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Chapter 177 – Beaten

Flames began throbbed in the depth of the night. The old man had black blood in between his hair, and a unspeakably strange ancient sword was stuck in its head.

Suddenly, it moved, lifting up the little guy in one move. Then, it swung its palm in an arc before striking it on the little guy’s body. His strength was astonishing, making even the little guy whose body was incredibly powerful feel an unendurable pain.

He almost cursed out to no end. After kind-heartedly finding and returning the sword, he did not receive any rewards yet was beaten up instead! What was this?

The little guy struggled with all his might, but this ghostly grandpa’s strength surpassed even his. That hand swinging seemed like a millstone as it spanked his bottom no stop.

“Your uncle1!” He was truly angry. How could he have such bad luck. This was the first time that he had been beaten by another person, and it was by an old ghost who owed him.

The little guy was outraged. His body shone, and symbols began to interweave into a golden screen of light. His entire body released a powerful aura as he waved and kicked around. One of his arms contained a force of a hundred thousand jin, and with all four limbs violently flailing like this, he would undoubtedly be able to level a little mountain.

However, the elder was as stable as a boulder. He lifted the little guy as he stood there without moving a single foot. He used even greater strength to beat up the little guy until the whites of his eyes rolled over, almost making him lose consciousness. He was furious.

“Old ghost, I’m going fight to the death with you!” He made threatening gestures as he activated his precious techniques. However, whether it was the golden lightning or the silver moon, after they struck with keng qiang sounds, the old man didn’t budge an inch. The most overwhelming part was that this old man’s clothes couldn’t be torn at all.Sou, He used symbols to retrieve the Divine Striking Stone. After grabbing it, he used all his strength to strike the old man’s body as a counterattack. However, it only ended in him getting beat even more viciously.


“It hurts so bad!”

This time, the Divine Striking Stone cried out in pain along with the little guy guy. He could not make the old man budge at all. It felt like he was knocking against a mountain, and his entire body felt like it was going to crack apart. This was simply unbelievable.

“What happened?” Qingfeng was startled awake. He quickly knew that something was happening. Although he could not see the ghostly grandpa, he had heard rumors of an ancient apparition.

The silver gowned youth also awakened. After seeing this, he was dumbstruck at first, but then he began to laugh out loud. He was so incredibly happy, since this was genuine retribution.

Second Baldy was also startled awake, and similarly began to laugh and grin. It spoke to itself, “Aren’t you savage you little kid. You can sweep away your opponents, but now you’re finally being taken care of. Hahaha…”

Hairy Ball was on its guard as golden light flowed from its entire body. It did not seem to have any sense of loyalty and did not go up to help out the little guy. Instead, it scuttled backwards with a sou sound and watched from afar.

Seeing the little guy beaten, apart from Qingfeng who was incredibly worried, the silver gowned youth and Second Baldy felt incredibly satisfied. They truly felt this was history in the making.

This was the first time that the little guy encountered such misfortune. He was beaten to the point that violent pain was all over his body, and his bones was going to fall apart. It angered him to the point that he activated the Golden Flood Dragon Shears. However, it was blocked by a barrier of light and he was unable to behead the old man.

“Why are you beating me up? You’re being ungrateful towards a friend, you old ingrate!” He was incomparably angry as he struggled nonstop.

A long while later, even the old man was tired from beating him up. He let go of his hands and released the little guy onto the ground. If it had been anyone else getting beaten by the old man, he or she absolutely would have turned into a mist of blood after a single strike. This devilish brat’s skin was very solid. Even after getting beaten, he was still vigorous and full of energy. He jumped up and cursed non-stop as he rapidly distanced himself from the old man. Then, he tore off the little pagoda in preparation for battle.

“Old man, you do not have a conscience. I kind-heartedly helped you, but you treat me like this!” His eyes shot out anger.

No one knew why, but the more they saw him stomp about in anger, the happier Xiao Tian and Second Baldy felt. It was truly a relief that this hateful child was finally being tidied up.

