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Chapter 183 – Three Fatties

Were they seeing things? The group of people’s mouths were stifled. Barbequing a guest’s mount and just eating it out in plain open; this was simply too savage.

The group of people from Zhulu Academy stared blankly. What had happened here? They were all stupefied.

“Junior brother!” A female disciple cried out in alarm as she ran forward. She helped up the bloody Tuoba Chuan, and everyone from Zhulu Academy surrounded him soon after.

“It hurts to death!” Tuoba Chuan woke up. He felt that more than ten bones in his body that had broke as pain stabbed his heart. When he saw the devilish brat with an oily mouth again with blinking eyes, he almost passed out again from anger.

“You…” He stared towards this side.

“You want to eat too? Xiao Tian, give him a piece.” The little guy said.

This was simply too much. The silver gowned male gave a stare with one eye before turning his body around. He then silently at the golden meat in hands without a care for anything else.

“We need an explanation. Why did this happen? The Heaven Mending Pavilion’s bullying is intolerable!” Zhulu Academy’s disciples were unreconciled as one fiery tempered senior disciple angrily rebuked.

“The reasoning is simple. He arrogantly and bossily crashed into the genius camp and broke some of my seniors’ bones and muscles. So, I beat him up.” The little guy pulled on Xiao Tian’s silver gown to wipe his mouth.

“Go away!” The silver gowned youth responded. He stared emptily for a long time, but did not make a move.

No one from Zhulu Academy looked well. This was deemphasizing the situation too much. You defeated him, so why didn’t you mention anything about his ten or so broken bones? Furthermore, how do you explain the descendent that’s being barbecued on the bonfire?

“Why did you eat the Golden-Eyed Dragon Horn Lion?” Zhulu Academy’s people asked loudly.

“Because it wanted to eat me; therefore, I ate it in the end instead.” The devilish brat’s response was simple and straightforward.

“You…” The group of people were unsatisfied. They wanted to come forward and fight him.

“Who’s scared of who? Let’s keep fighting!” The little guy stood up.

“Xia Youyu, your Heaven Mending Pavilion’s food everyday must be really bad. Why do these youths who block our way look like reincarnated ghosts who have been starved to death as they this descendent?” The female war god opened her mouth. Her entire body shone, and even her hair had been dyed in a dim golden splendor by the golden armor.

Xia Youyu was speechless towards this group of junior disciples who were too courageous. Her eyes swivelled as she said, “You guys are still young. It’s fine if you just settle these despotic matters with a laugh.?

Could this matter be settled by a laugh? This was being too protective! In the distance, Tuoba Chuan and his group’s eyes were blazing. That was a magnificent Archaic descendant whose value surpassed entire cities, yet it was eaten just like that.

“Devilish brat, I truly did not make a mistake. You truly know how to torment people.” The female war god said this as she looked at the youth ahead of her. She was angry, but also wanted to smile.

This guy truly knew how to make trouble out of nothing. From the Void God Realm, he troubled his way to the Heaven Mending Pavilion, then he also made trouble in the Hundred Shattering Mountains before setting off a series of disturbances. He made people want to beat him up so badly.

Upon seeing how she was acting, Xia Youyu knew the female war god was a forgiving individual who was not actually angry and blaming. Xia Youyu immediately relaxed, and said with a smile, “You guys acted too excessively. No matter what, this is a guest’s house. If you really wanted to eat that mount, can’t you have eaten it somewhere else? Who told you guys to eat it here?”

“Hehe…” Everyone from the genius camp began to laugh.

The female war god’s entire body shined with hold light. She looked towards Tuoba Chuan and said, “I know you came from the Tuoba family who has had grievances with the Heaven Mending Pavilion, but you cannot act aggressively here. If you were going to compare notes here, how can you break someone else’s bones?”

Many people’s hearts trembled. Out of all the Tuoba families, his was the most famous. It was an ancient family with incredibly immense power that could tremble the great wastes.

