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Chapter 168 – Obtaining the Medicine

The mountain peak collapsed, sealing off the spiritual lake’s upper region. Everyone there became shocked; who was this, acting so daring? It simultaneously suppressed everyone!

Everyone became distracted and had no choice but to defend against this. If that stone peak made its way down to this area, even if they were able to avoid it, the silver-colored immortal peach trees definitely wouldn’t.

All types of precious techniques rushed towards the skies. Symbols flickered, striking apart the stone peak. Rocks shot out in every direction, and dust rose into the sky. The sky in this region became dusky, and as the dust scattered down on the spiritual lake, it covered everything in earth and rocks.

Taking advantage of the disorder, the little guy collected the young deity into the Heaven and Earth Pouch before turning into a streak of demonic light. He rushed forward, and within the smoke, dust, and flying rocks, he made his move. Opening the Heaven and Earth Pouch, he collected all four silver peach trees.

Precious techniques displayed their might, and divine radiance danced about; this area was in chaos.

Many small trees left the ground, being uprooted from the earth by Shi Yi, the purple-haired girl, and others’ symbols. However, it was obvious that the little guy’s Heaven and Earth Pouch was a bit more domineering as it swallowed everything.

This area was in complete disorder as all types of light flew left and right.


A roar was released, and an old wolf appeared. Even though it did not exceed one meter in length and was as thin as a match, it was still powerful to the point of being terrifying even though it was aging in years.

With a pu sound, its claw tore open a bloody wound in a pure-blooded creature’s body. This attack borrowed the radiance that was surrounding a precious artifact, and was absolutely frightening.

The old but still alive creature that the divine monkey king talked about also came here to seize the divine medicine. Its strength was deep and unmeasurable, and as it opened its relatively smaller bloody mouth, the space itself was being distorted.

The little guy was greatly alarmed. He furrowed his brows, because he lost this contest. He couldn’t get the silver peach trees into the Heaven and Earth Pouch, because the old wolf waited in the dark for the most opportune time to interfere.

However, it did not succeed either. From within the darkness, there were other creatures that coveted the peach trees. A Xique1 appeared, and even though it was an ordinary species, its strength was a bit frightening. It quickly enlarged itself, and like a Kun Peng, it covered the sky. Extending out a large claw, it disturbed the heaven and earth, forcing back the old wolf. It was about to walk away with the divine medicine.

This place was in utter chaos. Surly and unreasoning creatures appeared from their hiding places, and there was no lack of those ‘old farts’ from the olden days.

The divine monkey released a long roar. As it fought with a powerful opponent, it continuously observed this area. With a rumbling sound, symbols blazed brightly, and the spiritual lakeside surged with overflowing radiance.

“You want to seize my precious medicine? I’ll beat the shit out of you! Your beating has already been long overdue!”

Following the angry roar, all types of mysterious symbols sparkled within the pure land, forming a sky sealing great formation. It locked up this area, and in addition also held the four silver peach trees so that no one could move it.

A great formation came into view. The monkey king had made preparations a long time ago and was calmly waiting for several old fellows to appear. He wanted to catch all of them and the pure-blooded creatures in one big go.

“What a powerful formation!” Everyone was shocked.

“Monkey, you are too conceited! Do you truly think you are the ruler of the Hundred Shattering Mountains?! Acting this arrogant, you are digging your own grave!”

“It should be about time for us to settle our old grudges! Monkey, you might as well hand over your life now!”

The ancient creatures’ voices were downcast, carrying heavy killing intent.

“In the past, the number that arrived was the number I defeated!” Said the divine monkey.

With a honglong sound, it dodged the Golden Winged Peng and Peacock’s attacks, as well as smashed flying the black Hou and Silver Thorn Beast. It returned to the pure land to directly take out the old kings.


“The monkey must be eliminated this year!” The Mang Ox roared and joined the old kings.

The Ironblood Ancient Tree expressed its agreement through actions. Its stolons extended, splitting open the great earth. It instantly arrived at the pure land and attacked the enemy here.

The other kings also rushed over and did not shrink back. Since they fought all the way up until now, it was already at a point where they wouldn’t give up until the monkey died. If they did not kill it today, then they would inevitably suffer the great consequences.

The pure land erupted into action and the group of monkeys went crazy. The divine monkey had returned here, and was attacking in all directions with its battle spear.

The pure-blooded creatures were weary of the great foe. Activating their precious artifacts, they were forcefully trying to break through. If they were stuck here, then they would undoubtedly die, moreover, they still had confidence in their race’s ancient treasures.

