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Chapter 193 – The First Ancestor

“Lord Guardian Spirit!” Everyone started shouting loudly as they all grieved greatly. The Guardian Spirit that had guarded their school had reached the end of its life just like that. It was already at the point of dying due to old age, yet it still died in battle.

Inside the pure land, everybody from the school was sad. This result was extremely difficult for them to accept. The Guardian Spirit had simply done too much for them. It neutralized all threats and fought in ancient wars until now; however, its divine flames were put out today in this tragic ending.

While everyone from Heaven Mending Pavilion greatly lamented, all the other creatures and supreme experts’ hearts were trembling. They were filled with doubts and questions as they shivered inwardly.

What were the origins of that grey haired elder? Was Heaven Mending Pavilion’s Guardian Spirit really planted by him? This was simply too scary and made everyone tremble.

This reality felt so unreal that it made everyone’s scalps numb. Even the Heaven Swallowing Sparrow, Qiong Qi, and the man shaped creature from Mount Yi were apprehensive; even they felt like they had encountered a huge problem.

“Living a long time does not represent true power. This doesn’t mean anything!” The Qiong Qi roared quietly as it took precautionary measures.


The grey haired old man loudly roared. Like a devil, One of his hands formed into a fist while the other grasped that broken sword. As he gazed at the rain of light in the sky and looked at the burning divine vine, his empty eyes displayed a great sadness.

“Old man, you actually dare to mount a sneak attack on me! Fight me again!” The Heaven Swallowing Sparrow called out with extremely anger. Just then, one of its claws had been cut off; although it had already been reconnected, this was still an extraordinary shame and humiliation.

It opened its mouth and began to suck inwardly. An enormous black hole appeared out of nowhere to suck the ghostly grandpa inside. It bore the title ‘heaven swallowing’, so this was naturally its supreme precious technique.

The dishevelled-haired old man’s empty eyes were still like before, but the hand gripping the sword was already trembling. He suddenly and silently yelled out as his full head of grey hair began to dance in the wind.


The grey-haired old man shouted loudly. His heart was sad that the Guardian Spirit had turned into divine rain, and it was impossible for it to continue existing. This filled him with with hate and murderous intent, and these feeling were completely infused into his sword strike.

A loud rumble echoed through the air, and that black hole was sliced apart. The grey-haired old man crashed into it like a devil. His broken sword became a rainbow as the black rust on top of it was shed off, revealing an endless amount of divine splendor.

The two fiercely battled, and their symbols crossed each other as they collided with their strongest attacks. Endless amounts of unfathomable splendor spread outwards as the mist within the black hole dispersed.


Fresh blood splashed outwards. The ghostly grandpa’s empty eyes contained a terrifying killing intent. He carried a streak of blood with him as he appeared again. The broken sword shined like a sun as the Heaven Swallowing Sparrow in the sky cried furiously. Its beak had been sliced off, and fresh blood was currently sprinkling out of it.

One must understand that it was enormous beyond comparison! No one knew just how long it was, and even though it was just the beat being sliced off, it was still shockingly huge. After crashing into the great earth, it caused landslides and earthquakes.

Everyone was overwhelmed; this ghostly grandpa was too strong. After this fierce clash, he inflicted an injury on the Heaven Swallowing Sparrow.

The Heaven Swallowing Sparrow flew into the sky and cried angrily towards the heavens as it spiraled about. Every part of its body was in pain, and it was truly difficult to tolerate. Its beak was the sturdiest part of its body, yet it had been sliced off. How could it endure this?

One must know that it was reputed to be the Heaven Swallowing Sparrow. Some of its precious techniques were closely tied to its beak. Since this part had been cut off, it was now in great discomfort.


Its symbols flickered. The Heaven Swallowing Sparrow called back its beak and began to recover its injuries. After evolving into a pure blooded creature, its life force was as vast as the ocean, making it extremely tough to kill. This was also one of the reasons why it was so heaven defying.

The Southern Meteorite mountain’s human-shaped creature, Qiong Qi and the man-shaped creature from Mount Yi were all shocked. This old man’s power greatly exceeded their expectations. He was simply too terrifying, and there was destined to be a fierce battle here.

“I’m leaving now.” These final three words echoed through the air. Its withered vine and its yellow leaves finally burned to dust, fluttering into the air.

