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Chapter 187 – Lightning Tribulation

It was a period of harvest, as well as days of fulfillment. The little guy cultivated every day, and he was in high spirits as he enjoyed every single day.

Other than this, he would meet up with his various schoolmates to eat a large meal together. He would then tell Hairy Ball to go steal some jars of wine from the elders to enjoy; he was extremely content.

This was a joyous time, and no matter how many years pass, he would still never forget these years. They were forever embedded within his heart.

Many years later, even though many of these people will have long disappeared from this world, he would still be able to clearly recall their voices and smiles.

“You’ve lost, senior brothers, drink up.”

This was a night full of laughter. The group of people drank until they swayed back and forth. Even a few senior sisters were drinking. Their faces were flushed red, and were more delicate than flowers.

From the distance, Elder Xiong Fei’s voice echoed. “Damn it! Who stole my medicinal wine?! You better not let me find you!”

At the same time, that voice was accompanied by Elder Zhuo Yun’s curses. He was in an even more miserable state because only a few jars were left in his cellar; the rest were all stolen.

Towards this, the young girls and boys all laughed. Their small blushing faces were thrown into their drinking. They were all in joyous and incomparably happy moods.

“Sigh, we are about to go on different paths. We won’t know when we’ll meet again, so little juniors, you all must take care of yourselves.”

“Senior brothers and sisters, take care of yourselves as well!”

This wasn’t the first time he had to say his farewells. During this month, a few of the important disciples within the Heaven Mending Pavilion were sent elsewhere.

Departures were always emotional. Even though they were drunk and carefree; when the moment came, there was still sadness and full of unwillingness. After all, they have all lived here together for many years.

“Sooner or later, we will still come back!”

A group of senior sisters and brothers left, leaving behind the Heaven Mending Pavilion they knew so well for an unfamiliar land in hopes of avoiding the possible impending disaster.

The little guy also did not know how many groups of people he had sent off already. The majority of the genius camp was empty, and the disciples of the old monsters were even more scarce. There were only a few people left.

“Little junior brother, when are you leaving?”

“I will stay here and cultivate lightning techniques and leave after I get some success in it,” replied the little guy. He wanted Qingfeng to leave first, but Qingfeng was unwilling and wanted to wait until they could leave together.

Following that, he once again began to go into secluded training.


The sounds of thunder were shocking, and lightning interweaved above a spiritual mountain. They cascaded down one after another like a waterfall, striking down on the symbols protecting the little guy. They blasted on his body, causing blood to flow from his mouth and blowing his body under a mountain cliff.

With a peng sound, even his powerful body couldn’t handle it. He was in sharp pain, and he felt as if his bones were broken. His fall created a human shaped ditch in the cliff.

“Senior, not so hard ah.” He grimaced in pain.

“When studying the lightning dao, one must diligently learn by using one’s own bodies to gain experience. Without personally experiencing the nature of lightning, how would you understand its profound meanings and mysteries?”

The ancestral elder Mu Yan’s hair were like steel needles. He was extremely bold and powerful without the slightest hint of being lenient. His palm shone, and another streak of erupting lightning flew out, sending the little guy flying.

Meanwhile, the ground was even more smashed apart. Ten thousand jin of boulders were turned into fine powder.

The little guy howled miserably. This was truly hellish training. Previously, he was only comprehending the essence of lightning technique symbols. Now, it was the real thing, and he was roughened up miserably during training.

“I will do my best to learn!” The little guy endured and resisted the lightning ancestor. His entire body lit up and golden symbols flickered. A Suan Ni form appeared, roaring before rushing forward.

“There is improvement, but it is still not enough. You have not yet reached your limit!” The old ancestor Mu Yan spoke. A river of lightning poured out and rushed over just from him opening his mouth.

With a hong sound, the Suan Ni was split open, shattering soon after. The golden lightning radiance danced about, razing this mountain forest to the ground without leaving anything behind.

“Lightning represents explosiveness and destruction. It is one of the most powerful offensive precious techniques. However, it still possesses vitality and can nurture new life. Right now, you only understand its destructive aspect.”

