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Chapter 172 – The Emperor’s Power

The monkey king was incredibly powerful and could sweep away everything in its path. In this small and ancient world, it was considered an existence at the peak of the food pyramid. Not even the group of old kings were its opponent, yet now it was struck with injuries by a golden wave from the outside.

The Divine Monkey roared furiously. It crept up from the ground and its enormous body made a mountain range collapse. Its golden body shined, shooting out two streaks of golden light; it possessed the aura of a war ox.

“Clear a way to the exit!” An imposing voice commanded from the outside. His actual body did not come inside.

“You think I’ll get out of the way because you asked me to? If you have the abilities, just come inside and kill me!” The Divine Monkey’s evil aura overflowed into the heavens. The incredibly thick golden battle spear in its hand shined as it pointed at the exit.

Mist filled the air. The small world’s gate had already opened up, allowing everyone here to leave. It was all because that golden monkey was blocking the way. It killed many geniuses from all over the land, making this road impassable.

Powerful astral winds billowed majestically as a wave made of light soared into the sky. A golden palm appeared and slammed forward like a hand of god. It was enormous and filled with an imposing power, intimidating and difficult to defy.

The monkey widened its eyes and bared its fierce white teeth. The battle spear in its hands struck forward ferociously and tyrannically as if it was going to pierce through the heavens.

It used its gigantification technique, making its body taller than a mountain. Its spear was like this as well, its thickness making it seem as if a mountain ridge was lifted up vertically. Hazy light and deathly metallic aura surged powerfully at the same time.


A palm slammed down, striking down on the tip of the spear. An ear splitting keng qiang sound rang out, but the sparkling center of the palm was unaffected and not penetrated in the slightest. In addition, a frightening sound was emitted in the next moment. With a kacha sound, a crack appeared on the battle spear before quickly spreading outwards.

A peng sound was emitted. The battle spear shattered, and it was like a mountain collapsing. The broken pieces surged with golden light as they fell down, smashing the ground until it became full of holes. Smoke and dust soared into the skies.

Everyone became overwhelmed by shock. How powerful was the emperor’s strength?! He could actually overrule the small world’s regulations! A palm created out of light directly destroyed the monkey king’s precious artifact.


That was not the end of it. The divine monkey coughed out a mouthful of blood and began to stagger about. It seemed like it received a heavy injury.

“The emperor is so powerful! Even while separated by different dimensions, it can still gravely wound the monkey king. If his real body descended here, just how terrifying would that be?!” There wasn’t a single creature that was shaken.

“Even this small world’s laws and regulations couldn’t stop him! The divine force of his symbols still entered… Just how powerful is he?” All of them were fearful.

“I won’t surrender!” This was the first time the divine monkey suffered such a crushing defeat. From the moment it was born, it had never encountered a foe like this.

It opened its mouth and released a clear hiss. Symbols appeared from within its pupils before turning into two divine swords. They flew out with the intention of slicing apart that palm and disintegrating the emperor’s precious artifact.


The sparkling hand moved its fingers, and with two motions, the two divine swords were completely shattered. They turned into a stream of light before disappearing into thin air.

Moreover, that palm slammed over, making the monkey king’s body violently tremble. It brushed past it, directly making it stagger about before flying out horizontally. The monkey smashed into a mountain and coughed out large amounts of blood.


The monkey roared in anger. It felt extremely stifled. It was originally a self-proclaimed king, yet it met such a crushing defeat here. It was truly difficult for it to take in.

With a honglong sound, a head appeared on its shoulder. At the same time, arms appeared from beside both its left and right arm respectively. With a roar, its entire body shined with light. It produced an ocean of symbols as it murderously charged forward.


This time, that sparkling palm directly smashed down. It was absolutely ruthless, no longer giving the monkey another chance.

The monkey’s body was gigantic, moreover with its twin heads and four arms, its strength doubled. However, its bones were smashed and its tendons were snapped as if that made no difference. With the descent of the large hand, it was like a sparkling divine mountain as it crushed the monkey underneath.

The symbols were dense and auspicious vapors were rising; the emperor was going to refine the divine monkey. In the blink of an eye, half of the monkey’s body became fuzzy, as if it was going to be converted into heaven and earth essence and dissipate within this world.

Finally, something different happened within this small world. A blood-colored divine chain appeared. It pierced towards the emperor’s hand with the intention of destroying it.


