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Chapter 154 – Medicine Field

“Softly, I’m going to be squeezed to pieces. Don’t use so much strength… Everything that should be said I already said… I’m just an ordinary stupid rock that gained the ability to speak after being transformed by the Spiritual Flower! In the past, I was confused and ignorant, so I truly do not know the history of the divine garden.”

The stone that was the size of a human head grimaced in pain. It cried out loudly, because it felt somewhat unsafe in the savage child’s hands, as if it would be broken into pieces at any time.

“It’s just a single flower, how could It have such great and magical effects?” The little guy was doubtful.

“Of course, It is a sacred medicine ah! It is rarely seen in this world, and every stalk of this earthen treasure possesses a world-shocking medicinal power. It is know as the Spiritual Divine Flower, and it naturally can transform any inanimate object and give it an elementary level spiritual knowledge.

This rock truly had a mouth and a pair of eyes. It could also move about with kacha kacha sounds. Currently, it was frowning and worried, and wished for the little guy to let it go.

“So it’s like that! I never thought that the sacred medicine would be so powerful. Exactly how many stalks of sacred medicines are there within this spirit medicine garden?”

“How many stalks? For a true Archaic divine mountain to have a single stalk is already quite good. In that area, it is quite possible that a Taotie and other Archaic vicious beasts are occupying it, making it practically impossible for an ordinary person to get close. There aren’t any deities or devils guarding this area, and even if there is only a single stalk of sacred medicine, it would still be considered heaven defying. Of course, it might also be due to my lack of knowledge. After all, the garden is huge, and I’ve heard in the past that there truly was two or three stalks of sacred medicine. Only, it hasn’t appeared in so many years, and it might have escaped from this small world.”

As long as this rock was questioned, it would always give an answer. Moreover, it would even say a bunch more, and was extremely cooperative.

“From your words, it seems like the Spiritual Divine Flower is something that entered the spirit medicine fields later on?” The little guy was curious, and at the same time, he felt that this rock seemed to know about too many things.

The stone said, “It’s more correct to say that it was later on born here. I heard that old tree say that the divine medicine was originally a stalk of rare precious medicine. After entering the Immortal Divine Spring, it received an enormous amount of essence. In the end, it broke through and transformed into a type of Spiritual Divine Flower,  becoming the most precious sacred medicine.”

The little guy widened his eyes on the spot. Using some force as he shook the rock, he said, “Tell me quickly, where is the Immortal Spring?”

“Stop shaking… I’m going to break from all that shaking. The Immortal spring is right at the heart of the spirit medicine field. Go look for it alone, since I never been there before either way.”

“Little rock, if you dare deceive me, I’ll take care of you when I come back.” The little guy played around with the stone in his hand and continuously used his strength, however, he noticed that even though it was crying out with wawa sounds, it was actually rather solid.

“Who dares to peep at me?” The little guy quietly murmured, and without making a sound, he chucked the mischievous stone outwards.

In the end, two ah ah sounds rang out simultaneously. One naturally came from the little stone, and the other came from a powerful genius. It was smashed in the forehead, causing blood to gush out.

“When did I provoke you? Why did you attack me?!” It was a bizarre creature with a bird head and a human body. On its back was a pair of wings, and its entire body flickered with a purple light. It became furious, and a huge blister grew on top of its head.

“Truly sturdy!” The little guy muttered. Of course, the one he was talking about was that stone. After smashing into that extremely powerful Archaic species’s body, it actually did not crack open.

However, when that creature’s ears picked up those words, it became extremely upset. It felt as if he was ridiculing it, and immediately howled before rushing forward.

It came from the Feather Race, and even though it was only part of a branched bloodline, it underwent a variation, surpassing the bloodline of the King Race. Its power was extremely great, and with a flap of its wings, it was as if lightning hacked over.

“I’m not talking about you, I’m talking about how hard that stone is,” explained the little guy.

“Less nonsense!” The Feather Race expert revealed its might. The birdman opened its mouth to release lightning, however, it forgot that this was the divine garden, and so nothing came out.

With a honglong sound, it adapted quickly, and a wing hacked over. It was like a purple-colored heaven blade, and with a terrifying astral wind, it even hacked open the ground.


The little guy passively guarded, and his arms were guarding his body as he said, “I didn’t intentionally offend you.”

How could the Feather Race expert believe him? It laughed coldly and said, “I’m hungry, so if you have any good intentions, just apologize with your flesh.”

“This is acting against me forcefully, but why is it another humanoid?!” The little guy sighed.

A battle erupted, and this time, he no longer held anything back. Palm and fingers were like wheels as they continuously attacked outwards. After ten moves, the sky was filled with the fluttering of purple feathers.

