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Chapter 182 – Emphatic Beating

The devilish brat shouted, and the group of people followed along. Their rally was strong, and the people from the genius camp all followed behind him as he charged towards Zhulu Academy’s residence.

More than half of the group already knew the little guy’s identity, and they knew how savage he was. As a result, even though they went to battle when those senior brothers and sisters did not return yet, they were fearless.

Regardless of whether it was the Void God Realm or the Hundred Shattering Mountains, his name was infamous and widespread. He was always being cursed at by powerful opponents, but in the end, he was still living happily and healthily.

“They are residing within the Fifth Spiritual Cliff. It’s a precious land rich in spiritual essence. Our Heaven Mending Pavilion treat them so courteously, yet they actually acted so insensibly.”

Someone led the way, and they proceeded towards the spiritual area that had purple energy rising in spirals from it. There was a small clear lake, an ancient stone cliff, and all types of auspicious birds perching. Even fragrance of medicinal herbs wafted through this area.

A group of silver-colored spiritual deer traveled past them. Their bodies carried multicolored light, and their horns in particular flickered with an incomparably brilliant silver splendor.

The little guy immediately halted his steps and wiped away a mouthful of saliva. “Young deer, what great medicine! This is a group of rarely seen spiritual deer. They are so plump!”

The group of people also stopped, and all of them began to develop creases on their foreheads. Didn’t they come here to vent their anger? Why did they end up staring at a group of silver-colored spiritual beasts?

“Junior brother, these are not things you can touch. They are used by the elders to refine medicine.” One of them reminded in a small voice.

“Who said I was going to eat them? Am I that kind of person? Would I do something like that?” The little guy spoke seriously. His face was full of righteousness, but his motion of wiping his saliva ruined the the mood.

The group of people began to giggle, and all of them laughed until they couldn’t speak.

“Go, we are going to collect our debts from them!” The little guy covered up his embarrassment before once again rushing forward.

Naturally, these were sacred grounds, so normal people were not allowed to live here. Heaven Mending Pavilion had shown so much courtesy for Zhulu Academy that they even arranged for disciples to live here.

The group of people were dissatisfied as they charged in there shouting and roaring.

“People from Zhulu Academy, come out!”

There were halls ahead, a bridge with a running river underneath it, and also a patch of refined garden. The lake emitted spiritual energy that appeared quite extraordinary.

“So noisy, it’s just a bunch of trash. How do they have the face to show anger after losing so badly?” A youth’s voice echoed past. He was quite relentless and unsensible. Everyone from the genius camp felt his voice was extremely early piercing, and they all clenched their fists while gritting their teeth.

“Did you guys call your senior brothers and sisters? Let them all come together.” The youth’s expression was icily arrogant as he appeared while seated on top of a vicious beast.

The ground lightly trembled. This vicious beast was quite ferocious with a length of four to five meters. Its form was sturdy with an appearance of a lion, its entire body was covered with dense scales, and its wide mouth was filled with extremely sinister-looking sharp teeth. There were also a pair of antlers on its hair that glittered with green and golden light as it circulated with symbols.

This was an Archaic Descendent, and it was not even mature yet. However, there was already a terrifying fluctuating wave that emitted from its entire body. It was extremely powerful!

Everyone breathed in a breath of cold air. This was a descendent that actually became his mount. This youth from Zhulu Academy clearly had an extremely powerful background.

“This is a Golden-Eyed Dragon Horn Lion!” Someone recognized it.

This mount wasn’t something an ordinary person could take on. It could even be said that the majority of the people here couldn’t even be its opponent, and wouldn’t be able to defend against the attacks of this fierce beast.

The Golden-Eyed Dragon Horn Lion’s two eyes shone splendidly like two golden lanterns as symbols and ominous lights interweaved around it. It was very terrifying, making people unwilling to meet it face to face.

“All of you come together. I won’t make a move. My mount alone is enough to trample all over you guys.” The youth’s words were indifferent as he disdainfully looked towards everyone.

Everyone immediately flared up. This person was truly holding them in contempt.

He appeared only fourteen to fifteen years old and wore a purple gown with a height of two meters. At that age, he was already considered very tall. He was sturdy and strong with a pair of expressive eyes. He was quite a heroic talent.

His gaze swept past those who were bandaged and broken boned and immediately sneered and shook his head. After yesterday’s battle, the genius camp’s lakeshore was dyed in blood. Many people were afflicted with heavy injuries, so he was incredibly confident in himself.

“You are too aggressive. I’ll battle you!” Wu Feng came forward. He was a person who returned from training under those old freaks in order to give a his juniors a boost.

“I already said that you guys can come together. Beating my lion is already an achievement!” The youth patted the lion’s back with his hands as he nonchalantly said, “Trample them flat!”