The emperor released his grip and gently lifted a finger. It collided with that scarlet-colored divine chain and emitted a crisp metallic sound. The chain became unsteady and almost cracked apart.

The divine monkey leaped and retreated backwards. Upon seeing this situation, it became overwhelmed with shock. The emperor was terrifying after all, and if he was able to advance another stage, it was quite possible that he could directly break into this small world.

Currently, all of its pride and haughtiness was put away as it rushed towards the deepest parts of this world, no longer blocking the entrance. At the same time, that sparkling palm also slowly vanished. It emitted strands of essence energy before ultimately disappearing within this world, and the entrance was finally peaceful again.

“The emperor is so powerful!”

His body could not enter, but he could still utilize a few precious techniques to interfere with this small world, making people feel intimidated.

“He should only be able to interfere with the entrance, right? If he could truly break into the limits of this small world, then that would truly be heaven defying.”

“Who knows!”

The various creatures here were all geniuses. They were proud and arrogant, but currently, they thoroughly accepted the current situation. Even if they bitterly cultivated, it would still be impossible for them to reach that level. It truly was a monarch within the great wastelands, and it would be difficult to find someone to be his opponent.


Everyone shouted. They did not hesitate, and all of them flocked forward. They urgently wanted to be separated from this small world.

They’ve fought in here for more than a month, and everyone was mentally exhausted. They wanted to leave immediately, and even fifteen more minutes sounded like torture.

“Sigh, what a pity it is that I have to leave now. I haven’t stayed long enough yet,” the little guy murmured. He was the only one that was unwilling to leave.

There were so many spiritual medicines here. As long as one looked carefully, they could dig up several stalks every day. There were so many Archaic descendants as well, and as long as one was diligent, they could eat one every day.

After leaving, where would they find spiritual medicines, and where would they be able to find Archaic beast youth? They would all be scattered within the great wasteland and be extremely difficult to find.

“What a pity!” He said to himself. When the surrounding people heard him, they all wanted to trample on him.

“You still aren’t satisfied? You really are confusing yourself as a small demon king.” Huo Ling’er rolled her large eyes and felt that this devilish brat was truly hopeless.

She stretched out her body, her figure appearing incomparably delicate and relaxed. Her small waist was wonderful, and her physique was tall and slender, seemingly perfect. Her hair was pitch black, her wonderful face sparkling white, and her lips bright red. This type of relaxed appearance had a unique type of beauty to it.

“So unhappy.” The devilish brat’s eyes were sullen as he spoke. “I didn’t catch an Archaic vicious beast youth.”

The group of people immediately turned around, none of them wanting to face him!

“Sigh, sticking around with you truly hurts my ego.” Only the big red bird muttered a statement.

“Let’s go, we should leave as well,” Huo Ling’er said.

“RIght, your father is so powerful. Can you introduce me to him?” The little guy asked hopefully.

“What are you trying to do?” Huo Ling’er casted a sidelong glance.

When the little guy heard her, he became bashful. His small arms were crossed together as he said, “Didn’t I tell you already last time?”

“What? You want to become the son-in-law of upper nobility?” The big red bird asked.

Several ‘restricted’ individuals immediately revealed killing intent as they glared at it.

“It’s about me becoming different aged friends with your father. Being in such a relationship with me, I promise he won’t lose out,” the little guy said.

“Get lost!” Huo Ling’er turned around. There was no reason for her to have a small uncle, and only someone with something wrong with their brains would do something like that. She walked out.

“Come on, let’s go.” The Nine-Headed Lion and Flame Crow also spoke. They had been itching to get out for a long time already, and were preparing to rush out.

“Sigh, truly a pity. I’m not going, I’m going to stay here.” After saying this, he directly ran inside and warned repeatedly, “Little Gray, when you enter the Fire Nation Imperial Palace, you must eat as much as you possibly can!”

The little wolf lying in Huo Ling’er’s bosom nodded with all of its strength. Its large eyes emitted light.

Everyone became dumbstruck. Did this fellow go crazy? Was he really going to stay here?

Huo Ling’er’s mouth twitched. “If he really wants to stay, then to hell with it. He must be scared of being hunted down after leaving, and it’s possible that he’s worried about us.”

When the big red bird heard this, it immediately rushed off to madly chase after him. It was still waiting for the little guy to introduce a master to it. If he lost this opportunity, then it would truly not be able to shed tears even if it tried.

The Nine-Headed Lion and the others all laughed. The Rainbow Luan was astonished. Before, it still wanted to use its race’s power to scare the devilish brat a bit. In the end, the brat slipped away and directly ran.

