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Chapter 150 – Defeat of the God-like Peng

The Golden-Winged Peng swooped down with dazzling sharp claws. It was intimidating as it swiped down, emitted waves of sharp whistling sounds!

Not to mention a flesh and blood human, even solid iron and stone or mountain tops would be clawed to pieces. The large golden claw was terrifying to the extreme.

The little guy’s black hair fluttered behind him, blasted back by a strong gale. Electricity flickered within his two eyes, and while standing on the Suan Ni precious mirror, he directly took off into the sky.


He fiercely contested with his fist. Symbols erupted between the two individuals, and it was as if a volcano was bubbling out, creating a vast and boundless light.

This was a showdown between their symbols’ divine might, as well as a contest of physical strength. The two sides were evenly matched, and it was difficult to determine who would win. They both flew out horizontally.

The golden Peng had the edge in symbols, as its accomplishments in them were more profound. As long as it attacked, there would inevitably be golden multi-colored light covering the sky and loud rumbling noises. Meanwhile, the little guy’s forte was that its physical body was formidable, comparable to that of a heavenly ranked pure-blooded vicious beast youth.

Even though they had just separated, the Golden-Winged Peng immediately made a u-turn. Its aura burned even more vigorously, and golden symbols flickered all about its body. Those feathers seemed like they were cast out of gold. They were full of authenticity, erupting at this time.

Chi chi chi…

This area became a sea of gold, creating a storm of feather arrows. The Peng swooped down, all of its feathers opened outwards. Quite a few left its body, shooting down towards the little guy.

The wind made wuwu sounds, and the feathered arrows were bright. Each plume feather was several meters long, as if they were golden spears. They were extremely shocking as they broke through the sky with thunder-like sounds.

The little guy’s expression changed. His two hands moved, and a silver moon appeared. Within it, there was a palace, an ancient tree, and a Green Sky Peng. It burst forth with divine light, flying out forward.

This was still not enough. His two hands continuously emitted light, creating dense symbols. Silver disks flew out one after another, and everything in front of him was completely submerged in silvery white. Silver moons filled the sky, making it extremely bright and resplendent.

In addition, every single precious moon was rotating. They paired up, once again forming a silver millstone disk as they crushed the numerous golden feather arrows in the sky.

Kacha kacha sounds rang out, and a few of the golden feathers broke. There were also some that passed through the silver disk, directly arriving in front of the little guy. He used his palm to break it, creating keng qiang sounds.

If he was swapped out for anyone else, that individual would have found them impossible to deal with. Even a Violent Ape’s powerful flesh would inevitably be pierced through, becoming a golden hedgehog. However, the little guy was actually able to avoid this disaster.

The Peng released a long hiss, because it was extremely unsatisfied. The golden feathers circled around as they filled the sky, all of them once again covering its body. Like before, the golden light was absolutely dazzling.

“Mountain chicken, are you done yet? It should be my turn!” After constantly being assaulted by the golden Peng’s spontaneous attacks, the little guy’s anger boiled. While standing on the Suan Ni bone mirror, he soared into the sky.

In his left hand appeared a silver moon, and in the right appeared a large area of electric light. Following that, the two sides combined, fusing together into a golden divine moon. Within it, there was an Archaic Devil Bird that was crying out.


This was a layering and mixing of precious methods. A golden sea of lightning boiled, condensing into a spherically shaped ball of lightning before blending into the silver moon. The golden Sky Peng inside1 of it flew out and slaughtered its way over.

The Peng immediately became angry. The devil bird in that silver moon resembled itself, and unexpectedly becoming an extremely sharp and effective weapon. It spread its wings and soared while emitting light from its entire body. It transformed into a streak of radiance and swooped over.


The golden Peng roared, and actually shook the mountains and rivers with its cry. It wasn’t like the sound of a bird species at all, and as golden symbols interweaved, they formed a golden divine sword. It was incomparably sharp, and rays of light rushed into the heavens.

This was its precious method, representing its power and fierceness. There was nothing it couldn’t overcome, shattering everything!

In reality, the true pure-blooded Peng was indeed like this. It was known as a deity, being titled the king of the Archaic creatures. It was invincible, and it was truly rare for it to meet an opponent.

The golden divine sword emitted light. The blazing light was shocking, and the sword seemed to be burning as it sliced forward. It was dazzling, and as the sky shook, it was as if it was severed by the sword!


That golden divine moon erupted. Lightning interweaved, creating an astonishingly powerful defense. It collided with the divine sword, creating a kengqiang sound.

