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Chapter 151 – Swept Clean

With a peng sound, a golden wing fell onto the ground. It was a half-blooded Peng wing that shattered the mountain stones. Being more solid than iron and stone, the wing had an immeasurable divinity.


The golden-winged peng cried out. It actually lost, moreover so miserably. It fell onto the ground, causing faint golden blood to splash out. It smashed open a crater in the ground with cracks extending out ten to a hundred meters.

“Quickly stop the bleeding, don’t waste any!” The big red bird was extremely regretful. It rushed forward, because that was precious flesh and blood medicine.

The little guy was ruthless, and while stepping on the Suan Ni bone mirror, he already swooped down. With the broken sword in hand, he hacked down. Now that the life and death battle had already reached this point, there was no way he would be lenient now.

“No… Ah!” The Peng cried out in anger and its golden pupils widened.

The little guy was cold and callous. The sword qi in his hands were like a rainbow, directly sweeping over.

The golden light around the Peng’s body was bright, and its feathers were brilliant. Its frontal bone cracked open, and the inside of its body exploded; it destroyed its own symbolled bone!

The little guy sighed. He was full of regret, because the great Peng race’s supreme precious method brushed past him like this. It made him feel helpless, but there truly wasn’t anything he could do about it.


The sword qi was like a rainbow as it streaked across. A huge golden head flew out diagonally. It carried with it a large streak of blood as it fell onto the ground.

It was clear without even looking that carefully that all of the symbolled bones in the great Peng’s body were split open.

The half-blooded divine bird lost just like this, making the group of Archaic species feel as if everything that happened wasn’t real. Such a powerful Golden-Winged Peng was actually not a match for a human youth!


More than ten Archaic descendants turned around and fled, moreover fleeing in all directions. They were scattered as they ran; that youth was too savage, and they couldn’t use force to fight back.

Everything happened in the middle of lightning and flames. The little guy’s reaction was fast, and after taking care of the golden Peng, he used all of his strength to use the broken sword, hacking towards that region.

The broken sword revealed its power. The sword radiance was like a sea as it surged violently. It hacked that area apart instantly, causing rocks to fly in all directions and dust to rise into the sky.

This sword’s might was too great. The fleeing group of Archaic species received the attack at once, and two of them were directly sliced apart. The remaining creatures’ bodies stumbled, and since they were lucky enough to avoid being hit, they quickly fled.

“Chase! Don’t let a single one go!” The little guy shouted loudly. If news regarding today’s events were transmitted outwards, then it would most likely cause complications. After all, the White Tiger and giant golden bird were both from extremely powerful backgrounds.

The Nine-Headed Lion knew precisely how powerful the individuals those creatures were related to were. With a loud roar, it dragged its wounded body and began to chase in one direction. The big red bird, Sable, Three Eyed Race’s brothers, and even the Flame Crow understood as well; all of them chased in pursuit.

They did not seek to kill off their opponents. As long as they were able to stall them, it would be enough just to wait for the little guy’s aid.

The little guy developed a murderous red in his eyes, and quickly chased after a group of  Archaic descendants. The broken sword revealed its might, slicing them all at the waist before quickly rushing to another direction.

At this moment, the sound of angry roars and long bird cries interweaved. On this blood dyed great land, a fierce massacre was happening. The precious artifacts were world-shocking, and divine light flew out and danced in the air.

This battle was even more fierce than the one before. One side wanted to flee, and the other gave everything they had to stop them from doing so. It was an incomparably bloody and reckless great battle.

Of the thirteen Archaic species, four of them were taken care of by the little guy. The Nine-Headed Lion and the others also blocked off five of them, however, four of them still escaped far away.

Those three bird species in particular had already spread their wings and rushed into the clouds. To chase after them at this point would truly be too difficult.

“I definitely won’t let them go!” The big red bird’s eyes were already red. After abandoning one of the vicious beasts, it soared high up into the sky to chase after the vicious bird.

The wounds it received couldn’t be considered serious, and it could still use most of its strength. With extreme speed, it entered the clouds to chase down those Archaic descendants. It did not want the news leaked and invoke some type of disaster.

The Nine-Headed Lion and the others all received serious wounds. The Rainbow Luan was almost torn apart, and the Flame Crow seemed to almost be charred black. Currently, their hands were joined in an effort to hold back these opponents, but they had no strength to kill them.

The little guy also chased after a vicious bird. With one foot on the golden bone shears and the other on the Suan Ni bone mirror, these two precious artifacts’ brilliance circulated. Mixing together, his speed immediately increased by several folds. He did not care about the cost as he ignited his divine essence energy to chase after them with extreme speed.

This type of speed could be maintained for a short period of time, but it wouldn’t last or else it would dry up one’s blood essence and wither to death. Using this short period of time, he soared into the clouds and finally saw the figures of those Archaic species. Raising the broken sword, he hacked out.

The vicious bird cried out in anger, and all of its plume ignited. It also frantically raised its speed as well as take out its precious artifact to defend itself in pursuit of the sliver of opportunity at life.

