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Chapter 173 – Disturbance

No one noticed. Even Huo Ling’er, Nine-Headed Lion and the others were deceived. This proved that Hairy Ball’s seventy two transformation technique was extremely shocking, allowing one to make the fake appear real.

Even though the precious technique was badly damaged, through the strange naked bird’s guidance, the body transformation technique was restored.

The current little guy was robust and full of vitality. His skin had the color of wheat, and as he walked within the group of people, he called out to random ‘friends’. Regardless of whether or not they recognized him, he still acted as if they were extremely familiar.

He walked out just like this without anyone noticing. After arriving in the outside world, he blended into the crowd of creatures and then became one of the ‘spectators’.

“Wu, even though you’re wounded, your cultivation improved by quite a bit.” A completely shining elder looked at the Nine-Headed Lion with relative satisfaction.

The Nine-Headed Lion had four of his heads chopped off by the little guy. They grew back later on, and this was the shocking method of his race. Currently, he was too embarrassed and couldn’t speak about it.

“Good! Not many of our race’s experts that entered died, and the two of you are well-known figures. Your cultivation levels have greatly improved! This was truly a rare chance!” On the side, the two brothers of the Three-Eyed Race also received praise.

Many creatures came out, however, there were many races whose geniuses never appeared. Some of the Archaic descendants couldn’t help but reveal overcast expressions, and among them, there was a White Tiger that was the most terrifying.

The White Tiger was spotlessly white like jade with scattered golden stripes across its body. With a luminous and pure body, it appeared as if it was created out of a ceramic glaze. It emitted a powerful aura as it stood atop a battle carriage, and its face was downcast. Its mood was similarly terrible.

This was a king that came from the Western Tomb Beast Mountain. It was waiting here to meet its most pampered offspring, yet in the end, its child never appeared.

It had a feeling that its descendant had fallen.

Aohou… The White Tiger faced the sky and roared. Golden energy shone from its body, creating a wast expanse of whiteness. It shook everything until even the heavens began to sway.

The Nine-Headed Lion, Flame Crow, Rainbow Luan and the others revealed strange expressions. Their elders were even more prudent, asking them about the death of the small White Tiger.

They all shook their heads. This wasn’t the place to talk about that. Could it be that they were going to tell their elders that the White Tiger was eaten by them and was currently inside their stomachs? If news of this leaked, a great war would definitely unfold.

“Why hasn’t our Rain clansmen come out yet?” Within a mist in the distance, a group of elders were anxious as they walked over.

“Came out, Yu Zimo came out.” They revealed happy expressions, because they finally saw a genius walk out alive. Since one came out, there should be others behind her, right?

“Zimo, is it because you guys obtained the True Supreme Water and fear coming out as a result of being careful? Don’t worry, our preparations are sufficient, so they can come out!” An elder was waiting in expectation.

torch like radiance flickered within his pupils.

“Ancestral grandpa, wuwu…” Yu Zimo broke into tears.

“What’s wrong?” The Rain Clansmen immediately panicked. They had a bad feeling and all of their faces turned green. Could it be that the group of geniuses as well as the four restricted individuals all died?

“The elders all died, and my clan’s geniuses all fell. I was the only one to look for brother Shi Yi…” Yu Zimo’s face was drenched in tears. She was a unique genius, and after sensing that their was a great danger, she hid herself and avoided the calamity.

She failed to find Shi Yi, but survived in the end.

“What? All died? Who did this?!” The Rain Clansmen were furious. This group contained the clan elites, and they were the hope of their clan, yet they were all exterminated.

“It’s that child from the Void God Realm.” Yu Zimo cried as she spoke. At the same time, she told them about how the True Supreme Water was seized.

Ah… The group of people roared loudly, and there were many that were so angry they coughed out blood. This was simply too hateful! A little baby actually killed off an entire generation of theirs.

“Seize it back!” Someone roared in a low voice.

“The True Supreme Water was agitated and fled. He drank some into his stomach because he didn’t have the corresponding vessel to contain it. He can’t keep it inside of him forever,” Yu Zimo said.

