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PW Chapter 194 – Breaking Out

In the sky, black feathers fluttered about, beast claws split apart, and blood rained down. It was extremely shocking.

The battle was extremely intense. The grey haired old man went crazy, but the four supreme experts were also fighting for their lives. Multicolored light danced as propitious light lingered and killing intent surged. This battle had reached its climax.


The grey haired old man was like an ancient deity who simply couldn’t be stopped. He shaved off the tip of the Southern Meteorite Divine Mountain man-shaped creature’s shoulder and almost hacked his shoulder in two.

That broken sword shined brighter than the sun, moon and stars, and it seemed almost as if all of its rust had fallen off. It was as if it could reflect a person’s very soul, and the old man was slowly being awakened. He emitted an immortal aura as he attacked in every direction.

Symbols interweaved. They were like a waterfall of stars that draped from the heavens all the way to the ground. The broken sword was as bright as a sun as it hacked over, and with a kengqiang sound, one of the Qiong Qi’s horns was cut off, making it shout loudly nonstop.

Beast roars trembled the skies as fresh blood sprinkled everywhere. The old man was one with the broken sword, promoting his strength to an unrivalled realm. He carried an unparalleled and supreme aura, and his might was simply unstoppable.


The four supreme experts shouted together. They were all blood ridden as they used all of their power to kill him.

“This old thing is truly troublesome, but let’s see just how long your rampage will last!” The Heaven Swallowing Sparrow shouted.

They had already noticed that the old man’s body had problems. That ancient sword stuck i n his skull made his conditions unstable, because he was continuously bleeding black blood from there.

The old man shouted, and both of his eyes were empty. His killing intent became even fiercer now as the threat of his sword aura became even more pervasive. Black symbols flickered before turning into a divine chain that tangled the skies.

They appeared extremely strange as they made hualala sounds. The divine chains seemed like they were made out of gold, yet they flickered with black light. They covered the empty skies and sealed off the experts’ retreat paths.

Furthermore, the black divine chains spread outwards with the intent of locking them all up. They flickered brilliantly with their terrifying auras, gradually filling the air with a layer of mist that enveloped the nine heavens.


Upon seeing this, the four supreme experts began to do their utmost to survive. This old man was too terrifying and worthy of being a first ancestor. He was actually stronger than the four of them combined.

When the enormous wings that was thousands of li long streaked across the sky, it collapsed all the mountains around it. When the enormous Qiong Qi roared, the nine heavens trembled.

The man-shaped creature from the Southern Meteorite Divine Mountain emitted light as he held the golden bone banner in his hands. He shook it within the vast and endless skies, and the stars around it seemed to have started trembling as well.

The expert from Mount Yi was also emitting precious splendor. The divine halo behind his head enlarged like a sun as it forced its way into the sky, emitting rays of golden light.

The four experts weaved and attacked from all directions with the desires to cut loose the black chains. They revolved around the old man and wished to kill him in the air.

However, the old man’s power exceeded their imaginations. He possessed endless hidden powers, and became more ferocious as he fought. The broken sword in his hand glittered as he slashed horizontally and hacked vertically. After a pu sound, the Heaven Swallowing Sparrow’s other wing had been hacked off. Its blood splashed so high into the sky that the nine heavens had been dyed red.


The sword’s aura was like a rainbow as it pierced the Qiong Qi’s stomach. A large bloody hole appeared inside him, and his front and back was sparkling clean.

At the same time, the two man-shaped creatures both suffered injuries. The divine halo behind the expert of Mount Yi was sliced opened. Even the back of his head had been sliced off, which made him shout out with fear.

As for the Southern Meteorite Divine Mountain’s expert, he also suffered an injury. The golden bone banner within his hand had a chunk of it sliced off, and many of his fingers had been hacked off along with it. They continuously dripped out blood, making him retreat rapidly.

“The ancestor’s divine arts!”

“Take revenge for the great Guardian Spirit!”

Everyone from Heaven Mending Pavilion who was on the ground became stirred up. Their hearts were incredibly excited, because they wished that the grey haired old man would behead all four of those supreme experts.

