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Chapter 152 – Advance

“Don’t move. The Golden-Winged Peng is a half-blooded divine bird, so eating it like this is too wasteful. I know an ancient method, so after we find some precious medicine, we can stewthem together to bring out its divine effects.” Huo Ling’er spoke out to stop the big red bird and the others.

This was a mountainous region, and it was quite similar to the other regions within the Historical Ruins. Black mist also lingered about here, making it appear secretive and calm. Within the mountains, there was a clear spring that was bubbling. The big red bird, Nine-Headed Lion and the others were all stripping the giant golden bird of its feathers.

The Peng’s body was enormous, and golden light sparkled all about its body. Without talking about its body, even the wing that was sliced off was more than ten meters. It gave off a brilliant divine splendor, and essence energy surged and overflowed; it was enough to completely fill one up.

“There are still so many details regarding taste?” The group of descendants were impatient, and none of them wanted to wait too long. You have to understand that this was a deity’s descendant, and was rarely seen in this world.

Huo Ling’er had a serious expression on her face as she said, “There are naturally many details we have to pay attention to in taste. Together with a few precious methods, abnormal wood, spiritual blood, and other ingredients, the medicinal strength this Golden Peng can emit will far surpass your expectations!”

The Nine-Headed Lion nodded its head. It came from a great background, and was born within an ancient King race. It naturally knew about these things and agreed with her point of view.

“Alright, since it can display that much medicinal strength, then I don’t have any complaints either.” The big red bird spoke out. Although it was also of the bird species, it still wanted to eat a few bites of the great Golden-Winged Peng.

In the end, the group of creatures all nodded their heads, giving their approval towards the Fire Nation Princess’ suggestion.

This was a small Archaic world. There were definitely quite a few spiritual medicines, and even more spiritual wood, divine bugs, etc. These medicinal primers could be found, but it was on the premise that they left the Historical Remains. Not even a blade of grass grew in this place, making it impossible for them to collect those things.

“This Violent Ape is truly a rarely seen species. Its ancient blood is rich, and is still radiating dark light.”

“The body is so enormous! It truly is rare to come by, enough for us to eat.” The big red bird wiped off its saliva.

With a dong sound, the little guy lifted its black pot and smashed it on its head again. “You truly are cruel, eating the a humanoid species. Don’t cook it in front of me.”

The big red bird was so angry it was hopping mad. With great resentment, it said, “You are the cruel one, to not eat humanoids and only eat vicious beasts and spiritual birds. Too cruel.”

On the side, the Nine-Headed Lion was a bit depressed, because even its own flesh was eaten by the little guy before. Only, out of shame, it was too embarrassed to tell its group of brothers.

“Hello? Brother Luan, what type of look is that? It was for you that I risked life and limb this time. While fighting with that group of Archaic descendants, my own life was almost thrown in there.” The little guy glanced over at the seriously injured giant bird.

The Rainbow Luan stared at him with the whites of its eyes. After having flesh from its wing and thigh eaten, even though it was because of him that it was rescued, the tension was still not completely released.

“Stop staring. You’ll be able to eat some precious flesh medicine in a bit to repair your body,” the little guy said.

At the edge of the clear spring, the cloaked individuals beside Huo Ling’er were currently cleaning up a vicious bird. It had an elephant head, but other than that, the rest of its body was not much different from that of a bird. The dark green feathers covering its body were emitting multicolored light.

“This is a Jade Feathered Elephant Bird, and is considered an extremely rare descendant. Unfortunately, its pair of pure white tusks were destroyed, or else it would definitely be the most spiritual.” A restricted individual was incomparably regretful.

There was nothing they could do about it, because these powerful races would never leave behind their precious symbolled bones while facing death.

On the other side, the Nine-Headed Lion, Flame Crow and the others were handling the Violent Ape. This enormous body was enough for their group to eat.