At the same time, there were large patches of light rain that drizzled down on the great earth. They sprinkled down into a pond, and within the soil a green bud was visibly sprouting with great vitality.

It had died of old age here and returned to the great earth. It was born within that ancient courtyard, so it returned to that ancient courtyard.

An endless rain of light danced about. Many people opened their arms as they welcomed the baptism. This was the deity’s rain, and it was difficult to encounter something like in one’s lifetime.

“Great Guardian Spirit!”

Everyone from the Heaven Mending Pavilion clenched their fists as their voices resonated here. They were filled with grief, but there was nothing they could do to change this result.

“Senior!” The little guy muttered. After seeing it die like this, his heart was very uncomfortable as he reminisced back to the times he comprehended and cultivated in the dao under that old vine.

On top of the sky, there was a green gourd radiating. It was dispersing strand after strand of primitive chaotic aura, and as it suspended there, the rain of light wrapped itself around it. This was the divine seed, and was the only thing left behind by the Guardian Spirit.

The Qiong Qi was the first to reach out and grab it. The reason that they all came was purely for obtaining this divine seed. Now that it was ownerless and lying right in front of their eyes, how could they sit still?

The Qiong Qi’s body was a bloody red color, and its appearance was like a tiger combined with an ox. Its mouth was full of fierce looking tiger-like teeth, and the horns above its eyes and on top of its head were like an ox’s, giving it an extremely vicious appearance.

Sharp spiky hair grew all of its body. Each of them were sharp and blood colored, as if they had previously been dyed in fresh blood and dried up. Its baleful aura was extremely oppressive.

Additionally, it even had a pair of terrifying bright red devil-like wings that could split apart the heaven and earth. Its pair of green eyes were like those of demons’, and whenever its gaze was casted out, it would make one’s soul become unstable.

“That Guardian Spirit should have died a while ago. It struggled at death’s door all this time, yet it still couldn’t protect this ancient school in the end. The divine seed belongs to me!”

It was extremely fast. With a flap of its wings, thunder and lightning appeared abruptly. Everyone became intimidated as its bright and resplendent symbols submerged the heaven and earth. It carried a bloody light that locked everyone else out.

“Get lost!”

When the grey-haired old man shouted these swords, the hand that held the sword instantly hacked apart those symbols. Moreover, keng qiang symbols rang out, and the Qiong Qi’s precious artifact sharp hairs immediately exploded. Countless scarlet divine needles flew into the air, almost injuring the Heaven Swallowing Sparrow and other creatures there.

The two struggled fiercely and collided in a terrifying battle. Then, with a pu sound, the Qiong Qi wretchedly screamed as its fresh blood spouted forth. A claw that was as large as a mountain range was sliced off, and it began to fall towards the great earth.

Everyone was overwhelmed, and even the expressions of those supreme experts in the air had changed. This grey haired old man’s display of power was too terrifying, frightening them. He had injured the Heaven Swallowing Sparrow and cut of one of the Qiong Qi’s claws; this was just too shocking.


Ghostly Grandpa instantly embraced the green gourd by his chest. With endless sadness on his face, he said, “Goodbye, we won’t ever meet again, but you have done very well. I am ashamed of myself. It’s my Heaven Mending Pavilion, yet I had to ask you to protect it.”

After speaking these words, everyone’s heart shuddered. Who was he, and how could he say such things?

Especially the disciples of Heaven Mending Pavilion. They were even more stunned. The implications behind this old man’s words accelerated their heartbeat. They were simply in disbelief. Was this man their ancestor?

“Who are you?!” The Heaven Swallowing Sparrow loudly shouted.

The Qiong Qi also opened his hellish green eyes wide. His killing intent filled the air as he asked, “Who are you?”

Even though they already had their own assumptions, they still wanted to confirm it. This was too terrifying, because this old man’s identity and status was frightening.

“Who am I?” The grey haired old man said this to himself. His eyes contained somewhat of a bewildered look before he fiercely them opened wide Two rays of divine light shot outwards, instantly scattering the clouds in the sky as he said, “I am an abandoned disciple, the founder of the Heaven Mending Pavilion!”

“What?!” Everyone who heard these words were shocked. Their bodies trembled. This old man was the ancestor who established the Heaven Mending pavilion?

