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Chapter 1741

The little guy did not enter Broken Sky City, but rather disappeared into the horizon instead. He wanted to leave this bustling place, and so he left into the distance by himself.

For him, that place was too dangerous. If the powerful clans were to recognize him, they would naturally decide to kill him. At that moment, without any clansmen to protect him, it would be difficult for him to escape death.

A dragon worm measuring over 100 meters in length crawled through while ingesting and expelling mud. It looked at the little guy who was sitting in the middle of a swamp with a strange look; however, it didn’t attack because it sensed danger.

“Where do I go?” The little guy sat on top of a clean rock in the middle of the swamp. He scratched his head while reminiscing about his recent losses. However, now he was very happy, because after all, he was still a child.

“I obtained so many precious thing and ran into the middle of the wastelands by myself. Now that I found a place to cultivate earnestly in peace, I don’t need to run around everywhere anymore.”

After he opened his Heaven and Earth Pouch, he became elated. He dragged out Second Baldy who was currently secretively eating his spiritual medicines sat his butt on it as he started to count what he gained.

The precious artifacts, spiritual medicine, little devil wine, immortal peach tree, True Supreme Water, and the other things were truly astonishing. If any of these things were spread around, it would instantly instill a huge commotion. Apart from this, there was the flesh and blood of Archaic Descendents that could be piled up into a small mountain, as well as the pure-blooded Zhujian’s precious flesh medicine.

“So much!” He happily smiled. Without relying on anyone, he obtained all these spiritual objects by himself. It was enough for his cultivation needs.

However, he could not use all of these by himself. He needed to bring some back to his clansmen and the children of the village for them to use, because that was the place that provided him with warmth and happiness. They were the people most intimate to him.

“Let me go!”  Second Baldy yelled. When the little guy sat on it a moment ago, it almost could not breathe. It took a great deal of effort for it to roll back its eyes and recovers. This devilish brat’s strength was too strong.

“Who told you to secretly eat anything? Fortunately, you did not take any silver peaches; otherwise, I would have stewed and boiled you into a pot of precious medicine,” the savage child threatened.

“Wu, your situation is not reassuring at all. You won’t live more than a few days.” The strange bald bird spoke with a very profound appearance.

The little guy spanked its butt and said, “Enough, stop saying such frightening things. Let’s go and find some old cave to cultivate in. Then, you can teach me whatever precious techniques you wish.”

“Why do I have to teach you precious techniques. What do I owe you?” Second Baldy rolled its eyes.

“You teach me precious techniques first, and then I’ll search the world and charge through every ancient divine mountain to make that female vicious beast’s clan surrender so that you won’t have to run in the future,” the little guy said.

The strange bald bird was dumbstruck. How self-confident was this youth? His mannerism was too lofty. However, it soon remembered this savage child’s feats. He chased a hornless dragon running and rode on a Zhujian to make it surrender. His valiance made people speechless.

Thinking carefully, this child really did have a practically limitless potential. The only troublesome thing was, if he was so fierce and explosive when young, would he remain this way when he grew older? One must know that divine birds and vicious beasts possessed an extremely powerful latent strength and would walk a triumphant path from start to finish. However, humans were naturally slightly on the weak side.

“Ai, don’t say anymore. Looking at your ominous appearance, the heavens are going to be jealous of you and you might truly die.” Second Baldy sighed.

“You’re looking for a beating aren’t ya? Why are you cursing me?” The little guy glared at it.

“It’s not me who is cursing, but there is a malicious spirit cursing you. There is a strand of black mist hidden within the light on your forehead, and it’s going to break out soon. With your cultivation, it will be tough for you to defend against it, and you’ll die in a few days,” said the hairless bird.

After the little guy heard this, he quivered and trembled. He knew that Second Baldy was not entirely lying. To be honest, the reason why he entered the Hundred Shattering Mountains was to find a sword for an old spirit.

