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Chapter 178 – Golden Jade Ripple Technique

The structure really resembled a divine temple. Within the red morning clouds, it appeared even more charming as the tiles and walls were dyed in a layer of dim golden splendor.

Walking here and facing it made people feel like they have a pilgrimage. That precise moment made people feel full of energy, giving them a pious and joyous feeling that cleansed their spirits.

“Precious techniques, here I come!” The little guy spoke softly. His large eyes were exceptionally bright.

Second Baldy also followed behind him, sticking its head out while looking all over the place. It gave off a crafty-looking feeling no matter how you looked at it, and completely contrasted with that golden temple.

The ancient building was grand and magnificent. All sorts of rare vegetation surrounded it, and there were even genuine spiritual medicines to dispel their fragrances. In addition, even the heaven reaching ancient trees were mystical as they emitted divine light.

Outside, there were some spiritual birds and auspicious beasts running about, making this place appear calm and peaceful.

A place as important as this would naturally have powerful experts guarding it. There were a few people sitting motionlessly on top of a boulder as if they were petrified. They were cultivating while guarding this ancient land.

Second Baldy was barred from going in, and even Hairy Ball had been obstructed. They were not allowed to take a single step further; only the little guy himself could advance.

“So stingy. Whatever, I presume that Heaven Mending Pavilion won’t have much left over anyway. After so many years has passed, how much essence can the different types of secret precious techniques still contain?” Second Baldy was unsatisfied.

On top of the boulder, an old expert swiftly opened his eyes and shot out two rays of electricity as he gazed towards it. Second Baldy’s heart was shaken and it hastily shut up its mouth, no longer daring to speak any nonsense.

As for Hairy Ball, it lazily crawled onto the edge of a spiritual medicine field to bask in the sun. Its golden hair was illuminated gloriously by the red morning clouds as it began to take a big nap. In reality, it opened its eyes from time to time to take a few peeks at the medicine field, only, it did not dare to make a move. Last time, it was chained up in a sea of thunder for half a month, making him rather scared.

The little guy followed the stone steps and arrived in front of the Sacred Storage Pavilion. Suddenly, he was blocked by a barrier of light. There was an enormously powerful restriction here that was difficult to break through.

A messy-haired, half-asleep senior rose from his rattan chair. He doubtfully casted his gaze, then said, “Are you that savage child?”

“I’m not savage. I’m the kindest!” The little guy corrected. If rumors of him continued spreading like this, he would be called a vicious beast soon.

“Wu, not bad. You’re indeed very savage. Since pavilion master have given the order, you can go inside. Every region has been opened for you.” The senior nodded and said.

“Every region.” The little guy’s eyes began to shine, then asked, “Where is the most powerful precious technique?”

“Sacred Storage Pavilion’s bone books are as vast as the ocean. No one will ever tell you where divine abilities are. You need to find them yourself, encounter them by chance, and you will inevitably find a bone book that suits you.” The senior dispiritedly said this before falling asleep again.

The little guy did not ask anymore. All of these high-up senior people were strange. He wanted to know more, so he would ask more, but that only increased the chance of him being ignored, and he wouldn’t be told a thing.

After entering the old building, there were rows after rows of bookshelves. They were filled with bone books, and all of them were overflowing with luster. This truly was a sea of books; he felt dizzy just from looking at them.

“Isn’t this a bit too much?!” The little guy was dumbstruck. The Sacred Storage Pavilion was extremely large, and he couldn’t see the end of it from where he stood. His sight was completely blocked off by the heaps of bone books. If he wanted to find the strongest precious technique, just how long would that take? Just looking at it made him dizzy and gave him a small headache.

He walked inside and noticed that a few of the bookshelves in the deepest corners had already rotted. Bone books were scattered with no one to clean them up, and it was to the point where they were almost buried by the dust.

“How am I supposed to find anything with things like this?” His little face displayed his bitterness. There were too many bone books; he did not have a single idea where the divine abilities he wanted the most were.

He took a look around the Sacred Storage Pavilion, and felt dazzle. There were rare symbol bone books everywhere in front of his eyes, and anyone who saw this would want to spit out blood. He felt like his two eyes weren’t enough to take in everything, and couldn’t find what he was looking for.

He picked up a piece of earthen-yellow bone book, and felt that it was rather mystical. Symbols densely covered it, as if it was a heavenly book. The symbols were so small that he had to widen his eyes as he carefully observed it.

