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Chapter 180 – Fusion

On top of that divine mountain, the silhouette was shrouded in propitious vapors. Multicolored light surged, and when he took a step forward, a golden passage appeared beneath his feet. No one knew how many tens of thousands of li he instantly traveled.

The speed of the golden passageway was too quick. It was like a comet streaking across the empty sky. Divine light spread across the heavens from end to end. He came out after several tens of thousands of li, but did not actually approach the Heaven Mending Pavilion.

“If you don’t perish, then it will truly be heaven defying. I’ll await your death!” His words were very crisp. It had already held back its divine splendor that shook the heaven and earth, and was currently standing on top of an enormous lofty mountain.

In addition to him, two other figures also came. However, none of them got closer to each other. They each stood in their respective positions as they watched silently into the distance.

Inside the Heaven Mending Pavilion, the Guardian Spirit’s vitality was exuberant. Its previously dim leaves were quickly turning green and becoming pure again. They emitted a peaceful light, and the gourd on the vine rumbled as the aura of primal chaos appeared. A terrifying and loud noise sounded.

Everyone was overjoyed. All the people from the Heaven Mending Pavilion kneeled and worshipped. A few seniors were so happy that they cried, because the Guardian Spirit had revived; there weren’t any news that was better than this.

For the past few years, the Guardian Spirit’s vitality had deteriorated to the point where it was on the verge of death. News of this had spread into the outside world long ago, which devastated Heaven Mending Pavilion’s reputation to a point where it was no longer comparable to its past.    

If it were the past, whenever they gave an order, no one dared to act against it. Now, many great powers even dared to claim be equals. All of this was due to the Guardian Spirit’s inevitable death.

After so many years, Heaven Mending Pavilion had lost its secret precious techniques. If their Guardian Spirit perished, they would fall from being a top-notched power, creating a disastrous situation.

At this moment, cheers were coming from all over the Heaven Mending Pavilion, because the Guardian Spirit was currently reviving. All the depressing things from before were swept away. The leaves were all verdent and alluring as they circulated with sparkling green multicolored light.

The little guy was dumbstruck. This vine was completely different from before. It seemed like it was carved from jade, sparkling and green as it emitted precious light. Auspicious and peaceful vapors surged out strand by strand.

Was this the same gourd vine he saw before? It was completely different!

Powerful waves spread out, and life force circulated like the revival of a revered god. Rivers of stars hung from the heavens like a waterfall. Even the sun sprinkled its essence down as if they were all being devoured by the old vine.

An unknown amount of time passed. The aura of life in this place was exuberant, allowing the old vine to grow some new buds that looked like emeralds. They were shining and incomparably powerful.

Finally, when everything calmed down, all the strange scenes disappeared. Its transformation was mystical and indescribable, and as it curled up in divine chains like a God, it was so awe-inspiring that it was inviolable.

The Guardian Spirit had revived, once again becoming powerful. News spread across the Heaven Mending Pavilion, and countless people immediately cheered as they were incomparably inspired.

An event this big would naturally spread into the outside world. News quickly spread far and wide. In an instant, all the great powers in the Wastes trembled, and all of them revered.

Everyone believed that this vine would die. After all, it had lived for so long and couldn’t hold on any longer. Never would they have thought that it would straighten itself up to the point where they could sense its exuberant life force just by getting close to the Heaven Mending Pavilion.

In a faraway mountain outside of the Heaven Mending Pavilion, a shining voice gently sighed. He stomped on the golden passage, and instantly vanished into the distance without a trace.

An enormous vicious bird with eyes like bloody moons blinked constantly. It stirred up a black mist that overflowed into the heavens, and spread its wings to charge high up into the distant skies. If it flew near the clouds, it would shake the entire land due to its enormous size.

There was still a path of divine like that appeared as resplendent as the sun that immediately exploded, disappearing from its original location. It was so terrifying that it made people tremble.

The revival of the Heaven Mending Pavilion’s Guardian Spirit stirred up everyone. The pure land was lively for several days before slowly calming down.