Disciples from tens to hundreds of years ago had returned, and there might have even been older people who came to help. They helped the trapped disciples of the pure land out. However, upon seeing this scene, many people from the Heaven Mending Pavilion wanted to go back and kill them all.

“Don’t be impetuous. Safely leaving is good enough. We achieved this through Marquis Lingtian, Divergent Mountain’s lord, War King and others’ help. We have to live for their expectations.” Heaven Mending Pavilion’s Pavilion Master dissuaded them and did not allow anyone to charge back.

He gazed into the blue dome of heaven. His heart was unsettled because the grey haired old man’s circumstances were dire. That ancient sword was trembling, which created cracks in front of his skull, dying his hair in the black blood.

Sure enough after a fierce battle that inflicted heavy injuries onto the four experts, the grey haired old man staggered. Although he was yelling, he was still unable to pull out that ancient sword in the end.

In his resounding cries, that sword was vibrating strongly and slowly inserted back into his skull. It made him spit out black blood from his mouth, and the cracks in his skull become even larger as his body swayed.

“We’re leaving!” The Heaven Mending Pavilion’s Pavilion Master shouted loudly.

His heart was bleeding as he saw his pure land defeated and occupied by many other creatures to baptize themselves. He was very uncomfortable, but there was no solutions. Their Guardian Spirit had fallen, and the first ancestor who he thought had originally passed away suddenly appeared today, but in a serious condition. Given enough time, the Heaven Swallowing Sparrow, Qiong Qi and the others would most likely struggle free and unleash their might.

“Stop them. Don’t let them go!”

Someone shouted, and many people also turned their attention towards the sky. After seeing the gray-haired old man in such a bad state, the fear in their hearts gradually disappeared.

“Heaven Mending Pavilion’s first ancestor already died during the ancient era. This is only his rotten corpse. Don’t be scared!”


In the blink of an eye, the yelling murderous shouts shook the skies. Everyone had once again began their assault to surround the entire Heaven Mending Pavilion.

“Don’t zealously stay and fight. Let’s split up and go!” Heaven Mending Pavilion’s Pavilion Master commanded his school to separate and break the siege through different directions.

The fortunate thing was, they had already escaped the larger encirclement, so their situation was now much better than before.

“Senior brother, take care. I’m going to leave with a bunch of disciples!” Some people came over and said their farewells.

“Good, we will act separately. No matter who survives in the end, we will certainly rebuild the Heaven Mending Pavilion!”

A few people came and said farewell to the Pavilion Master, and then each of them brought a group of people to kill their way out through different directions.

Mu Yan, elder Liu and several other elders also acted the same way. They commenced their large murdering sprees in order to carve out a path made of blood.


“You all won’t be able to leave.” Golden rays of light flickered in the distance as a terrifying creature from an ancient divine mountain appeared. This was the golden beast, and it obstructed one of the paths.

“Tuoba family’s clan head is here. None of you should think about escaping!”

A few elders loudly shouted from another direction. As their eyes opened and shut, divine rays of lightning shot out. They lead a group of dark clothed people to obstruct another direction.

“Western Tomb Beast Mountain’s Flying Python King is here. I’ll see if you dare to escape!” An enormous flying python appeared from another direction. Its entire body was flickering with multicolored light as it extended there like a mountain range.

Many directions had terrifying experts obstructing the path. The situation was not as simple as they had imagined; it was still dire.

“Just a bunch of bouncing clowns, and you dare to block my way?!” The War King was quite mighty. He attacked towards a group of experts and lead many people outside the blockage.


Lightning ancestor Mu Yan released his thunder spheres from another place. Experts instantly flew outwards and exploding in the air, turning into dust.

This was a terrifying battle between the Heaven Mending Pavilion and experts from every direction. After breaking out of the siege, they only discovered more creatures lying in wait. They could only continue their bloody battle in order to advance.


“Don’t allow them to leave!”

Battles broke out in every direction, and this place erupted in slaughter. Everyone with animosity towards the Heaven Mending Pavilion too action. One of the most terrifying ancient divine mountains, Mount Yi, had displayed their desire for revenge and sent out their golden beast. This was a catastrophic outcome.

