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Chapter 156 – Immortal Spring

The little guy sat comfortably on the limestone, resting his chin in his hands while watching the few creatures approach the Immortal Spring. He wasn’t anxious at all, and was waiting calmly for them to gain something.  

At the front of the medicinal field, a few Archaic descendants were earnestly harvesting the medicine. Every time they plucked a stalk out, they would cough several mouthfuls of blood as a result of their bodies suffering from heavy damage.

“Aren’t you guys tired? You all are already coughing out blood to this extent, yet are still harvesting the medicine, not scared that you might die?” The little guy blinked in curiosity as he inquired.

The few creatures revealed ugly expressions that were worse than crying. Did he really believe that they wanted to do this? This was only happening because they were being forced to by that divine servant. Everyone had to harvest above ten stalks of spiritual medicine before they were allowed freedom.

The little guy appeared to know what they were thinking about and said, “Don’t be scared, this Golden Beast has been taken care of by me, you can all leave.”

A creature amongst them stammered before speaking softly, “It’s owner is a pure-blooded divine beast. We have already promised to harvest ten stalks of spiritual medicine. If we escape like this, it will be disastrous once we get caught.”

“You are talking about her? Don’t worry about it. What’s hers is mine, so just hand me all the spiritual medicine you harvested. I’ll ensure your safety.” The little guy waved his hands, making this look like a small matter.

At the banks of the Immortal Spring, those few terrifying creatures were getting closer to the pond little by little. They were all focused, because they were withstanding too much pressure. The domain here was too frightening, their bodies were in intense pain, and it felt as if they were going to split open.

That purple haired girl had her back towards them, and her body trembled again. That human youth at the back was acting on his own initiative by dividing her medicine, making her absolutely furious. However she had already walked this far, and was about reach the Immortal Spring. If she were to give up here and retreat now, it would really be a waste of all her previous efforts.

“Human, you have succeeded in angering me!” The purple haired girl’s tone was freezing cold. Although the voice was pleasant to listen to, it was full of killing intent.

The little guy looked around, and in the end, he picked up a giant rock that was several hundred jin before chucking it forward. Its target was the back of the girl, and its speed was as fast as lightning.


However, as soon as the giant rock was thrown, it was immediately smashed to pieces by the powerful domain. It failed to hit its target, and immediately turned into powder.

Although this action did not harm that girl, it still caused her hair to flutter. She nearly turned around, because no one had ever been so disrespectful to her.

“Not sturdy at all.” The little guy shook his head before evaluating the mischievous stone in his hand. “Should I use you to try? I feel like you should be able to hit the target”

“Don’t ah, I will break into pieces if i enter.” The mysterious stone squealed with a voice that was higher than a piglet undergoing a butcher’s knife as it struggled with all its might.

The little guy hesitated for a moment, before deciding not to attack in the end. The main reason was that he was scared of disturbing the girl from obtaining the water, because he still wanted to get some from her.

The golden spring was resplendent, and the light it emitted enveloped and shrouded this area. A few powerful creatures were doing everything they could to move forward bit by bit, slowly getting closer.

The mood here was keyed up, and it gradually grew thicker and thicker. The reason was because everyone knew that the crucial moment was coming; the time to fight for control over the divine spring was quickly approaching.

“You idiots, why aren’t you leaving yet?” The little guy pursed his lips, and no longer paying attention to the few Archaic descendants. However, he squatted down and looked at the yellow Golden Beast with interest.

“Did you come from the Archaic Divine Mountain?” He questioned curiously.

“Correct. Human, you are truly naive, and dare to even humiliate. You will bring about the wrath of the Deities. If you release me and apologize earnestly, there’s a chance that I will forgive you,” spoke the Golden Beast without much confidence.

“What do I need your forgiveness for?” The little guy held the stone in his hand and smacked it down with a paji sound. It began to see stars, becoming dizzy.

“You… What do you want?” The Golden Beast raged.

