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Chapter 184 – Confrontation of Peng Techniques

The little guy took to his heels and ran. However, as long as he was within the Heaven Mending Pavilion, where could he run off to? Xia Youyu was the regional underground boss here, and so in the end she still caught him.

“Senior sisters, I’m wrong. You all are actually very beautiful, and not fat at all. Your jadelike forms are long and slender. Spare me.” While he was saying this, he stared at those two’s legs. They were indeed very slender and bewitching. They were vaguely visible through their dresses like suet jade. Then, he looked at those small waistlines which were indeed very full and unable to be grasped; they were soft and pure white like tender water snakes.

This kind of apology lacked sincerity.

In the end, the two ‘fatties’ still pounded and beat him. Then, they forced him to exchange and compare notes with people from Zhulu Academy!

On the other side, Huo Ling’er also want to give him a beating really badly. She was not very old yet, but she was actually labelled as a fatty. This almost made her crumble and suddenly leave.

“What benefit do I get from fighting you? If I win, will you guys pass on your Peng Techniques to me?” The little guy asked. He was being realistic, because the battles he had with the white tigers and other descendants and within the Hundred Shattering Mountains still had some residual effects on him.


Xia Youyu struck him and said, “Stop saying random things. This is called exchanging pointers, understand?”

“What’s the point of that then? If I defeat them, there’s nothing to eat, and there aren’t any benefits either.” The little guy couldn’t raise his excitement and lacked energy.

“Are you certain that you can beat us?” Across from him, a girl was full of smiles. However, in between her appearance was a killing intent.

“I’m very confident…” The little guy answered at will. He felt this was natural and expected, then he added, “If I win, will there be any precious techniques for me?”

For Zhulu Academy, apart from the immobile Tuoba Chuan, everyone else also came forward. This devilish brat was too hateful. They really wanted to come up and give him a beating together.

“Since we’re comparing notes, we naturally have to make an exchange. You are all proficient in Peng’s techniques. We can investigate into what each other has learned later.” For Xia Youyu, no matter how much she wanted to beat him up, she was still a bit partial; after all, they were all disciples from the Heaven Mending Pavilion. Then, she looked at the female war god to see her opinion on the matter.

“Don’t cry if you lose.” The female war god nodded in consent with a hint of smile on her face.

“Immature kid, let’s go!” The female across charged over at an extremely fast speed as golden scales appeared over her body. Although this was one of the Peng’s techniques, it seemed a bit different.

“Pengs that grew scales?” The little guy carefully watched.

This girl was very strong. She was sixteen to seventeen years old, and was one of Zhulu’s Academy’s extraordinarily famous geniuses. Her Peng techniques have almost reached perfection. At this moment, she had practically transformed into a human shaped Pengas she shone in golden light.

She opened her mouth and quietly hissed. Countless golden scales transformed into sharp knife edges as they whizzed across the air with the intention of penetrating the enemy.

“Scaled Pengs, it was indeed a bit different.” The little guy was happy since this was a good reference.

Hong. He smashed forward with his fist. His fist curled up with bone symbols, and with his full forced immersed within, it was full of robust energy as it directly erupted with dazzling light. It collided into the dense golden scales.

With a bo sound, a soft bubbling sound echoed through the air, and all the golden scales were destroyed in the explosion as they turned into an endless shower of light. It was difficult for them to resist the might of the little guy’s fist.

Everyone breathed in a breath of cold air, especially those people from Zhulu Academy. Apart from Tuoba Chuan, this was the first time they saw him make a move. Blocking a precious technique barehanded, how unyielding and dauntless was that?

“Junior brother, were you defeated by him like this?” Someone asked.

Tuoba Chuan’s entire face flushed red. It was indeed like so. His opponent did not even use any precious techniques as he struck this magnificent genius flying into the air, leaving him unable to even show his face.