“I already found the broken sword. Looks like I have to go back to the Heaven Mending Pavilion.” The little guy kicked opened a stone beneath his feet.

Of course, he did not want to go anywhere right now. There were currently many talkative mouths in Broken Sky City, and there were also a few with godly eyes piercing about like lightning. It was pretty risky to go right now.

“Let’s wait two more days.” The little guy muttered.

After that, he began swallowing and spitting out multicolored light as he extracted the essence of nature to cultivate his symbols. He was comprehending the supreme mysteries of the True Primordial Records, and as he sunk into an extremely calm state, he earnestly tried to gain insights into the dao.

Although the little guy’s natural gifts were astonishing, he would never display them for no reason. If he wanted to become stronger, he did not have anyone to rely on. He only had himself as he treacherously advanced on his path of struggle.

After opening his ninth Heavenly Passage, his body became sturdier. A slight wave of his hand could seemingly move mountains and lift seas; his strength was supreme. Moreover, all kinds of golden symbols glittered within each Heavenly Passage, nourishing his precious techniques. His abilities in symbols advanced leaps and bounds, advancing by an entire level.

“So comfortable!”

The morning light sprinkled down as the little guy stood on top of a limestone within the swamp. He breathed the essence of day in and out as his body warmed up all over. It made him feel as if cultivation was not very difficult, but rather comforting instead.

“Time to go find old man Tao Ye and re-enter to the Heaven Mending Pavilion again.”

He believed that Tao Ye had not left, because his actions within the Hundred Shattering Mountains must have spread about by now. Heaven Mending had to protect him well and disallow anyone to harm and fight over him.

Of course, if Tao Ye knew that the little guy was wrestling with the purple clothed girl, he might have went crazy.

In reality, although the Zhujian, Hornless Dragon, and other pure blooded vicious beasts fought with the little guy, they did not inform their clansmen. They did not want to take revenge using their elders’ power, because they had their own egos and pride.

Two days later, Broken Sky City became desolate. Apart from some special people, all the genius creatures from every clan had already left.

They fought within the Hundred Shattering Mountains for over a month. This was such a long time that they had all tired out. They wanted to return to their clans right away, and so they decided to hit the road with their seniors as soon as possible.

“Wei, is uncle buying a sword?” The little guy strolled towards the house he visited before, and sure enough, he saw Tao Ye’s figure. He was still here.

For the past two days, Tao Ye firmly held within his hands the Heaven Mending Pavilion’s utmost treasure – the gourd. He walked everywhere around Broken Sky City to look for traces of the little guy in fear of him being captured by others.

Now, after seeing a finely clothed youth walking towards him while speaking these words, his heart suddenly jumped. Then he asked, “I only want a cursed sword. Nothing else.”

“Done.” The little guy was beaming with smiles as he blinked his large eyes.

“This brat!” Tao Ye was elated and immediately whacked him. Then, he quickly dragged him back to the garden, and returned to their residence.

“This is… junior brother!” A young girl was pleasantly surprised. She was very perceptive, and realized his identity from the smiles in the eyes.

“Junior brother!” The others also surrounded him.

Amongst his three senior brothers, one of them died in the Hundred Shattering Mountains, however, both the senior sisters were still alive. The dead made people melancholic; but relatively speaking, this was still a very good result. One must know that for many families, their geniuses had all died.

“Let’s go. There’s no need for any more talking. Let’s go back to the Heaven Mending Pavilion immediately,” Tao Ye said.

He rapidly laid down several pieces of symbolled bones and took out a little altar. Then, he chanted and started his ritual.

With a weng sound, a glittering passage that lead into the distance appeared in midair. Tao Ye dragged them and rapidly entered. Then, a multicolored light shined and they all disappeared.

“Senior, why are we in such a hurry. Could there be people out to kill us?” A senior male practitioner asked.

“No one is after us, but there is a rotten fetus here that many people would be happy to have. They would probably cage him up and treat him like a pure blooded vicious beast pet.” Tao Ye smiled.

