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Chapter 181 – Kun Peng

The golden bone circulated with a glossy shine, and the writing on it burned brightly. They were not small densely packed characters, but one symbol. They dazzled the eyes as multicolored light shone.

The little guy’s heart trembled. This was a primitive precious bone. Its originals were unknown, but the symbols on it had not really disappeared or faded. They were still there, waiting for people to understand them.

Under normal circumstances, if a precious bone left the body, its symbols would disappear after a while as they fade into the bone itself. They could still turn into precious artifacts, but they would eventually become incomprehensible.

This golden bone was passed down from the ancient era. Why did those complicated and mysterious secrets not disappear and still remained there? This was certainly a rare scene!

The little guy was extremely excited. His large eyes were squinted into half moons as he wanted to throw himself into studying. This bone’s importance towards him was too great. It would inevitably transform his precious technique, advancing it by leaps and bounds.

“Don’t try to run before you can walk. Even though you have a rare gift, your cultivation is too fast. It’s better if you just refine your cultivation more.” The vine did not actually give him the golden bone.

The little guy immediately became anxious. A secret precious technique was in front of his eyes. He could obviously get it since it had not been lost. This kind of feeling was difficult to bear.

“Strengthen everything first, then you can cultivate the methods on this precious bone.” The Guardian Spirit warned, and did not allow him to be impetuous.

“What’s there left to strengthen?” The little guy impatiently stared with great longing.

“Cultivating a precious technique demands mastery of all the subjects. They must completely comprehend all aspects, including why they have these kinds of powers. Only then will you understand its fundamental nature. You have already done very well in combining two precious techniques, however, there is still some luck involved. You have not completely understood all of it.”

The Guardian Spirit offered its guidance. It wanted him to not stick to just the textbook, but to genuinely understand the actual meaning of symbols. This would allow him to evolve the precious technique, making it undergo all kinds of permutations. Only then would they be completely understood.

In reality, although many people had grasped powerful precious techniques, they did not understand their underlying secrets. They would only display an imitated power.

The Guardian Spirit stated that this was absolutely not enough. If one wanted to become a supreme expert, one must start from the very beginning and understand every minute detail about the precious technique in order to fully understand each possible variation.

This involved trying to figure out how the precious technique was made, and understand all of its secrets. Only then could it be considered a genuine comprehension, and only then could it become even more powerful!

“Ancestor, I understand!” The little guy always did this, but he did not reach the pinnacle yet. He needed to start his comprehension all over again in order to fully understand everything.

Just like this, he started his new studies as he wholeheartedly delved inside. He spent an entire half a month fully immersing himself within the Peng tribe’s symbols in order to understand their mysterious secrets.

During this time, he was either within the Sacred Storage Pavilion or sitting in the Pure Land where the Guardian Spirit was. It was difficult to find traces of him anywhere else because he was completely immersed.

For the sake of understand the Pengs’ methods, the little guy borrowed many bones books from the Sacred Storage Pavilion. He neglected food and sleep, and put all his energy into it.

The ancestral elder guardian at the door nodded. This time, he did not say anything, but picked up and carried a large pile of bone books that were all related to the Pengs.

In the blink of an eye, another half a month flew by. Apart from understanding the Peng’s symbols, the little guy also skimmed through the techniques of other fierce birds in order to understand their relations. Therefore, his understanding became even more thorough.

Finally, he felt that he had comprehended everything. At the very least, he fully understood the details of all the symbols he mastered to the point where he could even create and transform similar symbols.

After reaching this result, the ancestral elder guarding the door was dumbstruck. He stared in disbelief, since this was truly a little monster that was rarely seen in this world.

After reading through all the bone books regarding the Pengs, the little guy felt that he became a divine Peng himself. He extended both his arms, and golden light circulated. Divine wings materialized as if he was about to soar into the sky.

Clearly, after threading everything together, this precious technique became absolutely more powerful and terrifying. It far surpassed what it had been originally, because he combined the symbols from too many different bone books.

Now, bit by bit, the endless transformations was being instilled within his heart. The little guy had consumed everything that these bone books had to offer!

With a weng sound, he created a strange scene within the Sacred Storage Pavilion while studying. While comprehending the dao, he placed the golden divine moon into a Heavenly Passage, and within it rested a devil bird.

That volcano spouted ‘magma, and the divine golden moon transformed into an egg. Green symbols covered its surface, making it appear terrifying yet powerful. It was bobbling within the volcano entrance, and could be summoned with a single word.

This was the embodiment of when one completely mastered the precious technique to its limit. A precious technique being nourished by a Heavenly Passage was considered astonishing.

One Heavenly Passage could nourish one symbol containing a supremely powerful precious technique. When it was needed, its powerful and might could make others tremble as it swept across every foe.

Following the movement of the little guy’s eyes, a divine Peng charged out of the Heavenly Passage and stood by its side. It was incredibly mystical and terrifying.

“If the day comes when I have ten Heavenly Passages open and have a supreme symbol for each of the ten most powerful divine bird and vicious beast in them, just how powerful would that be?” The little guy gently sat beneath that gourd vine, and was full of yearning.

