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Chapter 176 – Making Friends

Qingfeng naturally recognized him. The silver-gowned youth was the number one genius within their batch of disciples, and his reputation was so great that it made many of the senior disciples sigh with admiration. He didn’t understand why the silver-gowned youth came here.

“Brilliant and promising youth, number one disciple. He stayed within the talented genius camp in the past, and is an incredibly talented and valiant.”

When Xiao Tian heard this, the corners of his lips immediately twitched. He despised that type of praise. He previously stayed in the talented genius camp, but was later chosen by an old monster, so he naturally knew Qingfeng.

The little guy also grinned. Isn’t this just touching someone else’s sore spot? They had actually met again after such a short time. However, he did not fear, and confidently said, “What can senior teach me by blocking my way here?”

Xiao Tian’s face darkened. He had reasons to believe that his intimate friend in the Hundred Shattering Mountains was the little guy who had once clubbed him on his head more than once.

The more he saw this, the more he felt it was true. He fumed with anger as black wrinkles appeared on his forehead. He really wished that he could immediately pounce on him and start a big battle.

“You are the devilish brat of the Void God Realm who sneaked attacked me in the second battlefield, as well as the one who looked for the True Supreme Water with me in the Hundred Shattering Mountain, are you not?” He wanted to hear the words directly out of the opposing party’s mouth.

“It really hurts seeing you so angry at me. It seems the great kindness I showed towards you was in vain.” The little guy shook his head.

“It really is… You?!” Hearing him respond like this made the silver gowned youth inwardly furious. It was like being stepped on, so how could he endure this? He was going to spit out blood immediately.

He endured his stomachful of anger after being clubbed several times. However, after entering the Hundred Shattering Mountains, he also considered the devilish brat his intimate friend. This made his face darken to the point where it couldn’t become any darker.

“This is intolerable. I’m going to fight to the death with you!” He shouted loudly. Silver splendor sprinkled over his entire body like a white dragon charging forth as he activated his strongest technique.

The little guy did not have any objections. He removed the Divine Striking Stone from his hair and immediately threw it out. It took a crooked trajectory through the air, but it still struck Xiao Tian’s forehead with a dang sound.

“Ah… It hurts. It hurts so much!” Wretched screams echoed as the strange rock tumbled on the ground and cried loudly.

Qingfeng was dumbstruck. This rock could speak! Why was it crying in pain?

The silver gowned youth covered his forehead and staggered back in genuine pain. He also cried out, but he was dumbstruck at the rock on the ground. Who was truly hurt in the end?! Why wouldn’t it not stop yelling?

“It hurts!” The strange rock tumbled back and forth with great exaggeration.

Xiao Tian was stunned for a moment before finally coming to his senses. He touched his forehead and suddenly stomped with thunderlike fury. He wanted to curse so bad, because another ‘horn’ was growing and swelling rapidly on his forehead.

“Ah… I’m gonna fight to the death with you!” The silver gowned youth fiercely charged forth. As he lifted his hand, symbols blazed and an incomparably ferocious silver Bi’an appeared.

“I really don’t want to beat you up.” The little guy said this, but his movements were quite agile as he charged past. He destroyed that silver Bi’an and picked up the Divine Striking Stone again.

“But I want to beat the shit out of you!” The silver gowned youth was very powerful. He was known as the strongest genius of the Heaven Mending Pavilion within his class. Once again, he raised his hand to stir up a sudden commotion, and a group of young males and females ran over to the bamboo forest to watch them.


Xiao Tian angrily shouted. His entire body was covered in silver symbols that transformed into patches after patches of pure white feathers. He unexpectedly charged into the sky as if he grew bird wings, then swooped down from midair. The multicolored light of his precious technique was so splendid that it seemed like a shower of light was raining down.

The little guy simply and straightforwardly tossed out the Divine Striking Stone as he stood in place, using the exact same force he used last time. After a peng sound, Xiao Tian began to cry loudly as he held his head.

The legendary Divine Striking Stone struck wherever one pointed. It had a hundred percent accuracy, and was simply unavoidable. Otherwise, how could it be called an utmost valuable treasure.

“Ao… Are you done? Why did you hit me again? It’s hurts so much!”