When everyone thought about it, they became relieved. This brat stewed a great Peng, cooked the White Tiger, and chopped off a few pieces of flesh from the Zhujian. He even pulled off the scales of the Horned Dragon and wrestled with the purple-haired girl, so he probably didn’t dare to walk out just like this.

The little guy turned into a small fatty and waved towards a person in the distance. It was the silver-robed youth Xiao Tian, and he was hiding within the desolate desert. He avoided the great calamity, and only now did he rush over.

“Bro, it’s good that you are okay. I heard that there was a huge disturbance within the depths of this small world and that devilish brat made his move. Have you encountered him?” Xiao Tian asked.

He decided to block off the information, because this was just a single person living within the uninhabited region. Xiao Tian did not know what happened, and only heard a few rumors while walking out.

“I saw his figure from the distance, and truly wanted to give him a beating.” The little guy responded vaguely and then asked for the True Supreme Water. He wanted to get his portion.

“Do you have any precious artifacts to hold it? Aren’t you scared that it would fly away?”

“Don’t worry, just give it to me.” The little guy took the jade container containing the divine fluid before quickly collecting it into the heaven and earth pouch.

“Truly is a good treasure.” The silver-robed youth was a bit jealous. Following that, he invited the little guy to leave together with him. If they encountered that devilish brat, they had to give him a good beating.

“You go first. I still have some things to take care of.” The little guy was a bit embarrassed.

There was a vast crowd, and all types of creatures were here. They rushed towards the exit, and even though more than eighty percent died here, the remaining group was still enormous.

In the outside world, the Flame Crow, Nine-Headed Lion and the others had exited a while ago. They followed beside their elders. Among the elders, some of them were in humanoid form, and some were in their original bodies; all of them were extremely powerful.

In the sky, there were moving palaces floating in the air. They were incomparably enormous, brilliant and imposing. Huo Ling’er entered one of these enormous palaces, and it was clear that this was the palace of the human emperor. One of his incarnations arrived to bring her home. One could tell from this action just how much the emperor doted on his daughter.

Other than the emperor’s shocking palace, there was an ancient battle chariot not far off. Even though it was rather dark and did not have much luster, it still made people feel intimidated.

Soon after, a golden beast walked out from the chariot. Its entire body emitted light, and it was brilliant and dazzling. This was a race that served the Archaic divine birds and vicious beasts, and was incomparably powerful.

Everyone inhaled a breath of cold air. It definitely originated from the Archaic divine mountain and came on behalf of the pure-blooded creatures.

People continuously rushed outwards, and an entirely pitch-black large bird was sticking it head about like a thief as it followed the various creatures out.

“That bird, why does it seem rather wretched? It seems kinda familiar.” The Nine-Headed Lion muttered.

“Right.” The three-eyed race experts also nodded.

“It is definitely not from my Flame Crow race, but it seems rather like…” The Flame Crow spoke up.

“It’s the big red bird!” They all stared blankly and recognized that this fellow died itself black.

Unfortunately, they did not see the devilish brat.

“Why hasn’t that brat come out yet?” The purple-clothed girl stood atop a war chariot while frowning.

As for the Zhujian and Horned Dragon, they were also looking. They did not inform their elders, because they did not want to explain what happened. They even more so did not want to complain, because they all had their own pride and dignity.

“This won’t work, because your precious technique is lacking. You can cheat normal people, but it won’t pass true supreme experts.”

Within the small world, the naked strange bird shook its head. It was not satisfied with the little guy’s transformation technique. It had already tried to slip away many times, but each time it was caught again and trapped within the Heaven and Earth pouch.

The little guy was originally extremely calm and collected. After hearing what was said, he felt as if he was too careless and said, “How about you teach me a unique ability?”

The naked bird rolled its eyes. It didn’t wanna teach him anything at all.

“The one that I hold the most hostility towards is that purple-clothed girl vicious beast. You have to understand that if I’m exposed, you can’t run either.”

The naked bird was at a loss. Even if it was beaten to death, it still didn’t wanna meet anyone from that race. If not for them, it wouldn’t have hid within this small Archaic world that year.

“I’ll teach you a small ability to perfect your transformation technique.”

The little guy was originally delicate and pretty, but in the end, he made himself into a robust youth. He became tough and stocky, and his appearance gave him a bold and powerful aura. He directly walked out arrogantly.

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