The little guy concealed himself. He had the broken sword in one hand and grabbed onto the small pagoda with the other, ready to slip away at any time. Since he was going to lose if he made his move now anyway, he didn’t want to die for no reason here. Those creatures’ cultivation realms were high, making them difficult to defeat.

“Monkey, your formation is truly disappointing. There are so many holes, yet you want to trap all of us? An old Flood Dragon appeared, and its entire body was a blue-green. It was extremely old, with its blood vessels almost dried up.

“It’s you! Didn’t you die back then?!” The divine monkey was shocked. The old Flood Dragon was a formations expert, and with its arrival, this ancient symbol formation would have a difficult time trapping anyone.

“If you don’t die, then I can’t pass away!” The old Food Dragon spoke in a overcast voice.

“Stop speaking rubbish, hand over all of your lives!” The monkey king rushed over.

“I’m going to break your formation first and let you understand just how laughable it is!” The old Flood Dragon ridiculed. Symbols were released, and a shattering sound immediately rang out.

Soon after, a piece of the formation broke off, and the symbols crumpled apart; they could see the light of day again. Several old monsters displayed their might at the same time. They were unparalleled as they broke apart the formation.

It was obvious that their hatred for the monkey surpassed all. They wanted to kill it immediately, and so all of them joined hands.

At this time, the Black Hou, Mang Ox, Peacock, and others arrived. They attacked the monkey in a group violently. Precious techniques flew everywhere, and divine light illuminated everything.

The pure-blooded creatures didn’t have a choice. They were forced to use their precious techniques and fight in this war. They were currently situated within the pure land as well, and this place was already in a large mess.

Of course, the Bifang, Zhujian and others’ strength were not sufficient. After all, their cultivation time was still short, but with their supreme treasures, they could still protect themselves and not be killed instantly.

Only, the more time that passed by, the more their faces paled.

Finally, one of the pure-blooded creatures fell. It was torn apart and turned into precious flesh medicine!

The great battle became more and more cruel. The little guy twitched his mouth. His entire body was wounded, and he was also affected by the battle’s effects. Despite having the broken sword in his hand, the terrifying killing light emitted by those kings was still immense and limitless like before.

He was able to last until now because his figure was rather small. After fighting fiercely with the group of monkeys, no one paid particular attention to him; otherwise, he would be in even more danger.

The pure-blooded creatures were incredibly daring. The Bifang took out a precious artifact and actually constructed a golden passageway that stretched all the way in front of the silver peach trees before directly pulling out out one of them.

“Get lost!”

The divine monkey was furious. A palm slapped down, and a golden claw enlarged. It smashed apart that golden passage, and the Bifang’s body was broken, its bones shattered!

It received an extremely serious injury. It released a wail and used its precious artifact, allowing it to disappear in a flash.

Everyone was shocked. That was definitely a supreme treasure, actually allowing it to escape from the hands of the monkey king! Truly not simple!

The little guy did not run, because he still had some stamina and had a talisman that could allow him to instantly flee into the distance. He fought the group of monkeys in a messy fight, but his eyes were always watching the divine medicine.

Other than him, the Horned Dragon was also extremely valiant. Even though it fled towards the horizon, it released a divine net that surrounded one of the silver trees, taking off with it.

At the same time, the Zhujian made its move. It took out an ancient talisman, and after it was set aflame, it began to emit a mysterious force. It took on the form of a circle of light and wrapped itself around a divine medicine. The Zhujian escaped with extreme speed towards the distance together with it.

The little guy was stunned as he watched what was happening. This bunch actually all had strange treasures and got their hands on the divine medicine.

“Come back at once!” The Monkey King roared. It turned towards the sky and inhaled, sucking in even the clouds in the sky. Those two peach trees were pulled back as well.

Moreover, countless monkey fur flew out from its body. They all turned into golden needles, shooting out densely.

The Horned Dragon roared in anger. Its entire body was bloody, and after being attacked by the divine needles, it couldn’t help but release a miserable cry. Fresh blood gushed out, and it could only let go of the peach tree before making its getaway.

The Zhujian was in an even worse state. After being sliced by a divine symbol blade, its sturdy tail broke off before it ran for its life.

“I’ll let you guys go for now. When I have time, I’ll take care of each of you one by one,” muttered the monkey king. It fought fiercely with everyone while collecting back those precious medicines.


Suddenly, the space was interfered with. One of the silver peach trees that were returning was stopped, and it rapidly fell downwards.

The purple-haired girl held a golden horn in her hands. After extinguishing the divine monkey king’s symbols, she unexpectedly intercepted the immortal peach tree and fled quickly into the distance with it.

“A sacred horn that specializes in destroying symbols?” Everyone cried out in alarm, and greed was revealed in their eyes.

