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Chapter 195 – The Great Calamity Ends

Keng qiang, sparks splashed in every direction. The broke sword pierced into a limestone and trembled slightly, emitting metallic noises.

The little guy looked widened his eyes and gazed high into the sky and did not see anyone. There was no one from the Four Great clans here, and there were no signs of the grey-haired man either. One a few vicious birds were birds streaked across the empty sky once in awhile.

With a qiang sound, he pulled out the broken sword. He then looked around like a thief before carrying the Big Red Bird that was still healing on his shoulders and leading Qingfeng as well as Second Baldy out of here.

This was a supreme treasure! Even though it was broken, it could still slice open the Heaven Swallowing Sparrow and hack through a Qiong Qi. Now that he got it back after seeing what it was capable of, he naturally began to treasure it more and take care of it better to avoid the eyes of any greedy onlookers.

Only after running another 10 li did he finally drop the big red bird. It fell down and began to shout miserably, complaining about the pain.

The little guy was elated and began to reevaluate the broken sword. It was pitch black without any luster and there wasn’t the slightest hint of divine force, but he knew that this was actually a supreme precious artifact.

“The rust is gone, but are there more bloodstains now?” He scratched his head. Dark red colored blood traces replaced the previously rusty stains.

What happened to the ghostly grandpa? He was a little bit worried. After seeing this broken sword, he gently let out a sigh as he put it behind his back.

He did not have the time to think too much about that, because his biggest goal currently was to escape this place alive. Chaotic battles were taking place everywhere today, and there were war cries sounding from every direction. There was fighting happening everywhere, and one could die if they took a simple misstep.

This region seemed rather calm, but the little guy did not decide to make his getaway immediately. This was because he didn’t want to peek his head out too early. Every time he thought he broke away, terrifying figures would always appear and block his way.

In the end, he was still within the battlefield.

His best option was to blend in with the crowd and not be the first one to be killed. If he could muddle himself within the enemies, that would be even better.

“Big brother, can we escape?” There were a few bloodstains on Qingfeng’s little face. Along the way, he had seen many deaths and even took action a few times himself to kill a few of the heavily injured vicious beasts.

He was very careful, because the shouts of battle were still faintly ringing from the distance. The battlefield was expanding, and they had never truly separated themselves from it.


A muffled roar echoed through. The mountain ranges shook, and the leaves within the forest began to flutter about in disorder. An enormous black tiger that was as large as a mountain fled from the battlefield with a body completely covered in blood.

“It’s that guy!”

The little guy was surprised. This was the terrifying black tiger that he saw guarding the Black Demon Lotus during the second round of Heaven Mending Pavilion’s disciple trials.

This black tiger was more difficult to deal with than ordinary descendents; however, its entire body was bloody after suffering some heavy injuries. White bones were exposed from the tip of its shoulders as it carried over ten Heaven Mending Pavilion disciples on its back.

It ran wildly as it charged into the distance. It seemed like it had paid a heavy price to break out of the siege.

The little guy wanted to call it, but as soon as he stood up, all the hairs on the black tiger’s body were erect. It stood up on its hind legs like a man, and a disciple from the Heaven Mending Pavilion almost fell off.


A streak of scarlet light charged over from the within the dark abyss. This was a scarlet flood dragon over a hundred zhang in length. Its aura was no weaker than the black tiger’s. This was obviously a powerful Archaic Descendent.


The black tiger reached out with a symbol covered claw. Black light surged violently as it smashed forward like an ocean. However, the scarlet flood dragon fiercely defended by exterminating the symbols with a sweep of its tail.

A hong long sound rang out, and the mountain peaks nearby all collapsed. Roughly ten giant boulders weighing over ten thousand jin rolled about. The two powerful creatures collided and fought furiously.

However at this moment, a golden lion appeared from a forest that was even farther away. Its two eyes were shining like golden lanterns, and its body was as tall as a mountain. It topped a mountain with a single swipe of its palm, and nothing was capable of blocking tis way.

The little guy became fearful. Fortunately, he did not rush out early. It was better to leave amidst the chaos after all; otherwise, these two descendants alone were able to kill a large batch of experts.

The black tiger’s eyes became cold, because it knew that it encountered a major inconvenience. With the appearance of these two extremely powerful descendants, it would most likely die if it fought here.

This was true especially for that lion. It was completely golden and seemed like a terrifying king that overlooked the world. As it arrogantly walked over, it appeared even more menacing.

The ten disciples on its back were all fearful. They had encountered many disasters today, and the amount of experts were too many. Creatures from every race came, and it evoked a great disaster upon them.

The black tiger roared and collided with the scarlet flood dragon. They both inflicted injuries upon each other before retreating for a bit.