Mu Yan’s body was immersed in lightning. As he spoke, his aura became increasingly bold and powerful. It was almost as if it really carried a type of exuberant life force. Following that, lightning once again hacked its way over.

“I’m constantly being hacked at, so of course I would only know about the destructive parts of it.” The little guy wailed miserably while doing everything he could to defend. His small pair of arms were even turned golden as lightning hacked out in front of him streak after streak.

However, the disparity in their cultivation realms were too great. One was a member of the numbered experts within the Heaven Mending Pavilion and known as an ancestral elder. The other was merely a child, so how could the little guy be his opponent?

As a result, he was sent flying again by a streak of lightning that made his entire body emit black smoke. His hair stood straight up after being fried as the scent of flesh wafted out of his body.

“So fragrant!” In the distance. Second Baldy was joyful in the little guy’s misery. At the same time, he licked his lips with the intention of taking a bite.

“Indeed very sweet. I really want a bite.” The big red bird also spoke like that. This was one of the few occasion when their thoughts were similar.


The little guy ran right over while handling lightning like a golden thunder god. He successfully released 18 streaks of lightning which all descended upon their bodies.


The two birds cried miserably. Their feathers have been fried and their bodies were scorched back as they were sent flying across the air. Their bodies began to emit white smoke, and they started twitching.

“This hurts like hell!”

A rock tumbled about beside them this was precisely the divine striking stone. Although it was subjected to the lightning attack, it clearly was not in that much pain. This angered those two birds so much that they wanted to bite it.


In the distance, the little guy started to scream wretchedly once again. This was the most miserable state that he had been in since he started his cultivation. Even ghostly grandpa wasn’t this tyrannical when he was tidying him up.  Right now, he was being violently bombed and ferociously smashed as many rays of electricity landed on his body.

An ordinary person would have been struck through and completely shattered by the lightning a long time ago. Even he was in incomparable pain as his entire body emitted a burnt smell, and it seemed like he was going to be cooked well-done soon.

This was a hellish training method that never ended. There had never been a moment that he was this impatient in trying to end the training. This was truly too painful.

“Your natural talents are very good. However, you have only tasted victory on your journey, and lack the humility of defeat. That’s not good.” Ancestral elder Mu Ya said.

The little guy. “…”

He genuinely did not know what to say in this situation. In the end, he could not help but yell, “I’m here to study thunder techniques, not to lose. I have to be above everyone else my entire life, and live without rivals from start to finish!”

“Very good, you have enough conviction. You have the tenacious nature to becoming a supreme expert. Here’s another strike.”

With a hong sound, over ten layers of electricity rolled over the ground like waves. The little guy let out a miserable shrieks that sounded like the wail of ghosts and howls of wolves. His entire body was in acute pain, and as soon as he opened his mouth, thunderous light began to surge up from his stomach.

This kind of torment, this kind of pain felt like he was being broken. This was truly too painful.

Just like this, he was hacked from dusk until dawn, and only then did lightning ancestor Mu Yan let him go. Mu Yan warned him that he could not be lazy, and that he had to go to the Sacred Storage Pavilion to flip through some ancient books.

The little guy was dismal, miserable, and burnt black all over. Every strand of hair had been fried until they were erect. Only his eyes were still bright; everywhere else was like coal. He was almost unrecognizable.

The big red bird and second baldy greeted him. They were instantly blasted flying by that darkened face because it was clear that these two were taking joy in his misery after seeing him in that state.

“Ai yo, Isn’t this our heaven warping martial god whose names will be renowned underneath the heavens, devilish brat?” Huo Ling’er walked over with her magnificent lithe and curvaceous figure. She had clearly heard the rumors that the little guy had been fixed up today as she came over just to watch this.

“Don’t provoke me!” As soon as the little guy opened his mouth, black smoke began to emit from his mouth. Even his gait was shaky since he was truly tormented to such a miserable state.