“If you can obtain even one of the ten most powerful primitive precious techniques and truly understand it thoroughly, then you will be able to rule the entire wastes, making even the Gods tremble. You would have no rivals in the heavens or the earth!”

According to the Guardian Spirit, it was enough to obtain one of the supreme techniques, because that would already be enough for one to live a life of comfort. Even if you could open ten Heavenly Passage, there wouldn’t be enough opportunities to accommodate ten supreme ancient precious techniques! No one was that heaven defying.

“Ai!” The little guy sighed. The top ten ancient species were practically all extinct. Not to mention ten, even seeing one would be very difficult.

What he needed to do now was try his best to understand the origins of the Kun Peng’s precious technique. This was one of the ten, and who knew when he would be able to approach a solution.

“Ancestor, I have already truly mastered this, and I already feel like I’m a Peng. I have understood every permutation of the symbol thoroughly.

The little guy asked for that golden bone. To this date, a month had already passed by. With his astonishing heavenly gifts, he truly understood everything thoroughly. His entirety practically became a humanly divine Peng.

“You can now.” The Guardian Spirit nodded. Then, it warned him that when he was comprehending this precious bone, it would be best if he could read some more books daily. It would be very beneficial for him.

“I know!” The little guy nodded. For the past few days, he had seen too many scriptures and symbols. His body was very comfortable and warm as he did not deliberately pursue a breakthrough. However, he flesh was still strengthening when he studied. His knowledge of symbols became even more profound.

He held the golden precious bone in his hand. He was extremely happy as he turned and flipped it about. He then immediately started to study and comprehend it.

Soon after, he was shocked. He revealed an unimaginable expression, and said in an alarmed voice, “This isn’t a Peng bone?”

He truly understood why the old vine wanted him to thoroughly understand the Peng’s technique before trying to comprehend this bone. They were completely different, because this was a Kun Peng bone!

As soon as he started to look into it, he felt a terrifying aura, as if he saw a ten thousand li long fish leap out of the ocean surface before transforming into a large Peng. It skyrocketing up ninety thousand li into the air, and was shockingly large.

“This is why I said that this bone’s origins aren’t weak. It is comparable to one of the Heaven Mending Pavilion’s supreme suppressing techniques,” said the Guardian Spirit.

“It’s a Kun Peng bone?” The little guy was excited. He used all of his power to grab the golden bone because it was truly too astonishing. It was precisely the target that he was trying to strive towards.

“No, this is only its descendent.” The Guardian Spirit shook its head.

The little guy felt relieved. How could one of the ten most powerful ancient species just leave behind a precious bone that ended up in Heaven Mending Pavilion’s treasury. If it really was here, the Heaven Mending Pavilion would have been destroyed a long time ago, and even the old vine wouldn’t have been able to defend against it. All the deities and creatures from ancient divine mountains would have personally came down to take it away.

Even so, it was still a priceless precious bone!

The little guy was delighted. His reward today was too great. This was the bone of a supremely powerful descendent that could greatly benefit the precious techniques he comprehended.

“I must understand this to fully recreate the Kun Peng’s technique!” He muttered to himself.

The little guy had already spent three months in the Heaven Mending Pavilion after he came back. He passed the time by cultivating, and the old vine had also ‘revived’ for a month. During this time, many events took place outside.

First of all, the great wastes began to tremble. The ancient country boiled, since Heaven Mending Pavilion’s Guardian Spirit resurrected, shocking many people. No one could have arrived at such a conclusion.

Secondly, great waves began to surge from all over the place, and no one could stay calm any longer. It was as if something was going to start. Some people even saw the figures of deities flying across the sky while emitting their endless radiance.

During this time, many of the disciples from the Heaven Mending Pavilion began to prepare themselves. They were completely confident that their school was going to become more and more powerful, and that they were going to over to rule an entire region.

However deep down inside, the pavilion master and some other upper-level individuals were endlessly worrying. They naturally obtained the Guardian Spirit’s warning, so they were aware of the true circumstances. It was simply a huge disaster.

Therefore, the pavilion master and the other high-leveled elders began to secretly take actions. They needed to make plans as soon as possible; otherwise, a huge disaster might truly befall them when the time comes.

Half a month ago, Shi Yi returned with the desire of meeting the little guy. However, at that time, the devilish brat was wholeheartedly dedicating himself to researching the Kun Peng’s precious technique. As a result, he was not aware.

Ultimately, they had a brief encounter, but did not truly meet each other. This was because Shi Yi had actually successfully stepped into the ancient holy courtyard several days ago, instilling a huge commotion.

Everyone was shocked. No one knew how much time had passed before another person had entered. As soon as a person entered, if he or she did not die an untimely death, then there was a possibility that the person would become a saint in the future.

This was especially true for people like Shi Yi who who was naturally born with dual pupils, a feature that was rarely seen. He would eventually surpass his predecessors and successfully become a revered divine king of the world one day.

During dawn, the morning clouds glittered splendidly. The little guy stood up from underneath the vine. He was radiating with vigor while in high spirits. He had only researched for one night, but his benefits were already enormous.