If it were not for the fact that the little guy’s cultivation advanced after coming here, resulting in an improvement in his strength and comprehension of symbols, as well as his non-stop efforts to understand and evolve his two precious methods, furthermore combining them together, he would have most likely have had difficulty dealing with the divine sword.

After all, the other party originated from an ancient race, inheriting an extraordinary inheritance. Its precious method was shocking, and was rarely seen under the heavens. The little guy lacked these types of inside connections and inheritance, and had to depend on itself. He had to slowly comprehend his way up from the Green Scaled Eagle to the Suan Ni precious bone.

However, this type of comprehension was definitely extremely deep and profound. He explored and probed bit by bit to comprehend and unravel precious artifacts. This was extremely good towards his future.


The golden-colored divine sword sliced out, as if there wasn’t a single stronghold it couldn’t overcome, and that divine moon was split open. However, it was precisely because of this that it was so terrifying. It was a spherically shaped lightning, so after it was attacked like this, it completely exploded.


Lightning shot into the heavens, and this area became densely covered in symbols. The lightning was like a vast body of water as it poured down in torrents, directly smashing down from that divine moon and overflowing the sky.

The divine sword sustained damage, and cracks appeared on it. Kacha sounds were emitted.

At the same time, the Archaic Devil Bird created from the divine moon spread its wings and took to the skies. It was covered in green feathers, but soon after it blazed with gold again. It rushed out and continuously grew bigger.


This Green Sky Peng’s talon broke apart the already cracking golden divine sword, and then dove down toward the golden Peng. The two individuals’ figures were the same, both of them releasing terrifying auras.

The Peng was furious. This was a type of humiliation. He actually used this type of precious technique, forming something that resembled it like this. It made its golden pupils even more sharp and penetrating.


It opened its mouth to spray out a golden light. Swooping down from the sky, they violently traded attacks. The sky immediately erupted with terrifying golden storms as the two individuals violently clashed together.


In the end, an expanse of gorgeous and terrifying divine light flew across the sky. The world became momentarily peaceful, and all precious techniques disappeared.

The Golden-Winged Peng looked out disdainfully from the corner of its eye. A few plume feathers fell, soaring into the vast sky. Their radiance did not decrease at all.

The little guy stood on top of the the precious mirror. His face carried a serious expression, because he really did meet a formidable opponent after all. After fighting up to this point, they could tell without seeing the outcome of this battle that this going to be a bitter struggle.


The two individuals seemed to have shouted out at the same time, and they once again charged towards each other.

The Golden-Winged Peng’s pupils were terrifying, forming two golden vortexes. It tore at the little guy’s divine essence energy, wanting to swallow it while he was still alive. Meanwhile, its two wings rose dramatically in power. Golden light blazed even more vigorously, as if it were a pair of hands that clapped together, shaking the land below until all the mountains began to split open.

The divine force of the great Peng’s wings was unrivalled. During the archaic years, they once massacred deities. They rarely met true opponents and lived in this world arrogantly.

The little guy acted out violently. Divine radiance erupted from within his pupils, and his two palms met his opponent head on. They carried the ordinary symbols recorded within the True Primordial Record, giving birth to the profound mysteries that he himself understood. The force of the palms were heaven shocking.

Honglonglong. The two individuals collided, and the clouds in the sky were even scattered. They fought fiercely high up in the sky.

This was a fierce battle between dragons and tigers. Blood scattered about, and golden feathers withered. The two individuals both received injuries, but contrary to what one might expect, the battle actually became even more vicious. With no thought for personal safety, they fought together ferociously.


The large golden claw stretched down. The little guy dodged, and then he suddenly. He climbed up the Peng’s claw limb, striking the great Peng in the abdomen. The palm strike was like a rainbow, carrying with it an extremely penetrating force.


Blood gushed out, and the great Peng’s abdomen took the strike. It cried out in anger, and its entire body emitted light. Symbols covered the sky, erupting in a sea of gold, and its abdomen shining even greater. With a hong sound, it sent the little guy flying, making him cough out blood.

During this battle, neither of them could cower. After fighting up to this point, it was either life or death. If they ran here, then it would not be a small blow to their confidence, and it would be extremely difficult to walk out of that shadow.

The great battle continued, and it was as if two lumps of light were colliding. Precious techniques rushed out, and their bodies clashed fiercely. This was a crazy battle immersed in blood.

A long time had already passed. They had exchanged at least a few hundred times, and both of them sustained many severe injuries. However, they still persisted on, because the first one to drop their fighting spirit would inevitably lose and die.

The Golden-Winged Peng continuously struck out fiercely. Its entire body was ignited, and there were faint golden drops of blood falling down. However, the more it fought, the braver it became, almost as if it was suppressing the little guy by attacking.