“Hahaha, why am I so happy? What happened, were you baked by someone? Have you had too many fillings of barbequed descendents every day and have met your retribution today?” Huo Ling’er’s skin was snow white, and her hair was jet black. There was a spiritual nature to her eyes as her pearly teeth lit up between her rosy lips. As she laughed, she swayed back and forth until her snow white neck, plump bosom, pretty waist and slender legs turned into captivating curves.

“Big fatty!” The little guy stared at her.

The laughter came to an immediate halt. Huo Ling’er hated those words the most. She was so flustered that she said, “Everyone come and tidy him up together!”

This time, she came prepared. She got into contact with a group of junior sisters to fiercely lecture and beat him when the devilish brat had sustained an injury.

In a split second, symbols scattered, and multicolored light glittered as they submerged the little guy within. The group of female disciples started to smile mischievously as they helped Huo Ling’er lecture him.

The big red bird and second baldy were extremely unbrotherly as they instantly scampered away. They did not take any actions at all, and disappeared in the blink of an eye.


A Suan Ni that was particularly powerful and majestic howled. Its entire body blazed with a golden sheen as it broke all of the symbols. Then, it opened its large mouth and ferociously spouted out thunder towards every direction.

Suddenly, cries began to echo through the air. Everyone was shocked that the heavily injured little guy was even scarier than normal. He was incredibly tough as the thick lightning immediately sent many female disciples rolling across the floor.

If this was a true fight to the death, they would have all met destruction.

The reality was that after the devilish brat had been beaten up for an entire day, his body was full of lightning that the lightning elder Mu Yan put inside him, and they were being released by him at this moment. It just so happened that as this lightning struck, everything had been released.

Huo Ling’er wanted to run, but was overtaken by the devilish brat and instantly knocked onto the ground as he started his unbridled robbery.

Up until the moment the savage child had left, Huo Ling’er was still shrieking miserably. She was extremely angry that she suffered losses every single time, making her very depressed.

“Junior sister, change into another dress quickly.” A senior sister came and quietly reminded her. Everyone else’s expressions were strange as well.

“What happened?” Hou Ling’er was suspicious.

Suddenly, she turned her head and immediately let out a shriek as she gnashed her teeth in anger.

Today, she wore a pure white dress that danced in the winds above the earth. It was otherworldly beautiful like a fairy riding the winds.

However, when she straightened herself, her rounded buttocked had a streak of very neat little dark claws imprinted onto them.

“That wretched devilish brat!” She was incomparably humiliated.

When that little thief knocked her over, he patted her everywhere, and this spot was the clearest. The black handprints were very prominent; at this moment, she felt a rude scorching pain.

Huo Ling’er was frantic, but she… could not beat the devilish brat. Every time that she wanted to tidy him up, she was knocked over. That guy was truly shameless.

“Big fatty, you’re still not my opponent if you want to fight me.” In the distance, the little guy muttered to himself as he hobbled into the Sacred Storage Pavilion.

He was miserably tidied up by the lightning ancestor, and he was now in deep pain all over. Even though walking was strenuous for him, he did not slack off. He still listened to the advice and came to the Sacred Storage Pavilion to read.

It was clear that this place was much more spacious than before. Ninety percent of the bones books were carried away to somewhere else.

“Go read them quickly. After several months, you have pretty much read all the scriptures in the Sacred Storage Pavilion. There are only a few left.” Elder Liu said with a kind smile.

“Thank you uncle.” The little guy was emotional. Clearly, elder Liu left behind the scriptures that he had not yet read, and had others carry away the books that he had read.

“Don’t thank me. I don’t have the time to dilly dally over you. It’s just that when they came to take the books away, I tried to get them to take away the ones that you have read as much as I can. However, several techniques had been taken away. The most precious things cannot be left until last. If you have the chance in the future, you can learn it then. Also, I feel like the thunder technique you’re training in is enough; it is more powerful than those other techniques.

The little guy grimaced in pain. It was tough for him to sit down, so he stood up as he read and flipped through the bone books.