The little guy blinked his large eyes and carefully examined the gap between him and his adversary. In the end, he became incredibly dejected. This was an ancient existence who was terrifying to the point where his power was insurmountable. Even if he used all his strength, he was still not be this old man’s opponent.

After seeing the silver gowned youth and Second Baldy smiling with happiness, his small face suddenly darkened. He then immediately threw the Divine Striking Stone out.

With a peng sound, Xiao Tian covered his forehead and painfully cried out. He already had a face full of large blisters, but after being struck again, the horn on his head was big to the point of being scary. It was almost gonna spurt out liquid.

The little guy then rushed over and slapped Second Baldy whose mouth was crooked from smiling and sent it flying. Even if he could not beat the ghostly grandpa, he could absolutely tidy these two people up.

“Why did you hit me?” The little guy had difficulty relieving himself. He stared with his large eyes and looked at the ghostly grandpa with seething anger. He exhausted all of his strength and risked his life to retrieve the sword. Even not receiving anything was okay, but he was beaten up instead. What the heck was this?!

In reality, ever since he began cultivating, he was always a headache to others. This was only the first time that he was beaten in such a ruthless manner, so he was truly unreconciled.

The old man’s expression was somewhat blank, and only after a long time did it come to its senses and say, “It’s for your own good.”

“Haha…” Second Baldy could not hold it in anymore, and laughed until its mouth became crooked again. After this savage child received such a vicious beating, he actually still had the nerve to say such a thing. It was completely possible for him to be driven mad.

Xiao Tian did not dare to act that rampant, but his mouth also twitched. He was incredibly happy. When could he become strong enough to beat up that devilish brat like that and then still have that much gusto?

Second Baldy screamed miserably. Its mouth was crooked and his eyes were tilted because it was swatted flying by the little guy again.

“Your recent cultivation has improved too quickly, and advancing leaps and bounds has left behind a few concealed dangers. It’s best that you refine your body well first and advance only after tempering yourself,” the old man said.

Originally, the little guy was still sulking; however after hearing this, his heart jumped a bit. This was always what he had been worried about. After entering the Hundred Shattering Mountains, he successively opened up several Heavenly Passages. This was truly a divine speed! He had previously been warned that if he cultivated too fast, there might be some problems, and dangerous will be left behind.

But in that small world, the spiritual energy was too dense. Additionally, he also comprehended enough mysteries about the symbols and devoured all kinds of different precious medicine; even if he wanted to stop breaking through, he still would not be able to.

He did not actually feel strange at all, but he genuinely felt that his cultivation was rising too quickly. In just one month, he finished a journey that many geniuses would need several years for.

Even if there was nothing out of sorts, he was still secretly anxious. Now that this old man had pointed it out, he would naturally be on alert. He hurried asked, “Is it really serious?”

The old man seemed to have awakened. His eyes were deep, and he truly had an admiration for the little guy’s heavenly gifts. It’s not that big of a deal. You are truly quite savage, so there is only a few small problems. As long as you sit by the Guardian spirit in meditation every day, it will quickly be fixed.”

“That’s what I’m talking about. I’m the strongest!” He once again declared with such savagery and self-confidence.

When he thought about it again, he felt as if he had actually been beaten up for no reason. If there was no problems, why did the ghostly grandpa still spank him? This made him angry again.

“You can’t beat me up for no reason. You have to make up for it!”

“Go to the Sacred Storage Pavilion and learn some more things. There will be a day when all the mountains and living things here will disappear, and that day will not be far away, just like those dead ancients.” The old man sighed deeply. Then he erupted with a glaring light that made people unable to open their eyes before disappearing into the bamboo forest.

After the powerful light disappeared, the traces of the old man had become almost invisible. Only a broken sword fell onto the ground, striking onto a rock with a clear and crisp ding sound.

“What!” The little guy was unsatisfied. He stared with his eyes as he searched in every direction, but was unable to feel the old man’s aura again.

Hairy Ball scuttled over from the distance. It turned into the a streak of golden light as it hoisted the broken sword in its hands before gnawing with all its strength. However, with a dang sound, it gritted its teeth and threw it onto the floor again.

