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Chapter 155 – Divine Striking Stone

The light rays blazed extremely brilliantly. The one zhang1 pool was as bright and resplendent as a golden sun. Illustrious multicolored light shone boundlessly within the skies, and everything shone with a golden color.

Within the group of creatures, there were humanoid, bird, and beast species. They were all trying their best to move forward in an effort to get closer to the immortal spring. The golden ripples within the pond overflowed into the heavens. It was extremely gorgeous, and as a result, only their silhouettes could be seen.

The little guy squinted his eyes and revealed a happy expression. In the end, he did not arrive too late, and those creatures did not obtain it yet.

Because the region near the divine reservoir was where the domain was the most terrifying, the few powerful creatures had no way of getting close quickly. They were all a few zhang away.

He played around with the mischievous stone in his hands and aimed at those individuals. He really wanted to chuck it at them and send them flying.

“Save me! Don’t be like this! If I fall in there, I will immediately explode!” The stone cried out with ao ao sounds. It was truly frightened.

“Human, do you know who you are talking to? What are you waiting for? Get over here and pick medicine to make up for your foolishness, or else you will bring a huge calamity to yourself!” roared the Golden Beast.

It was a zhang in height, and golden hair densely covered its body. It was as if a lump of golden flame was raging, and even its pupils were golden as they shot out two strands of penetrating light.

The little guy glanced at it sideways, and then he looked at the few figures beside the pond. He found a large limestone and sat down. Propping up his chin, he began to observe carefully, as if he was not going to get involved at all.

However, its two large eyes were extremely quick-witted, almost as if they had a deceitful look in them. From time to time, he would also laugh a few times. He made a plan, and was prepared to ‘collect tax’ here.

“Human youth, are you looking for ways to die? Did you hear what I said?!” The Golden Beast roared, and its pupils shot out two strands of golden flames.

“So noisy!” The little guy suddenly moved fiercely, throwing that mischievous stone out.



A miserable cry and a shout sounded at the same time. The playful stone was shouting in pain, and the Golden Beast’s eye was flowing with blood. The corner of its brow was torn apart, and blood flowed outwards. It was stamping with fury.

It was a divine servant, and came from the Archaic divine mountain. Their status and identities were extremely high, and after exiting this world, all types of large and powerful clans would pay their respects. Right now, a mere human youth actually injured its head; it truly made people feel as if it was absurd.

The most unforgivable part was that this stone was too hard. After being struck, he started to bleed endlessly, messing with its vision.

The little guy was quite shocked. This stone was not normal after all, and he suspected that there was something eccentric about it. It really was too solid, even injuring the Golden Beast after smashing into its head.

Ao ah….

As the mischievous stone tumbled on the ground, it bawled incessantly while using all of its strength to express its pain.

When the Golden Beast saw this, it truly was angered beyond belief. Being struck by a human youth was fine, but this dumb rock actually didn’t shatter, and was still rolling about here! Was he trying to ridicule it?

It extended out a big foot, and directly trampled down.

“Save me!” The mischievous rock cried out miserably. The rolling chunk directly once again arrived beside the little guy.

“You are even sturdier than many powerful precious artifacts, truly not bad.” The little guy’s eyes revealed a strange light.

“You are asking for death!” The Golden Beast pounced over. The golden hair that was a third of a meter long flickered with brilliant radiance as it charged over with extremely speed.


The little guy once again moved his arm, fiercely chucking the stone out. With a dong sound, the Golden Beast’s chin became a bit crooked. A long streak of blood flowed out, and an ear-splitting howl rang out.

It was naturally the mischievous stone that was bawling. However, it was full of energy as it rolled and shouted, “Hurts too much, like I’m going to die!”

“Shi-!” The Golden Beast almost released a whole string of curses, but it covered its mouth. It felt an unbearable pain, yet it did not yell as loud as the stone that was like a pig being slaughtered.

What the hardest thing to take in was that even though it was bleeding profusely, the stone did not have the slightest crack on it. It was still in excellent shape, yet it was shouting so fiercely. The Golden Beast’s seven apertures were all emitting white smoke from anger.

