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Chapter 188 – Divine Liquid

The rainy day arrived. Originally, it was just a dimming of the skies until a light drizzle pattered down.

Not long after, the dark clouds rushed forth until they converged into a large black mass, hovering in the air. The rain poured down with greater intensity, creating small rivers on the earth.

The sky immediately darkened, as if night instantly descended. One couldn’t see their own fingers if they reached out their hands. In reality, it should have still been daytime.

The world was pitch-black, and rain poured down densely.


The sky shook, and golden snakes filled the atmosphere, lighting up the pitch-black heavens. They scattered down their radiance as heavy rain battered down; this world was being flooded by water.

It was the rainy season, and so the abrupt appearance of thunderstorms was not too unusual. However, when it was accompanied by such terrifying lightning, it was quite shocking. Within the great wastelands, all sorts of vicious birds and fierce beasts went into seclusion in fear of meeting disaster.

This was because if some intelligent creatures became too heaven defying, the could bring about lightning on themselves that destroyed everything. Examples of this included the thunderbolt tree and ancient witch; the instances of this wasn’t few.

Two figures stood within the curtain of rain ten li outside of the Heaven Mending Pavilion, one big and small. When the storm descended, they put on their rain jackets as they gazed upwards. These two were precisely Mu Yan and the little guy. They were waiting for an opportunity. If they were to go in when the powerful lightning struck, their flesh would be turned into ashes and lose everything. They had to wait until the storm subsided a bit.

Furthermore, liquid thunder could only be created during the twilight moments of the final lightning strikes.

This was genuine thunder and lightning from the nine heavens. They represented the transcendent might of heaven and earth, and was extremely difficult to resist. Compared to electricity used by living beings, it was several folds more powerful

Finally, the rain began to subside and the thunderclouds rushed forth. Those blazing lightning bolts were no longer that ferocious, and they could finally look for liquid thunder.

“This is the moment!” Lightning ancestor Mu Yan said.

He stepped on a precious artifact and dragged the little guy with him as they rushed into the skies towards that rolling black cloud. They were searching for the secret contained within thunder and lighting to track down this divine liquid.

The sky was dark, and the electricity within the black clouds were flickering. Although they were not as violent as before, they were still very terrifying. They were especially frightening when they fell beside them.

The sudden thunderous light made people unable to open their eyes. As they watched from this distance, it made their heads numb and all the hairs on their bodies stand straight up.

The little guy screamed on the spot, “I’ve been delivered here to be struck by lightning. Why am I so unlucky!”

“Stop saying rubbish. Put your efforts into finding the single strand of life contained within all this destruction.” Lightning ancestor reprimanded.

The little guy was pitiful. He opened his eyes to gaze at all this terrifying thunder and lightning. His little heart immediately started beating crazily because he was truly too nervous. If he made a single mistake, his body and soul was going to be destroyed.

After the thunderstorm, this black cloud indeed contained the indescribable aura of life that was within this thundercloud. As soon as it was physically touched, it would invoke a destructive force.

“Carefully perceive it. Do not make a mistake.” Mu Yan said.

From destruction emerges new life, and from the thunderstorm comes development. A newborn qi trickle made the little guy widen his eyes. He could finally sense it! If he did not reach this realm, he would not have been able to comprehend this type of profound mystery. However, even though he could sense it, he couldn’t seize it.

“It’s there!” He pointed his fingers ahead of him.

Hong, a streak of incredibly thick thunder immediately submerged these two.

“Ah…” The little guy wretchedly screamed.

Even the lightning ancestor’s body swayed heavily as blood dripped out of his mouth. He withstood the majority of the lightning strike and suffered heavy injuries when he stood in front of the little guy.

“I got it. You can just leave for now,” Mu Yan said.

Even though they suffered injuries, everything was progressing smoothly. They were able to sense that strand of life as soon as they went up, so it went much better than when the lightning ancestor tried to feel it out by risking his own life.

Previously, he spent countless amounts of time to obtain only one drop of liquid thunder. The cost of that was unimaginable.

Comparatively, today went by too smoothly.