The mischievous rock tumbled along the ground as it cried loudly in pain. The group of people had their mouths agape, but their tongues were tied. As for Xiao Tian, he was immediately struck down from the sky. As he panted heavily on the ground, tears almost came out because it was truly too painful.

The most shameful thing was that the rock clearly had no problems at all, but it cried out with every step. It made him almost ashamed to cry out in pain.

“Me… And you…” The silver gowned youth’s horn on his head became even bigger and taller.

But before the words “Fight to the death” had been yelled out, the little guy stopped him, and said, “You should thank me instead, why are you fighting me with your life on the line?”

“You are wicked beyond redemption. Why do I need to thank you?” The silver gowned youth grimaced. Even though he was really angry, he had no choice but to control his facial expressions; otherwise he would make the wound on his forehead worse.

The little guy opened his mouth and said, “Think about it. If another person had clubbed you twice on the head before, would you still be alive? If it was anyone else, would they still return your Heaven Mending Stones? If it was someone else, would they have worked with you in the Hundred Shattering Mountains, as well as divided up, and shared the True Supreme Water with you? You most likely would have been killed right away.”

Xiao Tian immediately became discouraged. How could he not have known that. If it was anyone else, how could they have left him with his life after suppressing him. His heart was always a bit confused.

“Generally speaking, I showed a gargantuan kindness toward you. You could even say that you owe me two lives.” The little guy had a beaming smile on his face.

At first, the silver gowned youth was a bit discouraged. However, after hearing that, he started clenching his teeth again, and said, “There are many evil people in this world. Do I really have to engrave them all into my memory and thank every evil person who had not killed me for their kindness?”

“Little bro is a kind person. He would never bully another person!” Qingfeng was unsatisfied.

After looking at his honest, and pure expression, Xiao Tian had been completely defeated. If that devilish brat was a kind person who had never bullied anyone, then there really wasn’t anyone too evil under the heavens.

“It’s still Qingfeng who understands me the best.” However, that hateful child still had a self-satisfied expression on his face. He truly felt that he was a really great person.

“Show’s over. There’s nothing here to see.” Second Baldy opened its mouth and told the bystanders to leave.

At this time, the sun was also rapidly descending, dying the horizon in red hues. People feared that the spirit would appear from the little guy’s body, and so they all immediately scattered.

“Let’s go. I’ll treat you to some wine. Genuine little devil wine is priceless. It’s equivalent to a rare divine wine.” The little guy patted his shoulders and said.

Xiao Tian was unsatisfied. His head had been knocked several times, and large blisters had appeared. There had always been a thought in his heart that would not leave as he said, “Can you actually fight me once without that damned rock? Otherwise, I won’t be satisfied!”

“Fine, I’ll satisfy your desires. I’ll show you the meaning of honor, and the number one expert and heavenly warping genius!” The little guy glanced at him and shot out his hand to gesture for the his opponent’s first move.

Qingfeng’s face became red after that. Why was his brother so annoying sometimes?


The air shook, and the silver gowned youth immediately charged out. Symbols interweaved over his body as he  activated his utmost power to battle. He wanted to suppress the little guy, and give him a good beating.

Unfortunately, his wishes were hard to fulfil. Not to mention the little guy’s supremely strong flesh, even his cultivation realm was higher. The little guy had established his ninth Heavenly Passage; for humans, that was something rarely seen since ancient times.

Peng, peng…

The silver gowned youth was knocked confused and disoriented by the little guy. After making the arduous effort to challenge him, he was not even the little guy’s opponent after using all his effort. Now, in addition to his lofty horn, even his ears, chin, and eyes protruded as well. His earlobes hung over his shoulders. His lips and eyes had blisters all over until he resembled a God from ‘Journey to the West’.1

In the end, he was convinced. There’s was nothing he could do even if he didn’t want to surrender. If he continued like this, his appearance would change from something that resemble a God to an ugly ghost. If he took a few more blows, he would not even resemble a human anymore.

“Let’s go and drink some wine.” The sun set and the night wind blew, rustling the bamboo forest.

They found an empty patch of land without any bamboo on it and picked out a few clean rocks. They put up a cauldron, and began to boil the golden Peng meat. They even put up several bonfires to barbeque some Archaic descendents.