“You are really my… Our school’s ancestor?” Heaven Mending Pavilion’s Pavilion Master, Mu Yan, elder Liu, and others’ voices were trembling. This truly shocked everyone, and no one could believe this at all.

However, all the other creatures were overcome with a wave of dread. How terrifying of a character was this? He had personally established this pure land, yet he was still in this world? This reality simply seemed like a dream!!

Many creatures were scared to death. They attacked this land with the intentions of capturing a great opportunity, but was this really luck or misfortune in the end?

Up in the nine heavens, the man-shaped creature from Mount Yi, the creature from Southern Meteorite Mountain, and the Heaven Swallowing Sparrow were in shock, but became relieved soon after. No wonder this old man was so powerful. He was actually one of the first ancestors that established the Heaven Mending Pavilion. He was an extremely influential person during the ancient times, so it wasn’t unusual for him to have this type of cultivation level.

Everyone on the ground who was from Heaven Mending Pavilion became incredibly excited. Was their first ancestor still alive? The so called ancient apparition was actually him! Everyone loudly roared and couldn’t help but let out long hollers as their tears tumbled down.

“Ancestor, exterminate them all! Take revenge for Great Guardian Spirit!”

“Don’t let them go! You have to kill them all!”

Everyone cried and yelled out.

The little guy stood amongst the crowd. He was very shocked as well. The ghostly grandpa was actually the ancestor of the Heaven Mending Pavilion? His little face turned a bit green. At the time, he was always followed by that old man, and could see him if he woke up in the middle of the night. He had also treated him as a coatrack once upon a time; when he took off his little clothes, he threw them all on top of that old man’s body.

“He was an abandoned discipled. What kind of school abandoned him?” Second Baldy muttered. A feeling of coldness appeared in the depths of its heart as it felt waves of fear.

“This… Is too astonishing. Even the first ancestor of the Heaven Mending Pavilion appeared?!” The big red bird was shocked into shivering.

At this moment, a divine halo appeared behind the head of the man-shaped creature from Mount Yi. Symbols intersected all over his body as if he was facing a great enemy. He was the Guardian Spirit of the Little Western Paradise once upon a time. He knew a little bit of the secrets from the ancient times, and he knew how scary these first ancestors were.

Even the man-shaped creature from the Southern Meteorite Mountain began to concentrate. A huge golden whip appeared beneath his feet and a golden precious artifact that looked like a golden banner made out of bones appeared in his hands.

As for the Heaven Swallowing Sparrow and Qiong Qi, there was even less that needed to be said. They revealed vicious glints in their eyes, and their blood boiled for war. Symbols ignited, increasing their essence energies to their extreme limits.

The grey hair old man’s condition was very unstable. He was awake for one moment and drowsy in the next. He fiercely shook his head before widening his eyes, taking advantage of the time that he was wide awake to suddenly throw the divine gourd seed away.


A golden ripple that looked like a passageway appeared in midair as it took the gourd into the ends of the horizon.

“Wherever you take root is where the Heaven Mending Pavilion will be reborn. Even if the school is destroyed, the legacy will never die!” The grey haired old man said. Although his voice was quiet, it still resounded through the heavens.

Everyone from Heaven Mending Pavilion was greatly touched as they hollered loudly together. They repeated these words as if they had seen a glimpse of hope for the future.

“Old man you…” The man-shaped creature from the Southern Meteorite Mountain was enraged. Was he actually going to miss the opportunity to get the divine seed?

The Heaven Swallowing Sparrow spread its wings with the intention of following it.

The Qiong Qi and the creature from Mount Yi also rushed out in order chase that green gourd as well.

The grey haired old man’s eyes were empty as he flipped the broken sword in his hand. He slashed an indescribable symbol that actually sealed the entire heaven. He blocked out every direction with a barrier and made them unable to leave.

“Chop this old ghost’s head off!”

The most terrifying battle exploded. The four great creatures acted together. They all attacked the first ancestor of the Heaven Mending with murderous intent.

“Go, rebuild the Heaven Mending Pavilion in the future.” The grey haired old man yelled out towards everyone below. His voice was lonely and exhausted, but it still contained hope. There were simply too many emotions mixed within.

“Don’t let any of them go. Chop off all their heads!” The Qiong Qi and the Heaven Swallowing Sparrow also shouted.