The Golden-Eyed Dragon Horn Lion roared and charged forth. The ground immediately began to shake. This enormous creature’s entire body shone as its green scales glittered. Its eyes even shot out two rays of golden light that appeared extremely malevolent.

Everyone was apprehensive. If they had to face this descendent, then they’d rather confront that youth directly since this vicious beast was even more terrifying.

Only the little guy was taking things lightly. He took large strides forward with rays of light flickering in his his. He smiled and said, “It looks so delicious!”

“What’d you say?” The youth who charged forth and raised an eyebrow after hearing those words. He immediately displayed his killing intent and urged the vicious beast to trample in the little guy’s direction.

The Golden-Eyed Dragon Horned Lion roared loudly. Sand flew, rocks tumbled, and leaves drifted immediately. This lion’s roar was truly powerful; it was very violent and vicious to the max.

However, facing this violent and enormous beast, the little guy’s display was stupefying as he also began to roar. Sound waves surged and rubble rolled. Huge trees broke apart, and he completely muffled that lion roar.

Everyone was dumbstruck. Were they seeing things? Who was the Archaic Descend here? How come his roar suppressed that lion’s roar?

The Golden-Eyed Dragon Horned Lion was infuriated and began to roar even louder. Next, it madly rushed over with the intent breaking that youth in front of it into pieces.

The little guy was happy and fearless. He took the initiative to charge straight forward. He quickly galloped as he stamped on the great earth.

Many people from the genius camp knew his identity, but they had not seen his true power. Now, they were all holding onto their sweat because that was a genuine Archaic Descendent. Although it was not mature yet, its flesh was still extremely powerful. This kind of confrontation of force made some people unable to bear watching the scene.


A huge collision noise sounded. A large and small body knocked against each other, and a scene that toppled everyone’s expectations occurred. The little guy continued charging forward, and that huge beast was knocked away flying as blood spouted out of its mouth.

As for the mounted youth, he was was in a wretched situation. He immediately somersaulted and fell out.

“I could tell immediately that it was going to be delicious!” The little guy made a big fuss out of nothing, and ran forward as if nothing had happened. He was simply unhindered from the start as he started chasing that huge beast that had been knocked away flying.

Hong. His fist landed on top of that Golden Eyed Dragon Horn Lion’s body. That place instantly cracked as the bones inside its body exploded, and fresh blood violently surged.

Ao… The descended was alarmed and angry; at the same time, it was also incredibly terrified. Its two eyes shot out two golden rays of light toward that youth. Simultaneously, the horns on its head began to shine with dense symbols that seemed like a blazing divine flame as it suppressed forward.


Even with all its power, everything was useless. The little guy’s stroked his fingers, and the golden rays of light immediately broke down. Then with a roar, he even shattered all the symbols in the air.

His behavior was quite savage like an Archaic Dragon. His fists were heavy, destroying thousands of things as his terror overflowed into the heavens.

The little guy jumped up onto its head, and he prepared to steal its primitive symbol bone. The Golden Eyed Dragon Horn Lion was alarmed. Its entire body burned as it activated its precious technique, submerging the little guy within.

A bird cry sounded, and a Divine Peng spread its wings. Golden light surged as it struck downwards, tearing apart all other precious techniques. With a hack of its divine wings, that powerful descendent was chopped in half.

Everyone was overwhelmed with shock. How savage was this child? This was a magnificent and extremely powerful Archaic Descendent, but he was able to slaughter it in two to three moves.

This kind of battle strength, this kind of method sent a chill down everyone’s spines. There was a huge gap here that was difficult to exceed.

“His opponent was already not at our level!” Some people lightly exclaimed.

With a kacha sound, the Golden Eyed Dragon Horn Lion’s precious bone cracked. The horn on top of its head fell down as blood essence spilt out.

“Qingfeng, come and eat some deer horn blood.” The little guy stood in front of the vicious beast while calling Qingfeng to come over.

“Ah…” Qingfeng was at his wit’s end. His brother was too strong. How did he kill that powerful descendent in only a few moves? It seemed almost like a dream.

He was very obedient, and ran forward according to the little guy’s commands. He collected all the blood in the horn with a jade jar. This blood was much more powerful that of those silver deers they saw earlier.

“Drink it while it’s warm, and see how effective it is.” The little guy did not drink any as he gave it all to Qingfeng. He was cared a lot about Qingfeng.

“Everyone, come and help. I’ll treat everyone to lion meet. The flesh and blood of descendents are precious medicine. Don’t miss this.” The little guy called out to everyone.

“Ah…” The purple gowned youth, Tuoba Chuan roared loudly. His round eyes glared, and he was truly angered to the extreme. He was already quite tyrannical, and did not believe that there was another person who was more emphatic, able to eat his mount right in front of his face.