“Are these all Archaic descendents?” Qingfeng’s stared with his eyes wide open in disbelief.

Following that, all kinds of meat had been cooked golden and glossy, and even the Peng meat in the pot began to shine as it transformed into a precious medicine. The aroma filled the air and wafted through the entire bamboo forest.

“Qingfeng, eat a lot. Your body is too weak. Although your understanding of symbols is pretty good, your body is not powerful enough.” The little guy kept on giving him golden Peng meat so that he could eat a lot more.

“It’s delicious!” Qingfeng ate mouthfuls of Peng and tiger meat left and right until his mouth was full of grease; he was incredibly happy. In just a short while, his entire body looked like a burning flame that gushed out multicolored light.

“Aiya, why do I feel like I’m flying.” Qingfeng was scared to the point that he did not dare to eat anymore. All kinds of symbols recovered in his body as his essence energy began to surge and rush forth.

“Then let’s slow the eating down a bit. When we return, bring some back to eat a bit everyday. The flesh medicines’ medicinal effects is all very powerful. If you eat too much, you won’t be able to bear it.” The little guy laughed. This was a good sign that Qingfeng was going to breakthrough.

The silver gowned youth who was originally sulking had a tough time moving his eyes away after seeing so many descendents as well as this banquet of rich flesh medicine.

“Let’s eat together.” The little guy laughed and said.

“He should be more polite. I feel like I don’t have enough to eat here.” Second Baldy opened its mouth. This fellow could eat a lot, but that was not the main reason. The one who could eat the most was that fist sized golden Hairy  Ball. No matter how much meat was given to it, it would devour it as soon as possible like a bottomless pit.

In the end, Xiao Tian couldn’t hold back his doubt any longer and joined in. The food was so sweet that he almost swallowed his own tongue.

Suddenly, Hairy Ball stopped eating and started to breathe in and out through its little nose. Then, it scuttled in front of the little guy, and stole his wine cup. The wine inside was sparkling as it glittered under the moonlight with a fragrance that assailed everyone’s nostrils.

“Don’t fight over it. There’s enough for everyone!”

“The legendary little devil wine!” Xiao Tian was shaken. This time, he truly couldn’t shift his eyes away. He had forgotten all of his anger as he stared.

They drank the shining and flickering fragrant divine wine under the moonlight. They all felt as if their bodies were going to float and fly away.

Xiao Tian hurriedly sat cross-legged. He felt that he could already breakthrough into a higher cultivation realm. However, he forcefully endured it because he did not make ample preparations yet.

As for Qingfeng, his inside began to rumble. His understanding of symbols was extremely good, and had comprehended enough a long time ago. The only thing he was lacking was some divine energy. At this moment, he broke through, establishing his second Heavenly Passage, and his entire body began to shine with symbols.

As for Second Baldy, it began to speak mouthfuls of nonsense. It was constantly bragging about stuff, but it was all in bird language, so no one could understand.

The golden hairy ball was staggering as it circled around the bonfire practicing its Monkey Fist arts. It was so drunk that it almost dove head first into the fire.

In the end, everyone was drunk. They all staggered from side to side. Even Second Baldy started to drool before passed out.

Only the Divine Striking Stone was sober, and it was even in pain. This was because after Hairy Ball ate and drank enough, it embraced the stone while sleep talking. Sometimes, it would even grind its teeth on it. It was truly annoying and unbearable.

In the latter half of the night, the little guy came to his senses. The bonfire was still burning, yet he still felt his body was a little cold. An ominous wind attacked, so  he quickly turned around and sat up.

Nearby, an old man with dishevelled hair had an old sword stuck in his head. His hands trembled, and continuously stroked a broken sword. His expression was unspeakably complicated.

“The past, you have buried too many. Time is like water, it will never return!” Its words contained so much sadness and loneliness.

The little guy found a black streak of air appeared on his forehead that slowly dissipated. He knew that the curse was broken and disappeared completely.

“Senior, I have already found and returned this sword. If you have any unparalleled precious techniques, please feel free to just teach me a few of them.” The little guy’s nerves were always very thick, let alone when he actually did an enormous favor.

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