The little guy was fiddling with his spoils of war alone. With a frowning and worried expression, he was full of regret. The White Tiger’s battle clothes were torn into several pieces, and the Primary Magnetic Mountain was even more so broken into more than ten pieces. It was useless even when they were pieced together, and as a result, its might plummeted.

“Don’t feel so unsatisfied. The Heaven and Earth Pouch that you obtained is extremely rare, and is something left behind by a White Tiger ancestor after its death. It can definitely be considered a race guarding precious treasure.” Huo Ling’er rolled her eyes at this small money grubber.

When this spoil of war was mentioned, the little guy immediately became happy. His mood was great as he took out the beast skin pouch, flipping it around as he looked it over.

This was refined and created out of the skin of a White Tiger. There were all types of symbols on it that were ancient and world-changing, and a bright golden silk rope fastened the pouch opening.

The little diligently refined it, and began to try it out afterwards. He used its ability to collect and release objects, slowly familiarizing himself with it and understanding how to use it.

With a honglong sound, rubble began to roll about. A giant boulder over a hundred thousand jin was collected inside the pouch. Auspicious light rose, creating a shocking scene.

“It truly is a good treasure!” The little guy sighed in admiration before reversing the symbols. All of the mountain stones and fragments were poured out in torrents.

He experimented once again, and with a hong sound, the smoke and dust in the distance soared into the sky. A short mountain rose from the ground and was directly collected into the Heaven and Earth Pouch. Multitudes of multicolored light shone at the beast pouch entrance, and thousands of auspiciously colored threads shot out as it swallowed everything. There really wasn’t anything it couldn’t collect after all.

“Aiyou, youngster, what you doing?” The big red bird cried out in fear. It could not stand the force and began to shrink. Multicolored light surrounded its body, and it flew towards the Heaven and Earth Pouch before ultimately disappearing within.

Haha… The little guy laughed loudly and used the golden thread to tied up the pouch entrance. A tormenting sound immediately rang out from within the pouch. The big red bird was isolated within the beast skin pouch, and so its voice was small as it said, “Let me out!”

After untying the golden silk rope, propitious vapors gushed out. The big red bird was released, and in a flustered and exasperated tone, it said, “This grandpa is going to stake it all against you!”

The little guy immediately raised the beast skin pouch. In the end, it was resentful, and after twisting its butt, it headed towards the distance towards the violent ape. Shouting noisily, it said, “I am going to eat you!”

Flames jumped about. The Nine-Headed Lion, Flame Crow, and the others surrounded the fully cooked Violent Ape and began to gorge themselves.

This meat contained an extremely powerful essence energy. They all sustained injuries, so this type of precious medicine was the best type of supplement.

It only took a little bit of time before the Sable, Rainbow Luan, Three Eyed Race and other experts began to emit light. The skeletons within their bodies rang out with ga beng ga beng sounds. The broken bones were mended, and even though they were not immediately restored to their former conditions, their movements were no longer hindered.

In addition, their flesh were squirming about, and divine multicolored light shone. All of their wounds closed, and the blood inside rumbled. A rain of light was being emitted from all over their bodies.

“So powerful, I feel like I’m about to break through.” The Sable originally had its pair of forelimbs snapped, but after eating more than a thousand jin of the powerful Violent Ape’s flesh, its entire body emitted light. Purple energy rose, and it began to resonate with noise.

“The purity of my blood has improved by a level, so powerful!” The Nine-Headed Lion was also extremely happy. Faint golden traces of blood appeared within its body; this type of precious flesh medicine was extremely beneficial for it.

After experiencing this life and death situation, the essence energy in their bodies were almost completely exhausted. Now that they received this type of replenishing, it almost made all of them break through. Each and every one of them were like little suns as they gave off light.


The giant ape was ten meters long, and it had a robust figure. Even though it left behind a large amount of precious flesh medicine, after the group of descendants ate until they were belching, not even the bones were left behind.

They were all lying on the ground, their bodies radiating light. They didn’t want to move at all.

On the other side, the little guy and Huo Ling’er as well as those restricted individuals were much better as they ate the majority of a devil bird. The sparkling and transparent meat entered their mouths as the delicious smell wafted about.

