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Chapter 170 – Ninth Heavenly Passage

The black pot shone. A great golden winged Peng appeared, surging with golden light as it hovered about. As it emitted a rumbling sound, it sounded as if the deities themselves were chanting!

The great Peng’s body was bright as it scattered down silky streaks. They were golden symbols, completely submerging this area.

A wave of rich fragrance gushed out. The golden chunks emitted a precious splendor, and the medicinal smell of Lion’s Mane mushrooms, Scarlet Orchids, and Snow Jade Ginsengs wafted through the air. The soup was extremely concentrated, its appearance sparkling and translucent.

This was already no longer purely a culinary delicacy, but was instead a stove of precious medicine. It could easily make any expert’s heart tremble, because how would they encounter such precious ingredients normally? Who could eat a golden winged Peng?

“Okay, it’s completely cooked!” The little guy yelled out and was the first one to move. He scooped up a chunk of Peng meat and placed it in his mouth. Immediately, it was as if a sun was hiding within as golden divine light rushed out.

“It is so good! It almost melted my tongue.” The little guy was completely infatuated. The piece of meat he tried was a bright piece of Peng meat that had divine multicolored light flying about it. When he closed his eyes, he could feel waves of essence energy flying about in disorder within his body.

In the next moment, his mouth and nose felt as if there were small snakes entering and exiting. Those were strands of light beams, and they originated from the Peng’s divine essence. They moved along with his breathing.

Following that, the chopsticks in his hands quickly moved. He continuously scooped the sparkling Peng meat from within the rich soup. Great changes were happening within his mouth, and as radiance overflowed everywhere, all seven apertures of his head were trickling with divine multicolored light.

The group began to fight over each other. Fortunately, the black pot was a precious artifact and could be enlarged, enabling the stewing of a portion of the golden Peng. As a result, the amount of food was abundant.

There was still a large portion that the little guy was going to bring back to Stone Village.

Everyone dug in, and all of them were completely infatuated. They almost swallowed their own tongues as their bodies surged with light. Every one of them were praising ceaselessly, because this was Peng meat, and was known to be one of this world’s true delicacies.

The other meat being roasted were fully cooked by now as well. The meat was fresh and tender as they shone with brilliant light. In addition, honey was smeared all over, and it was a wild honey they found within this small world. Regardless of whether it was the little guy, Huo Ling’er or the others, none of them cared about their outwards appearances any longer as they stuffed their mouths.

“This taste truly surpasses the heavens.” The little guy was elated as he lifted up the luminous cup from the white jade table. The wine inside shone like amber, and the fragrance was so rich it almost seemed everlasting.

He downed it in one go, letting the strong fragrance travel from his mouth to his throat, and then again all the way into his stomach. It left a rich aftertaste, and his entire body was shining.

This was a world shocking precious medicine, and it was brewed from ten types of spiritual medicine chosen by the divine monkey. Every single drop’s value was high enough to even make the emperor want to become a drunkard.

The little guy never drank before, but now that he became enchanted by this type of feeling, he continuously ate the Peng meat, roasted wing, and others while getting tipsy from drinking. His body and mind were so relaxed that he felt as if he could float away, making him forget all feelings of resentment and hatred.

“Good wine! Good wine.”

The others were impatient for a long time already. The mythical Little Devil Wine was something sought after but could not be found. One would rather miss the meat of a Peng than to pass up this mythical wine as they all toasted each other.

One of the restricted elder was rather restless. After drinking one cup, he downed two more before allowing the taste to even kicked in. He instantly fell to the ground in his intoxicated state and began to snore.

None of the others believed that they would knock out like that and continued to drink. As a result, two more restricted individuals also became like this. Their sparkling bodies became limp with the smell of wine lingering around them; it was tough for them to wake up again.

Apart from the little guy, no one could handle more than a few cups. Excessive drinking immediately made them collapse from intoxication.

Clearly, this was not just the effect of alcohol. There was also the spread of powerful medicinal effects. It would eventually bathe them in its energy, causing their bodies to undergo a transformation.

“Good wine, good wine!” The little guy drank left and right until he downed twenty cups in a row. His face was thoroughly red like a big apple, and his vision finally became a little hazy.

He ate over half a pot of the Peng’s meat and drank the tiger bone soup previously, so before he drank the Little Devil Wine, his body was already bursting with multicolored light. After drinking, it was simply as if an explosion was ignited. His body became brilliant, making him look like he was burning.

After the little guy drank over eighty cups in a row, his entire body was submerged in flames and his aura blazed into the heaven. Of course, that was not a real fire, but the result of his energy being refined before ejecting out of his body.

“No good, we can’t let him stay on the void beast skin anymore. The strength of his body is too powerful, and might bring about a terrifying destruction here,” one of the restricted individuals said.

