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Chapter 186 – Urgency


The Kun Peng dove down, descending from the nine heavens. It dove down head first into the vast ocean, turning once again into a large fish. As a Kun, it stirred up endless amounts of ocean waves that swallowed up the blue dome of heaven.

According to legend, just in the Kun state alone, it could already overturn seas and cover the skies. It could forge celestial bodies, create all things as it reigned undefeated under the heavens!

The Kun was slightly more peaceful, but it still retains the Peng’s masculinity and tyranny. It could spread its wings and soar into the cosmos. The spreading of its wings would crack open the primal chaos, and neither the heavens nor the earth could contain in.

And when the Kun and Peng were fused together, it became ridiculously powerful. Its might was immeasurable; otherwise, how could it have ranked amongst the top ten within all the divine birds and vicious beasts?

After taking a step in this direction and cultivating the initial stages of the Kun Peng precious technique, his symbols immediately became many times stronger. His strength was also naturally strengthened by many times, not to mention his divine might.

The little guy sat with his legs crossed there, peacefully and silently. Meanwhile, the scene behind him was that of splitting earth and cracking earth. That Kun Peng was curled up in mist. It could fill in the four seas, approach the nine heavens; its might was incomparable.

Only after a while did he opened his eyes. The strange scene behind his back had dissipated into the void. The seas, nine heavens, and the Kun Peng disappeared into a volcano. One of the Heavenly Passages were used to nourish the Kun Peng, and a symbol flickered there.

Finally, the scene completely vanished.

The little guy stood up. His eyes were lively, and bright radiance surrounded him. He was full of vigor, and his spirit was peaceful. This time, his precious technique transformed and advanced another level, enabling him to gain even deeper insights into it.

During this month and a half, he repeatedly personified the Kun Peng. From the ocean leaping into the ninth heaven, he personally experienced its entire life. It was a unique experience.

This great divine ability surpassed the Suan Ni’s precious technique without a doubt. Once a war broke out, the Kun Peng ability could definitely sweep away techniques of others who are at his level, bringing about an unrivalled power!

“My Kun Peng cultivation has advanced into a higher phase.” He scratched his head, and was extremely happy. His pure large eyes were full of delight as he hoped that one day, it might truly become like that of the divine bird’s; he would be able to soar through the void and shatter the universe.

During that month of bitter cultivation, he isolated himself within the pure land and did not see anyone. He did not feel lonely at all, but instead felt incomparably fulfilled as he constantly reaped benefits and gained insights.

When he walked out from the pure land, the first thing he did was find Qingfeng. Afterwards, he found Second Baldy who spent its days staring at the Heaven Mending Pavilion’s spiritual beasts until its eyes emitted green lights. They got together and joyously ate a large meal.

In the little guy’s world, if one could eat good things every day, then that was the blessed thing.

Hairy Ball also sneakily made its way over. Recently, it was a bit more obedient, because it stole another few stalks of spirit medicines from the Heaven Mending Pavilion, and out of fear of being exposed, it was constantly hiding within the little guy’s residence.

Zhizhi! The small golden thing continuously shouted, because it drank too much Little Devil Wine. Its entire body was emitting precious light, and it began to do some drunk boxing. There were several times when it almost ran into the bonfire.

“Yi, not quite right.” The little guy was fairly keen, and grabbed Hairy Ball up in one go. He carefully looked at it and noticed that the inside of its body was bright and resplendent. There were actually signs of symbols condensing.

He immediately became excited. One has to understand that this was a Zhuyan, and it was possible that this was a true Archaic vicious beast. The precious technique nurtured within its body was extremely shocking, and could be considered an unrivalled divine ability.

“My three heads six arms, my seventy two transformations! Come out quickly!”

The little guy forcefully shook the drunk Hairy Ball. This small golden thing was very furry. It was confused and disoriented as it hiccuped, making it appear extremely bewildered.

“This fellow really is terrifying after all. It shouldn’t be some kind of hidden supreme expert, right?” Second Baldy was suspicious as it stared endlessly at the fist sized golden Hairy Ball.

The little guys scratched his head.

Back then within the mountain depths when the four great creatures fought, other than the fiery divine sparrow, there seemed to be another indistinct golden creature that appeared.


Hairy Ball shouted incessantly. It hugged a wine cup that was the same size as itself and still wanted to continue drinking. In the end, it almost fell inside.

“That bird is so powerful. The group of martial brothers all fell because of it, so violent.”

“It said that it was looking for the savage child. Could it really be little junior brother’s friend?”