The little guy concentrated and studied it for a few minutes. In the end, his little face darkened, because what was recorded inside was only a way to grow spiritual medicine. It did not have a dime of a relation to precious techniques at all.


Once again, he picked up a bone, this time a silver one. There weren’t many symbols on it, and seemed to possess quite a bit of antique charm. After carefully studying it, he found that this book was a method of raising spiritual beasts.

These were not what he wanted. What he lacked the most right now were divine abilities, and at the same time, he wanted to perfect his two great precious techniques; these were the things he needed to become stronger.

He picked up another bone book, this time finally finding a method related to cultivation. However, it still wasn’t what he needed.

“How long to I have to search like this?” The little guy was unhappy and ran towards the entrance again. He headed towards that elder to ask for guidance that can point him in the right direction.

“Don’t run before you can walk. Cultivating the mind is more important than cultivating the body,” The senior said. His hair was a complete mess just like wild grass. Shaking his head, he said, “Besides, the secret divine abilities which had been lost are lost, and those that still exist have remained. Perhaps there’s one of two of them within this sea of books. One’s opportunities must be found by oneself.”


The little guy sighed. Conversing with this kind of senior was genuinely tiring. They spoke very profoundly, but they wouldn’t mention anything of substance.

“Fine. I’ll just live here for ten years then!” He made a firm decision. He had to find a powerful bone book.

At the same time, he felt what the senior said was logical. He might have been excessively impatent. Since there are so many bone books here, he would just study them all slowly.

The little guy went back to the entrance, and started flipping through the pages from the beginning. He was going to read them all little by little, since he would eventually find what he needed.

At first, he felt that this was boring, but he slowly calmed down. In half a day, he flipped through over ten bone books without finding anything special in particular.

“Wu, this is an ancient method that researched how to make essence energy flourish. This is interesting.” The little guy began to read with keen interest.

Finally, he found a somewhat good cultivation method. He read and comprehended the entire thing in half an hour. Following that, he walked down to another section to pick and read.

By the time the sun set, the little guy had read over thirty bone books. Only two of them gave him some insights, and the rest were all of no value.

The next day, the little guy came early again. He faced the horizon and looked towards the morning mist before entering the Sacred Storage Pavilion. This time, he picked up a bone book that was covered in dust.

A dim golden luster was revealed after blowing off the dust. This bone was almost at the end of its days. It was very ancient, and was already cracking apart. However, it did not affect the legibility since the symbols were still very clear.

“Golden Jade Ripple Technique!” The little guy was astounded. He never thought he could find such a technique. This should be considered a powerful method that was extremely suitable for battle, allowing one to protect their body with miraculous effect.

When the genius camp exchanged pointers with the ordinary disciples, there was a tall and sturdy youth who utilized this technique. It could not be considered a precious technique, but its effects were still extremely useful.

This was a protection symbol extracted from the Golden Winged Peng. After going through human development and evolution, it arrived at the extraordinary state it is in today. Of course, it was certainly incomparable to a Golden Peng’s protection symbol. After all, that technique was perfect and flawless.

“Sigh, there’s only one volume here. It clearly states that there are three volumes. If they were all gathered together, then it would be a precious technique. Furthermore, it should be an extremely powerful divine technique!” The little guy regretted that he was only able to find the first volume and was missing the other two. Even this golden bone book was practically covered in dust.

He was comprehending the technique when suddenly, strands of ripples appeared from his body. They transformed into a golden whirlpool that appeared very mysterious. He was  quite joyous because this technique seemed very strong, and it was also resonating with another precious technique in his body.

He had always relied on both the Green Sky Peng’s and Suan Ni’s precious techniques as his offensive divine abilities in battle. Now, however, this golden whirlpool emerged and resonated with the Archaic devil bird within the silver moon. The devil bird flickered and cried out.

“So it can actually turn out like this!” The little guy was overjoyed.

Since they were both of the Peng species, when their similar symbols circulated together, there were interactions occurring, allowing them to resonate.

He used this entire day to fumble about and continuously look for ways to use them both together. In the end, he actually managed to slowly blend them together.

Originally, the Green Sky Peng’s precious technique displayed most of its power inside that bright silver moon. This time, after practicing the Golden Jade Ripple Technique, that devil bird inside the silver moon became visibly more robust.