“To rob you. Hand over everything you brought from the Archaic Divine Mountain!” The little guy was excited, because that was the place where Archaic divine birds and vicious beasts occupied, so the goods produced there would definitely be impressive.

“Nothing, only my life!” The Golden Beast went straight to the point.

“Do you truly believe that I won’t deal with you?” The little guy glared at it, and began to act himself. He searched its body, but did not find anything at all.

“Speak, where did you put all the treasures? Oh, I know, you must have kept it in the Heavenly Passage you opened.”

The little guy was happy. Treasures could be kept inside the Heavenly Passage and be nourished. It wasn’t that there wasn’t anything good on this Golden Beast, just that the items were too good and did not have to be placed outside.

Soon after, however, he scratched his head. He couldn’t use any of his items here, and couldn’t use any symbols. Naturally, he wouldn’t be able to break open the Heavenly Passage unless he killed the Golden Beast directly.

“This horn of yours is not bad, and shines with brilliant golden light. It can even be used to imitate a dragon’s horn.” The little guy’s eyes shone with light, using force to break off its golden horn.

“Indeed, this is a treasure! The horn of a divine beast has spiritual properties. After grinding IT into powder, it can be use as medicine, and can be considered a rare medicinAL primer,” The mischievous stone spoke.

“I was thinking of eating chicken stewed with mushroom, and was just lacking a medicine primer like this.” The little guy grabbed the stone and smashed it towards the head of the Golden Beast.


Naturally, two miserable cries echoed throughout, as if it was a slaughterhouse. The cry of the stone unexpectedly overpowered the scream of the divine servant. This caused the Golden Beast to be absolutely resentful while it experienced intense pain at the same time.


Two of the horns were smashed apart, shining with golden light. They dropped onto the surface of the limestone with a sonorous metal ringing noise.

“What a great treasure.” The little guy was delighted, feeling a rich spiritual energy from it.

“I’m going to fight you to the death!” The Golden Beast howled in rage. This was really the unluckiest day of his life. How did it end up meeting such an abnormal and strange youth? Could he even be considered human?

Those Archaic Descendants who were harvesting spiritual medicine also began to whisper amongst themselves. They were starting to feel that this was a pure-blooded savage beast, only that it transformed into a human form.

“Fight what fight? I hate fighting and killing the most!” The little guy slammed a rock on its head, causing it to faint. He didn’t want hear its clamoring anymore.

“If not for the fact that I want to subdue your owner and her back to watch the village, I would have plucked you clean by now and left you for Big Red to cook.” The little guy muttered to himself.

“Everyone here have seen it right? This human youth is plotting something against us. If we successfully acquire the Immortal Spring, he will definitely ambush us. After advancing forward without stopping, our bodies will definitely have suffered some serious damage. When the moment arrives, he might really benefit from us.” The purple haired girl opened her mouth. Her voice was as beautiful as heavenly music. Her figure was gentle yet beautiful, graceful and elegant. The fluttering of her purple clothing made her look like an angel who had descended to earth, but was about to fly away.

“Hey, you can’t frame me like this!” Shi Hao shouted.

“Why don’t we get rid of him first. Clear the area first before competing fairly.” Another creature suggested.

Everyone nodded in agreement, feeling that this human youth was quite strong. If they allowed him preserve his strength outside, it might really pose a threat later.

“Sigh, you guys are bullies. Forget it, I’ll compete fairly with you all. I originally wanted to test how strong this domain was anyway.” The little guy sighed.

He knew that these creatures wouldn’t come out easily. After all, they had already entered such a huge distance; retreating like this would be a waste of all their former efforts.

This was merely to force him to act. If he continued to wait like this as if he was waiting to profit off of their fighting, then those creatures would eventually cooperate to remove him first.

The little guy bore the beast skin sack on his back and walked inside.

Sure enough, those creatures didn’t speak again. As long as nothing truly threatened them, they would naturally hold their silence.