The people from the genius camp appeared. They chatted while walking as they searched for the little guy.

“What? Did something happen?” The little guy was suspicious.

“Junior brother, a big black bird appeared outside the mountain gate won’t stop squawking. It said that it was your elder brother, and that it knew the big fatty — Fire Nation Princess. It wants the both of you to welcome it.” One of the senior brothers informed him.

They were making their rounds around the mountain gate, and to their surprise, a big black bird descended from the skies and blabbered towards them, speaking a ton of nonsense.

The black bird’s words were extremely sharp, provoking a group of disciples. They began to fight with it, and in the end they all fell. Only after seeing an elder did it hold back and state its reason for coming.

The little guy was shocked, and immediately guessed who arrived.

This was a distance of more than hundreds of thousands of li separated by the great wastelands. That fellow actually traversed it and found this entrance; it truly wasn’t simple.

Huo Ling’er received the same news, and she flipped her jade desk on the spot out of anger. She brought a group of people with her and hurried towards the mountain gate.

Big fatty? Only the heavens knew how that damn nickname got out. Only that small thief shouted that before, and no one else knew about this, even less so call her this. Why did even a bird dare to assault her verbally now?

Outside the mountain gate, a big black bird constantly acted cockily. It was shooting off its mouth to a group of disciples, talking about how awesome it was. It spoke of how it ate White Tiger, nibbled on the Great Peng, battled the Zhujian, and even how it wrestled with a humanoid pure-blooded vicious beast before.

In particular, it was still licking its face. It even managed to strike up a relationship with one of the elders, and in the end, they began to chat happily.

The little guy rushed over. Right in front of his eyes was that big crow, so he was incredibly astonished. He was able to see that it had been worn out by travel from its messy feathers. It had clearly flown for a considerable amount of time.

“Second Baldy. Why aren’t you paying your respects after seeing your big brother!”

The hairless bird immediately became angry. If they talked about seniority, it was old enough to be the big red bird’s ancestor. However, this rotten bird just started calling it this in the end, making its heart ache.

“Why isn’t the fatty here. This is boring. My concern for her was in vain. I brought over some of my local specialties, but she did not even welcome me in the end.” The big red bird was showing off, but it did not dare to provoke the little guy since it knew of his savagery.

Little to its knowledge, curvy and perfect devilish figure of a young girl had already brought a group of people to block its retreat path.

“Beat it up for me!”

A soft scoff echoed through, and Huo Ling’er’s eyes began to move about. Her pure white face seemed demonic as her curvy figure fluctuated. She was angered to the point of trembling, and many symbols flew out from her instantly like rain as they descended upon that big black bird.

“Ao…” The big red bird screamed. Its beak was too cheap, and it provoked its own retribution.

“Beat it up, and pull out all its feathers. Don’t leave any. When we get back, we’ll make a fan out of them, and all of you will get one from this descendent!” Huo Ling’er yelled out, ordering several seniors to attack simultaneously.

“Oh a descendent! Its materials will be valuable. Those are sought after things that can’t be found. Go get them quickly!” The group of people obeyed. All of them were excited as they charged forward with their shining green eyes.

One person could not beat a descendant, but it wasn’t a problem for a group of people. These disciples were likely beating a chicken until it was bloody. They wished that all of them could pull out ten of its feathers.

“Fuck…” The big red bird cursed in extreme regret. It truly should not have provoked that woman, and it ask the little guy for help.

“Save me. This beautiful fatty is going crazy!”

However, the little guy was quite unperturbed. He stroked his chin and found a green limestone to look at, paying absolutely no attention to what was happening.

“Fatty, do you remember? It was this savage child who called you this first…” The big red bird screamed. A group of people charged forward and suppressed it with symbols while madly pulling out its feathers.

“Shut up!” Huo Ling’er was furious. Her body was sleek and slender like a precious beauty. Her nimble jade body curved up and down. How could she be associated with a fatty? It was so aggravating and spiteful.

“I’m poisonous! All of my black feathers have poison on them that can poison the soul and bones of all gods. If you don’t believe me just take a look.” It fiercely shook and black smoke immediately filled the air.

“It’s really poisonous! This feather is losing its black color and dripping blood.” Some people cried out.

This was because after the feathers that were dyed in black were rubbed away, a blood-like scarlet gloss appeared.

“No worries. It’s actually red, and its feathers were only dyed in black.” Second Baldy appeared and appeared very disingenuous. It snuck its way through the crowd and kicked the big red bird straight into a large pool by the mountain gates.

