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Chapter 169 – Creature Within the Cocoon

The immortal peach tree wasn’t tall. It flickered with silver light, and the branches wriggled about as if a young dragon was hibernating within. Two silvery white peaches hung from it, carrying a faint golden color and a strong fragrance.

The little guy fled the entire time, wiping away his saliva along the way. He almost directly bit into them, because the peaches was too fragrant. The tree was filled with silver radiance, and the light surrounded him as well.

Even though he obtained it, he still didn’t dare relax. He was only able to obtain it through the cocoon’s efforts, and so he wasn’t reassured at all; he was attentively on guard.

After he collected the immortal peach tree into the Heaven and Earth Pouch, he took out the cocoon. He was scared that it would toss around in there and ruin all the spiritual medicines.

“What are you doing?” The shining cocoon trembled and felt somewhat unsafe. The little guy’s movements were swift, and as a result, the broken sword pressed down on it, ready to cut at a moment’s notice.

“What kind of creature are you exactly?” The little guy asked with unending bewilderment. He wasn’t really worried, because the creature was extremely weak and didn’t have that much life force.

Just now, the reason they were able to seize one of the silver peach trees was because the creature inside the cocoon knew about an ancient formation within the pure land. Only after it was reactivated did that area crack apart, allowing him to obtain it.

An hour later, Huo Ling’er and the others rushed over on the void beast skin. They saw that the savage child was roasting a large cocoon over a bonfire, and was even releasing a few streaks of lightning from time to time.

The big red bird immediately ran over eagerly, asking, “Such a large pupa, and it’s even emitting light! My favorite!”

It was a part of the bird family, and so it liked insects and serpents the most. Without saying anything else, it came up and spewed out a scarlet red blaze. The big red bird went on its own initiative to roast it together with the little guy, salivating the entire time.

A miserable cry rang out from within the cocoon, shouting out, “Don’t cook me anymore! I’m about to turn into paste! If this continues, this old one is going to fight you to the death!”

Everyone was at a loss, and did not understand what was going on. The voice coming out was obviously an immature sound, yet why did the words that come out feel like someone old and decrepit?

“It’s definitely an Archaic descendant. This grandpa is truly lucky. My mouth is blessed again.” The big red bird crouched in front and put more energy into it, taking the little guy’s place in roasting this large cocoon.

“Stupid bird, this old one is a deity. You dare to act disrespectfully in front of me? Why aren’t you kneeling in worship yet?” An angry voice rang out from within the divine cocoon, but it was still a pure and immature sound.

“You little bug, even at death’s door you’re trying to take advantage of this grandpa. See if I can’t roast you to death!” The big red bird was annoyed. It spat out scarlet multicolored light, and it even turned the rocks on the ground into magma.

“What is this?” The Nine-Headed Lion asked.

The little guy was at a loss. He tried to find out through every way possible, but in the end, the cocoon was reluctant to reveal anything. It didn’t want to say anything, and instead had the pride of an elder. As a result, he set it ablaze again.

A voice came out from the cocoon. “This old one has swallowed the essence of nine heavens and absorbed the immortal essence of ten earths. I lived a life of immortality despite facing countless obstacles and surpassing the mortal realm. By disturbing my peaceful meditation, what do you think you are doing?”

Everyone one was speechless. This creature truly knew how to bullshit! Serves it right to have the misfortune of meeting the devilish brat!

The little guy didn’t say anything further and directly released a bolt of lightning. The big cocoon began to emit black smoke and chi la chi la sounds as it flickered with electricity.

“Aiyaya, I’m being cooked, don’t do this anymore. This old one has truly been harassed by you! I was hiding within the mountain depths, yet you carried me out like a thief. Now, you are even burying me in flames, you are making me furious!”

“Nonsense, I grabbed you from the hands of that vicious beast,” the little guy corrected. This was something that he fought for.

“You call her a vicious beast?” The creature in the cocoon was stupefied momentarily, then began to laugh loudly.

“Am I wrong? Nothing happens when I bite her, and her skin’s as hard as immortal steel.” The little guy grumbled, and seemed discontent.

He wrestled everywhere with the purple-haired girl, and after fighting for more than half a day, he still couldn’t make her surrender. Finally, he bit off a pendant from her ear, but he still felt that his harvest was too small.