The little guy entered the fray. Looking around his surroundings, he made sure to keep some distance between himself and every other creature. He wanted to prevent the arisal of any conflict from the very beginning, and began to walk forward step by step.

The domain here was indeed very strong. No wonder those creatures walked really slowly, advancing only a small distance in the span of half a day as if there were mountains pressing on their backs.

The ground was sticky. The little guy lowered his head only to find that under the golden light, there were quite a few bits of broken bones and flesh. This caused him to be alert, as a few strong creatures had already unexpectedly exploded into pieces here.

The little guy’s bones started to creak, because he was bearing a huge pressure. However, his footsteps were firm, forever moving forward without stopping. On this road, he already found eight corpses that only exploded recently.

“What a terrifying domain!”

Finally, he stepped into an even more dreadful domain. His body started to sway, and his speed was not as fast anymore; he was only able to progress gradually.

So far, it was already proven that the creatures still alive were equally powerful. Even if they weren’t pure-blooded divine or savage beasts, they were still definitely worth paying special attention to.

The deeper one went inside, the brighter the light blazed. It was as if he was facing a sun that had transformed from an Archaic Golden Crow, and it was so bright that one couldn’t even open their eyes. The creatures were no longer that far from each other, but it was also harder to see each other’s true bodies.

This place was obscure and indistinct. The golden ripples reached the sky, shrouding the entire place. Everyone seemed to be enveloped and surrounded by a golden ball of flame, dazzling extremely brightly.

Time elapsed little by little, and an entire day and night had passed. The little guy was close to the golden spring and was standing beside the other people.

The pool was filled with golden symbols, and it was shaking and vibrating with a terrible fluctuation akin to the rise and fall of a patch of golden waves. There was majestic and boundless aura welcoming them.


A line of blood appeared on the forehead of a person amongst them. Following which, more cracks started to show on his body, and with a kacha sound, even more bones broke. This person did not say anything and retreated rapidly. He apparently couldn’t withstand the pressure anymore.

However, there was an even faster figure. This was a divine bird, and its eyes were sharp. It suddenly exploded into action, directly attacking with murderous intent towards the person.

With a kacha sound, it grabbed out, grasping that individual’s arm firmly. It locked the person in before bringing it back again.

Ah… That person shouted loudly, and blood spurted out from its entire body. Under the pressure of the domain, the bones broke, and the whole body was in intense pain before breaking apart into many pieces.


That divine bird reached out with a claw and snatched the heart away. It then opened its mouth, swallowing it whole to replenish its energy,

“Evolving to this stage can be considered rare already. Bloodline really isn’t the only criterion in determining whether you are strong or not,” muttered the divine bird.

The little guy shivered, this place sure was cruel. Such a strong creature died just like that, and its heart was even eaten.

Half a day later, the few living creatures were making progress with great difficulty. They were finally closing in on the Immortal Spring; however, none of them dared to move rashly.

It was pool of about ten square feet. There was a dense steam rising, making it difficult to see the liquid inside. Only strong waves of life energy could be felt, causing people to feel as if they were about to ascend to heaven.

The little guy stayed at the back, not moving to the front. He was afraid that these people might join hands and act against him together.

Someone kicked a rock into the Immortal Spring. There was no sound of splashing water, but there were golden ripples that clashed like a storm, causing every creature to become apprehensive.

They were able to determine the strength of the domain, and felt that it was possible for them to retrieve the water and acquire the Immortal Spring!


Suddenly, a sharp ray of blade light flew across. Someone had attacked, slicing towards the people beside him. This was not just acquire the divine spring, but also to take the opportunity to kill a divine blooded creature for its blood and flesh as precious medicine.


Someone struck towards the little guy. It was a black sharp claw that was sturdier than steel, and it resounded with an ear-splitting noise as it struck towards him.

On the banks of the Immortal Spring, it was absolute chaos. The strongest creatures started to act, engaging in battle.

“Just in time! Pure blooded savage beasts and divine creatures, I will make you yield to me!” The little guy shouted.

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