They fought from the sky down onto the ground, and then from the ground into the abyss. In the end, they rose into the sky, once again standing in the heavens. The Peng held the advantage, adding many more wounds to the little guy’s body. The most ferocious attack was a strike from its talon that almost tore apart his abdomen. Blood was gushing out from there, and his intestines almost spilled out.

Fortunately, the little guy’s body was astonishing. After sucking in a deep breath, divine light circulated and the wound quickly closed, and blood no longer flowed.

The fierce battle was coming to an end. The two individuals were beyond tired, especially the Golden-Winged Peng. Its symbols were no longer brilliant, and its speed was not that fast anymore either.

Right at that moment, the little guy erupted. Golden light were flushed out in disorder all over his body, urging the lightning to rush into the sky. It began to oppress and strike the Golden-Winged Peng.

“I’ve endured you for a long time already. This fight should come to a close!”

Even though he was also extremely tired, and his symbols were no longer as magnificent as before. His body was incomparably powerful, and this was his strong point; it hadn’t changed from start to finish.

Meanwhile, symbols were where the Golden-Winged Peng was dominant, but after using them up until now, they were already weak. Now that the little guy erupted, it was naturally going to be a fatal blow.

This time, he grabbed the Peng’s golden claw, and with a jump, he arrived at its abdomen. It was the same area as before, and it was struck fiercely.


Blood squirted out, and the Peng cried out in fury. The wound it received was extremely serious, and a bloody hole appeared within its belly, causing its feathers to flutter about in the air. Golden light once again sparkled around its body, attacking towards the little guy in an attempt to strike him flying.

The little guy grabbed onto its feathers and jumped up. With a turn, he landed on the Peng’s back and began to use precious methods to viciously attack!

The golden Peng angrily cried out. Its body radiated light, and ancient golden symbols began to arrange themselves. They surrounded its body in an attempt to refine the little guy.

The little guy naturally also exhausted everything he had. He used all of his strength to resist it, and then he blasted towards the Peng’s back with all his might. At this moment, the two individuals were both emitting light. Their symbols were used to defend while their physical bodies staked everything. Blood flew everywhere.

Below, all of the Archaic species were stunned. They never thought that this fight would last this long. It was too fierce and terrifying, and if it were them up there, they would have died long ago, exploding in this world.


The little guy was incomparably valiant. He was being suppressed by the golden symbols and coughed out a mouthful of blood, yet he hugged onto the Peng’s neck. His two arms exerted force, and almost disconnected its neck.

With a hong sound, the golden symbols rushed out, and all of its feathers turned upside down. The Peng protected its body, not allowing him to attack its neck.

“Get out of the way!” The little guy roared and cocked his fist back before smashing towards the Peng’s head. He carried out the most fierce killing blow.

“Refine!” The Peng also roared loudly. The symbols that filled the sky interweaved and condensed together, all of them enveloping its head and neck region. They were wrapped around the little guy, wanting to refine him.

Peng, peng…

The little guy waved his fist, smashing into that golden head. Every single strike carried a force exceeding 300,000 jin, enough to split open mountains and shatter boulders.

The Peng’s head emitted light. Symbols protected it, and a huge volume of golden symbols surged over and wrapped themselves around the little guy, trying to frantically kill and refine him.

They were fiercely competing to see who could last until the end. They crazily attacked each other, because the one that revealed the smell of defeat would be the one to die!


It had to be said that the little guy’s physical body strength was matchless. The more he fought, the braver he got. On the other hand, the Peng was about to run out of gas. The two of them exchanged over eight hundred rounds, and it was spiritually and physically weary as its symbols gradually dimmed.

“I want to eat chicken stewed with mushrooms!” The little guy roared angrily, and the strength of his fists became stronger and stronger as it struck the curtain of light. It shook the golden Peng until it coughed out large mouthfuls of blood.

Below them, all of the Archaic species were in shock. Exactly what kind of background did this human youth have? How could his physical body be this ridiculously powerful? Even the half-blooded Peng who was half a cultivation realm higher wasn’t his opponent! This was too terrifying!


Another fist was sent out. The giant golden bird’s body swayed, and it sprayed out large mouthfuls of blood from its mouth. It was on the verge of falling out of the sky.

It knew that it lost, and wasn’t his opponent as it roared angrily towards the sky. The precious artifacts that were duking it out in the sky emitted light before falling down together.

The broken sword, Golden Crow Wing, and Primary Magnetic Mountain fought until now. Light rays blazed brilliantly, and they were extremely shocking.

“Come back, chop him to death!” The golden Peng shouted furiously.