During the ancient era, they even wanted to start an entire country. However, a huge event struck their foundations. Their Guardian Spirit perished after being beheaded by a divine vine.

The Tuoba clan stumbled, and could not establish a country in the end. After endless years of self-cultivation, they became powerful again. Today, they were a pinnacle power.

Everyone made a sudden realization. No one knew that this Tuaba Chuan fellow harbored so much hostility. This clan was formerly mortal enemies with the Heaven Mending Pavilion!

“Senior sisters, I’ll treat you to some barbeque meat. This is a very sweet type of medicine.” The little guy came forward and greeted Xia Youyu and the female war god.

The two were both speechless. This devilish brat truly knew how to take advantage of things. Before he was lectured, he even invited them to eat meat while acting with great familiarity.

The little guy’s actions were skillful as he used a silver knife to cut off a chunk of fine golden meat before presented it personally on a plate.

“This flavor is excellent.” Xia Youyu gently smiled. Her entire head of black hair shone. Her oval face had quick-witted eyes, and the rosy lips that contained sparkling white teeth bit into the precious meat. She could not help but compliment it.

The female war god heard him, and also nipped a piece of golden meat off. She then put it in between her red lips to sample it before saying, “Pretty good, there is very strong divine essence in there, and it tastes quite good.”

Ah Pu.

Tuoba Chuan heard everything, and immediately spat out a mouthful of old blood.

“If both sisters really enjoy this. Then i’ll give you some more,” the little guy said.

“Don’t be stingy. Give me half of it.” The female war god said with no restraint.

The little guy immediately opened with his large round eyes and said, “I’m still not full yet!”

“What? You don’t want to?” The female war god’s golden armor on her body shined. Her beauty was astonishing, and even her figure were very refined with undulating curves. Moreover, her golden battle clothes matched her, giving her a very remote beauty.

“I’ve met my match. How come you want half right away? That’s almost as much as me.” The little guy quietly mumbled.

“What did you say?” The female war god stared at him.

“Nothing. I only feel that senior sister should lose some weight, so you should not eat that much,” he quietly said.

Everyone was dumbstruck. With such a good figure, what was there to lose? She had an absolutely devilish body with plump chests and tender waistline, and her legs were also long and slender. It could simply be called perfect proportions.

The female war god stared at him. There had not been anyone who talked to her this way.

Xia Youyu lightly smiled while her white dress that floated above the earth. She stood there, seeming like she would float with the wind. Her beauty couldn’t be imitated, as if she was a fairy looking over the world.

“Senior sister, in fact, you should lose some weight as well,” the little guy said.

Xia Youyu’s smile immediately froze. This naughty kid truly needed a spanking.

“Okay, how would you make us lose weight. Are we really fat?”

These two carried an outstanding elegance, and were abnormally beautiful. Their figures stood delicate, refined, and lithe, able to move every man. The more stunning a female was, the more she couldn’t bear being slandered like this.

“You’re already fat like that, yet you have the nerves to ask me where you are fat.” The little guy muttered with a weak voice that sounded self-evident. His large eyes glanced at their plump bosoms, and their firm, round buttocks.

At this moment, the entire scene was quiet. No one talked, and no one even dared to display any anger as they all stared at him with their strange expressions.

Everyone felt that this devilish brat had truly angered the gods and deserved a beating!

Xia Youyu and the female war god had an otherworldly beauty that could bring down nations. This kind of beauty was extremely rare, perhaps seen once in a lifetime. Now, they were driven mad.

This was devilish brat who should die. Where were his shifty eyes looking at? His so called ‘losing weight’ was unexpectedly like that. Both of their eyebrows immediately straightened up as their beautiful eyes stared at each other before making their moves together.

The little guy then held his head and ran like a rat. They were truly unreasonable to the point that they did not even let others speak. Furthermore, he did not even say the entire thing.

“Senior sisters, you two are being unreasonable. Sincere advice that’s tough to bear is beneficial for you! It’s wrong to not let other people speak!”