No matter how one looked at it, that silver moon resembled a divine egg that was about to hatch.

From that day onward, the little guy neglected food and sleep. During the entire next half month, he studied the Golden Jade Ripple Technique in order to mix it on top of the Green Sky Peng’s precious technique.

Finally, after a bubbling noise, that silver moon was dyed in a dim gold. Furthermore, it seemed as if it was incubating a Devil Bird, and gradually transformed into a divine egg. The Devil Bird inside it became increasingly ferocious.

Meanwhile, the palace, ancient trees and everything else within the silver moon underwent transformation, turning into symbols on the eggshell.

“Wu, it’s more complete now. It’s approaching the true technique of a genuine Sky Peng!”

The little guy was pleasantly surprised. He did not waste half a month of effort for nothing. His precious technique was closer to the precious technique of a Peng now after blending and linking them together. It made the power of this divine ability rise by an entire level.

Just like this, he entered and left the Sacred Storage Pavilion daily as he carefully studied each book. He emphasized studying the Golden Jade Ripple Technique until he finally incorporated it into the Green Sky Peng’s precious technique.

Day after day, the people of Heaven Mending Pavilion still did not try to find him. It seemed like they were preparing some divine substances to ensure the full recovery of their Guardian Spirit’s life force.

In the blink of an eye, a month had passed. The little guy was refreshed, and his body was indescribably comfortable. He did not painstakingly try to breakthrough, yet he felt as if the state of his own body had improved to its peak.

“Ghost grandpa did not beat me up for no reason. So it turns out that it was actually good for me.” The little guy scratched his head. For the past month, he studied all kinds of literature. He slowly realized that the places he had been beaten up had a warm feeling that resonated as he studied the books.

In the Hundred Shattering Mountains, his strength had improved furiously. In just one month, he had broken through many Heavenly Passages consecutively. This exceeded the extreme limits and left some hidden side-effects inside his body.

Ghost grandpa’s slaps looked like a beating, but it was actually helping him clear up the obstacles in his limbs and bones. Now, his entire body surged with divinity, and his spirit felt incredibly ample.

Every time he studied a scripture, he would feel his body become even more comfortable and even resonate along. He felt as if a divine artifact had polished him, making him shine more resplendently with light.

“Ya, there’s so much benefits to this. Not only does it train the body, it also tampers with my foundation, secretly making it stronger. My comprehension of the symbols is even better now as well.”

The little guy was extremely happy. After a month, he had read over a hundred bone books. It unexpectedly had some direct effects on him, and allowed him to gain an even deeper understanding of the essence of symbols.

It even gave him some enlightenment, allowing him to even understood a bit more of the True Primordial Records. Starting from the simple places, he found an answer within the tens of thousands of scriptures.

Everyday, he incited scriptures, and all kinds of mysterious truths would appear. The little guy was immersed in a wonderful world, and he became concentrated and obsessed with it.

Many scriptures might have been useless. However, throughout this journey, he was still able to feel that his body was strengthening and his spirit was slowly becoming more robust.

“Wonderful, this is really an enormous treasury!” He was incredibly happy.

Everything was going smoothly except for one thing, and that was the fact that the Guardian Spirit’s resting place was sealed off, allowing no one entrance. If not for this, he would have followed ghost grandpa’s suggestion to bring the scriptures there to meditate and study.

In the next half month, the little guy was surprised to find the second and third volume of the Golden Jade Ripple Technique. They were buried underneath a pile of other bone books and were covered in a layer of dust.

He was so happy that he almost did a barrel roll. Three volumes combined into one would complete this precious technique. This was the protection technique developed from the Golden Winged Pengs.

Not far away, that messy haired old man exposed a smile.

“Thanks old gramps.” The little guy was aware, and gave his respects toward that direction.

It was clear that the complete Golden Jade Ripple Technique was a powerful precious technique. However, after merging with the Green Sky Peng’s precious technique, it underwent a transformation and refinement that might have made it even stronger than the Suan Ni’s precious technique!

“Ah…” Suddenly, the little guy was startled. After roughly looking at it, he found out that what he had obtained might be even more astonishing than what he imagined.

It was written that the treasury contained an ancient Large Peng bone. It was very special, and its symbols had not yet been erased. This Golden Jade Ripple Technique was made by an ancestor who had comprehended that bone.

“Where is it?!” The little guy clenched his fists, and trembled in excitement.

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