The Primary Magnetic Mountain was close to it like its own flesh and blood, because it had been personally refined for more than ten years. It had that Golden Crow Wing for a few days as well, and could control it, so they both returned.

The little guy was fearless. He also had the broken sword for a few days, refining it for several days within the Divided Treasure Cliffs. He could also control it, and as a result he met this great enemy head on.

Fiery light overflowed into the heavens. The Golden Crow Wing erupted with even more power. The Primary Magnetic Mountain also went crazy, disturbing the entire area.

However, right at this moment, that broken sword also underwent a strange change. Clanking sounds rang out, and it seemed like it had been slowly awakening while being oppressed. A large chunk of rust fell off, and its might instantly increased by a large amount.

This made the golden Peng feel dread. Its two precious artifacts were actually no longer a match for it. Meanwhile, that broken sword seemed as if it still didn’t reach its peak, because there were still a large area of rust on it. If it was stimulated to the point where all of the rust completely fell off, just how terrifying would it become?


The Golden Peng’s heart felt a huge fear, and it no longer wanted to zealously continue fighting. Even if it ended up feeling a shadow in its heart afterwards, it would still be better than immediately dying here. It called back its two precious artifacts and descended, wanting to send the little guy flying to make it easier to flee.

During the Archaic years, a flap from the Golden-Winged Peng’s two wings could cut open space. It would emit loud screaming sounds between the stars and rivers, and with its extreme speed, there weren’t many creatures that could match it.

As long as it was given the opportunity to spread its wings into the sky, it would definitely be able to quickly flee, and a human youth would not be able to chase after it.

Fiery light overflowed into the heavens as it scattered down. However, it was actually forced apart by the broken sword, making it difficult to hurt the little guy. The sword’s might grew increasingly magnificent, and its sword qi poured out ike an ocean.

However, none of them noticed that while the broken sword, Primary Magnetic Mountain, and Golden Crow Wing fought, it startled another object.

On the little guy’s hair, there was a small pagoda that wasn’t even an inch tall. It was sparkling and transparent, like an extremely pure jade. It was exceptionally beautiful, and at this moment, it gave off a glimmer, and was unexpectedly swallowing the flame essence, sword qi, and primary magnetic light quietly.

This area was bright and resplendent, and the entire region was submerged. As a result, even the little guy and the big Peng who were fighting didn’t notice.

However, those three precious artifacts noticed. The Golden Crow Wing was startled, and it noticed that something abnormal was happening. With a slight tremble, it turned into a streak of fiery light before flying into the sky with extreme speed.

“What?!” Everyone there became shocked. That Archaic device actually left the battlefield and fled, disappearing into the horizon with a flash.

“My precious artifact!” The little guy’s heart felt awfully sore.

At the same time, that primary magnetic mountain also lightly trembled. It rushed into the heavens, also wanting to escape.

The great Golden-Winged Peng was shocked. Why was this happening? His own precious artifacts fled, ignoring its control. That Golden Crow Wing in particular was something it had just obtained, so if it ran away, it would mean that recollecting it would be nearly impossible.

“Don’t go!” The little guy shouted angrily while moving the broken sword. It hacked out a streak of radiance towards the primary magnetic mountain. After letting one go, he did not want to miss out on another one.

However, there was another thing that he forgot. The broken sword shook off quite a bit of rust and exploded in strength. As a result, it had enough power to oppress the other two’s precious artifacts. Now that it was focusing all of its strength on one of them, its destructive force was simply too terrifying.


The Primary Magnetic Mountain was hacked into pieces, exploding in the sky. Rays of light flew about in chaos, and after dividing into ten pieces, they dropped onto the ground.

“Aiya, this is angering me to death! It hurts too much!” The little guy’s eyes spewed out flames. It was such a great precious artifact, yet it was destroyed like so. His heart and lungs were sore, and he felt an incomparable sorrow.

The Peng’s heart felt even more sore than he did, and was so angry it coughed out blood. However, it did not lose all reason, and taking advantage of the little guy’s moment of wrath, it saved its energy and suddenly erupted. Light shone all over its body, sending him flying. Following that, it flapped its wings with the intention of taking off into the skies.

“Mushroom and chicken stew, where are you going?!” The little guy shouted. After scaring away the Golden Crow Fan, he also hacked apart the Primary Magnetic Mountain. If he then allowed the Golden-Winged Peng to leave, then it would truly have been a waste of a fight.

The broken sword flew over. The little guy held it in his hands, and once again understood its power. He carefully controlled it, hacking out a streak of brilliant sword radiance that tore open the vast sky.


Golden light splashed out, and the golden divine bird wailed. A giant wing was sliced off, and it dropped down onto the great earth. Its end was already inevitable.

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