“How come you look so miserable?” Elder Liu was all smiles. He was very kind, completely different different from the lightning ancestor.

“Ai, I’ve been dealt with too severely. Ever since I was born, I have not suffered a defeat, but I was almost beaten to death today.” The little guy sighed as he creased his little black face.

Elder Liu could not help but smile and said, “He did it for your benefit, allowing you to understand the aura of life within electricity. It isn’t only for destructions, and in order to take your lightning techniques to a higher level, you must thoroughly understand of of its profound mysteries. Don’t worry, even though Mu Yan’s nature is unyielding and his temperament fiery like lightning, tidying you up like this will definitely bring you endless benefits.”

During the following month, the little guy screamed and howled in grief every single day. He even attracted the attention of many Heaven Mending Pavilion disciples. The process of tidying up the savage child was very appealing to everyone else; it was even more exciting that watching beauties. Little by little, this started to become a point of attraction.

The little guy was almost as gloomy as he could be. Why was he always being beaten up? If he could beat Mu Yan, he would even go up and bite him a few times.

Of course, during the process of getting beaten up, his understanding of lightning had advanced by leaps and bounds. Furthermore, he finally got into touch with the mysteries of life contained within lightning.

However, it was very faint and unclear. If he carefully tried to feel it, he would only be able to vaguely experience it.

“What? You felt that strand of life?” Ancestral elder Mu Yan was shocked after hearing it.

“What happened?” The little guy was suspicious after being beaten up by this old man every single day. Didn’t he mention that you had to comprehend this slim trace of life? How come he became so shocked all of a sudden?

Very quickly, the guard of the Sacred Storage Pavilion was also alarmed and quickly rushed over. His voice trembled and said, “Can you really capture the strand of life within lightning? This is miraculous. Truly a heaven warping talent!”

“Why does that matter? Didn’t you tell me to make an effort to feel it? After being hacked by thunder everyday, I have to think of some way to save my life. It seems that I touched upon that aura slightly.” The little guy said

“In the future, there will be hope for our secret precious technique,” Elder Liu said as he affectionately rubbed the little guy’s head

Lightning elder Mu Yan’s face also turned red as he continuously nodded.

The little guy quickly opened his eyes wide as he roared towards lightning elder and said, “Could it be that you haven’t experienced it yourself yet? Did you really beat me all day just for me to experience it myself?”

The devilish was almost angry to the max. This was truly being too much of a bully.

“Your talents are better than mine. It’s suitable for it to be deemed as heaven defying.” Lightning ancestor’s face was thoroughly red.

“You’re too hateful!” The little guy jumped and stomped with thoughts of rebellion.

However, with a kacha sound, a patch of thunderous light descended upon and submerged him. He was shocked to the point of crying miserably as he instantly spouted out lightning from his nose and mouth, unable to shout again.

“A heavenly talent must be cherished. For another person, it’s impossible for him or her to experience the life within the destructive force of lightning throughout their entire life. You have now planted a seed. In the future, you will undoubtedly have huge success within the dao of lightning. You can become a supreme expert!” Elder Liu said.

“After a few days, we’ll wait for a thunderstorm and take you to steal the divine liquid of heavenly essence. It will be greatly beneficial for you.” Lightning ancestor said.

Since the little guy could vaguely feel it, Mu Yan felt he could attempt it. In the past, he spent countless months and years, and suffered heavy injuries in order to seize only only drop which he sacrificed to the old vine.

Now it was different. The devilish brat had genuinely reached a checkpoint. Perhaps he could steal another drop within the thunderstorm.

Elder Liu heard and immediately revealed a solemn expression. He knew that lightning ancestor was going to risk his life. How could the divine liquid be that simple to obtain? Perhaps he was going to lose his mortal form because of this.

“You have to remember Mu Yan’s kindness.” Elder Liu gently sighed, because these actions could easily make him lose his life. Lightning elder Mu Yan’s intentions were to try his best to make this child succeed.

The little guy nodded. He felt the seriousness of the situation, and did not dare to say anything

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