Xia Youyu was normally sweet and gentle like a fairy, and the female war god’s temper was also outstanding like a godess. Now, they both violently chased him to beat him up.

“Is it like this? Huniu1’s figure is much better than both of yours. You two are fat, yet you don’t let anyone talk about it.” The little guy complained.

Xia Youyu and the female war god were driven mad. They felt provocative stare after provocative stare upon their plump bosoms as well as their firm yet round buttocks. This kid was truly lacking in moral sense.

“You truly do anger the Gods! You deserve a beating!”

“Devilish brat, you’re lacking in philosophy!”

The two almost activated their precious artifacts as they chased after him together. They were already so infuriated that their pure white faces had been flushed red a long time ago. This child truly knew how to invoke others’ hate.

“I’m telling you the truth. If you don’t believe it, ask Xiao Tian.” The little guy ran while loudly shouting, “Senior brother Xiao, do you think these two are fat?”

The silver gowned youth immediately became motionless. He slowly turned around with his back towards the little guy. Otherwise, he would have been beaten as well. He silently cursed because he did not want to be dragged into the water.

The little guy shouted, “Do you see? He can’t even bear to look at you two without making a comment. He turned his back towards you two because he did not want to take another look.”

The silver gowned youth immediately became angry after hearing that. He turned around and looked at Xiao Youyu and the female war good. The result was two dong dong sounds echoing through the air as he was struck in the head twice.

“What are you looking at!?”

How could he be so unlucky? Xiao Tian’s painful tears almost flowed out. He was struck twice by those two girls with enormous strength.

“Qingfeng, do you think they are fat?” The little guy was unconvinced as he shouted again.

Qingfeng’s little face was flushed in red. He immediately covered his face with his hands in order to not answer nor look as he learned from the mistakes of the one before him.

“Stand still for me!” The female war god was normally very cool, but now she was humiliated and angry. As she chased, her golden armor shined and resounded.

Xia Youyu was similar. She had never lost control like this before, but now she was so angry that her entire body was itchy as her charming face became flushed with red.

The little guy was going to get beaten, so he had no choice but to activate his precious technique. His body shined, and a pair of golden wings appeared. It allowed his speed to improve by an entire level as he quickly distanced himself from them.

Everyone was staring blankly. Someone as powerful as the female war god was unable to catch him, and Xia Youyu who was as quick and agile as a fairy was also unable to catch him. This genuinely amazed everyone.

His speed was too fast. What kind of precious technique was that?

“Remarkable, he most likely comprehended the supremely powerful Golden Winged Peng’s divine abilities.” Xia Youyu displayed her amazed expression. Of course, she had heard of the recent news that a little kid was running around in the Sacred Sacred Pavilion every day. She even heard legends of that golden bone, but she did not imagine that he actually obtained it.

“It was actually the Golden Winged Peng’s precious technique. Don’t run anymore. Come and study with the disciples of Zhulu Academy.” The female war god said because their academy also had these divine techniques.

“I don’t believe it.” The little guy shook his head. Afterwards, he earned urged, “Senior sisters, losing weight right now is still not too late. Otherwise, you’ll be as fat as sister Huo Ling’er, shockingly fat.”

In the distance, a slim and graceful figure arrived. It was actually Huo Ling’er, wearing a scarlet dress. Although she was only fourteen or fifteen years old, she was tall and slender with curves undulating over her body. She was close to perfection.

“Little thief, what are you randomly talking about. I’m gonna fight you to the death!” Huo Ling’er was extremely humiliated and angry.

Some people informed her that Heaven Mending Pavilion’s disciples were being bullied by Zhulu Academy. She came back from those old freaks to lend her assistance. In the end, she happened to encounter this exact scene.

“Three fatties that I can’t provoke are gathered here. Why wouldn’t I hide?” The little guy fled.

Who was provoking who in the end. All three of them were resentful.

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