“You bit her?! Hahahaha…” The creature in the cocoon laughed incessantly.

“Is something wrong with this guy?” The little guy was confused. What was so weird about biting a vicious beast? He even ate them before. He urged the big red bird to burn it more until it surrenders.

“Ow, don’t burn me any more! This old one is hurting to death.”

“Little bird, if you light the flames again, then when I emerge from this cocoon, I’ll turn you into a roasted bird!” The creature in the cocoon threatened.

“You dare to talk to this grandpa like this? You’re dead for sure!” The big red bird’s face darkened. It used its most powerful divine flames to envelope the large cocoon. It set this entire region on fire, causing magma to flow.

In the end, the creature in the cocoon gave up and begged for it to stop. It told the bird that they should talk things through first, and that anything could be discussed.

“Come out first then.” The little guy spoke. He wanted to know just what kind of creature this was.

“This old one is extremely weak, and doesn’t have much strength. Help me open up the cocoon please.” The creature in the cocoon spoke.

The little guy wanted to use the broken sword to break it apart, but Huo Ling’er stopped him. “This is a rarely seen material, and wouldn’t be any weaker than heavenly silk. If you turn it into clothes, it will be untainted by even a speck of dust and impermeable to fire and water. It’s defensive capabilities are shocking.”

In the end, she made a few restricted individuals do the job. It looked like they were spinning silk, and the entire process was done patiently. They spun the silk, turning it into a silk ball that radiated multicolored light.

When everyone saw the creature within the cocoon, they all became stunned. The first thing they saw was the naked head region that stuck out, and a pair of large eyes were swirling around.

This was a bird’s head. It was completely bald, and couldn’t be considered beautiful. However, it had a bright red beak that flickered with sparkling light.

Finally, it revealed its body. It was about two meters long, and light continued to flow from its body like before. There wasn’t a single hair on its body, making it completely naked; there was a type of indescribable strangeness.

“How could you be a bird?!” The big red bird was struck dumb. Wasn’t this a cocoon? Why did a naked bird come out?

“This old one has gained insights into the supreme profound mysteries. I can become a qilin or phoenix, for my form can be changed at will. Isn’t turning into a worm or a bird merely a moment’s work?” It spoke slowly, but paired with its current appearance and immature voice, there truly was an indescribable strangeness.


The big red bird swung the black pot and used the method the little guy often used, directly smashing it down on the bald bird’s head and lecturing, “Cheeky thing! So small yet speaking so much nonsense and daring to act old and proud!”

The bare bird immediately became stupefied. When it used its naked wing to rub the back of its head, it immediately jumped. There was a huge blister there, and it quickly erected like a horn; this was the first time it had this type of experience.

“Little bastard, you dare to act this rudely in front of this old one! I will suppress you for five hundred years and refine your soul every single day!” It was flustered and exasperated as it yelled out.


The big red bird didn’t even say anything before giving it another whack with the black pot. It smashed down right on that blister on the same spot. That ‘horn’ grew sharply in height and quickly swelled up.

“You just don’t learn, you cheeky and impolite thing. This grandpa will teach you how to respect others.” It arrogantly overlooked the strange naked bird.

“Ah ah ah! This old one is being infuriated. Who actually dares to treat me so rudely? In the past, this old one could do anything under the heavens with a multitude of creatures worshipping me. There wasn’t a single expert from the powerful clans that did not acknowledge me! You are simply a small bird yet dare to treat me this way, a sneeze from me will blow you to oblivion!”

“You still won’t surrender?” The big red bird acted arrogantly and gave it another good beating. In the end, the naked bird withered. It could tell that only worse things awaited it if it continued to rebuttal.

The little guy was watching the entire time and was extremely curious. “What kind of history do you have?”

“This old one is a divine creature!” It replied loftily.

“Deity my ass. If you speak any more nonsense, I’ll beat you until you wish you were dead!” The big red bird glared at it.

Right at this moment, a multicolored streak of light flashed past. An elegant figure appeared, and the purple-haired girl appeared, passing through this area.

The naked bird immediately hid its body and then squeezed itself into the little guy’s heaven and earth net. It was clear that it was extremely unwilling to meet her, and did not want to caught.