After a weng long sound was emitted, the battlefield had some new changes. That girl spread out her arms, and an enormous pair of wings appeared behind her back. Then she furiously fanned out, creating a violent gale that sent the sand and rubble flying.

“Divine Peng Astral Wind!”

Many people were shocked as a golden whirlpool appeared. It advanced at a breakneck speed, slicing everything in its path. Huge boulders, old trees, and many other things were quickly transformed into fine powder.

The little guy was amazed, then he joyously said, “This can be combined with the Golden Jade Ripple Technique, and then turn into my Kun Peng’s precious technique.”

He shifted positions, and then opened his mouth to spurt out a patch of golden symbols, attacking at that whirpool. With a hong long that sounded like two hurricanes encountering one another, all the space between the heaven and earth was going to be twisted into pieces.

The ground cracked as boulders and dust soared into the sky. A large amount of power was displayed here.

The little guy was too strong. He spouted out a mouthful of divine energy, and they turned into symbols containing this amount of power. This changed the expressions of everyone from Zhulu Academy.

With a chi sound, the little guy flew across the air as he threw himself towards that girl to capture her. However, what shocked him was that he actually charged into nothing. There was only a broken silhouette where she originally stood, with no signs of the actual body.

At this moment, golden feathers danced in the breeze from every direction, and there were even sharp scales hidden amongst them. Like raindrops, they landed and mystified the entire area.

The girl’s body turned into over ten clones as she hid amongst these scaled feathers that attacked him together. Strangely, it was indiscernible which of these were the real body.

“Fantasy Peng Technique!”

Everyone from Zhulu Academy revealed their joy. That child was too savage and could not be matched in strength. The only way way to gain the upper hand was to bewilder him with divine techniques.

This little guy showed a strange expression. This was truly a strange occurrence. His opponent could actually split herself up into many images, giving people a tough time tracking down her real body. This was tough to deal with.

He quickly struck out and attacked ahead. He then destroyed seven or eight images in succession only to discover in the end that none of those were the real body.

“Devilish brat, do you still want to suppress us? This is not enough yet?!” The girl lightly scolded as golden feathers fluttered in the breeze from every direction. Her clones were everywhere, and they all attacked him together. The dense golden scales that were able to pierce through all kinds of boulders and old trees shot toward their opponent.

The little guy tried to evade, but he was trapped. His enemy was everywhere, so he did not know which one to attack.

Amongst the keng qiang noises, he smashed apart patches of golden scales. Then, his entire body shined to finally activate his own precious technique. A pair of wings appeared, and they fanned out with hong long sounds. This place immediately became chaotic as the golden clouds that filled the sky were smashed apart.

Everyone was shocked at this powerful display of might!

After that, a golden whirlpool emerged from the little guy’s body. This was very strange, as if it covered him in a layer of armor in order to protect him completely.

From every direction, the golden feathers fluttered in the breeze. There were countless clones in the air as the girl launched her attack yet again in order to afflict some serious damages to that powerful youth.

However, the little guy was fearless this time. The golden whirlpools that swirled on top of his body actually swallowed those symbols and the essence of the technique in order to make them his own.

“What kind of precious technique is this?” Everyone was completely astonished.

“Golden Jade Ripple Technique!” Xia Youyu was amazed, then she frowned again. That protection technique was not like this because it was only capable of defense. However, now she was seeing that this technique able to refine the power of symbols from the opponent in order to make them his own.

“This practically seems out of the boundaries of the Golden Winged Peng’s techniques. This almost seems like a technique from legends. The Kun Peng was able to spread its wings and refine the heaven and earth.” The female war god muttered as she was not certain either.

Golden whirlpools swivelled all over his body. Not only did it defend against his opponent’s precious techniques, he was also able to find out which direction the attack was the most intense during the refining process. This was because as the golden whirlpools  swallowing everything, its senses were very keen. It was only due to this fact that he was able to capture that girl’s true body.

