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Chapter 153 – Divine Garden

Even though they were still separated by a distance, they could already feel that divine aura! The area was dense in vegetation, and the trees were incomparably tall.

The mountain forest was verdant. They surveyed the scene from a tall position. Dense vapors rose, and a bright colored mist circulated about. The Hundred Grass Land was auspicious and peaceful, as if it was a pure land.


An odd sound was emitted from within the mountainous region, making their hairs stand erect. They felt a wave of ice cold killing intent, as if an autumn wind had just swept past.

“What type of creature is that?” A restricted individual was bewildered.

Everyone’s eyes were flickering as they watched. From within the primitive forest, there was a sinister creature that was currently staring at them with deep cold eyes. Its appearance was monstrous.

It had three heads. The one in the middle was still rather normal, with blood-colored hair scattering down its back. The one on the left, though, was actually a Peng head with brilliant golden feathers. On the right was the head of a devil, and it was covered in pitch-black scales as it radiated with dark light.

It was five meters tall, and its figure was sturdy. Both its hands had blood dripping, because in its claws was a powerful Archaic descendant. It was torn apart alive, and fresh blood was dripping with di di da da sounds.

At that moment, none of them could recognize that terrifying creature, but they could recognize the Archaic species that it tore apart. It was a Jade Scaled Leopard, and even though it was extremely powerful, it still killed like this.


This creature carried a extreme amount of ominous intent in its eyes. After tearing apart the Jade Scaled Leopard, it directly threw it into its mouth to chew and swallow. Fresh blood poured out, continuously trickling down.

It could be said that it was extremely savage. Powerful creatures would typically all be rather mindful when eating, and would typically cook their meals meticulously. Only a few powerful races still eat and swallow things alive like this.

The more they were like this, the more terrifying they were, because this represented their unruliness. Even after being so cruel and unreasonable, their strength was still so powerfully heaven defying.


It quickly devoured the Jade Scaled Leopard, and more than half of it disappeared in the blink of an eye. It threw the bloody white bones onto the ground and roared towards the group with a sound like thunder.


The nearby ancient trees all exploded, and many rocks were blasted into the air. Everyone’s expressions changed, because this creature was too powerful. Just its sound wave alone was already so powerful.

“I loathe people who disturb me when I’m enjoying my food!”

It was the middle human head that spoke. Its head of scarlet hair danced about, and a bloody light flickered within its eyes. Following that, it directly threw itself over. Surging killing intent overflowed into the heavens, saturating the air with black mist.

A restricted individual beside Huo Ling’er made his move. With a blue bone sword in hand, he hacked outwards, revealing his skill. The sword qi rushed out more than ten meters, sweeping out with a force that turned the ancient trees and thousands of giant boulders into pieces.

However, that creature’s speed was too fast, and its strength was even more matchless. It arrived after the mere blink of an eye, and with a dang sound, it stuck out a sharp claw and struck the bone blade. The blade was blasted apart, and with a fierce tear, a kacha sound rang out. The restricted individual’s small arm was separated from his body, and blood immediately poured out with a pu sound.

Its speed almost reached an inconceivable level, moreover, it was extremely daring. In front of so many people, it directly pounced over, excessively quickly and violently. This creature was extremely cruel and formidable.

The restricted individual was originally already extremely powerful, but with just a small bit of carelessness, it suffered such a great consequence. It did not anticipate that the other party would be so aggressive and daring, actually rushing into their group to unleash a slaughter.

Everyone was shocked. Several of the restricted beside Huo Ling’er were shocked, angrily moving out together.

However, the creature came and left like the wind. It directly broke through their encirclement, and while standing not far away, it stared at them with a deep and cold look.

“All of you back off!” The little guy shouted and flew over. He felt as if the opposing party was mainly staring at him, as it felt that he was more threatening than the rest.

The three-headed creature’s eyes were ice cold. It also rushed forward to fight in close combat.


The little guy used his flesh to exchange a firm blow with it. Symbols were like flames as they blazed, and as they quickly interweaved, this area rumbled, causing an expanse of smoke and dust to splash out.

All the ancient trees collapsed, and a great black crack more than two-thirds of a meter was created. It was incomparably terrifying, and as boulders rushed high into the sky, everyone  moved out of the way as they backed off.

Hou… The creature shouted, and its voice was like thunder, shaking one’s ears until they rang with weng weng sounds. It was difficult to even stand properly.