In the depth of the night, the little guy was sitting cross-legged beneath a translucent green vine while holding a bone book in his. Hand. He carefully studied it, and at this place, his heart was especially calm.

His contributions were great, because he brought back soil nourished by the Immortal Spring, allowing the Guardian Spirit to revive. Therefore, the Pavilion Master allowed him to bring the symbolled bone books from the Sacred Storage Pavilion here.

The little guy naturally did not forget the ghost grandpa’s words. He immediately decided to come to the Guardian Spirit in the depth of the night in order to cultivate. Sure enough, this place was different from anywhere else. The gourd on the vine shone and sang, allowing him to comprehend things with great ease.

During these days, he combined the Golden Winged Peng and the Green Sky Peng’s precious techniques into one. Their power increased by an entire level, becoming terrifying beyond comparison.

“Where in the world is that golden bone. If I could find it, my precious technique would certainly undergo some transformations.” The little guy blinked his large eyes.

Behind him, a divine golden moon appeared; perhaps it could even be called a divine egg. It contained an Archaic devil bird that contrasted greatly with the little guy that sat with his legs cross.

“Yi, this Devil Bird seems a bit different.” He turned around and revealed a strange expression.

He studied the method that refined the Peng’s precious technique for an entire night. He completely combined them into one, and discovered that the Archaic devil bird was a bit different. It seemed even more mysterious and powerful now.

Why did it flash with golden light sometimes before turning green? Why was it transforming into a fish shape? It was too strange.

The little guy was suspicious and repeatedly tried to figure out what was going on. He discovered that he had completely combined these two precious techniques. Its power increased rapidly, becoming many folds stronger than before. There was no mistake.

However, why did this happen? He carefully stared at it while thinking it over.

“Could this be… a Kun Peng?!” He suddenly trembled. This idea hit him suddenly, causing him to widen his eyes and reveal an unimaginable expression.

All of a sudden, he realized this, and widened his eyes, revealing his unimaginable expression.

He truly was apprehensive. That kind of creature was said to be supreme with nothing else comparable to it. It was strong enough to be ranked amongst the ancient era’s top ten divine birds and vicious beasts.

“Is this for real?” The little guy doubtful. He absolutely did not imagine that he could create such a devil bird with his own comprehension and effort after combining techniques.

He stared at the creature within the divine golden egg. It was truly a bit similar, transforming from a Peng. Hazy mist lingered about, and a type of terrifying aura filled the area!

“Wu, I have opened up a path, but this is only the starting point. It’s certainly not a genuine Kun Peng. The disparity is enormous. I’m only approaching it, and it’s slowly transforming.”

A blazing light shone from within the little guy’s eyes. He was incredibly happy that he fumbled onto such a powerful road. If it was possible, he wished to reconstruct this supremely powerful precious technique!

The Kun Peng’s precious technique was an unrivalled ability whether it was during the shining era when ancient gods lived, the present, or even the future. It was once ranked amongst the top ten most powerful!

“The Golden Winged Peng combined with the Green Sky Peng could create such a transformation! They combined into a Kun Peng. I have to research this route carefully!” The little guy was full of confidence.

“Not bad, your path is correct. The combination of the Golden Winged Peng with the Green Sky Peng can recreate the Kun Peng.” An ancient and omnipotent voice echoed outwards.

The little guy was shocked. He raised his head to discover that this was the first time the old vine spoke and conversed with him.

“Great Guardian Spirit, please guide me!” The little guy jumped up and embraced the gourd vine. His blinked his eyes, and was full of expectation.

The old vine was speechless. Who dared to act this way towards it with such courage? After just meeting, this child did not respect it at all, and did not even have a hint of fear. He acted like they were previously acquainted, and hung from its body like a koala.

The devilish brat truly had some confidence. After all, it was him who brought back the ‘immortal silt’ that dragged the Guardian Spirit away from death. He believed that the other side would not criticize him too harshly.