The Feather Race expert shouted loudly, and its pair of feathers were completely bare. All of its feathers were plucked clean, revealing its naked body. It had an extremely sorry appearance.

It turned around and ran. If this continued, all of its feathers really would be plucked clean, and it really was going to end up in a pot. It really did not want to be eaten by a human youth.

“I’m letting you go this time.” The little guy was angry and regretful that he couldn’t eat it.

The stone on the ground was quietly rolling, wanting to escape. In the end, it was directly stepped on by the little guy and picked up afterwards. “In my opinion, you seem rather durable. I can’t use any precious artifacts here, so I’ll borrow you for the time being.”

“Nooooo!” The mischievous stone cried out miserably.

This divine garden was extremely large, and it was flowing with light and color. At first, only a few scattered precious artifacts could be seen, but after entering the interior of the medicine field, things finally changed.

“What a great fragrance!”

Rich fragrance wafted over, and it was as if an ocean of spiritual essence appeared in front of him. It was extremely brilliant and dazzling as the radiance diffused.

That was a true Archaic medicine field. Now, there was even spiritual things growing. No one knew how long many years passed, and many of them already died from age, turning into mud. Afterwards, their seeds would bud and new life would grow.

Spiritual essence surged and turned into a huge sea. It was shocking, and even the human emperor’s medicine garden didn’t have this many precious medicines. Blazing radiance blossomed, and a dense mist rose as propitious vapors enveloped this area.

“I feel so blessed, as if I arrived in a fairy tale world!”

The little guy was truly stupefied. There were so many spirit medicines, one stalk after another. There was only about ten meters between them with bizarre grass emitting fragrance between them.

You have to understand that a spiritual mountain can only grow a single stalk of spirit medicine. There were so many here, and the medicinal field was so large. There was a large expanse of ancient medicine, and they were sparkling and bright. There was a rich medicinal fragrance, making people infatuated.

The little guy stepped forward and quickly rushed out.

Suddenly, when he got closer, the domain’s divine might instantly increased by at least ten times. It made his entire body completely rigid, and the sound of joints cracking once again rang out. His body was resisting an extremely great pressure.

If an ordinary expert came here, they would definitely explode. The space here was almost distorted, and had a strange and terrifying force circulating about.

“So powerful! This must be preventing people from stepping on the medicine!” The little guy softly spoke. He was subjected to a tremendous pressure as he moved forward, but it was still not enough to stop him.

Finally, he set foot into the medicinal garden. He was completely enchanted, and strands of spiritual essence formed clouds of multicolored light as they surged over. It was as if he had just entered a divine sea!

The spiritual essence was too rich, as if it was about to condense into liquid form as it flowed about. The little guy took in deep breaths, swallowing the essence energy. Divine light poured out endlessly from his pores, and his body was bright, as if he was completely cast from divine gold.

“Mine, mine, it’s all mine!” The little guy was so happy he tripped over himself. With so many spirit medicine, even if he ate one while throwing out two, it still wouldn’t matter.

Following that, he then became anxious. Even though there was a stalk per meter, the amount was too shocking… How was he going to bring it all out with him?

“It would be great if I could use the Heaven and Earth Pouch.” He was frowning and worried. There were so much spirit medicine, yet he couldn’t bring it out; in his mind, he truly believed that he would be struck by lightning.

“I’ll eat, eat, eat it all!” This savage child would never waste anything, and directly pounced towards a scarlet orchid.

With a hong sound, he was sent flying. His body shuddered, and his bones rang out with pipa sounds. If his body was not sufficiently powerful, then his bones would have fractured and his tendons would have snapped.

“What happened?” He was shocked. After rubbing his arm, he felt a wave of pain.

“Please don’t bring me any closer.” The small stone shouted miserably.

When the little guy heard it, he directly threw it over. It landed beside the ancient medicine, and in the end, a circular ripple began to undulate, causing it to fly out.

“Ao… Broken, I broke, save me!” It was bawling miserably, but in reality, it did not have a single crack like before.

“So strange… This domain has spirit medicine growing, and is especially powerful. There should be a mysterious prohibiting formation, right? It guards the medicine fields, preventing people from picking any.” The little guy spoke to himself.

He walked forward, and this time he was on his guard. After slowly reaching out with both hands, he tried to pluck out the scarlet orchid.

A strange force appeared. It was the power of the domain, and it violently repelled. It blasted back his fingers, and it was definitely a powerful attack. It was comparable to that of the White Tiger and Great Peng’s fight.

The little guy did not believe in demonic things, and used everything he could to get closer. He reached forward, and absolutely had to dig up that stalk of spirit medicine.