“So hateful… What a waste it is for such a precious divine decree to be broken by a devilish brat…” The group of elders beat their chests and stamped their feet as they wailed in anger.

They felt that it was simply too much of a pity. If they didn’t succeed, then that was that. However, they were clearly already at the crucial point, and the True Supreme Water was already on the verge of entering the jade cauldron, yet in the end, this kind of devilish brat charged over.

It was to the point where a few people were in remorse. They shouldn’t have made so many problems for that youth, and should have just focused on obtaining that True Supreme Water. If they had done that, maybe they wouldn’t have had this disaster happen to them.

Unfortunately, it was already too late no matter what they said. There was no such thing as a medicine for regret within this world.

What made them especially uneasy was whether or not that child was the same one as the one back then. Just how big of a deal was this?! To actually be capable of killing their restricted individuals, this was a type of absolute terror!

“He absolutely must be eliminated!” They shouted in an overcast voice. They almost smashed their teeth apart, and were simply angered beyond belief.

Beside them, there were people who heard but did not care since too many similar situations had occurred. Many geniuses were buried within, and some experts such as the White Tiger were even roaring like thunder.

What about my Kun clansmen? How come not a single one came out?”

The exit was shining as fog lingered around it. The number of creatures that came out of it was gradually decreasing. However, the Kun Clan did not see a single one of their own geniuses exiting.

“How come no one from my Li Clan came out either?” There were many others like them who were in the same puzzling situation. No matter how cruel the competition was inside, it wasn’t likely for their entire group to be wiped out since they had restricted individuals accompanying them.

Finally, they came across some clues because a few people beside them furiously roared, “Devilish brat, I’m gonna kill you!”

Those were people from the Yuan clan. From the word of mouth from others, they obtained information that the devilish brat killed in every direction, and he wiped out all the geniuses and restricted individuals clean.

The Kun clan, Li Clan, Meng Clan, and Yuan Clan; these four large clans once had conflicts with the little guy in the Void God Realm. This time, they even put a bounty on his head before entering the Hundred Shattering Mountains.

In the end, the result was like so. Everyone’s heads were picked off by that child.

After the four large clans heard the news, they practically became insane from anger, and even their hearts were bleeding. There were over ten geniuses and restricted ones, yet they were actually all killed like this?

He was just a child. Whether it was in the Void God Realm or the Hundred Shattering Mountains, he displayed his extraordinary power. Such a shocking feat astonished everyone.

“How did this happen? I’m not giving up!” The four clan’s geniuses were their hopes for the future. They were sent in to search for an ancient treasure; however, no one came out alive in the end.

Other than them, there were also many others that were discussing.

“Have you guys heard? Within the Hundred Shattering Mountains, there was a savage child that swept in all directions. Rumor has it that he even dared to kill Archaic vicious beast youths.”

“I heard! So powerful… Have you guys seen? The four great families there on the other side all have sullen faces. It seems like the race’s experts have all been wiped clean by that child.”

“Such savagery!”

Soon after, the people were informed that this infamous savage child in the Hundred Shattering Mountains was precisely the devilish brat from the Void God Realm. It immediately shocked them to the ground.

“I truly hate him. No matter where he goes, everything gets tossed from side to side. In the Heaven Mending Pavilion, he picked up a treasure…”

Their thoughts were complicated. Currently, many people were searching for the little guy.

The Heaven Mending Pavilion chief elder Tao Ye held the glistening yellow gourd in his hand as he stroked his beard with the other. He kept feeling his eyelids twitching; he somehow had the feeling that the child flipped the Hundred Shattering Mountains on its head.

“Shi Yi came out! The divine dual-pupiled one has arrived!” Right at that moment, everyone became alarmed. They all looked towards the entrance.

There was a tall and thin youth standing there. He was sturdy, and vigorous with black hair flowing down. His eyes had two pupils that flourished with heroism. He dragged an enormous beast skin as he walked outside, and even the ground underneath trembled.