He threw the little guy down and let him descend at his own pace. Then lightning ancestor turned and rushed into clouds, attracting the striking lightning.

“Senior, be careful!” The little guy descended using his golden dragon shears to support himself. He then warned in a loud voice after he was quite a distance away.

“You go back!” Mu Yan shouted. His hair and beard spread out as he charged into the thunder. He instantly encountered a heavy strike, and his entire body began to blaze with an electrical light.

“So terrifying!”

The little guy’s heart shook and his body jumped. The lightning ancestor’s carefully prepared battle armor instantly broke into pieces and turned into dust. The might of the world was indeed very terrifying.

Lightning elder’s entire body shone as he stepped into the thunder. His body shook incessantly on the spot when he was struck. However, after many years of cultivating in the laws of thunder, his comprehension was deep, so he did not fiercely resist it. He used his own thunder techniques to redirect the electricity elsewhere.

However, this thunder from the nine heavens had intelligence. It fiercely hacked in an instant like a surging ocean wave, making his body tremble non-stop as he tumbled outwards.

Mu Yan’s expression changed as he was once again put into this life and death trial. Going into  thunder and lightning was equivalent to stepping into the abyss of hell. This was not a confrontation between fellow cultivators, but rather encountering a true heavenly might!


Lightning descended and hacked him until his mouth began to spout fresh blood and his body burnt black. Even though he handled thunder and lightning on a daily basis, being a master of these precious techniques was not enough. He was still unable to bear the true force of heaven.

The thunder was like a waterfall as it torrented down from above, submerging Mu Yan within. His body trembled, and his mouth spouted blood. The precious armor he wore on his body had been turned into ashes long ago, so he had to bear this destructive pain.


The little guy was fearful. This was too difficult, and any move could cause a horrible death and conclude his act.

Mu Yan was persistent. He activated his precious artifact and charged forward, shouting as symbols interweaved about him. He wanted to refine this sea of thunder to capture that single strand of life to extract this liquid thunder.


Lightning ancestor was once again struck flying. His body was ragged as patches of burn marks appeared all over his body. He was constantly coughing as thunderous light was spouting from his seven apertures.

The little guy could no longer witness this while under the clouds. Within the thunder, Mu Yan was charging forward step by step and constantly suffering injuries. That was an area of destruction; no matter how powerful a being was, in the face of heavenly might, they seemed insignificant and powerless! He forced himself through the adversity and got up after falling down once again. He activated his precious artifact and constantly advanced in order to refine a single strand of life here.

“That is… such a powerful life force!”

Cracks appeared over the lightning ancestor’s body. He was burnt black from top to bottom, but his eyes were blossoming with a blazing radiance. He saw a pond that contained a mist circulating about it.

“An exuberant life force… transformed into a divine pond. This can give birth to liquid thunder!”

His heart trembled. He had never seen this kind of pond before. There were only records of these in ancient books. The last time he obtained a drop of divine liquid was the result of many years of refining.

“Ah…” Mu Yan shouted loudly. His shoulders were pierced, and his bones were almost exposed. His fresh red blood trickled out, then immediately turned black.

This was a trial that was hellish towards men. Every step forward needed a steep price. This was anxiety inducing and unbearable to watch.


Lightning and thunder rolled, and that misty pond turned fuzzy. Its insides flickered with multicolored light as strands after strands of life force filled the air. This was the most dangerous spot inside the thunder.

Mu Yan suffered heavy injuries, and experienced countless trials. His body was all worn out, but he continued to advance. His entire body was on the verge of falling apart and perishing.

The little guy was overwhelmed as he gripped his fists tightly. The abyss of thunder was too terrifying, and it still was not the part where it was the most violent yet. They had selected a special opportunity to enter it, but it was still like this.

The scary thing was the thunder was condensing and the lightning was interweaving; its power gradually increased.

These moments felt like days and years; it felt so endlessly long since this concerned the life and death of a person. Finally, Mu Yan walked in front of it and seized a strand of life.

His flesh started splitting apart at this moment as his bloodstained body fell down after suffering unimaginable injuries.