The golden lion who was not so far away also made its move. Its claw slapped over, and golden rays of light submerged the land as if a comet was streaking across the sky. Its supreme aura filled the air.

In the distance, the little guy inhaled a breath of cold air. This was lion was simply too strong, and was completely not the black tiger’s opponent. This was an emperor level descendant, and there was no way it could be defeated unless the ancestral elders from the pure land rushed over.

Sure enough, the black tiger also discovered its terror and quickly made its retreat. However, it was still swept over by the golden multicolored light. Its entire flesh became indistinct as it suffered a heavy injury.

It flew straight across the air. With a hong sound, its huge body crushed a mountain peak. Over ten disciples on its back immediately suffered some heavy injuries, and eight or nine of them died tragically, their flesh becoming indistinguishable.

The black tiger released a long hiss and jumped up. It immediately turned its head and ran. That was a lion king, and its cultivation far surpassed its own, so it was far from being its opponent.

“You want to leave? It’s not that easy! I am the golden lion king from the Western Tomb Beast Mountain. I came here for the destruction of the Heaven Mending Pavilion!”

The golden lion spoke coldly. Its height reached into the skies, and its body alone was taller than mountains. Its entire body was golden, and with a slap of its palm, the mountain blocking its way was completely smashed.

It also jumped up and followed the black tiger. Golden light surged and filled the entire sky. The enormous king’s body intimated everyone as its terror overflowed into the heavens.

The little guy sighed. The black tiger was most likely out of luck. This golden lion was too powerful, as it was one of the Western Tomb Beast Mountain’s leaders. The only reason that it guarded this place was to catch the ‘fish that escaped the net’.

From the looks of it, the disciples that escaped earlier might have not have broke free completely. Ahead of them were still endless dangers.


From the distance, the roar of a lion shook the skies. Blood sprouted into the skies, and shouts echoed through the air. An ancestral elder from the Heaven Mending Pavilion was hurrying over with a group of disciples.

“Die bastard!”

The ancestral elder started to fight with the golden tiger. The mountain ranges collapsed, the ancient trees were obliterated, and rubble flew into the clouds.

The little guy clenched his fist. The destruction of the Heaven Mending Pavilion’s pure land this time had killed many people. Disciples like him were absolutely helpless; after all, they were still so young and had no way of challenging those old monsters.

Even though he had the broken sword in his hand, he was still too weak. His cultivation was not high enough, so he could not use it to its full potential. He could not deal with those true nobles at all.


Together with Qingfeng, Second Baldy, and the others, they once again went on their road. Again, they did not forcefully charge through everything. They stealthily advanced through the forest while waiting for an opportunity.

After going deep into an area for over ten li, murderous shouts reached his ears. One of his senior brothers from the Heaven Mending Pavilion shouted with sorrow, “Elder!”

The little guy saw what was going on through the forest leaves. The bodies of two elders were ignited; after exhausting all their essence energy, they rushed into the group of enemies before self-destructing.

“All of you, quickly leave!”

The two shouted loudly before completely exploding within the enemy’s ranks. A shower of light battered them, and many foes were heavily injured.

The group of disciples from the Heaven Mending Pavilion were in sorrow. They tearfully escaped into the distance.

“Ah…” The little guy couldn’t help but quietly roar.

The heavily injured enemies were delayed for a while, but they began to chase after the group of Heaven Mending Pavilion disciples again soon after. The little guy couldn’t endure it any longer.

He collected Qingfeng and Second Baldy into the Heaven and Earth pouch. With the broken sword in hand, the little guy activated it with all his might.

With a weng sound, the broken sword shined with the brilliance of a sun. He used his utmost strength as he swung forward.


The mountains and creeks were cracked, and several peaks were destroyed. Enormous sword energy sliced out in front of him and several people instantly exploded into a bloody pulp. However, the people in the back quickly dodged and avoided death.

This was a group of experts whose cultivation realms were higher than his. There were humans among them, but there were also creatures from other clans too. They all gazed towards him, and stared at the broken sword in his hand before attacking together.

The little guy encountered an extremely great danger, and so he didn’t fight zealously any longer. He quickly turned around before fleeing into the mountains and forests behind him.

“You won’t be able to leave!” A vicious bird flapped its wings and charged over with all its might.


The little guy activated the Kun Peng’s precious technique, and a pair of divine wings appeared behind him. Instantly, wind and thunder erupted as mighty astral winds and golden rays of energy surged. He stamped on the ground, and his speed instantly improved tremendously. He submerged into the great wastes using the mountains and forests as his cover.

This was a huge crisis. Even though he possessed the Kun Peng’s precious techniques, there were still messy battles happening all over the place. Experts were everywhere around here, so the danger level was still at its maximum.