“What?! That’s… a mature Archaic Descendent!”

Everyone was dumbfounded. Killing a descendent of his own generation was understandable. How can a youth do such a heaven defyingly large thing? This was truly a magnificent feat.

One has to know that even the elders who were currently here had difficulties against an Archaic Descendent; this was not right.

He was just 13 or 14 years old, yet he actually accomplished such a splendid feat. He was truly like a God destined to rise above this great wasteland, and not a single person could stop him.

Shi Yi’s entire body was enveloped in a layer of splendor, gradually making him appear even more mysterious and powerful. He looked like the reincarnation of a revered God king who was walking within the mortal world.

He dragged an enormous old green Flood Dragon behind him. There were many wounds on the Flood Dragon, and some places even had white bones exposed. This shocking prey made the group of creatures speechless.

“This is the old Flood Dragon that was battling with that divine monkey! It ended up with heavy injuries, but never would I have thought that it would have perished under Shi Yi’s hands.” Some pure blood creatures showed strange expressions.

They weren’t the only ones, as there were others who witnessed that battle. As a result, discreet discussions started. When people found out how terrifying this old Flood Dragon was, they became even more astonished.

“Even though it had an injury, Shi Yi being able to capture and take out its corpse represents the magnificence of his power and luck.”

Everyone was emotionally moved.

“Shi Yi also obtained some divine medicine too. If that savage child did not make his move, he might have even obtained an entire tree,” some people said.

Once word got out, it stirred up an even greater commotion. What was a holy medicine? It represented an opportunity to change your entire body, and make a person undergo a huge breakthrough.  It also represented an extra life; being able to revive you no matter how heavy your injuries were.

Of course, there wasn’t even a need to mention that it could improve a person’s life force.

“There was actually a person who spoiled my Martial King Family’s happy occasion and obstructed my Yi’er from seizing a divine medicine?” An elder of the Shi family was furious.

“That child from the Void God Realm breaking one of Yi’er’s records was fine. But he also came to the Hundred Shattering Mountains to display his might. Is he trying to provoke us?” Another elder had an ice-cold gaze.

“Yi’er is blessed by the heavens. Even if he does not have a stalk of holy medicine, he’s not a person who someone else can surpass.”

A group of people from the Martial King’s mansion came. They were all high-leveled experts who were welcoming Shi Yi back. They were all extremely careful in trying to take care of him, as they were scared that someone would assassinate him in the middle of the night while he was on his way home.

“No matter who he is, it would be disadvantageous for him to think about challenge Yi’er. He has to get past my Martial King’s Mansion first!”

“Heng, that devilish brat from the Void God Realm is too capable of making a ruckus. Is he not afraid of dying young?!”

These words were spoken by the two elders who were partial and loving towards Shi Yi’s bloodline.

In the distance, the little guy was alone by himself. He calmly looked around with his pure, large, and bright  eyes without uttering a single world.

The young geniuses of the Martial King’s Mansion all gathered up and surrounded Shi Yi in the middle. They helped him carry the old green Flood Dragon as they lingered around him like stars around the moon.

Shi Yi was unmatched and fearless. He attracted the gazes of too many people. Thousands of eyes focused on him as a divine splendor flowed from him. Even his hair was shining, making people exclaim in surprise.

While people were passionately debating things related to Shi Yi, it was unavoidable that they would naturally raise up the topic about the child who dared to steal his holy medicine. They felt more than ever than this devilish brat was abnormal, and had a shocking potential.

Without a doubt, the savage child was also very famous at this time. He stirred up countless commotions within the Hundred Shattering Mountains. After words of his deeds had been spread about, everyone became shaken and speechless.

The little guy turned around by his lonesome self as he left the area of the Martial King’s Mansion, walking into the distant earth. He was walking his own path, and did not need anything to anchor him down.

Without any of the Martial King Mansion’s protection and spiritual medicines, he also arrived at this point. He firmly believed that he was the strongest as he gathered his state of mind and paced into the distance.

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