It was a pity, however, that as soon as the broken sword erupted, it already had no chance. Boundless sword fluctuations poured over, and it did not hack out, but rather directly oppressed it. WIth a honglong sound, it directly exploded between there.


In a different direction, the big red bird howled. Fiery light erupted all over its body, and that bird Luan refined precious artifact – Black Pot, emitted a multitude of multicolored lights. Propitious vapors rose, striking that vicious bird firmly.

Their battle became even more fierce, and bloody rain scattered down. When the little guy arrived and found it, the big red bird was already falling towards the ground, miserably crying out endlessly. It said in anger, “This grandpa is hurting to death! I’m going to eat ten vicious beasts later!”

Its opponent was killed, and was falling down onto the ground. The big red bird itself also almost lost its life, and was fluttering its wings as it fell.


The little guy offered his support, killing off the few Archaic species the Nine-Headed Lion and the others were holding off one by one. With firm and severe strikes, they would never release hehe or haha sounds again.

“Unfortunately, there were still two that got away!” All of their expressions were serious and heavy.

Even the multitude of creatures below whose flesh’s medicinal qualities were terrifying did not have a hint of a smile on their faces, because the White Tiger and that golden Peng’s origins were too great. If they leaked this information out, it would lead to disaster.

Suddenly, a bird cry rang out, and a rain of blood scattered down from the sky.

“Yi, why did that stupid bird return?” The little guy was shocked.

When theses words were uttered, it immediately made the big red bird, Rainbow Luan, and Flame Crow resentful. They were also bird species, and hated this type of name.

The little guy stepped on the Golden Bone Shears and shot up at once. Brandishing the broken sword, with a pu sound, it made this ringleader reveal a fierce expression. However, it was killed in an extremely terrifying way.

A few figures appeared in the distance. Huo Ling’er appeared while hugging the young deity. Several cloaked individuals were distributed in all directions, and they were the ones who forced these Archaic devil bird descendants to return.

“Many thanks, junior sister!” The little guy fell onto the ground and blinked his eyes. He walked up and cupped his fist in respect.

“These Archaic descendants… They were all killed by you?” When this group of people arrived, Huo Ling’er was at a loss for words. The brilliance of disbelief filled her eyes.

Huo Ling’er and a few restricted individuals had already arrived for a period of time, only they didn’t come closer. They always stood from afar, and as a result of the Historical Remains’ curling mist, they couldn’t see everything clearly.

“Am I really that savage? I rarely take lives!” The little guy resolutely rejected that statement. He looked over towards the Nine-Headed Lion, big red bird, and the others with his eyes widened before saying, “Do you see how savage these creatures are? They’re all dripping with blood. They are the ones that killed them!”

The Nine-Headed Lion, Flame Crow, Three-Eyed Race, and the other experts all rolled their eyes. They all snorted together. Who was the savage one ah? They were pretty much all killed by you alone!

Seeing them act like this, how could Huo Ling’er not understand? She was immediately shaken, and after seeing the White Tiger and Golden-Winged Peng, she became even more stirred up.

How savage was this? To even kill the great Golden-Winged Peng!

A cloaked individual walked up and dipped his finger into the golden blood. After carefully observing it, the individual cried out involuntarily, “This is a half-blooded divine bird at the very least! Its potential was limitless, and would rarely meet an opponent!”

Huo Ling’er was around fifteen to sixteen years old. Her skin was extremely delicate, white and glossy. She had an oval face with curved black eyebrows. Her large eyes were incomparably intelligent, and they were currently emitting an unusual luster. Her expression was full of shock as she looked at the little guy in disbelief.

The little guy smiled shyly and shook his head, saying, “Even though I am extremely heroic, you can’t look at me like that… Actually, you only need to continue losing weight. Even though you’ll never be like me, it still won’t be that far off.”

His large pair of eyes roamed about and looked at those places that he shouldn’t be looking at. It was quite clear what he was implying.

The fire nation princess was originally still staring at him in shock with incomparably admiration. After hearing those words, she went crazy, shouting, “Go die, go die little brat!”

On the side, the cloaked individuals were silent; great waves were stirring within their hearts. This youth really was too formidable. He actually killed off so many Archaic descendants, including the half-blooded Peng! This truly shocked both the heart and the soul, making people’s spirits tremble.

“He’s still so young, and is quite susceptible to change. His potential is seriously limitless!”

“He shouldn’t be any less terrifying than the human emperor when he was at his age, it truly is frightening!”

This was the conclusion that these several individuals quickly came to. It was difficult for them to calm down, and their eyes were looking at that savage child with a bizarre expression.

“Sigh, in the end, one of the vicious beasts still got away. This time, it’s really going to be annoying.” The little guy was frowning and worried.

“Now you understand fear. When you were stirring up trouble, why didn’t you think a bit first?” Huo Ling’er was taking joy in his calamity. Her body was long and wonderful, and her curves were exquisite as they moved up and down.

“They wanted to eat big red and my little bro, so of course I would go all out. Even if I incurred some heaven overflowing calamity, I still cannot back away!” The little guy’s voice was powerful and resounding.