The big red bird who fell into the water flapped its ways as it immediately turned into its original form. As a result, it attracted the red eyes of all the people here because its red feathers appeared even more luscious as they flowed with a precious light.

“Second baldy, I’m not done with you!” The big red bird screamed wretchedly. It was being drowned by a group of people as everyone from Heaven Mending Pavilion started pouncing on it. They had truly thrown all caution out the window.

The strange hairless bird explained, “Do you see current appearance? This is what happens once I am able to reveal my feathers. I am the same species as it, and each feather possess a supreme divinity. After being made into a fan…” It was calm and unperturbed as it spoke, but before it even finished, the people by the shore were already boiling with excitement as they pounced into the pond.

The big red bird grimaced and howled for a long time. Before long, all of its feathers had been plucked clean. Its entire body became bald, and it became a big baldy not just in name, but in reality as well. It started crying nonstop.

“Fatty, this is more or less fine.” The little guy told Huo Ling’er and started reconciling. However, he naturally triggered a battle.

Last time he called the fire nation princess a fatty, she was undermined by Xia Youyu and the female war god. Huo Ling’er had already held back a stomach full of anger, and almost erupted into fury.

However, this time she immediately exploded. She became extremely flustered and began to fight the devilish brat. However, her achievements left something to be desired as she was immediately knocked over by the devilish brat.

“Junior sister, still not good enough. You need a bit more until you can wrestle with me.” The little guy crouched down. Then he tapped her pure white forehead, and feel around her body to plunder her valuables.

“Little thief, I’m gonna fight you to the death!” Huo Ling’er’s eyes started spouting fire. Her exceptional appearance was filled with resentment. However, she could not struggle free as she was put on the ground while being robbed in all places.

“Everyone come up and suppress him!” The fire nation princess yelled.

Fortunately the devilish brat was strong enough, so he was not surrounded. Otherwise, his situation might have been the same as the red bird’s, wretched and violated. However, in the end he still escaped without a trace.

The big red bird was very miserable. There wasn’t a single hair over its entire body. It dejectedly escaped behind Second Baldy’s back as it followed them into the Heaven Mending Pavilion.

“Junior brother, why are your hobbies so strange? How come you like raising these strange things, and got yourself another strange featherless bird?”

Along the way, several people greeted him as they stared at that bird bird whose head was almost dragging along the ground with great curiosity. They felt that the bird was very plump, and if stewed, it could feed them for several days.

“En, they’re my intimate brothers. This is Big Baldy, and this is Second Baldy.” The little guy was unperturbed as he introduced them with exception serenity.

“This is my clanmate and brother.” Second Baldy was brazen and sinister. It was used to this a long time ago, so this did not bother it at all as it generously introduced.

The big red bird’s head was almost going to descend straight underground. Its entire face was red, and it appeared extremely dejected. How could it be this unlucky to have actually lost its hair and become a baldy?

“How sad! I’m too pitiful. Second Baldy! I’m not done with you!” The big red bird screamed as its heart broke, and It was going to immediately wage battle with the strange hairless bird. These two were too similar.

There was no need to mention it, but it was very persistent. After separating at the Hundred Shattering Mountains, it had asked for the whereabouts along the route while traversing across the endless wastes in order to come to the Heaven Mending Pavilion. Everything was for the sake of having the little guy introduce it to the master of the divine feather that it could never take its mind off.

“Stop fighting. I’ll teach you some precious techniques and methods that will allow your power to advance,” the little guy said.

The Heaven Mending Pavilion was about to undergo a huge transformation. He taught the big red bird some symbols to advance its strength, and they were equivalent to the methods from the Zhulu Academy and some of his own Golden Winged Peng techniques. It allowed the big red bird to fly even faster.

After today, the big red bird underwent a hellish training. It was comprehending and cultivating in every method. Its brand new growing feathers contained a hint of gold amongst its original scarlet color.

It wasn’t like Second Baldy whose body had some accidents. It had only had its feathers plucked away clean temporarily

In just half a month, it grew new feathers, and could fly even faster now.

Its fiery light contained a faint golden color, as it flew, it resembled a streak of lightning. This was completely unlike the dejected big red bird from before, and it started to become cocky again.

For the next few days, the little guy went straight into the Sacred Storage Pavilion. He fumbled through all kinds of sacred scriptures daily. Everyday, he continued his journey of reading all the books from start to finish.

He skimmed through different texts that covered all kinds of subjects. At first, it did not feel like he got much in return, but after days of reading, the little guy gradually became more spirited and lively. His flesh constantly became stronger, and reaped many benefits.