Finally, Huo Ling’er couldn’t go on any longer. She really couldn’t eat any more, especially with that hateful youth constantly reminding her to make sure to lose weight. With all the statements about how her chest was too high and her butt too big, it made her so resentful that she flipped out in anger.

In the end, even the restricted individuals no longer dared to eat any more. Even though their strength were powerful, in the end, they still could not digest so much precious medicine.

“It’s shameful to waste!”

After the little guy said this sentence, he continued to gorge himself, cleaning out the remaining half of the golden glossy bird. He continuously refined his essence energy to forcefully advance his flesh.

When the group of people saw this, they became completely dumbstruck. How could someone so small eat so much?!

Even the Nine-Headed Lion, Flame Crow and others felt their hearts alarmed and their bodies jumping. This was truly savage… He ate even more than them, completely disproportionate to his body.

“No wonder he started salivating as soon as he saw us, making us have to move out of his way. If he becomes hungry one day, who knows if he will swallow all of us in one go.” The group of Archaic descendants secretly wiped off their cold sweat as they inwardly classified that human youth as a prehistoric demon.

The little guy’s entire body was overflowing with light and color. Essence energy gushed out from his pores, healing all of his injuries. His essence energy surged like a tsunami as it cleansed his flesh. It penetrated all of his organs, and even his hair began to shine.

“Sigh, the ninth Heavenly Passage is too hard to open. Currently, I still can’t even feel it.” He scratched his head.

One of the restricted individuals couldn’t help but sigh, saying, “The ninth Heavenly Passage is too rare in reality, and there were only a few recorded in ancient texts. Within our human race, the eighth heavenly passage is already as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns. You can start thinking about advancing to the next great cultivation realm.”

“I can still wait. I’ll attack at it again after eating the great Peng!” The little guy was extremely angry.

Seeing him darken his little face, everyone there became silent. You still aren’t satisfied? Ever since entering this small world, your cultivation has shot up sharply, comparable to what others have to bitterly cultivate several years for!

The restricted individuals in particular found it difficult to calm their hearts. Back then, even when they painstakingly trained, they still did not reach the accomplishments this savage child had after entering this small world. They wanted to cry just by thinking about it; this truly was an evil spawn!

“Are you guys all full?” The little guy patted his small round belly as he asked towards everyone else.

“Full!” As soon as these descendants spoke, they would spew out essence energy and multicolored light.

“Oh, then I guess I’ll have to eat by myself.” He fetched the White Tiger and with the broken sword in hand, a kacha sound rang out. He directly chopped off a hind leg, quickly skinning and cleaning it.

“You… You are wasting things recklessly!” Several elders were so angry they began to hop about in anger.

“These things were caught for the sake of food. Moreover, I’m not eating the whole thing, only a hind leg. It just enough to boil a pot of soup.” The little guy was not concerned in the slightest.

“We are going to eat too!” The group of Archaic descendants all rushed over. This was White Tiger flesh ah! Even if they couldn’t eat anymore, they still had to forcefully swallow it down.

Huo Ling’er was furious. This was simply too wasteful!

Flames danced about, and a fragrance assailed everyone’s nostrils. After a good six hours, the tiger leg in the black pot was stewed until it became soft. Even the bones were melted by the little guy’s precious techniques. The juices were sparkling as it overflowed with multicolored light.

As soon as they got close, a white tiger shadow pounced over. It bared its fangs and brandished its claws, yet carried with it a powerful fragrance. The little guy opened his mouth and shouted fiercely, “Eat it, eat it!” Following that, he swallowed it in one gulp.

The tiger bone soup completed its slow-cooking. The juices were sparkling and glistening, as well as being incomparably thick. The little guy scooped out a large spoonful and poured it into his mouth. He felt as if the pores around his body were being penetrated. A rain of light was emitted from all over his body, as if he was going to levitate and take flight.