It began to fight fiercely in close range with the little guy. Symbols blossomed, and the area was filled with precious splendor. A demonic aura overflowed into the havens.

The two individuals transformed into two small suns as they emitted a brilliant radiance. They continuously traded attacks with shocking precious methods. It submerged this area, making boulders that were over several tens of thousands jin roll about. One after another, they flew into the the sky before shattering soon after.

“Too savage! What type of race is this? Why is it this powerful?!” The Sable was horrified.

“I remember! This should be a bloodline of the spirit race. It possesses the king’s blood, and is extremely powerful,” the Nine-Headed Lion said.

“Correct, it belongs to the spirit race, and is a descendant from the most powerful Archaic king bloodline.” Huo Ling’er nodded her head. Her large eyes emitted light. Spirit blood was extremely valuable, as it could assist one’s comprehension in the dao.

When the little guy had just entered this small world, he killed a spirit race expert whose body was completely flickering with silver light. Using its spirit blood, he exchanged it with the fire nation princess for a purple heart.

Everyone trembled with fear. This creature was definitely powerful, yet at the same time, it was definitely valuable. Using the spirit blood in its body, one’s essence will definitely become more pure.


The little guy’s fist smashed into that creature’s shoulder, and a bone fracturing sound rang out on the spot as blood splashed out. This was definitely a peak level genius from the spirit race, and it was powerful and terrifying. However, it still received a serious injury, and was not a match for this savage child.

It turned around and immediately fled, only leaving behind afterimages.

“Where are you going? Leave behind the spirit blood!” The little guy shouted before pursuing after it closely.


He firmly grabbed the spirit race king bloodline genius’ small arm and wanted to subdue it. However, he never would have thought that while struggling, the three-headed creature’s arm broke. Fresh blood gushed out, and it escaped as fast as it could.

It abandoned an arm and entered the forest. Its fierceness and resoluteness could be seen, as its eyebrows didn’t even twitch.

Upon seeing this, the little guy threw away that small arm and used everything to chase after it. This spirit race expert was very dangerous, and had to be treated with caution. He took out the broken sword and wanted to hack out with it. Suddenly, that spirit race expert suddenly jumped, entering the mist covered sacred land before disappearing.

“It entered the Hundred Grass Land. Don’t use any symbols or precious artifacts, because they will become useless. There is a crazy domain there!” Huo Ling’er spoke.

Everyone’s hearts trembled; this area was dangerous after all. They had just arrived, yet they already encountered such a powerful spirit race genius.

“Elder Wu, are you alright?” Huo Ling’er showed her concern.

One of the elders wrinkled his eyebrows. Fortunately, the lost arm was not destroyed and was seized by the little guy. Moreover, he even tore off that spirit race genius’ arm.

“The young really need to be respected even if they are inexperienced…” The elder sighed. An expert from the younger generation geniuses even made him feel intimidated. He reconnected the broken arm, and after using some spirit medicine, there was no longer any problem, and would grow properly.

“This region is extremely scary. We need to be careful, because those that rushed towards the Hundred Grass Land are all top-notch experts!” said the Rainbow Luan.

In reality, it really was like this. All those who came to this area were powerful experts, and there were even some pure-blooded Archaic vicious beast young.

“This arm’s spiritual nature is too powerful. It has the aura of spirit blood, and can be condensed out!” A restricted individual on the side revealed a shocked expression. That broken arm was emitting light, and as propitious vapors curled about, the dense smell of blood filled the air.


Within the jungle, a ruthless roar rang out. There were terrifying creatures fiercely fighting it out, and many ancient trees were broken there. Mountain peaks crumbled, and the scene was terrifying.

“Is this a confrontation of pure physical strength? It’s too terrifying! Even if they aren’t pure-blooded, they are still pretty close.” Everyone’s expressions changed.

The little guy revealed a serious expression as he said, “You all leave first. Don’t get any closer to the Hundred Grass Land.”

Upon entering the sacred land, symbols and precious artifacts became useless. It didn’t matter how high the restricted individual’s cultivation realm was. It was truly possible for Archaic vicious beast young to roam about here.

Everyone nodded. This area was a land for power struggles among the physically powerful. Ordinary creatures had no way of entering.

It was just like the Forbidden Heaven Bone Area, only that your accomplishments in symbols had to be extremely profound before you could meet a heavenly fate that would allow you to search for a heaven bone. Otherwise, those who entered would be twisted into pieces by the mysterious symbols.