The corner of his mouth held a hint of smile, and he spread the Kun Peng wings. Powerful astral winds swept and destroyed everything as he galloped past all of it like a streak of lightning. He possessed a terrifying power, and a speed that was fast to the degree of shocking everyone.

With a peng sound, he captured the girl and lifted her up with one hand. After being suppressed by those powerful golden symbols, she could not even budge an inch.

“Defeated like that?” Everyone sighed. They knew that the devilish brat was strong, but they did not think he was terrifying to this degree.

“Pass your Peng precious technique to me.” The little guy thirsted for it.

“Hmph!” The girl coldly groaned before turning her head around.

“You have to do what you promised!” The little guy was a little bit worried. He wanted this really badly because he wished for the divine Peng techniques of Zhulu Academy. It could allow him to advance another step toward the perfection of his own Kun Peng’s precious technique.

“Don’t worry, we’ll do as we promised. Although we gathered together the Peng’s divine abilities at our Zhulu Academy, it’s not our secret divine techniques. It’s exchangeable.” The female war god smiled because she knew that Heaven Mending Pavilion also had this kind of precious technique, except there were some differences.

Even if they let him comprehend it, it was unlikely for him to develop an even greater technique with it.

Of course, she did not realize that the little guy could actually comprehend their best features because his goal was to recreate the Kun Peng’s precious technique. Therefore, these were very valuable to him.

After this secret talk echoed over and landed upon his ears, the little guy’s eyes immediately brightened. These were great rewards.

“Is there anyone else who wants to fight me?” He was incomparably thirsty.

In the end, four youths came up together. They were all bathed in blazing divine splendor like devils who came out from magma. They were all exceptionally strong, and around seventeen to eighteen year old. They were all elite talents who were fostered with all of Zhulu Academy’s attention.

“We know you’re very strong. Us four will take you on together. Are you up to the challenge?”

They had a humble posture because this devilish brat was too savage. It the rumors of him daring to chase down the pure-blooded Zhu Jian and Hornless Dragon were true, then even thinking about it was scary.

“No problem, if I lose, I’ll teach you my precious technique.” The little guy happily responded.

“These are the four most powerful youth from Zhulu Academy,” the female war god said. Although she did not believe they could win, she felt that there was going to be quite a battle.

Since it was an exchange, and it was clearly stated that the great Peng’s precious techniques were going to be used, divine clouds naturally surged and the entire sky fluttered with divine golden feathers.

The four experts acted together as they activated their precious artifacts. They each used a damaged golden bone that they were compatible with as they charged ahead.

One of them had their arm transform into an incredibly sharp Peng claw. Golden light blazed splendidly, and with a hong long sound, it reached forward. The little guy was shocked because after dodging it, a huge boulder beside him weighing a hundred thousand jin was immediately smashed into smithereens.

“So strong!” Everyone was startled.

After another person had his body combined with the precious bone, and a weng noise sounded as a streak of golden lightning streaked across the air. His arm transformed into a divine wing that swept across like a heavenly knife, creating ear-splitting keng qiang noises.

All the symbols that the little guy activated had been shattered into pieces by the divine wing. He couldn’t hold back from using his precious techniques any longer.

The third person made his move. After combining with his precious bone, an incredibly sharp divine sword that seemed to be able to cut through anything in its path appeared. Boundless golden sword energy drowned this entire area like a sea.

“Such a strong precious artifact!”

The fourth person held his damaged bone and fused with it. Peng feathers emerged, and then transformed into countless golden feathers that shot forth like divine arrows.

The fourth had a huge battle with the little guy. The four of them assembled together, and seemed like the reincarnation of a Peng. With their four damage bones, they created a killing formation that was incomparably terrifying.

“Zhulu Academy has come prepared, and actually brought a formation over to deal with the devilish brat,” Xia Youyu said.