During the past few days, he was either in the Sacred Storage Pavilion or here. He would rarely return to his own room, because he spent his days within the world of symbols.

“I haven’t seen Qingfeng for a while. I’ll go and check on how he’s doing.”

He faced the morning clouds and began to tread of the brilliant path. He was in a happy and carefree mood as he walked out from this restricted region and headed towards his own room.

The sunshine illuminated everything, even seeping in between the verdant bamboo forest. Along the way, he met many people. Many of them were ordinary Heaven Mending Pavilion disciples, and they were currently discussing something.

“How come there are so many people this early in the morning?” The little guy was astonished. He had not returned in a while, so he did not know what happened.

Thus, he asked some people to get to find out what was going on.

“You truly disappear and appear unpredictably. You disappeared for so long yet again.” This new disciple clearly recognized him, so he quietly said, “Zhulu Academy’s people are here to compare notes and exchange pointers with us. Sigh!”

“Why are you sighing? Isn’t this a good thing?” The little guy did not understand.

“How is this good? You don’t understand. Yesterday, only one person came forward and beat all of us up. This is simply just a miserable lesson.” He was full of dismay.

“That strong?” The little guy was astonished.

“Zhulu Academy’s female war god led over ten disciples here. Only the youngest one came forward and defeated our entire group. His moves were very tough, and many people had their bones broken.

The little guy was shocked. Zhulu academy was this powerful? No one from Heaven Mending Pavilion was actually worthy of being his opponent.

Soon after, he saw elder Xiong Fei and Zhuo Yun and heard sounds of them discussing. His heart could not help but jump because Zhulu Academy did not simply come to compare notes, they also wanted to pay respects to the Guardian Spirit.

“Are they here to investigate?” The little guy’s heart began to shiver.

Moreover, even though there was a competition between the Heaven Mending Pavilion and Zhulu Academy, they were not considered enemies. If they were to investigate like this, could it be that they already forecasted that a major event was going to arrive?

The little guy left and headed towards the genius camp. As soon as he arrived, he raised his eyebrows. Many bloodstains fell by the lakeshore, and some painful groans would occasionally transmitted outwards from the wooden houses along the shoreline.

Clearly, a fierce battle happened here, and many people suffered heavy injuries. Patches of blood sprayed all over the place. It was clearly visible just how desperate that battle was.

“Qingfeng!” The little guy shouted, afraid that something might have happened to him.

Zhi Ya, many rooms opened up, and many geniuses showed their faces. After seeing that it was him, they all revealed their strange expressions. This was clearly a very strong person; the savage child had arrived!

“Little bro!” Qingfeng appeared, and was clearly in good health. However, many people around him were wrapped in bandages with bodies full of injuries. Zhou Yu Hao in particular was wrapped up like a rice ball. He was grimacing in pain, and would occasionally cry out a few times.

The little guy immediately began to laugh. This guy was truly unfortunate. Why did he always have this wretched appearance whenever he appeared. The little guy himself had beaten him up a few times, and as soon as his injuries healed, he was once again beaten up to this state.

The little guy walked past these people, and his smile was immediately retracted. It was due to the fact that their injuries were very serious. Many people had broken bones and muscles. This kind of comparing notes and moves were too excessive.

Before, the little guy would often come here, and he had befriended many already. Now, looking at their pale complexions and bodies full of injuries, his little face immediately darkened.

“Is this still a friendly exchange of pointers? If their moves had been just a little more serious, these people would have been crippled!” The little guy said.

“Let’s go ask for help. Let senior Yu Feng, junior Xiao Tian and a few others return from training under those old freaks.” A few people said.

“That person is truly terrifying. He was only fourteen or fifteen, but his cultivation is already extremely powerful. His precious technique was even more astonishing. He was using the Peng bird’s techniques to suppress everyone.”

After the little guy heard them talk, he immediately began to move. He was also practicing the Peng species’ precious techniques. Now, he was transforming towards the Kun Peng’s techniques. Naturally, he wanted to meet that person.

“Too hateful. The words that he left with were that the Heaven Mending Pavilion’s geniuses weren’t anything special, and couldn’t withstand a single blow.”

Everyone was extremely furious. The genius camp would naturally have powerful individuals as well, but they had recently been selected by a few old freaks. As a result, there weren’t many people remaining.

Of course, those youngsters from Zhulu Academy were also very terrifying. Just one person was able to sweep this place and astonish everyone.

He laughed coldly as he left. This kind of contempt and disdain was thoroughly stabbing everyone single genius here.

“Yi, junior Xiao Tian returned.”

“Senior Wu Feng also came back!”

Everyone was overjoyed as they prepared for battle again.

“Let’s still wait for Yu Feng and the others to return. After all, one person’s moves were already this powerful. The other nine have not even displayed their power yet.” Some of them were very cautious, and were ready to wait for the most powerful people from the genius camp to return before re-engaging in battle.

“Why wait? Let’s go right now. I really can’t wait anymore.” The little guy said.

Some hesitated, but the majority of the people nodded right away. At this point, over half of the people here knew his secret identity. With this savage child here leading the way, they figured that all of their problems could be solved.

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