This land was filled with random battles. Murderous shouts shook the sky, and the great earth was dyed bloody red.

The little guy followed and charged. He was fully fighting to the point of becoming delirious. He did not know elder he was fleeing with, but he was killing until his entire body became bloody as he weaved about amongst the group of people.

Right now, he did not know which direction was which anymore. He was only following his seniors as he fled while battling along the way.


Six or seven elders were protecting this group of people, and they were at the vanguard of this battle. However, they had been slashed by the claws of that ancient beast. It was an incredibly sinister creature whose terror overflowed into the heavens.

“Elders!” Everyone cried out with grief.

“Bastard!” An angry shout range out from afar. Heaven Mending Pavilion’s Pavilion Master, Tao Ye and a few others also came in this direction. They cooperated to activate Heaven Mending Pavilion’s supreme artifact: the glistening yellow gourd.

With a hong sound, the gourd enlarged as the aura of primal chaos surged forth and suppressed everything beneath. It shook the ancient beast until it exploded into a patch of bloody mist.

Everyone was suddenly shocked, and stepped aside because they were all horrified.

“Damn it. You dare to kill my son!” A golden beast appeared. It had the figure of a human, and a full body of gold hair. It was reputed as a divine servant that served ancient divine beasts. Its techniques were excellent and its terror overflowed into the heavens.


The glistening yellow gourd shined after being activated once again. With a hong sound, the golden beast was shaken and flew across the air as it spat out mouthfuls of blood.

“How powerful! It’s worth of being a supreme artifact!” The golden beast was startled.

This gourd had a powerful origin. It was grown by the Guardian Spirit, except it had not matured yet. In the ancient time, the world was in upheaval, and the divine vine participated in wretched battles to protect this pure land. During one of the battles, it had suffered an unimaginable injury that practically killed it. That even was the root of the reason why it suffered from an incurable condition, and could not have lasted until today.

Back then, it had once bloomed, and gave fruit to a gourd. Unfortunately, before it had fully matured, it fell off due to the aforementioned injuries.

It had an extremely short period of growth, and even its primal energy was exhausted. As a result, the detachment of this gourd signified that it would scatter into light rain, because it was still far from maturity.

However, Heaven Mending Pavilion tried every method possible and utilized many spiritual objects to refine this gourd, and in the end, they were finally able to preserve it.

Theoretically, this gourd shouldn’t possess much strength since it had already fallen off. However, after being refined hundreds of times, it became one of the Heaven Mending Pavilion’s supreme treasures.

A severe battle that far surpassed everyone’s imaginations erupted here.

The little guy followed the group and advanced into the distance. The battlegrounds here split into four parts, and he did not have the strength to intervene. Escape was the best option.


Along with murderous shouts, everyone charged through together. Gradually, they divided up into many groups and escaped into the distance.

“Big fatty!”

Suddenly, the little guy was startled. He saw Huo Ling’er standing in a faraway mountain peak, and there was a shining war chariot stopped beside her.

“Father emperor, please save my senior brothers and sisters.” She pleaded.

“Fine, you have baptized here successfully, and you have entered the Heaven Mending Pavilion after all. I owe them a favor. I’ll save the people over here.”

An imposing voice echoed from the chariot.


In the next moment, the ancient war chariot shone like a sun, and there were endless dense symbols illuminating the heaven and earth around it. Terrifying aura flooded over like an ocean.

The Tuoba family who had been chasing and killing up to this point were all astonished.

Heaven Mending Pavilion’s leaders in this direction were all covered in blood. After fighting madly until now, their bodies were on the verge of collapsing. If this continued, they would perish.

At this precise moment, that war chariot’s shine enveloped the land and stopped this battle. That mighty and dignified voice said, “Tuoba family, please back off.”

“Fire nation’s emperor. You shouldn’t meddle in this affair!” One of Tuoba family’s elders shouted loudly.

“This matter, I have to take care of!” Only these words came out of the war chariot.


Tuoba family’s people were startled and angry, but they were fearful as well.

With a weng sound, the war chariot shone and golden symbols formed a barrier of light that instantly enveloped everyone from Heaven Mending Pavilion. They had disappeared from their original spots, and were sent ten li away.