“The four precious bones were only brought for the sake of practicing the formation. No one expected him to have also cultivated the Peng’s precious techniques, and was powerful to this extent.” The female war god explained.

These were the bones of a supremely powerful descendent. It was absolutely terrifying. Dense symbols packed close together in order to obstruct the little guy’s techniques. Therefore, this battle was very intense, and he was not able to break and pull them apart like old roots from the ground. This battle involved forcefully suppressing four powerful individuals.


The winds and thunder sounded, and divine wings appeared behind the little guy. With a fierce shake, it seemed as if the heavens and earth were going to collapse. He was pressured to using his most powerful precious technique, and the shock sent one of those people flying.

Everyone was shocked. How could his Peng precious techniques be this firm yet ferocious? It was simply unmatched. Not even a formation could hold him!


The fourth individual shouted loudly. The four pieces of precious bones released their secret power. Dense symbols that increased in power filled the air. They resonated with other, uniting their precious techniques.

The little guy was fearless. The Kun Peng wings behind him shook, and the divine golden light split the earth around him. He seemed like a revered god as he bathed in a golden divine sea and swept across each direction. With a hong sound, he successfully made the four surrounding people spit out fresh blood and fly straight through the air.

Their expressions all changed. This was simply an enemy they could not defeat.

The little guy’s body was covered with the Golden Jade Ripple Technique, and he quickly absorbed their symbols in order to refine its essence to supplement his own. Thus, he seemed even stronger now.

The female god was emotionally moved. She was finally aware that although the little guy utilized the Peng’s technique, there was a huge endless ocean behind him, as if a fish was soaring into the skies.

“Kun Peng!” At this moment, she was finally convinced. Her heart could not help but tremble. This kid actually stepped onto this path, and despite being far from perfect, it was already this powerful. If he was actually able to fully recreate the Kun Peng’s precious technique, how powerful would that be?

In the end, Zhulu Academy’s four youths suffered a huge defeat. They were not his opponent.

The little guy was in high spirits because he obtained Zhulu Academy’s Peng species precious techniques. He immediately sat cross-legged onto the ground to start his comprehension, and his body began to shine.

Everyone was stirred up. Behind him, a divine golden egg ebbed and flowed. A divine bird vaguely emerged before everyone’s eyes, and its cry terrified everyone’s souls.

“Wu, so nice. If I completely understand Zhulu Academy’s precious technique before going back to comprehending that Kun Peng bone, I will obtain a world-shocking divine technique!”

The little guy was extremely happy. Up until now, he did not fully delve into that bone. He had just obtained it last night, so he only started comprehending it recently. Before that, he was constantly researching the Peng species’ methods.

It could be seen that after learning Zhulu Academy’s precious technique. His benefits from researching that bone would be even greater.

With a kacha noise, the earth trembled and the mountains shooks. A huge earthquake seemed to have occurred beneath the Heaven Mending Pavilion, making everyone jump up in fright.

After a hong sound rang out, a spiritual mountain toppled and collapsed over into a dark abyss. This was not the only one, as seven to eight others also resulted in the same fate. This scene overwhelmed everyone.

“What happened?” Everyone was shocked.

Some strange had happened in the Heaven Mending Pavilion. The great earth actually split open, revealing streaks of huge and incredibly terrifying dark crevices that extended into every direction.

The collapse of those spiritual mountains were related to this. It was truly a bit scary, since it happened all too suddenly. No one knew what to do.

“What happened?!” Heaven Mending Pavilion’s ancestral elders were shocked, so they all stood on their feet. Even those few elders in seclusion were frightened, and they all walked out from their cave dwellings.

The little guy jumped up and looked towards the source of those huge crevices. He felt that something far from reassuring had happened since it originated from the old vine’s resting place.

“What happened? Is the Guardian Spirit going to die?” The little guy had an ominous premonition.

The old vine just gave him the secret precious technique of the Kun Peng’s descendant last night, yet such a thing was happening now.

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