The little suddenly widened his large eyes and said, “I haven’t captured a true Tao Tie or Ya Zi, and there is already people after me. I’ll have to completely suppress them.”

“No harm, as long as we return to Heaven Mending Pavilion, no one would dare to behave atrociously. After all, our Guardian Spirit had lived since the ancient era. Who would dare provoke it.” Tao Ye was very happy.

This was because he heard news that a savage child dug a meter into the Immortal Spring and did not let even a speck of sand get away as he completely dug everything out.

He felt like the Guardian Spirit of the Heaven Mending Pavilion could be saved now. It would be able to live even longer, and could awe every clan so that no one would dare to offend them.

“It’s still alive. Several hundred years ago, I felt like it was going to perish. It’s still alive in this world even now, so terrifying.” A murmuring sound transmitted from within the Heaven and Earth pouch.

“What kind of creature is this?” Several people were shocked.

The little guy opened his bag and took out Second Baldy. He discovered that it secretly ate another two leaves of a spirit medicine, and immediately gave it a beating.

“So ugly.” The two senior sister laughed.

“What are you looking at? I’m not wearing any clothes, so why are you guys peeking? Are you not afraid of being poked by needles?”

As a result, it received a few pinches, and it began to clamor.

Multicolored light flashed as the passageway glittered after nearing its end. A group of people walked out. They stood at the the forbidden area of the Heaven Mending Pavilion – the ancient garden where the Guardian Spirit cultivated.

“Finally back!” Tao Ye let out a long breath since they did not encounter any misfortunes along the way.

The upper class of the Heaven Mending Pavilion were shocked after the group of people appeared because they heard news that the savage child had even taken the soil from the Immortal Spring away.

After the outside world heard news of this, they did not know whether to laugh or cry. This child truly knew how to create a ruckus. The Hundred Shattering Mountains practically became his playground.

The group of people anxiously gazed over. Among them, there were several hundred year old elders, natural and sumptuous middle aged women as well as strange looking descendents. They were all strong existences within the Heaven Mending Pavilion.

“Stop looking at me like this. I’m embarrassed.” The little guy blinked his large eyes and said.

Everyone was speechless. With his style of angering all the men and Gods, was he going to feel embarrassed?

“Child, did you bring the Immortal Spring back?”

“I didn’t!” The little guy scratched his head.

“Although The Immortal Spring dried up, that silt should always be there right?” An elder said with a fiery expression.

The little guy nodded and said, “There is, I did what I promised and even brought back the entire hole where the Immortal Spring was. Will all the seniors also keep their promise and let me live in the Sacred Secluded Pavilion for a year and a half?

They seemed to not have mentioned such a thing a long time period right? The group of elders looked at each other in dismay, but this child’s contributions were too significant.

“You may. You can even live there for ten years!” At this moment, an elder who eradiated light all over appeared. His face was blurry, and his entire body seemed divine and auspicious.

“Pavilion master!” Everyone was gobsmacked.

The Pavillion Master who had always shut himself in and had not appeared for many years came out. Furthermore, he firmly recognized the little guy’s merits and permitted him to live in the Sacred Secluded Pavilion as he pleased so that he can observe and study all kinds of scriptures.

“Really?” The little guy widened his eyes on the spot and exposed his shocked expression. Not even he could have thought that the pavilion master that he had never seen would be so generous.

When the Pavillion Master came out, he seemed like a divine spirit enveloped in radiance. He seemed extremely pure and holy. However, his powerful aura did not oppress people, but gave them a calm and serene feeling instead.

He rubbed the little guy’s head and sighed, “Go learn some more things. Soon, the great wasteland will be in turmoil.”

In this place, the wastelands were endless, and the mountains were limitless. Every clan was surrounded by dense, primitive forests, and several ancient countries were sprinkled within these boundless great wastes.

Therefore, this region was known as The Desolate Wastelands.

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