The two were both startled awake. The little guy appeared rather strange, as if he was bathing in phoenix flames. This scene was astonishing.

“Another cup!”

He was still drinking. A strong and intoxicating fragrance surrounded his entire body. There wasn’t a single speck of dust on his body, making him appear bright and divine.

In the end, he drank another 36 cups before also eating the remainder of the Peng meat and downing the tiger bone soup. Furthermore, it seemed as if he was eating the pile of spiritual medicines like vegetables.


Finally, his entire body changed. Essence energy burst into the heavens, creating a streak of light that connected the earth with the vast sky; he could tell that he was going to break through. Despite being dizzy and drunk, his awareness was still intact, allowing him to directly jump off the divine blanket.

A huge sound echoed outwards as he smashed apart a mountain peak, making many vicious beast and fierce birds flee in shock.

From the ground, a total of nine volcanoes were accumulated. As magma boiled about, they all erupted with multicolored light. The boulders and ancient trees appeared as if they were floating in the ocean. They undulated up and down before being smashed apart.

There was a youth sitting in a meditative position on the mountain, and these nine ‘volcanoes’ were caused by him. They looked like actual caves that blended the heavens and earths to seize the luck within.

“Ninth Heavenly passage!”

In the sky, those several restricted on top of the void beast skin cried out. This was too shocking! An achievement like this was an extreme boundary observed only from within legends, and it was now broken by this youth. This kind of astonishing marvel was currently unfolding!

The Nine-Headed Lion and the others were all lamenting. However, relatively speaking, they were not that shocked, because they had realized a long time ago that he was a strange human.

The humans were relatively weak, and a nine heavenly passage expert was rarely seen.  They had always been known to be in ancient books, and were practically written off as legends. Now, there was actually someone who achieved it.

“The humans are really strange. There is a huge gap between every individual. Some are so weak that they can’t withstand the wind, and yet there are some that can even reach this level.” The strange, hairless bird mumbled. A moment ago, it also ate some precious flesh medicine and drank some Little Devil Wine. It was clearly more energetic and in a better state compared to before.

“You don’t understand this savage child’s world.” The big red bird’s lips twitched. There was no one who understood more regarding how terrifying the little guy’s potential was than itself. He even drank the True Supreme Water and refined it.

“How strong can he be?” The strange hairless bird asked.

“You’ll know in the future.” Big red said while slapping the back of its head, “Second baldy, don’t lose face for me in the future. You’re my younger bro, so you have to cultivate well. This kind of appearance which makes you seem toppable by a mere breeze is truly too shameful.

The strange naked bird was so angry it began to shudder. F*cking shit, this bird actually treated it like this! If it were not for the fact that its body had some problems, it would have definitely dragged the big red bird over before kicking it until its face blossomed, letting it know who was the elder and how to show respect.

“What? Second Baldy, you’re still not going to be submissive?” The big red bird glanced at it.

“I…. Have to endure!” The strange hairless bird swallowed a deep breath of air, and a golden sheep leg disappeared in a few bites. It viciously vented out its anger on the food.

All kinds of symbols shined as they gushed out of the nine volcanoes and ebbed into the magma spectacularly.

“You successfully comprehended the symbols,” Huo Ling’er said.

A long time elapsed. Finally, the little guy’s body emitted keng qiang sounds, and the nine heavenly passages shook.

Multicolored light gushed out, and the symbols transformed into a river of stars that revolved and danced around him.

This sight became increasingly mysterious and shocking. In the end, even those volcanoes erupted with different figures like the peacock, Qiong Qi, Baize, Suan Ni, Chiwen, Bi’an, great Peng. They were all images created out of symbols.

“What is he comprehending?! How astonishing!” At this moment, everyone was emotionally stirred. Even Second Baldy threw out the sheep leg it was eating as it stared vigilantly.

“So strong! I have a feeling that if we meet another pure-blooded creature, he really might be able to fulfill his desire of making one of them yield and have it guard his village gate,” the big red bird said.

“What kind of strange looking symbol is this? It’s so primitive and powerful!” The strange hairless bird erred.

The little guy forgot everything. The only thing within his heart was the bone text and symbols from the True Primordial Records, not any precious techniques. However, these developed into the most simplistic and foundational power.

He appeared drunk and mad within his meditation. At this moment, his entire body looked as if it transformed into a Kun Peng. When he leapt from within his inner self, it seemed as if it skyrocketed 90,000 li and became a god of war.

Soon after, he also looked as if he transformed into a revered sovereign that rampaged through the land without a single enemy under the heavens as it defended its ancient country.

Quickly, he also seemed to have transformed into a fearless and unrivalled Taotie that could devour 10,000 creatures and would not even miss the chance to eat a God.