“Those are my divine medicine! Who here has the ability to take them from me?” The divine monkey’s tone was extremely cold.

Its two pupils shot out beams of golden light, and they were like lightning as they struck over. Surrounding the small silver tree, the beams were trying to seize it back.

“Monkey, you are too distracted! Be careful not to fall here!” The old wolf sneered and attacked wildly.

Moreover, it actually wanted to help the purple-haired girl out. The divine monkey was distracted, and as a result, the divine medicine fell down and broke free from the monkey’s control.

Several pure-blooded creatures pounced over. It was difficult to tell if anyone could seize the three other precious medicine within the pure land, so the one that just broke free from the divine monkey’s control was the best choice.

The Crack Demonic Butterfly shook its wings, obstructing the purple-haired girl. A divine bird swooped over, descending instantly…

The battle was fierce as they all engaged in the blood-soaked battle.

“You guys can fight all you want for now. In the end, not a single one will escape!” The divine monkey’s chilly voice rang over from the distance.

The space around them shook, and Shi Yi appeared suddenly at this crucial point. His eyes were bright as silky streaks flew out, freezing the space here. It imprisoned the precious medicine, fiercely pulling the divine medicine in front of him.

The purple-haired girl’s entire body emitted light. She quickly made her way over, and her sparkling lily-white hands made a seal. Drawing out a divine pattern, she used it to bind up the immortal peach tree, pulling it towards her.

The other creatures also rushed over and fought over it.

“My apologies to everyone! Shi Yi’s eyes emitted light, and they contained a bizarre divine might. The space here was temporarily locked up, obstructing everyone and preventing them from coming over. Following that, his chest emitted light, and a sparkling white jar appeared. It was not bigger than the size of a palm, and it was refined out of precious bone. It was beautiful like jade, and streaks of multicolored light flew out to collect that peach tree into the jar.


The purple-haired girl shouted. Symbols diffused from one of her lily-white hands, shaking the space here. Her other hand slashed out with a golden divine horn in her hand. The imprisonment crumbled, restoring the space to a peaceful state again.

However, it was still a bit late. The silver peach tree shrunk in size, and it was about to fall into the bone jar.

Suddenly, a streak of light struck over. The little guy stuck the shrinking symbol to his feet and quickly rushed over. He threw the small pagoda, and it collided with that bone jar. With a sharp ding sound, it was displaced.

He rushed over, and at the same time snatched towards that silver peach tree. Everyone was shocked, and they all tried to stop him.

The little guy shivered a bit. Using both his hands to defend himself, he blocked everyone’s attacks and use his mouth to bite the silver tree in place.

The purple-haired girl and Shi Yi released their techniques and did everything they could to stop the little guy, making him feel like he was stuck in a pitfall. Afterwards, with a kengchi sound, he bit apart a tree branch and quickly left. Leaving quickly, he was reluctant to part with it, but did not make any stops.

Everyone was shocked, and was momentarily terrified.

The small tree lost a portion. It began to fall, and none of them chased after that indistinct figure. Instead, they all went after the divine medicine.

“Damn it! Lost one of the silver peaches!”

The branch that the little guy bit off had a peach on it. This made everyone absolutely furious, yet they couldn’t do anything since he already escaped rather far.

Shi Yi’s pupils were cold and detached as he watched the figure disappear in a flash. He was just about to obtain that small tree, yet it was damaged like this.

The little guy grabbed the small pagoda and once again twined it within his hair before disappearing from everyone’s line of sight.

The symbols here rumbled, but unfortunately, everyone else was somewhat farther away so they were left empty handed. Shi Yi and the purple haired girl obtained it, with the former getting a tree branch and the latter the tree body.

‘Let me go!”

Right at this moment, a sound rang out from the Heaven and Earth Pouch. It shook with dong dong sounds, making the little guy shocked. When he opened the pouch, he found out that it was unexpectedly the cocoon that was shaking.

“Yi, my divine medicine! Why is it in your hands?” A sound rang out from within the cocoon.

“Ahpei! Wanting my divine medicine, you have to understand that even you are mine!” said the little guy.

The cocoon emitted light, and at the same time, the pure land shook. Following that, it split apart, and a complex and mysterious great formation seemed to have resuscitated.

“Collect!” The creature within the cocoon breathed loudly, as if it would die at any time.

Three silver peach trees flew over, but unfortunately, it was blocked by the monkey king halfway. Only a single one successfully broke through and came near.

The little guy was shocked, but did not hesitate at all. He grabbed it in one go, and then using the talisman attached to his feet, he disappeared like a wisp of smoke.

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