The little guy escaped while being covered in blood. He wasted over two hours before finally losing his enemy. There were quite a few heavy injuries on his body; fortunately, his body was terrifying. He swallowed a stalk of spiritual medicine, and the wounds on his bones were quickly healed.

“So dangerous, but I have to escape alive.”

He was searching for Mu Yan, marquis Lingtian, elder Liu and the others. The only way for him to completely break out of here was probably to meet up with them. However, with the fierce battles going on, everyone had been scattered. In addition, those individuals were definitely being targeted, so it was quite likely that they weren’t even alive any longer.

“There’s no choice. I can only return to that fierce and terrifying battlefield. I have to fight with everything on the line in the face of danger.”

The little guy turned around and charged into the intense battlefield. Naturally, as soon as he approached, he encountered a terrifying calamity. There were vicious beasts who were closely watching him.

The little guy fought ferociously and bathed in blood. He found an opportunity to use Hairy Ball’s precious technique to conceal his appearance. Taking his Heaven Mending Pavilion uniform, he snuck amongst the ranks of the Tuoba clan.

He wanted to take advantage of the crisis to break free, so he charged straight in.

However soon after, sword energy that reached into the skies hacked over and almost smashed him apart. It was people from the four clans, and he did not know how they were actually able to recognize him.

“Devilish brat, bring your life here!”

How was he exposed? The little guy was astonished as his hair suddenly became erect. This was like almost walking into their trap.

Fortunately, there weren’t any kings in this area. He immediately unsheathed his broken sword to engage in bloody combat. Then, he quickly fled into the great wastes yet again in order to escape from this battlefield.

“What happened?” He opened the Heaven and Earth pouch. He asked Qingfeng, big red bird and them about possible ways to deal with the situation.

Second Baldy said, “The four clans absolutely despise you. They were chasing you right from the start. Even though you were able to break away from them, they definitely used some orchids or fragrant flowers to mark your body. Its smell probably won’t scatter for days, and they used that to follow you.”

The little guy’s expression changed upon hearing this.

Fortunately, the mountain ranges were vast enough, and there were many people who were currently fighting. Finding one person was very tough. If it wasn’t because he personally returned, they might not have discovered him at all.

Currently, the little guy was escaping with all might as he rushed into the distance using the dense forests as cover. Several time, he thought that he completely escaped the battlefield only to discover that there were still experts guarding up ahead. This made him unable to rashly move again.

“Live, I have to escape alive. I have to avenge my senior brothers and sister!” The little guy clenched his teeth.

Along the way, he had seen too many bodies. There were enemies, but also people from the Heaven Mending Pavilion. The entire road was bloodstained.

“Yu Feng, you actually dare to be so ruthless and act against your own school?” Furious roars echoed from ahead.

After the little guy heard this, he was instantly shocked and quickly charged over.

An elder was completely furious. Behind him was a group of disciples who were loudly berating everyone ahead.

A white clothed youth coldly said, “Elder, I know that the school hadn’t carried away all of its scriptures, and they were scattered amongst several elders. I really need them, can you give them to me please.”

Behind him was a group of experts who were all from the Rain Clan.

“You immature bat. Many nobles sent their sons and daughters into my Heaven Mending Pavilion. Although their goals were to receive a baptism, in the face of the great disaster today, they all helped in order to return the favor. However, you dare to hit us while we’re down?!” That elder furiously roared.

“I don’t want to become hostile either. I really need one of the precious technique in particular!” Yu Feng coldly said. Although he was quite young, his heart was cold.

“Yu Feng, we put you in the genius camp, regarded you with high importance and passed on some secret symbols to you. However, you bite the hand that feed you. Are you still human? Your rain clan is too despicable!” Several disciples angrily shouted.


From behind him, several experts from the Rain Clan stepped out and rushed out murderously. They had heard that this elder was carrying a precious technique on him that had a strong affinity for the essence of water, and so it was extremely important for the Rain Clan.

The little guy was furious. After he entered the Heaven Mending Pavilion, he met this Yu Feng very early on. It was reputed that he could use the lightning and thunder of the nine heavens, and was an extremely gifted person in the genius camp. Afterwards, he was selected by an old monster and had high hopes placed upon him. However, he actually acted like this in such a pivotal moment.

“Die, you ingrate!” That elder was furious.

A fierce battle exploded. The little guy appeared and rose up in revenge. A streak of divine light swept ahead. With a pu sound, several experts from the Rain Clan were chopped in half, and a rain of blood flew into the air.

At the same time, the Kun Peng wings behind him spread, and thunder and wind instantly erupted. He rushed forward and made several strong moves in succession. Sword energy was everywhere; but unfortunately, there were many experts in the Rain Clan who continuously backed off to avoid his killing blow.

“Kill him!”

Everyone from the Rain Clan was furious. There was actually a youth hidden in secret who actually dared to offend their might. How could they let him go?