“You…” Tuoba family’s younger generation wanted to stop him.

However, the elders there hastily stopped them. They were scared of offending the emperor and provoking a huge disaster.

They turned around and left, but they wanted to take a detour in order to continue their pursuit.

However, the emperor raised his hand and a blazing light flew out of the chariot. It cut straight across their path, sealing them within.

“You’re being too oppressive. There will be a day…” An elder from the Tuoba family clenched his teeth.

A streak of divine light flew over and enveloped him. Tuoba family’s elder was shocked upon seeing. He exhausted all of his strength as he waved out a huge symbol in order to defend his grandson against that streak of light.


This elder’s arm was exploded into a bloody mist. The emperor’s might could not be stopped! His grandson was turned into a pile of blood because he simply could not withstand it.

“We’re leaving!” Upon seeing the situation, the Tuoba family elder no longer spoke. He rapidly left with his people and did not dare pursue any longer.

That ancient war chariot was shining as it carried Huo Ling’er through the sky. Symbols interweaved, as if thunder and lightning were flickering. Simply no one dared to obstruct them as they disappeared into the ends of the horizon in the blink of an eye.

The several hundred disciples from Heaven Mending had successfully broke through the siege from this direction. Everything was due to the help of the emperor.

From the distance, the little guy was dumbstruck. Following that, he beat his chest and stomped his feet. The big fatty’s father was over there, and if he knew sooner, he would have broke through from that direction.

In the end, he was a step too late. There was an endless rank of enemies behind him, and an emptiness in front.

“I’m escaping!”

He once again charged into the group of people as he started charging through in order to look for another group of Heaven Mending Pavilion’s people.

This was a chaotic battle, but it was also a large killing and plundering opportunity that was seldomly seen in many years. The little guy had already fled with them and was far away from the Heaven Mending Pavilion; however, they were still being closely pursued from the behind. There was no way to break away from the endless chasing enemies.

There was a group of vicious birds chasing and killing from the sky, and endless humans and enormous beast pursuing them from the ground. This was a miserable battle.

He did not know whether or not the others had broken out of their siege, but their group were in an increasing amounts of danger. At first, lightning ancestor Mu Yan was leading the charge, but soon after, no one knew when, but the large group of people had already been separated into over ten smaller groups.

Along the way, there weren’t just people looking to kill them. There were also people trying to help them such as nobles who once enrolled their younger generations into the Heaven Mending Pavilion in order to be baptized here. They owed a large favor to the Heaven Mending Pavilion.

A group of people saved them and helped them leave the battlefield.

However, the little guy was quite unlucky. He hadn’t encountered help once. Along the way, he had seen a few openings, but he could only stare blankly at those opportunities that had just brushed past him.

“Devilish brat, where are you going to run!” Loud roars echoed from behind him. There were actually people who were watching him closely, chasing him through many groups of people in order to kill him.

“It’s people from the four great clans!” His heart trembled as he speedily escaped and said, “Big red, stop pretending, let’s go!”

Beside him, apart from Qingfeng, there were two strange beasts whose fur was shining with incredible ferocity. They were actually the big red bird and Second Baldy. They had been wearing beast skins as they madly ran along the way in fear of being seen by those groups of vicious birds in the sky.

It was because those who flew in the sky were even more terrifying than those who were on the ground. There was a group of extremely difficult to deal with experts sweeping across the sky, and their precise goal was to stop them from quickly escaping.

It was another great pursuit. The little guy and the others jumped on the big red bird’s back. He told it to fly close to the ground and escape for their lives.

After an a hour, they had temporarily broken away from the pursuiters, but the big red bird was almost ripped apart. A group of vicious birds chased them, and they were even more savage than the four great clans.

Fortunately, it was extremely fast, and it far surpassed those individuals.

“Not good, I have to rest; otherwise, I’ll be useless.” The big red bird landed on the ground to quickly heal its injuries.

This was a place that was far from the battlefield, and they haven’t been able to see any of the great battle for a long time already. Over half a day’s time had passed by, and they did not know how that grey haired old man was doing.

Suddenly, a streak of black light appeared. Then with a resounding noise, a broken sword fell to the ground.

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