The little guy speedily rushed forward and caught him as he was falling towards earth. A fierce stream of electricity hacked from behind and struck him as well. His entire body was filled with bristles of electricity, and he was experiencing such intense pain that he was on the verge of breaking apart.

One must know that this was the residual thunder that was already weakened.

“Quickly, help me refine this liquid thunder!” Mu Yan shouted.

The symbols within him dimmed, and his essence energy was practically depleted; he was staying conscious on but one breath. On his palms was a lump of purple mist that was going to scatter away at any time.

The little guy quickly made his move. He took out his Suan Ni mirror and released a thunder that fixed the purple gas in place. Then he refined it using all his energy.

At the same time, he took out two stalks of spirit medicine for Mu Yan to take in order to recover his energy.

Finally, after a Weng Long sound, Mu Yan fiercely resisted the pain and restored some of his essence energy. He started to carefully refine and condense the purple gas. Thunderous light rumbled until it turned into a drop of liquid.

“Success!” He was extremely happy. He collected it within a jade jar, and the jar immediately began to circulate with a purple mist, becoming transparent.

One could feel that there was a powerful life force fluctuating there. Despite being just a small drop of liquid, its life force and aura was incomparably shocking.

They descended onto the ground, and Mu Yan immediately fell there. He did not have even a little bit of energy life. His injuries were too heavy, and many of his bones were exposed and burnt black.

“Senior, you’re fine right?” The little guy was worried.

“No harm, keep this jar of divine liquid well. Although it’s only one drop, its value is priceless. This will allow you to become more intimate with thunder and lightning, so its benefits towards cultivation is great.” Mu Yan said.

In reality, apart from contain a life force, liquid thunder also contained an uncomparable amount of spiritual energy that was most suited for comprehending the dao and making breakthroughs. It was genuinely a priceless treasure.

How many people could obtain it? No matter who it was, he or she did not dare to venture within thunder to look for it.

“Senior, your injuries are too heavy, take this liquid thunder quick. Otherwise your life will be in danger.” The little guy pushed away the divine liquid.

“Don’t worry, I can’t die. After eating those two stalks of precious medicine, there’s not much wrong with me anymore. I hope that this liquid thunder will build your foundations for the thunder dao. It can’t be wasted.”

No matter how he persuaded, Mu Yan would not use it. He stuffed the jar into the little guy’s hands, and made him immediately refine it to comprehend the mysteries of thunder.

The little guy had no other options but to receive it. He took out some little devil wine for Mu Yan to drink. This was brewed from over ten types of spirit medicine; it had divine effects, and could heal injuries.

Lightning ancestor laughed. With this stuff here, he could naturally recover. This had supreme healing effects.

The little guy sat down cross-leggedly to take this drop of divine liquid. Instantly, he was submerged by an astonishing life force, and thunder dao laws appeared as symbols flickered.


An incredibly majestic golden Suan Ni stood up behind him and roared. A layer of purple mist shrouded this vicious beast, and all the scales on its body began to resonate, beginning to suddenly transform.

In the end, this golden Suan Ni was dyed in a layer of purple, and symbols adorned its body.

The little guy’s aura strengthened several folds. Thunder laws interweaved as an ancient symbol formed, evolving into a most terrifying and powerful form of thunder and lightning.

He sat there cross-legged for a day and night until he finally opened his eyes. Suddenly, thunderous light shot out of his body.

Behind him was a Suan Ni wearing purple stripes as it roared towards the heavens. It was incredibly huge, and many folds more powerful than it had previously been. As it opened its mouth to roar, a rumbling noise sounded, and a streak of lightning flew out, connecting the heaven and earth.

“I can only pass on these thunder laws to you. The rest will rely on your own cultivation.” Mu Yan sighed.

The little guy’s cultivation here had come to an end. His Suan Ni’s precious technique had transformed and became several times more powerful than before. This became one of his trump cards; its power was extreme strong and tough, containing the aura of destruction.

A volcano appeared in front and sucked the Suan Ni inside. The vicious beast turned into a symbol as it undulated within the nourishing magma.

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