the village’s children,” the clan chief said.

Propitious vapors within Stone Village curled about. Every single stalk of spiritual medicine was taking in and sending out the essence of the sun and moon, releasing sparkling and translucent specks. It made the spiritual essence here extremely rich, turning this place into an area of precious earth.

The little guy narrated the events that happened during these two years to the villages, and the group of people listening all felt enthralled. They felt shaken to the core; this was only a child, yet he experienced so much during these two years.

“Sigh, what happened to the Heaven Mending Pavilion was unfortunate. Such an ancient great school was destroyed with just a word. As expected, even the most glorious traditions can come to an end one day. The moon fades away after it becomes full, and the sun is ever shifting in the sky. After a peak, there must be a decline. This rule will never change.” The village chief sighed as he spoke.

Qingfeng’s eyes reddened. That battle did not end too long ago, and he would often see those senior brothers and sisters in his dreams. However, all of them had been murdered, so it was impossible to meet them again.

That short period of warmth and happiness became a part of the past just like this. They would remain forever as a part of their memories.

“What’s so different about our Stone Village? We declined from our former magnificence as well. Originally, we were the Stone Country’s number one clan, but now what do we have left over? Even our road of cultivation has been broken.” An elder sighed.

The little guy seemed to have thought of something and said, “Grandpa Chief, on our way back, we saw some stone mountains that had collapsed, and roughly half of them were swept through. Could it be that some enemies came to invade?”

When this matter was brought up, every else’s expressions changed. Shi Linghu said, “A year ago, those bandits appeared again. Their leader brought an extremely powerful precious artifact, but in the end they were completely wiped out by the willow deity.”

The little guy nodded. His heart immediately felt grateful that the Willow Deity was here. Otherwise, the villagers would have inevitably ended up in a perilous situation.

“They came for the supreme divine storehouses. After all these years, they still did not give up, and seemed to have made some progress while they constantly planned in secret,” the clan chief said.

“Forget it, let’s not talk about these things. With the Willow Deity here, they won’t be able to do anything. Moreover, not a single one of them were able to leave, so no one should know about this location.” Shi Feijiao said.

The scarlet sun descended behind the mountains, and the sunset glow died the horizons in red, scattering down into the village. All of the stone houses were covered in a layer of divine luster as if they were ancient temples, giving them a type of otherworldly beauty.

In the distance, hoofs trampled on the ground and pure white divine radiance flickered. A group of silver unicorns dashed over, and a few of them had village boys sitting on them as they cried out.

This was the hunting party, and they had returned.

During these two years, the unicorns completely accepted the villagers, becoming their companions and no longer rejecting them.

“Ya, little guy!” The hunting party’s members were all rather young. They rushed over and immediately hugged him enthusiastically.

Within the unicorns, there was one that was particularly large, and it was like a heavenly dragon as it galloped. It turned into a silver blaze as it surrounded the little guy, and it was clearly extremely happy.

“Little white, you became a true vicious beast. Your symbols have formed, moreover you are extremely powerful now! You have walked on the path of evolution!” The little guy was happy.

“Unicorns have an Archaic Heavenly Horse blood lineage. If it can continuously evolve and once again display its ancestors’ might, then it would be able to tread on the sun and moon. At that time, it would become a supreme mount among mounts,” Second Baldy said.

The sun dropped below the mountains, and a bonfire rose up. All of the villagers were gathered at the lakeside as they enjoyed the great feast.

“Aunt, this is the precious flesh medicine I brought. In the future, don’t think about that naked bird anymore, it won’t taste good.” The little guy took out descendants, and they were like a small mountain. These meat all radiated multicolored light.

“Heavens, these are all Archaic descendants. Stinky brat, you truly are capable now. After gaining new abilities you can even hunt down these things?” Without mentioning the children, even Shi Linghu and the robust men were dumbstruck.

The people were shaken, but they were happy. These were Archaic descendants! They were truly great medicine, and as long as they ate a few, their people would definitely have hope of breaking through.

The most important thing was that there were thirty to forty of them. If they told this to others, who would believe them? It was simply like a story out of a fantasy, and was absolutely too shocking.

“Didn’t I say that I was going to give everyone presents…” The little guy scratched his head.

“Haha… This truly is the greatest present. It could allow us to break through, and it can satisfy our hunger. These are all delicacies!” The villagers were all extremely happy.