He obtained it, but the spirit medicine was also broken. He was blasted into the air by an enormous divine might. Qi and blood rolled about, and a streak of blood flowed out from the corner of his lips.

“What a powerful domain! This is a bit too bullying!” The little guy was extremely mad.

The only fortunate thing was that the stalk of spirit medicine did not receive that much of the attack. Even though it was damaged, it could still be used. He rolled up his sleeves, and gathered all of the falling pieces before putting them in his mouth.

“For each stalk of spirit medicine, one has to pay a streak of blood as the price. This really is infuriating.” The little guy was angry.

Following that, he ate four stalks of spirit medicine in succession. In the end, blood flowed out of his mouth twice. Even though his physical body was strong, and after refining the spirit medicine, he would quickly recover, it was still extremely annoying.

Even though there was such a huge medicinal garden around him, could it be that he had to depend on vomitting blood to pick them?

“Even if it’s like this, I’ll still eat!” This savage child’s world did not have the word ‘wasting’ in his dictionary. He spat out blood four times, and ate nine stalks of precious medicine.

He walked forward with the goal of finding the most valuable precious medicines. After seeing this garden that was full of spirit medicine emit all types of colors, the little guy was truly at a loss. Why couldn’t he just pluck them all?

Suddenly, the smell of blood poured over. He became alert, and saw a corpse in the middle of the medicine.

“It’s him!” It was precisely that Feather Race expert that fought with him not long ago. Moreover, only the top half of its body was left behind, the rest completely eaten by someone!

“It’s only been such a short time, yet it was already eaten by someone?” He began to think deeply. This Feather Race expert was definitely not weak, yet it still ended up as someone’s lunch; in addition, it was eaten alive.

After walking forward a bit more, there were four more remains in succession. The blood had already dried up, and it had already been one or two days since they died. When the fifth corpse appeared, it made him shiver in fear. It was actually that spirit race expert that fought with him before, and was the one that had its forearm torn off by him.

“It also died. It was pretty powerful ah…” The little guy frowned.

These things did not actually make him stop, but it made him increasingly alert. Step by step, he walked into the depths of the medicinal garden. If his suspicions were not wrong, then there was definitely an extremely terrifying individuals up ahead.

“Don’t go forward anymore, we are about to meet pure-blooded creatures…” That stone reminded with a sullen expression.

After walking forward a certain distance, the little guy’s eyes lit up, because he saw a few creatures up ahead. There were seven or eight that were picking the medicine while continuously coughing out blood.

Meanwhile, there were also more than ten corpses on the ground. It was obvious that they could not bear that type of domain any longer, and already died.

“You… Quickly come and pick medicine!” A shouting voice could be heard. The loud voice was shouted towards the little guy.

This was a humanoid creature, and its entire body was full of golden hair about a third of a meter in length. It was dazzling, and it also had a pair of flood dragon horns on its head. They were also golden as they flickered with divine radiance.

“Golden beast?” The little guy was shocked. These types of creatures could only be seen within Archaic divine mountains, and was a servant of the pure-blooded vicious beasts.

Even though it was a servant, they were still far more powerful than ordinary vicious beasts. They were close to half-blooded divine beasts. Because Archaic devil birds and vicious beasts bestowed them their terrifying bloodlines, they possessed an immeasurable amount of magical power.

Using this Golden Beast as an example, its reputation was not fake. It was extremely powerful, and was like a golden sun as it emitted light. It was dazzling, and a fiendish aura overflowed the heavens. As it stood there, it made people feel a sense of fear.

The little guy revealed a strange expression and said, “Are you guys cooperating to pick medicine?”

“We are picking it all for my lord! Hurry up and go!” The golden beast’s two eyes were like golden lamps. Its voice was heavy as it shouted at him.

“Huh? It’s all for someone else? Then I don’t need to worry anymore. Hand over all the medicine now.” The little guy extended his hand, indicating that he wanted the medicine from the Golden Beast.

“What did you say?” It immediately howed, and like thunder, it even shook the heavens and earth.

At the same time, another cold voice also rang out. “Who wishes to seize my spirit medicine?”

The soft voice was not high, but it shook everyone’s ears until they began to ache. There was a terrifying penetrative force, and it was clear that this was a powerful and terrifying creature.

“Me!” the little guy answered.

He looked towards the depths of the medicinal field. Golden sacred light permeated the area there, and like golden waves charging towards the sky it enveloped that area.

“Immortal Spring!” The little guy was shocked.

There was a spring there, and it was only about three square meters. It emitted golden colored fluctuations, and was absolutely dazzling. Blazing multicolored light was like water as it submerged this world. There were a few creatures that gathered together there, and as they approached, they wanted to get some of the divine spring’s fluid.

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