The Vermillion Bird, Horned Dragon, Bi’an, and Xiu Pi, and other creatures were all being imitated by him one after another. He was experiencing their symbols as if he had reincarnated into these powerful and ancient deities himself.

The little guy became silly, and forgot everything else. Finally, a scene from the record of the wars between deities also appeared from within his heart. It was mysterious and endless, and all kinds of obscurely strange symbols rushed forth at once.

His understanding of symbols was improving. After opening his ninth heavenly passage, the benefits were enormous. It was as if he broke through the shackles binding him and wandered into a new and completely different land

After a long while, the nine heavenly passages withdrew, and the symbols entered into his own body. The little guy opened up his eyes, and could not help but let out a long roar that resonated and rumbled through the entire mountain range.

“You were actually here! Where are you going?”

A roar echoed from the distance. It was precisely the Zhujian with its face of a man, body of a leopard, and black scales all over. It transformed into a streak of black light and charged over while stirring up rubble along its way.

The little guy was fearless and charged forward to block it directly with his symbols. A lift of his hand stirred up a river of stars, and it bristled with electricity as it struck out. After a bang, the Zhujian cried out loudly as it shuddered, its body burnt black.

It shivered inwardly. After it heard the commotion, it unexpectedly encountered the moment that he had broken through. Not only was this human child’s body powerful, even his knowledge of symbols had vastly improved.

The little guy rushed out and his palm descended in an unconstrained manner. A silver moon filled the sky, smashing down like a torrential rain on the Zhujian, making it tumble outwards.

Just like this, the two continued their fierce, intense battle.

The Zhujian’s tail was cut by the Divine Monkey King, so it was suffering some serious damage. Right now, it was clearly struggling and had a tough time confronting the little guy. It was very decisive, turning away and escaped from a fight it could not win. It wanted to wait until its injuries was healed before attacking this human youth again.

“Where are you going!” The little guy chased. Finally, he unexpectedly jumped onto its shoulders and mounted it with the intention of making it surrender.

The Zhujian roared and activated its clan’s ancient artifact, shaking the little guy until he coughed blood. He hastily used the broken sword to protect himself. The space between the two began to shine as if twins suns combining together.

Everyone was overwhelmed. The savage child was actually so heaven defying. He was actually starting to make a descendent of an ancient vicious beast yield.


He chopped off several jin of flesh, making the Zhujian rage. Its ancient treasure ignited, and symbols flooded out like a vast ocean.

At the same time, a dragon roar echoed from the distance. The Hornless Dragon appeared and murderously attacked. It released a large net to ensnare the little guy.

“You want to become my mount in place of this Zhujian? How about you follow me back and guard my home?” The little guy was furious. He chopped off several jin of flesh from the Zhujian’s body and put it away in the Heaven and Earth pouch. Then, he stamped with all his might and rushed forward. He drew his broken sword to meet the Hornless Dragon in battle.

Unfortunately, before they could start their actual life and death battle, the mountain range shook. A huge monkey appeared. The master of this pure land gigantified. Its body was boundless and majestic as it grabbed towards them.

The Hornless Dragon and Zhujian both activated their precious artifacts they inherited from sacred mountains. They rapidly escaped, instantly vanishing without a trace.

The little guy shuddered. No matter how strong he was, he would not dare to battle the monkey king because it reached a shocking cultivation realm; it was not something he could fight against.

With his feet on his withdrawal symbol, he also slipped away like a wisp of smoke.

Ultimately, he returned to the divine blanket again. He breathed out in harmony, and as the nine heavenly passages resonated, his body instantly recovered to its peak condition.

“Delicious!” This devilish brat’s world was something that outsiders had a tough time understanding. A moment ago, he was still killing, yet in the next moment, he became a little drunkard. His face was flushed rosy as he happily drank.

Others would have became drunk after several cups, but he drank the entire night without any danger. This kind of giddy feeling was wonderful.

During the night, the big red red, Nine-Headed Lion, and the sable all underwent shocking transformations. Huo Ling’er also reaped tremendous benefits, and she felt as if she was reborn.

This group of creatures practically all broke through. The void beast skin was overflowing with exceptionally bright colors.


This entire small world was trembled extremely violently. The tranquility of the night was broken, and everyone was astonished.

“The exit is going to open. In at most a day or two, we could leave!” The restricted were pleasantly surprised.

“Having to leave is truly a pity.” The little guy was reluctant because he felt this ancient little world was too interesting.

Everyone faced each other. This abnormal child relieved everyone and allowed them to breathe out. He was so easy-going, and treated this place as his playground.

“Ai, I’m unsatisfied. I haven’t even caught a divine bird or pure-blooded vicious beast yet.” The little guy sighed.

Everyone was speechless. What else could they say?!

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