The little guy picked up the broken sword and found that another patch of rust had fallen off. That area was somewhat transparent, and had a type of gelatinous feel to it.

This broken sword was glued together from two pieces with some divine substance. Now, the rust had fallen off a little bit, revealing this transparent substance.

Just now, this was precisely the stuff Hairy Ball wanted to gnaw at.

Second Baldy jumped up and down, before quickly rushing over to say, “Let me have a look!”

How could the little guy give this to it? If this weird bird turned on him and struck him with it, then it truly wouldn’t be a laughing matter.

“Could this substance holding the broken sword together be a divine paste created from phoenix beak and unicorn horn? Inconceivable! This can’t possibly be real, right?” Second Baldy stared with its large eyes as its gaze fixated onto that transparent substance.

The little guy was amazed. Was this sword actually connected by an adhesive that was slowly smelted from the beat and horns of Archaic divine birds and auspicious beasts? This truly was too shocking!

“Something’s wrong. It’s most likely not made out of Archaic Divine Creature’s beaks and horns. I feel like it’s lacking some divine force.” Second Baldy shook its head and looked at the pagoda between the little guy’s hair, and said, “What’s this, let me see.”

“Not giving it to you.” The little guy refused.

“This little pagoda is too perfect. Although its jade all over, why do I feel like it’s made from the the bones of heavenly deities?” Second Baldy said. Then it quickly shook its head and said, “There are so many fake imitations on you.”

For the sake of concealing it, he immediately gave it a beating and did not let it act so smug. The origins of the little pagoda was mysterious. He felt that it was more terrifying that this broken sword, and did not want anyone else to notice.

The unlucky Second Baldy’s mouth became crooked again. However, this time, it was not because it was laughing, but rather because it was being beaten up.

A strand of multicolored light illuminated the dawn. They opened their eyes, and stretched their bodies out. Although Xiao Tian was beaten up again and his horn became even larger, the matters in his heart concerning the little guy were finally resolved.

This time, he ate Peng meat, drank little devil wine, and obtained enormous benefits. As soon as he got up, he quickly left in order to continue consolidating his own cultivation. He wanted to make preparations for breaking into a higher realm.

The little guy wrapped up the Peng meat in the cauldron as well as the barbequed meat from the bonfire and gave it to Qingfeng. He let Qingfeng take it away in order to rapidly assist his cultivation. This was all so that he could become stronger as soon as possible.

However, he also warned him to not be too impatient in seeking success, because he himself almost ran into similar problems. This was to help Qingfeng learn from the mistakes of others.

The sun rose, and the mist in the bamboo forest was dyed into a rainbow luster. It was incredibly beautiful and illusionary. The red clouds of dawn glittered and the finally mist finally dispersed. Warmth from the light sprinkled onto everyone’s bodies.

The little guy took large strides towards a forbidden area. That was a spiritual mountain surrounded by tens of thousands of streaks of multicolored light, and even a waterfall cascaded down, making this scene an extraordinary sight to behold.

The Sacred Storage Pavilion was precisely constructed in this mysterious forbidden area. No one was allowed inside, since this was the most sacred place in the Heaven Mending Pavilion.

After walking in the middle of the spiritual land of this paradise, the little guy discovered that this place was truly vast. There were around ten spiritual mountains here that emitted auspicious light towards the red morning clouds.

A magnificent and ancient building stood ahead. It had an old and simple aura, and had existed from the ancient era until now. It had truly existed through too many things.

During those days, precious bones were buried beneath this building as a foundation, and a spell from ancient gods was laid over it before the construction of this enormous building started. Therefore, even time had difficulty taking it down.

The magnificent and huge walls were piled high with huge boulders, and its tiles flickered with a dim golden luster. This building looked like a divine temple, and as it sat within the red clouds of dawn, a divine luster enveloped it.

This was the Sacred Storage Pavilion, the most important place in this ancient pure land. The little guy arrived!

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