“Go, we are leaving!” The Heaven Mending Pavilion Master shouted and broke through the siege along with everyone else. He knew that the first ancestor’s conditions were amiss, since he was sometimes awake and sometimes sleepy. There might be some big problems with him, so they could not stay here.

The great battle in the sky was incredibly fierce. A rain of blood splashed down; a piece of flesh was torn off of the grey-haired old man’s shoulders, making him go completely mad. Even though his eyes were empty, his killing intent flourished to an extreme.


He waved the broken sword and sliced off the arm of the man-shaped creature from Mount Yi. It fell through the barrier and dropped onto the ground.


The old man was dyed in blood as he struck out once again. His sword became even fiercer now. Like a demonic light illuminating from the outside world, he was cutting and slicing them like dried wood and withered weeds.

Pupu sounds rang out in succession. The Qiong Qi was furious. One of its arms was cut off, dropping onto the ground. Following that, the Heaven Swallowing Sparrow angrily cried out as half its wing was cut clean through. The expert from the Southern Meteorite Mountain felt a chill in his calves as everything below was cut off. Fresh blood gushed outwards as it fell.

The ferocity of this old man was a little bit horrifying. After suffering an injury, he successively inflicted heavy damages on all of them. With his single broken sword, he was able to sweep away everything in front of him.

“The flesh of a pure blooded creature. I want a bite!” The little guy said on the ground. He hated those creatures in the sky with an extreme passion, but their flesh and blood were precious medicine, and that was extremely enticing to him.

Everyone from Heaven Mending Pavilion was trying to break out of the enclosure, creating a great retreat. The little guy really wanted to rush over and carry away one of those legs. However, that was only a thought, because he didn’t dare to actually do it.

Suddenly, the pure white jade-like small pagoda began to shine. With a chiliu sound, it flickered and retrieved that Mount Yi creature’s arm. Then with another flicker, it swallowed that Qiong Qi’s claw, the Heaven Swallowing Sparrow’s wing, and the calf from the Southern Meteorite Divine Mountain creature.

The little guy’s eyes turned round. He looked left and right and discovered that no one around him noticed. His little heart began to beat wildly as he immediately scrammed. He did not dare get close to that area because he was afraid of those creatures in the sky going crazy.

With a chi sound and a flicker of pure white light radiance, the little pagoda returned. It actually looked as if it had ate an entire person. The pagoda’s body was bulging as it remained silent and motionless.

All of this happened within a split second. The Heaven Swallowing Sparrow, Qiong Qi and the others began to summon their broken limbs; however to their surprise, they couldn’t sense them anymore. Their expressions all changed, and they began to go crazy.

They were able to reconnect their bodies, so they weren’t afraid of them being chopped off. They could not imagine that in the blink of an eye, their lost limbs had disappeared without a trace.

“Who?” The four creatures became furious. It was simply too weird that they actually lost their arm, leg, wing and claws. How could they endure it?!

They felt that there must have been a supreme expert laying in waiting to steal these things, causing them to immediately go into a fit of rage.

The grey haired old man started his attack. The broken sword in his hand was unrivalled as it dazzled and resounded.

However at this exact moment, the ancient sword stuck into his forehead trembled and emitted a hazy light. His body immediately staggered as strands of black blood gushed from his forehead.


Heaven Mending Pavilion’s Pavilion Master, Mu Yan, elder Liu and the others were like lightning. When they saw this, they finally realized why even though the first ancestor was so strong, he wanted them to escape right away. It was all because his consciousness was problematic, and that ancient sword stuck into his forehead was the root of this problem.

Who did this in the past? To have actually stuck a sword through the first ancestor’s skull, it was simple too terrifying. Even thinking about it made people tremble.


Heaven Mending Pavilion’s first ancestor became furious. His full head of grey hair danced wildly. The ancient sword stuck into his head was pulled outwards inch by inch. As the sword resounded, black blood continuously gushed outwards.

“Kill!” Upon seeing this, the four creatures charged forward together.


The old man roared loudly like a devil. Hong long. The broken sword in his hand started shining even more exuberantly. It was like a sun, and he combined himself with his weapon in order to fend off this ancient sword.


With a loud shout, a trace of splendor actually appeared in his empty eyes. He attacked the four creatures as his broken sword blazed and slashed in every direction.

In an instant, feathers fluttered wildly, claws were split apart, and fresh blood splashed everywhere.

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