Huo Ling’er, Nine-Headed Lion, and the others were all decisive. They quickly left after letting the little guy know where they were going to meet up afterward.


A devil bird’s cry rang out from the distance, and it almost sounded like they crying of a ghost. These were creatures indigenous to this small Archaic world, however, whenever these evil birds appeared, the land would inevitably bleed from tragedy.

The little guy advanced and arrived at the front of the Hundred Grass Land. The land was flowing with brilliant lights and vibrant colors, and as he looked inside, he saw all types of vegetation. There was a rich and sweet aroma that assailed his nostrils.

This place seems like a fantasy dreamland, and everything felt extremely unreal. Even if it was just ordinary grass and trees, after growing up here, they all became bright and resplendent as they emitted multicolored light.

“According to legends, this sacred land was established by the saints, and this divine earth was scattered down by them. It seems like it wasn’t just a story,” said the little guy to himself.

He began to step inside. As soon as he entered, he felt his body shudder, as if there was a type of pressure. This area had a strange force, as if the space itself was distorted.

“What a terrifying domain!” However, he was confused. Why did this pressure not affect the vegetation?

He walked forward step by step, and felt the pressure becoming greater and greater. In the end, it was as if he was carrying a mountain on his back as he moved forward, and the bones in his body were making ga beng ga beng sounds.

The little guy took a deep breath. His body was sparkling, and his precious bones emitted light. Following that, everything was once again peaceful. His body completely stabilized, and each step carried a powerful strength. His speed became faster and faster as he walked towards the interior.

This was still the outer perimeter, and the domain was not as terrifying. At the heart of this area was where it was the most deadly, and the Immortal Divine Spring was located precisely there.


In the distance, a shadow flashed before vanishing. The ground it stepped over emitted dong dong sounds. The aura was astonishing, and it caused the giant boulders it stepped on to crack apart.


The little guy was amazed. It was a green divine bird that was adorned with red stripes. Multicolored lights flickered about it, making it appear incomparably mystical. He saw it before, and quite a few people speculated that it was most likely a pure-blooded divine bird!


Suddenly, a purple vine wrapped around the little guy’s arm like a viper. Venomous stings appeared on its surface as it tried to pierce inside his body.

This was a spirit medicine within the divine land. It unexpectedly gained intelligence, and developed spiritual wisdom; it launched a killing attack on its own.

The little guy braced his arm and then used all his strength to tear it off. The purple vine shrieked, as if it was as if a malicious spirit was weeping and bawling; it was extremely terrifying.

“Spare me, I won’t do it again…” It’s appearance was like a purple flood dragon. It was more than ten meters long, and its body was sparkling and full of spirituality as it took root within the seams of the rocks.

The little guy was amazed. He tore it off his arm and threw it onto the ground before carefully observing it.


Suddenly, he felt a wind blow towards the back of his head. Another stalk from the purple vine shot out. It was like a purple battle spear as it pierced towards the back of his head.

The little guy’s reaction was swift, grabbing it as soon as it closed in on his hair. This time, he did not say anything, and with a jolt from both his arms, it was directly ripped apart.

Ah… The purple vine was howling in grief. Soon after, it was pulled up by the roots and completely torn apart.

“Don’t kill me. That has nothing to do with me.” On the side, an old tree opened its mouth. It was slightly trembling.

“It truly is strange… What kind of random mess was planted within this land?” The little guy was curious, because there were many plant creatures that could actually speak here.

He continued to take steps forward. He casually kicked out, but it provoked a loud shout. It was a stone that was grimacing in pain as it cried out with ao ao sounds, “Savage child, I am just a rock, don’t eat me.”

“Yi, even a boulder can open its mouth and speak. Could it be that you are a Guardian Spirit, and that there is precious blood stored within you?” The little guy’s eyes emitted light. He squatted down and lifted it up.

“I don’t have any precious blood! It’s purely because I live in this divine garden and took advantage of the spiritual divine flower’s dust. As a result, i developed intelligence and the ability to speak.” The stone was terrified as it spoke.

“Spiritual Flower, what kind of thing is that?”

“It’s a type of sacred medicine. You should go search for it immediately, because a few pure-blooded creatures have already entered. If you are late, you might end up empty-handed.” The stone was scared, and was afraid of the little guy eating it.

With a dong sound, the little guy struck it. Then, he carried it in his palm and quickly moved forward. “You are going to explain to me what goes on in this divine garden.”

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