Just how many days would this pile of prey last them?! They were all Archaic descendants. Their medicinal qualities were great, and they definitely wouldn’t be as easy to digest as their ordinary meat.

There were thirty to forty prey, and the majority were killed within the Hundred Shattering Mountains. It included the various creatures that targeted the little guy, and there were also a portion that were obtained during the Heaven Mending Pavilion incident.

This was naturally a feast that the little guy personally selected the dishes for. The giant Golden-Winged Peng was the main dish, and after it was stewed with Lion’s Mane mushrooms, it was simply a combination of delicacy and great medicine.

Golden multicolored light was being emitted constantly from the black cauldron, and it was incomparably splendid.

Even though there were many villagers, they weren’t as voracious as the big red bird and the rest. As a result, only a large chunk of the Golden Winged Peng’s flesh was chopped off, and there was a sufficient amount left over. Even if the villagers tried to eat more, they wouldn’t be able to refine the essence energy.

“This is just like a fairy tale. We are actually able to eat the meat of a Golden Winged Peng…”

Other than this, they naturally couldn’t miss out on bone soup made from the Archaic descendant White Tiger. These were all extremely rare dishes.

As for the remaining Archaic descendants, that was up to the villagers to decide. They were casually roasted on top of a bonfire and cooked until they had an oily golden shine. The meat fragrance assailed their nostrils.

Various berries picked by the villagers were also laid out. In front of the bonfire, they emitted a sweet scent. There were bright red ones, golden ones… They were alluring to the extreme.

“Grandpa Chief, uncles, I brought back even greater divine wine. For today, don’t drink those other drinks.” The little guy said towards Shi Feijiao and the others.

He took out an ancient tree, and its trunk was extremely thick. He opened the tree hole and scooped out some wine from inside. The fragrance was rich, and the others already began to feel intoxicated after smelling it from the distance.

“Heavens, this… Could this be the legendary Little Devil Wine?!” The group of elders’ eyes immediately stood straight.

Even though they weren’t cultivation saints, ordinary people like them still heard about the Little Devil Wine. It was because its fame was too great, as it was brewed out of all types of spiritual medicines. It contained countless precious medicines, and was the most precious fine wine.

“Uncles, don’t drink too much. Each time, just drink a small mouthful, or else you’ll immediately get knocked out.” Based on the little guy’s assumptions, even the villagers that had had the strongest capacity for liquor would collapse after two cups.

“Hurry! Stinky brat, hurry up and pour the wine, I can’t wait any longer!” A group of robust males shouted. Even Pihou, the snotty kid and the others gathered around.

In the end, Ermeng’s father didn’t believe what the little guy said and directly downed a cup. He collapsed on the spot like a pile of mud and began to snore. His entire body emitted light, and it was clear that he was in a deep slumber.

It was obvious that the benefits he received were great. The divine wine was altering his body, and every inch of his flesh was shining. However, he couldn’t enjoy the greatness of the wine. When everyone saw this, none of them dared to boast any longer. All of them began to enjoy it one sip at a time.

The moon was bright, and the great lake was clear as the gleaming reflection of the waves were revealed under the moonlight. The Golden Winged Peng being stew by the lakeside surged with multicolored light. There were all types of various descendants that were roasted until they were glossy and golden. This place was filled with cheers and laughter. The fragrance of meat and divine wine mixed together, intoxicating the people there.

Very quickly, there were people breaking through. They quickly sat at a side to meditate and adjust their body.

In reality, it was almost as if they were all emitting light. The Archaic descendant’s flesh medicines’ medicinal qualities were great. Together with a small amount of little devil wine, they would spew out multicolored light as soon as they opened their mouth to speak.

“Snot baby, Huzi, Ermeng and the others, don’t lose yourself in drinking and forget about breaking through. I still have a few precious things here. Be careful or else you might lose your share later on.”

This very moment, the little guy acted pure and simple, not at all savage. He looked at everyone here happily; in this place he need not be on his guard and wary. His violent and two-faced manner when he was in the outside world vanished completely.

“Why do I feel that only here, he acts like a child.” Second Baldy whispered from far.

After returning to Stone Village, the little guy once again transformed back into that well-behaved simple child. Laughing thoughtlessly along with a group of companions was something really plain and normal.

“It seems like this place is very important to him, or he wouldn’t bring so many precious medicines and items back. I really wonder what would happen to him if a day comes when this village no longer exists.” The big red bird drunkenly spoke.

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