“I’m going to die from anger!” Tuoba Chuan roared loudly. He got up and threw himself forward. Golden symbols enveloped his body as a golden peng materialized and attacked ahead.

The little guy turned around. After he saw the Peng species’ technique, he carefully reacted, and did not make a move until they almost made contact. His fist curled up in bone symbols as splendid as a little sun, and smashed that Peng’s body.


Golden storms violently whistled as that Peng wailed upon being instantly destroyed. It transformed into a golden shower of light that scattered between the heaven and earth.

Tuoba Chuan was astonished. How much strength was necessary to firmly defend against his precious technique? This power far surpassed his! His eyes showed his fear and his pupils quickly shrunk as he startledly said, “You’re that… Savage devilish brat!”

“Your eyes are dull.” The little guy said, then he loudly reprimanded, “You’re the devilish brat. Your entire family is a bunch of devilish brats!”

He charged forth as he attacked.

Tuoba Chuan was astonished. Eighteen barriers of light appeared ahead of him. He used all his strength in order to activate and defend with his precious artifact. Against that legendary savage child, he was only able to defend.

However, the disparity was too great. Those who opened up nine heavenly passages, as far as humans went, only existed in ancient texts. However, the little guy was alive and kicking. Those who met him could only lower their head before retreating.

Rumbling noises never stopped. The eighteen barriers of light were all shattered. The little guy charged close, and hoisted him up with one hand in order to shake him with all his strength. Precious artifacts, decorated medicinal powder jars, and bone books all fell onto the floor.

“Qingfeng come. I’m going to gift you good things!”

A kacha sound echoed out. The little guy finally shook him until his bones broke, and threw him in front of the faces of the genius camp.


Everyone was blunt, and immediately took action. Some people kicked him into the air, then smashed down with their fists, and knocked him out.

No one took his life, but they weren’t sincere about it either because he was too indifferent yesterday as he broke many people’s bones. He had already surpassed the level of exchanging and comparing notes and broke into the realms of cruelty.

On the other side, the little guy brought Qingfeng and the silver gowned Xiao Tian to clean up that descendent. After peeling back its skin, they immediately lit a fire to start a barbeque.

His moves were too swift. While everyone vented out their anger, the sweet aroma already assailed their nostrils. The Golden Eyed Dragon Horn had been barbequed into an oily golden yellow. Everyone was stupefied.

This was a descendent, yet it was barbequed like this. Was it really going to get eaten?

“Junior brother, are we really… Going to eat it here?” Everyone salivated while being a little fearful and apprehensive as well.

“Why does this matter? When I was in the Hundred Shattering Mountains, I was having several of these per meal. Don’t worry about. Everyone can come and eat together.” The little guy cried out to everyone.

In the distance, Tuoba Chuan was badly injured to the point that his bones were broken. After seeing this, he immediately became angered to the point of passing out. He did not look at it again to avoid being more irritated.

The group of people all surrounded over. Soon after, they started to have a feast here. The sweet fragrance of meat assailed their nostrils. To these ordinary boys and girls who obeyed and listened to lectures and lessons, this gave them a feeling that they did something wrong. This felt too carefree.

“What are you people doing here?” A very pleasant voice echoed outwards from a white dressed  girl.

Her pure white dress fluttered in the breeze. She had black hair and eyes, and possessed a beauty that was out of this world. She seemed as if she appeared out of a lotus flower with her snow white exquisite skin, and eyes glittered like constellations. An astonished expression hung on her face.

“Ah, it’s sister Youyu.” A group of geniuses quickly bowed their heads as they hurriedly swallowed that final bite of golden barbeque meat.

The little guy recognized this white dressed girl. While he was crashing through the great wastes alone, he once encountered her at the western border of Stone Country. She had even gifted him a talisman, which he gave to Qingfeng in the end.

Beside Xia Youyu was another girl. Her body shined with a golden glow as she wore a golden battle armor. Her physique was tall, and her bosom was ample. Although she wore armor, it was still difficult to conceal her impressive charm.

This was Zhulu Academy’s female war god who stood together with Xia Youyu. She was just as beautiful in her shining golden armor. There was an avant-garde elegance about her.

One was lucid, elegant and out of this world with a fluttering white dress that made her seem like a fairy that descended from the moon palace. The other in shining golden armor had a tall and slender physique that made her look like a goddess. Both of them were equally matched and very beautiful, making men have difficulties averting their gazes.

Behind them were a few young boys and girls. Looking at the group of Heaven Mending Pavilion disciples munching with their jaws, they were similarly stupefied.

“Why do I feel like that barbequed golden ferocious beast is junior Tuoba Chuan’s mount?”

“I also feel like it looks similar.”

These people were completely dumbstruck, and were in disbelief.

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