The little guy scratched his head. He was quite happy and rather narcissistic. “My hand is becoming more and more accurate, hitting with almost unfailing accuracy!”

“F*ck that stone!” The Golden Beast roared in anger. Its hatred towards that mischievous stone soared, and its enmity towards the stone was about to be on the same level as the little guy.

“Save me!”

The stone rolled, quickly fleeing.

This time, it learned from experience and rushed towards another direction. It wanted to escape, but the little guy was already prepared. Leaving behind an afterimage, he rushed out, grabbing it in one go.

Following that, with a dong sound, it was thrown out a third time. This time, it firmly struck the bridge of the Golden Beast’s nose. A kacha sound could clearly be heard, and after that, the mischievous stone howled in grief, rolling while sticking close to the ground.

“I’m broken, I’m broken… I’m going to die from pain, it hurts too much!”

The mischievous stone was howling out, as if it was suffering the pain of being hacked into eight pieces.

The Golden Beast held its nose while tears and mucus flew about. It really was painful and difficult to bear, and everything in front of its sight was turning black. After carefully rubbing the bridge of its nosem it immediately erupted in rage.

“Damn stone!”

It was almost angered to death. That stupid stone wasn’t even close to shattering, and there wasn’t even a single crack on it. It was completely unaffected like before, and the Golden Beast was the one that had its nose broken.

The Golden Beast was half kicking the annoying stone, and have charging towards the little guy. It truly had enough, because it received heavy injuries before the real fight even started. This was an extraordinary shame and humiliation.

The divine servant was extremely powerful, and the Golden Beast in particular had an immeasurable magical power: the Archaic divine mountain’s inheritance. As long as it grew into adulthood and appeared on the great earth, it would be absolutely invincible!

However, it could not use any precious techniques here, and could only depend on its own power as a half-blooded divine beast.

“Something’s fishy. That stone is not ordinary. Every strike hits the mark, moreover it is so sturdy, as if it’s the legendary Divine Striking Stone!”

One of the creatures near the Immortal Spring spoke out.

“Since ancient times, there were only a few Divine Striking Stones in existence. They have all been collected away by great Archaic beings and refined into valuable treasures. How could there still be more?” There were also other creatures that began to doubt.

The mischievous stone wailed with anguish. Faced against that golden bigfoot thing, it quickly dodged and headed towards a burrow to escape.

“Don’t be scared, it can’t do anything to you. I’ll help you vent your anger!” The little guy reached out and with a peng sound, he once again caught it.

This time, he personally held the mischievous rock in his hands, and using it like a brick, he charged towards the Golden Beast. WIth a random smash, he smashed down ferociously.

He began to fight a great battle with the divine servant. It was extremely fierce, causing smoke and dust to erupt in all directions. The medicinal field began to crack, and even a few spirit medicine were caught up in the fight. Fortunately, the domain was astonishing, and it was difficult for them to truly destroy the medicinal garden.

The Golden Beast was extremely powerful, and precious methods was where it excelled; however, they couldn’t be used here. Even though it was still extremely powerful like before, compared to the little guy, it still fell a bit short. After all, it was only a half-blooded divine beast, and the latter was comparable to a heavenly ranked vicious beast young. In this region where they had to depend purely on physical power, it was definitely going to be suppressed by the little guy.



Miserable shrieks and angry roars rose and fell in succession, and their fight created too much noise and activity. The mischievous stone in the little guy’s hand sounded like its heart was tearing and its lungs were cracking apart. It was shouting in pain as if it was a chicken or duck being slaughtered, but in reality, it was the Golden Beast’s mouth and nose that was spewing out blood.

Truthfully, the Golden Beast’s hatred towards that stone was already about to surpass that for the little guy. This was simply undisguised ridicule! It was smashed until even its molars flew out and blood splashed onto the ground. That rotten stone wasn’t even affected in the slightest, yet it endlessly howled; wasn’t this simply mockery?!