“It’s him! It’s the devilish brat!”

“What? Quickly chase him and chop his head off!”

After everyone from the Rain Clan knew who he was, they all went crazy and charged forward to kill him.

The little guy purposely showed his true face in order to make them chase him. Sure enough, this made all of them go crazy. The devilish brat had killed all of their geniuses and restricted individuals in the Hundred Shattering Mountains, making them hate him to the bones.

This was a huge chase and kill mission, and the little guy was only able to escape after an hour. His entire body was covered in patches of blood.

He had seen too many life and death battled, and the little guy was truly tired of it. When he charged into another small battlefield, his eyes felt a bit sore.

Elder Xiong Fei and Zhuo Yun hated him a lot once upon a time, because he made so much trouble during the entrance trials. These two always wanted to spank his buttocks.

Right now, for the sake of the disciples, these two had already given up on their own lives. They blocked up the enemies’ path and had became blood-ridden in the process in order to let their disciples escape from this place.

When the little guy saw them, the two individuals were already lying in a pool of blood. They were being tore at by an enormous beast and were on the verge of death.

“Elder!” A group of people shouted loudly. Ordinarily, these two weren’t so welcoming. However, at crucial moments, they were still protective, and did not escape with their own lives.

Everyone was crying loudly. The group of disciples were incredibly sad.

“You guys leave quickly. I’ll stop them for a bit!” A 25 or 26 year old youth stood up in order to cut them off.

“Senior brother Lin Mu, leave quickly. You’re not their opponent!” A group of people anxiously advised.

“Stop with the nonsense. After the elders die, I’m the oldest. If I tell you to leave, then you leave as soon as possible.” Lin Mu shouted.

“Senior brother!” The group of people choked up with emotions.

Lin Mu had been in the school for over ten years, and he was an extremely powerful genius. When the little guy was meeting with the four great clans outside the mountain gates last time, he once made great contributions.

“Not a single one can leave!” The enormous beast roared.

“Why aren’t you leaving yet!” Lin Mu shouted before turning around and facing ahead.

The little guy’s eyes were sour, but he still made his move without any hesitation. Although this action was quite dangerous and he had already been in several dangerous situations, he still could not hold himself back.

The broken sword shined and the sword energy became incredibly thick as it almost withdrew all the essence energy from his body. With a pu sound, it struck towards the enemy and beheaded that enormous beast.

“Ao…” The group of beasts from the Western Tomb Beast Mountains were furious, and they all gazed over. Then, their vicious auras overflowed into the heavens as they attacked him.

“Quickly! Run!” The little guy shouted towards everyone.

That group of disciples shed tears. They turned around for a final look before charging into the distance.

Lin Mu did not leave. He heartily laughed and said, “Junior brother, I didn’t think that I would be fighting with you side by side in my last moments!”

“Senior brother, you run away too!” The little guy waved his broken sword and said.

“No need, I have already activated the Heavenly Blood Ignition Technique. I only have a day to live now, so it’s better over to die in a fierce battle.” Lin Mu said with ease.

He was not sad nor angry. In fact, he was completely calm as if he was talking about something that was completely unrelated to him.

The Heavenly Blood Ignition Technique could force all the potential out of people’s bodies for one day. Their fighting power would increase several fold, perhaps maybe up to tenfold until their essence energy had been exhausted. Afterwards, they will die.

“Let me massacre them all. Junior brother, you look for an opportunity to escape. You have to keep your life intact!” Lin Mu told him.

The little guy clenched his fists. His eyes were thoroughly red. Lin Mu was an extremely strong genius. He had a great prestige amongst many fellow disciples. Furthermore, he was regarded highly by the school’s seniors. He did not leave when he had the chance to; instead, he remained to aid in the matters regarding everyone’s escape.

Now, he was actually going to die; furthermore, he was going to die in such a solemn and emotional battle.

“Junior brother, just go!”

In the end, Lin Mu shouted loudly. He had activated the Heavenly Blood Ignition Technique a long time again, and his blood had pretty much been completely burnt. His entire body was shining with a dazzling light as he charged into the group of enemies.

The little guy clamored and shouted. His eyes were completely red as he continuously waved his sword around. Tears flowed down from his eyes nonstop until he finally escaped from this place.

This huge calamity lasted for a day and night until it finally began to slowly end. The little guy successfully escaped from the blood-ridden pure land with endless sadness and sorrow.

The morning clouds sprinkled their splendor as the sun rose into the sky. He motionlessly laid on top of a mountain. An unknown amount of time passed before he finally stood up and gazed towards that battle-scarred land.

The little guy’s eyes were very red as he looked with determination. A long time had passed before he wiped his tears away. He turned around without any hesitation.

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