“I’m a vine. I do not understand how to guide you in the Kun Peng’s technique. I’m only telling you that the direction is right.” The Guardian Spirit sighed.

The little guy scratched his head before letting go and quietly said, “Is there anything else you can guide me in?”

“Learn some more things. There are some pretty good scriptures in the Sacred Storage Pavillion. Perhaps they could even be very good,” the old vine said, seemingly very weak and dispirited.

The little guy was suspicious. He felt something was off and said, “Guardian Spirit, what happened to you.”

“I’m going to die.” The old vine calmly said this as if it was telling him a very ordinary thing.

The little guy cried out in alarm. He covered his little mouth and said, “How can that be? Your life force has just been restored. Why are you going to die again?

The Guardian Spirit was verdant and alluring like sculpted jade with divine Splendor flowing all over it. It was powerful and mysterious as its boundless life force filled the air, making everyone revere.

“I have lived from the ancient era until now. That’s enough time. My life has all been used up. It’s very natural.” It opened its mouth and said.

“However your condition is much better than before!” The little guy was in disbelief.

“That’s because I have to be like this. If I die immediately, a huge calamity might befall the Heaven Mending Pavilion.” The Guardian Spirit sighed.

“Ah?” The little guy cried out in alarm.

“The wastelands is going to become chaotic. Perhaps the Heaven Mending Pavilion might become the prologue. It’s even more possible that it will originate from my death.” The Guardian Spirit said with a sinking feeling.

The little guy was dumbstruck. This wasn’t the first time that he heard this. Looks like there really will be a day when a great disaster will befall the wasteland.

“Troubling times are approaching. Everything is empty. Only by becoming stronger will you be able to survive,” the old vine said.

“You’re really going to die?” The little guy looked at it. It seemed full of vitality, so never could he have thought that it was going to end up like this.

“There’s no other way.” The Guardian Spirit nodded.

The little guy said with some hesitation, “If I gave you two drops of True Supreme Water from the Immortal Spring, will you live?”

The Guardian Spirit shook its head and said, “No one can prevent an exhausted life force. A few drops of divine water cannot change my destiny.”

The little guy heard its words, but could only sigh. Such a powerful Guardian Spirit would still die eventually. Inside his Heaven and Earth Pouch was a jade jar. Inside it was five little golden dragons, each of them a drop of divine liquid.

“I will keep holding on in order to buy the Heaven Mending Pavilion more time. Perhaps it will be several months, maybe a year.” The Guardian Spirit spoke. It would not perish immediately, and would keep holding on for a bit longer.

The little guy accompanied it and talked a bit longer. He felt that this old vine was very optimistic; it was not distressed at all. According to what it said, after living for so long, it should have died long ago. This was a very natural thing.

Seeing it like this, the little guy naturally was not as serious as before. His mood recovered, and he was not sentimental at all.

“Senior, can you really not guide me in any direction?”

“I really don’t understand the Kun Peng’s techniques.”

The little guy did not give up and said, “You’re so strong, you must have some methods. Didn’t you say my path was right? I think you can get that golden bone in the Sacred Storage Pavilion. Perhaps that will let me strengthen my precious technique, allowing it to transform and improve it.”

The dark green vine trembled. A new bud grew out and extended onto the ground. The earth was dug into deeply as the vine penetrated inside. Finally, it wound up around a golden bone and left it on the soil.

The little guy’s eyes immediately straightened as he stared at it without blinking. Symbols flickered on top of this golden bone with incredible radiance. It had even more spiritual essence than precious artifacts, and appeared incredible mysterious.

“Is that that bone? Why is it here?” The little guy was shocked. Then he stared at the earth by the Guardian Spirit’s root. There shouldn’t be more bone books buried beneath this place right? Could it be that the lost secret techniques were all over here?

“This bone is not bad. It’s not any worse than secret precious techniques. If you can truly comprehend this completely, you will obtain endless benefits,” the Guardian Spirit said.

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