During the following three months, he read over half the books in the Heaven Mending Pavilion. Sometimes, he would even go to plead the Guardian Spirit, pointing to the soil beneath its roots, since that was where the Kun Peng bone was dug up.

Unfortunately, he did not obtain any of them. The vine acted as if it had entered a long silent slumber.

In the end, he wholeheartedly devoted himself to reading every book inside the Sacred Storage Pavilion, and obtain several small techniques.

Today, the guard of the Sacred Storage Pavilion, elder Liu had selected a few scriptures for him. All of them were covered in bristles of electricity as a thunderous light surged about them. Their symbols were incredibly complicated and mysterious.

The little guy was pleasantly surprised since this was one of Heaven Mending Pavilion’s secret divine techniques that was related to lightning. Although it was badly damaged and unreadable in some parts, it was still priceless.

Coincidentally, the Suan Ni precious technique he learned was also related to thunder and lightning. The two were closely interconnected, and could mutually support and help out each other.

“Thanks uncle!” He was sincerely grateful.

Elder Liu’s hair was a complete mess. After sitting all day in his rattan chair, he looked as if he had nothing to do but wake up. However, he was very kind toward the little guy as he was gradually admiring him more and more.

“My Heaven Mending Pavilion’s precious techniques pay close attention to step by step progression. The more scriptures you read, the more thoroughly you’ll understand everything. Therefore, your accomplishments in the future will be greater. The reason why I did not let you immediately study our secret precious technique was because you had not accumulated enough knowledge. You had made breakthroughs too quickly from earlier, so you needed to digest them through reading scriptures to solve your predicament.” Elder Liu said.

The little guy was shocked. This old dude was most terrifying. He could actually see through his cultivation level just like the ghostly grandpa.

Clearly, this was an unimaginable expert! He guarded the Sacred Scripture Pavilion every single day, so how could he not know what bone book where in there? The reason why he didn’t give them to the little guy earlier was because he didn’t want him to be too anxious. It could become problematic if he became too impatient for quick results.

This was a supreme expert, and one could assume that other disciples also received his guidance when they came to pick out scriptures. He was able to see through everything and pick out the most suitable scripture for each individual.

“The strongest precious technique of our school… Is actually the Heaven Mending Technique. Sadly it was lost in the ancient era. That battle was too horrible. Various saints fought to achieve dominance, the gods went crazy, even our master Guardian Spirit almost perished.”

Elder Liu sighed. The white hair on his head was dishevelled, making him appear even older as he brooded about that battle.

Most of all, the Heaven Mending Pavilion was facing a crisis at the moment. There would soon be something shocking that was about to happen, so he appeared even more lonely now.

From that day onwards, the little guy started to cultivate the lightning style precious technique. He poured all his effort, mind and body into it, bathing himself in lightning daily as electricity danced all around his body.

He immersed himself within the methods of lightning, neglected all his needs and forgetting everything else. He used lightning to cleanse and purify his physical body, slowly refining his muscles and bones. He even spouted lightning with every breath.

“You have come.”

This was a spiritual mountain. The bristles of electricity emitted by lightning interweaved the sky above, dancing and striking madly and violently, akin to a vast expanse of ocean. This was the place of cultivation of the lightning elder Mu Yan .

There was only one hall on the entirety of the mountain peak, and it was releasing an immortal aura amidst the lightning. The lightning was one of the Heaven Mending Pavilion’s secret precious techniques, so it was naturally very important.

In addition, this place was deemed a sacred land. Normally, no one would even be allowed to visit.

The little guy came here in the past before to plead for Hairy Ball in an attempt to save him. This was his second time ascending the mountain to request an audience with the lightning elder. This time, he was asking for guidance about the secret precious technique.

“I humbly request for guidance.” The little guy said.

The lightning elder appeared mighty and powerful. His hair were as solid as iron needles, and when his eyelids opened, exceedingly terrifying lightning flickered. Even as he was speaking, electricity gushed out of his mouth and nose, bringing about a low rumble. This created a very frightening scene.  

He made an effort to smile kindly as he said, “Wonderful, there will be a day where you will shine with extraordinary brightness, and your reputation spreading across the vast land. Perhaps you can even leave the great wastes to contend for more power.”

Although he looked very fierce, he treated the little guy with incomparable kindness. He carefully gave pointers, teaching all of what he understood without any hints of selfishness, allowing for the brat to advance immensely in his knowledge on lightning.

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