“Vicious beast, where are you going?!” The little guy shouted out and quickly rushed out.

When the purple-haired girl heard him, she turned around. Her brows immediately stood erect, and her pupils became bright as if she was going to take action. However, when she saw that there was a group of Archaic descendants gathered together, she feared that she might be outnumbered. As a result, she turned into a streak of purple light before quickly fleeing into the distance.

“Little thief, just you wait, I will catch you sooner or later.”

“Vicious beast, next time, I will fight with you another hundred bouts. I will definitely make you yield, make you my mount, or maybe even make you my village guardian!” The little guy was extremely unresigned as he shouted.

The purple-haired girl was so angry she began to shake. She turned and glared at him with her fists clenched, but in the end, she still disappeared into the horizon.

“Why are you that scared of her?” The little guy carried the strange bird out.

“Me, scared of her? I just don’t want to encounter creatures from that race!” the naked bird said.

The mischievous stone in the little guy’s hair shook, and in an almost inaudible voice, it quietly said, “I think I met this fellow before. It entered the Hundred Grass Land before to secretly drink from the immortal spring.”

“How long ago was this?” The little guy asked.

“A few hundred years at least. It was the divine monkey king’s master at one point in time, and is the same as you guys, originating from the outside.” The striking stone continued to speak in a weak voice so that only the little guy could hear it.

He immediately became dumbstruck and speechless for a long time. He didn’t question the strange bird anymore, but his eyes continuously sparkled. It seems as if he was staring at a divine and precious technique manual.

“You don’t have a name yet, right? Since you won’t tell me where you came from, I’ll just give you one. You are a bird just like big red, so I’ll place you guys together, naming you second baldy.” The little guy was giddy as he spoke.

“Ahpei, who do you think this old one is? I am the one who holds supremacy between the heaven and earth, so how could I use such a rotten name? Keep that stuff to yourself!” The strange bird was furious.

“I’ll just call you second baldy. I feel like that that sounds great.” The big red bird was laughing with hehe sounds.

Leaving it to rebut as it please, the little guy and the others just called it this. It made the naked bird stomp in anger, but it had no choice.

In the end, they once again got off the void beast skin. All of them disappeared to their original places. The ancient beast skin also shook, quickly rushing into the distance.

The sun set, and night arrived. However, it was not completely dark and without light. A moon appeared, emitting a pure white splendor that scattered down on the great earth. According to legends, this was also the body of a vicious beast that turned into a moon, rhythmically appearing and disappearing within this small world.

The void beast skin was extremely large. It floated above the clouds, and a group of people were admiring the moon while awaiting a great meal.

Within the black pot, golden light sparkled. A great fragrance wafted through the air. Chunks of the great Golden Winged Peng meat were inside, flowing with brilliant multicolored light. Around it, there were also bright Lion’s Mane mushrooms  that were being slow cooked together with the golden meat.

A strong aroma rose from within the pot, making everyone salivate. They couldn’t help but want to dig in immediately.

In addition, there were also a few spiritual medicines in the black pot. Being stewed together, they were all sparkling and translucent as they emitted a beautiful radiance.

Stewing meat? This was simply refining a world-shocking precious medicine!

“Small chicken stewed with mushrooms, my favorite!” The little guy stared at it without blinking. Saliva continuously flowed out, because he truly wanted to immediately go up.

One pot was obviously not enough. The others also brought out their precious artifacts, and even the flame crow’s bone cauldron became a cooking utensil. It was currently simmering tiger bone soup. Crystalline fluid sparkled, and a strong smell spread through the air.

Apart from this, there wa also a golden lamb leg, purple camel hump… Several Archaic descendants were added to the flames. They were roasted until they became a glossy golden, and were emitting an alluring fragrance.

In addition, there were a few jade tables on top of the void beast skin with crystalline jade cups arranged on its surface. They were filled with little devil wine, sparkling and transparent. The intoxicating fragrance made the group of experts feel dizzy even though they didn’t drink any yet.

“I truly can’t wait any more!” The big red bird swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

Everyone’s eyes emitted light. This was not only a delicacy, but also a chance to break through. The reason was because these materials were simply too shocking. They were all waiting in expectation for the food to become fully cooked.

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