After ten exchanges, the Golden Beast was directly smashed down by the little guy. Many of its bones were broken, and among them, its nose, mouth, and forehead was in the most sorry state, almost being deformed.

“It’s over, over! I’ve been crippled!” The annoying stone shouted.

This moment was exactly when the Golden Beast was smashed down by the stone in the little guy’s hand. After hearing these words, it immediately became so angry that it began to emit white smoke, fainting on the spot.

“Stop yelling, you made it faint.” The little guy shook the mischievous stone.

“You were the one that smashed it, hurting me so much, aiyou…” Its voice quieted down before staring at the Golden Beast below.

The little guy truly felt that something was strange. This stone was truly odd after all, and it was extremely easy to use as a weapon. Every strike hit its mark, not failing a single time.

Most of the creatures beside the spring were apathetic towards the Golden Beast’s defeat, and didn’t want anything to do with them.

Only one of the creature’s voice was cold as it said, “Are you trying to provoke me?”

Golden light burned magnificently around the Immortal Spring, filling the air and submerging the area with multicolored splendor. The several creatures there were all blurry, and only their outlines could be seen.

This creature was naturally like this, and it was an extremely terrifying humanoid creature with purple hair fluttering behind it. It was quite clear that this was the pure-blooded vicious beast, because it could be inferred from the servants around it.

“Provoke? I never do that kind of thing. If there’s a need to take action, then I’ll just make my move.” The little guy spoke without the least bit of concern before asking seriously, “What kind of creature are you really?”

He knew that pure-blooded vicious beasts could transform into humanoid forms even in their youth. They had remarkable skill, and it was likely that this was not its true body.

“You are not worthy of knowing!” It stood within the golden light with an expressionless face.

“You are female?” The little guy was curious, because from its voice, he could hear that this was a female who wasn’t that old. Its voice was a bit cold, but it was quite pleasant to listen to.


The few creatures that were picking medicine almost coughed out blood. This human youth was too intrepid, actually daring to say things like this! There was no one more clear than them on how terrifying that creature was. Their group went up together against it, but all lost in the end. A few died, and they all became a part of the Golden Beast’s meal.

“Human, you made me angry. After obtaining the Immortal Spring in a bit, I will kill you!” That purple haired female had her back towards him. Her figure was elegant, and she was extraordinarily beautiful.

The little guy scratched his head and said, “I want to make a divine beast yield, so what is your true form? It’ll suck if you ended up ugly after I made you yield. I like horned dragons, Nine-Headed Lions, and creatures like that. Sitting on top of creatures like that makes you feel impressive.”

He had a sincere and down to earth look, and his eyes were full of longing.

The few creatures that were picking medicine were scared stiff. Exactly what kind of background did this youth have? He really did dare to say anything; could it be that he wanted to go against the heavens?

That purple haired girl had her back towards him, and her body was slightly trembling. She resisted her impulse, and did not actually turn around. The domain here was extremely terrifying, and so reaching where she stood was already quite difficult; she couldn’t move about randomly.

The other creatures were indifferent. Regardless of whether it was humanoids or divine birds etc, they were all calm and composed. Currently, they all had their eyes on the golden spring before them.

The little guy kicked the Golden Beast as said, “Wake up, time to scoop up medicine.”

The golden beast woke up and was about to erupt with rage. However, only a stone was waiting for it, smashing it until it saw stars, almost making it faint.

The little guy stepped on its body as he walked over and made a move himself. He picked up a beast pouch and after looking inside, he saw a total of twenty to thirty stalks of precious medicine. Among them, there were six or seven that were in excellent condition, and it was obvious that they were dug up outside. The ones that were picked from the medicine field were all broken and in pieces.

“Too great, it truly is a great harvest.”

The little guy’s large eyes were curved like crescent moons, and was as happy as happy could be. While sitting on that large limestone, he propped up his chin and began to stare at the individuals near the golden spring.

This child knew from experience the benefits of reaping without sowing, and it felt especially good when it was taken from his enemies. He had his eyes on that purple haired girl, and felt that the best time to strike would be after she obtained the Immortal Spring.

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