“It truly is delicious, not inferior to lion heads at all!” He was extremely infatuated, and so the words he spoke out weren’t articulated.

The Nine-Headed Lion’s face immediately became green. Fortunately, it seemed as if no one heard him clearly.

“It’s too tasty!” The little guy shouted and then began to frantically scoop. The tiger bone soup continuously went down with gudong gudong sounds.

The group of people, including Huo Ling’er, no longer cared about their status. They crowded forward and fought over the tiger bone soup.

In a short period of time, the pot of soup completely vanished. It was completely finished, and the group of people seemed as if they were still not done as they stared at the remaining White Tiger’s body.

Only the little guy was completely satisfied. He ate until he was full and drank all he wanted. As a result, he was like a small sun as he emitted light.

“You all are too savage! After eating so much, you are still thinking about more! Truly a group of foodies!” He scolded all of them, including Huo Ling’er.

The group immediately became infuriated. Who was savage and who was the foodie? You have the nerve to say this to us?!

“Good things cannot be wasted like this. Wait until we find some spirit medicine to slow cook it together. Maybe at that time, we can all break through,” the little guy said.

He used the Heaven and Earth Pouch to collect the Golden-Winged Peng, White Tiger, and other descendants. After using the golden silk rope to tie up the pouch, he hung it on his body.

“It truly is convenient. In the future, I’ll catch some more vicious beasts that want to eat me.”

The group of people rolled their eyes. It’ll be fine as long as you don’t want to eat other creatures; who dares to eat you?!

“The Heaven and Earth Pouch seems to be able to preserve things without letting them rot. With so many Archaic species, I want to bring it back to Stone Village for Grandpa Chief, Uncle Linhu, Dazhuang, Ermeng, Pihou, and the others. After letting every villager eat Archaic descendants, it’s quite possible that they can all make breakthroughs quickly.” The little guy rubbed his small round stomach, and with a sweet smile on his face, he entered the land of dreams.

The group of people were speechless. This delicate, cute, and beautiful youth that even made girls jealous was actually smiling so brilliantly in his sleep. Being so peaceful, it truly was difficult to imagine why he was so savage after waking up.

The Sable, Flame Crow, and several other creatures broke through. After drinking the tiger soup, they finally broke through the shackles. Their essence energy blazed all about their bodies, advancing another layer; it created quite a bit of activity.

Only after a long time did this area become peaceful again.

It was already deep into the night, and all the creatures slept extremely peacefully.

The next day, the Archaic Golden Crow’s body rose from the horizon. After turning into the sun, it shone down from above the Historical Ruins’ mist, scattering down a hazy light.

“Let’s go. For the sake of spirit medicine, collecting the prescription, as well as eating the Golden-Winged Peng, let’s go towards those spiritual medicine lands!” The little guy was full of emotion as he spoke.

The group of people twitched their mouths, but not a single one left. It was because they were all thinking about the rare precious medicine!

This region of the small world had many special areas, such as the Saints’ Fallen Ground, Forbidden Heaven Bone Area, Precious Artifact Vestige, and others. The various geniuses that entered were scattered everywhere.

“You want to find the Immortal Divine Spring?”

When the group heard what the little guy wanted to do, they were all shocked.

It was rumored that this small world truly did have an immortal spring, but that area was extremely dangerous, and since ancient times, not many individuals were able to receive its benefits.

“The immortal spring is located within the Hundred Grass Land. There is a mysterious stadium there, and through its precious shackling techniques, it could easily shatter creatures’ physical bodies. Ordinarily, no one dares to break in,” said Huo Ling’er.

The Hundred Grass Land was the spirit medicine field of this small Archaic world. Spirit medicine grew in plentiful amounts inside, and many were rare and valuable objects. It was even rumored that there was a possibility that even divine medicine grew there!

“Didn’t you guys want to try little gold stewed with mushrooms? Now that we have a Golden-Winged Peng, where do we get mushrooms? Of course we have to enter the Hundred Grass Land!” Said the little guy.