The Nine-Headed Lion was extremely moved, and almost roared along.

Behind them, the Flame Crow, Three Eyed Race and other experts’ expression also changed. They felt grateful within their hearts; after all, this time, if the little guy did not slaughter his way over, they would have all died.

Only the big red bird was twitching its mouth. It was too familiar with this little brat’s ways. Even if they didn’t meet this disaster, with this savage child’s nature, the White Tiger and the others would have still been eaten.

“Stupid bird, what kind of look is that? Why are you rolling your eyes for no reason?” The little guy seized its black pot and smashed it down on its head with a kuang dang sound.

“This grandpa is going to fight to the death with you!” The big red bird stomped in anger as it used all its strength to rub the blister on the back of his head.

“Make any more noise and I’ll eat you!” The little guy revealed his small and shiny white fierce teeth.

The big red bird immediately withered. It had no choice. This child was too savage! The Nine-Headed Lion, Rainbow Luan, and itself were all eaten by him before.

“Junior sister, your father is the human emperor. He is extremely blessed by nature, and his cultivation is extremely world defying. In this great earth, there shouldn’t be many who can be his opponent right?” asked the little guy.

“Even if that’s true, so what?” Huo Ling’er was vigilant as she looked at him.

“If I can become sworn brothers with him, there shouldn’t be anyone that dares to provoke me right?” asked the little guy.

Huo Ling’er’s beautiful figure immediately fell before standing up straight again. This little brat wanted to take advantage of her?

“Don’t misunderstand. He’s so old, so how could I become sworn brothers with him. The little guy immediately pulled back.

“What are you saying? What do you mean by old?” Huo Ling’er became extremely angry. This rotten infant’s words were truly unpleasant to listen to.

The little guy simple-mindedly asked, “When people become old, they all reminisce about their youth. Does he not want an intimate friend that is younger than him? It’ll be hard to find even a few unrivalled heroic youth like me even if you searched the entire great earth.”

Huo Ling’er was so angry she started laughing. “You provoked a disaster and now want my father, the emperor, to cover for you? How convenient that you thought of such a thing! Your status is so low, yet you want to talk to the human emperor as if you were a peer?!”

“Why not? Many female genius’ godfathers are over a hundred years old. How do you know that your father the emperor won’t be able to become friends despite the age difference?”

“Get lost!”

Ordinarily, Huo Ling’er carried the gracefulness of a beautiful and refined woman. She would appear educated and well-balanced, as well as full of intelligence. Currently, however, she was extremely violent, and her black eyebrows were jumping; she almost bared her fangs and threw herself over.


Right at this moment, the little wolf in the the fire nation princess’ bosom cried out. Its nose opened and closed, and indicated towards a direction.

The little guy slapped his forehead and said, “What emperor, what different age close friends, there’s no need!” He snatched the young deity and said, “Hurry and help me find that fish that escaped the net!”

The young deity was always watching from the side and knew what he was looking for. Without uttering a single thing, it extended a small claw, pointing towards a direction.

The little guy dropped his smiling expression and ran out with the broken sword in his hand. Upon seeing this, the Nine-Headed Lion and the others also revealed serious expressions as they followed behind.

The group was as fast as lightning. The mountains and rivers quickly disappeared behind them, and by depending on the young deity’s nose to chase, they finally stopped after a hundred li. The little guy’s sword hacked out, splitting apart a mountain.

Aohou… A vicious beast threw itself out. It was terrified and resentful, because it still couldn’t flee from this disaster in the end.

In the end, the Golden-Winged Peng, White Tiger and the ten or so species were completely executed without a single one getting away.

“Now we can feel relieved. Together with the fire nation princess, the Nine-Headed Lion and the others, we met an ambush. After a bloody battle, we finally killed off all these evils!” The little guy tightened his fist and used all of his strength to wave it about.

“I didn’t do anything. You guys are the ones that killed them.” Huo Ling’er emphasized the fact that this matter was not related to her.

“Didn’t you display your divine might and wipe them clean alone?” The Nine-Headed Lion and the others were unconvinced.

“Let’s not talk about these things first. Currently, there is a small mountain of delicacies piled up. Watching it already makes me salivate, so let’s eat first.” The little guy cried out enthusiastically.

The fire nation princess did not say anything. The few restricted individuals beside her spoke in a low voice, “That is a half-blooded Golden-Winged Peng, a rare precious medicine. You cannot give up this opportunity. If you enjoy it now together with them, even if the golden Peng race’s experts are informed later, it will still be worth it. You won’t be losing out.”

Huo Ling’er nodded her head. A half-blooded divine bird’s value was truly difficult to imagine, and she couldn’t just stand here and watch this group of savage foodies waste it. At the very least, she knew a bit of ancient methods that could improve the blood essence medicine’s efficacy to the max.

“This place is very quiet and peaceful. Let’s go and stew them.”

The group of people moved out simultaneously. After finding a clear spring, they began to skin and clean the meat. They were going to stew the Archaic descendants here and use their divine essence to nourish and strengthen their bodies.

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