The group banded together. That area was definitely a blood scarred demonic land. In the past, it was always a place where one entered but never came out; going there to pick spirit medicine was most likely the same as sending over your life.

“We can help you, but can only stay outside. We don’t want to enter that demonic land.” The Nine-Headed Lion said things flatly.

The little guy saw that the others all revealed serious expressions. Not willing to enter the Hundred Grass Land… He spoke to himself suspiciously, “Could it be that I was cheated by the Heaven Mending Pavilion’s old farts?”

From these people’s expressions, he could tell that that place was definitely forbidden ground!

“Without a certain degree of power in one’s flesh, one cannot enter. Throughout all of time, only pure-blooded Archaic youth dared to enter to search for a heaven defying chance.” It was a restricted individual beside Huo Ling’er that spoke. The individual’s hair was completely white, and he spoke things as if this fact was not exaggerated in the slightest.

“What?” The little guy’s eyes immediately lit up. The previous gloominess was immediately swept away, and he became incomparably excited as he said, “I can meet true Archaic vicious beast young there? That’s perfect!”

The group of people were speechless. Other creatures did everything they could to avoid it, yet he was interesting, daring to directly take the opportunity to enter.

The fire nation princess’ large eyes blinked. They appeared extremely quick-witted as she said in a small voice, “This little fellow is pretty much a human pure-blooded vicious beast himself, not inferior to those pure-blooded divine birds and beasts at all. After entering, it truly wouldn’t be easy to say who is going to eat who.”

After the big red bird heard what was said, its eyes immediately revealed a deceitful luster. It instantly threw itself over, using its two wings to hug the little guy’s arm, saying, “Bring along…”

“Have you thought it through? To have me take you along?” Asked the little guy.

“No way!” The big red bird used all of its strength to shake its head, saying, “If I go inside, I’ll definitely be eaten by those pure-blooded vicious beasts. Bring my pot with you! With your fierceness, you can definitely eat an Archaic vicious beast young. I won’t ask for anything else, just that when the time comes, it would be enough if you just brought back a bit of soup gravy!”


The little guy lifted its black pot and directly smashed it down on the back of its head.

“This grandpa… Is going to… Hold himself back!” The big red bird wanted to say that it was going to stake it all, but after realizing how unrealistic that was, it spat out those words in anger.

After leaving the historical ruins, the little world’s sun illuminated everything. The flowers and plants were brilliant, and the ancient trees reached high into the sky; everything was full of vitality.

Their group made their way towards the Hundred Grass Land. With this many powerful individuals walking together, it directly scared numerous creatures along the road into fleeing.

Of course, there were also a few powerful creatures that had coveting desires. They stared at them, and wanted to make their move several times.

The little guy did not want to be outdone, and roared towards the terrifying eyes in the dark. His voice was like thunder, and in the end, the creatures within the forests backed off.

“What was that? Why do I feel a bit frightened?” They were shocked.

“Why do I feel a bit happy to have a savage child by my side? I feel like if it were not for him, I would have became food after facing those powerful creatures.” The big red bird’s scalp felt numb as it spoke.

“They shouldn’t be pure-blooded creatures, right?” Huo Ling’er frowned.

They were already approaching the Hundred Grass Land, and they felt the presence of several others that were precisely like this!

The little guy took precautions as he faced these true pure-blooded creatures. He did not dare to act carelessly, because even though he wanted to catch one, he still had to treat them with caution.

They were finally closing in on the Hundred Grass Land, and from quite a distance away, they could already see the propitious vapors rising from that region. All types of vegetation were emitting radiance.

It was a spiritual medicine land with all types of divine radiance enveloping it. There were all types of brilliant lights and vibrant colors, and essence energy surged. Even ordinary medicinal herbs that grew there would become sparkling and translucent as a result of the exceptional spiritual essence density.

“Mine, mine, they’re all mine!”

Everyone was speechless. That brat changed into a small miser after all. His eyes were twinkling with countless little stars as he wiped away his saliva.

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