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Chapter 149 – Golden-Winged Peng

“Truly conceited!” The big red bird was speechless.

The giant golden bird soared into the sky, its body enveloped in radiance. It looked like a deity, incomparably terrifying. It carried a type of dominant aura as it looked out disdainfully everywhere.

The Nine-Headed Lion, Rainbow Luan, Flame Crow and the others were apprehensive. This creature was extremely domineering, and possessed a powerful strength to match it. That type of aura truly made people frightened.

Even the the Three Eyed Race that used eye techniques had their hearts alarmed and their bodies leaping in fear. They were not willing to look at it face to face, because that creature’s golden pupils were like soul devouring vortexes.

The little guy did not raise his head, and didn’t even look at the giant golden bird. Instead, he waved the sword, chopping towards the dim-eyed White Tiger that only had the upper half of its body left. He did not want to overlook any potential danger.

“No, you can’t kill me!” The White Tiger shouted loudly, its eyes full of dismay. There were no creatures that did not fear death, and when the final moment arrives, even a deity would feel their hearts tremble.

The little guy did not say anything. After fighting up to this point, if he softened his heart and showed reluctance now, he would only be leaving behind a great danger.

“Brother Peng, save me!” The White Tiger shouted loudly while gazing into the sky. It was turning hysterical, and its fear carried a type of madness as it begged that creature.

When everyone heard what was said, their hearts all began to develop fear. A cold air began to rise from the bottom of their hearts; they were incomparably shocked. Was this really a Peng?!

The little guy’s face was expressionless, and he was not reluctant in the slightest. The broken sword in his hand hacked down, and with a pu sound, blood splashed out. A tiger head flew out, blossoming with blood.

The White Tiger’s eyes were suffused with unwillingness. In the last second, its pupils burned vigorously, as if they were lumps of flames as they combusted. His frontal bone quickly cracked in all directions, soon after destroying its own snow white fierce teeth.

The little guy sighed. This was truly a pity. Even though the White Tiger was already falling apart, it still had enough strength to destroy its primitive symbol bone while at death’s door, making him extremely regretful.

This meant that the White Tiger race’s precious method was so close, yet it passed him!

A creature typically did not grasp many precious artifacts. The reason they were so rare and precious was precisely due to what just happened. It was extremely difficult to seize another race’s magical abilities, because all the experts from powerful species could still break their own precious bones even while facing death to prevent them from being obtained by enemies

The giant golden bird was indifferent from start to finish. It was emitting a terrifying aura, pouring out like a mountain torrent. It towered high in the sky, not rescuing the the White Tiger as it was getting slaughtered.

“Your own path is something you walk yourself. Left with only half your body, even if you live, it would still be a type of sin!” In the end, it opened its mouth. It spoke out these words, sounding extremely ruthless.

“Big Red, catch!” The little guy threw the entire White Tiger’s carcass down. He had just obtained the Heaven and Earth Pouch, and did not have any time to probe inside of it, so it was better not to directly store the White Tiger’s body inside.

“This is good stuff!” The big red bird’s saliva was gurgling. This was definitely a rare and great tonic medicine.

The little guy killed a powerful enemy, ending a great battle. He turned around and gazed towards the sky, crying out in anger, “Hateful little chicken, you made me move too anxiously, accidentally destroying the White Tiger’s battle clothes. Do you even have enough to compensate for this?”

The group of Archaic species were dumbstruck, their jaws almost dropping to the floor. What are you yelling about? This was simply too cocky, calling the giant golden bird a little chicken… Such arrogance…

It was quite possible that this truly was a Golden-Winged Peng. To actually be called this, it truly was a type of contempt and shame. The group of Archaic descendant’s gazes were all strange.

In the heavens, that giant golden bird also stared blankly. Ever since it was born, there had never been someone who made fun of it like this. This human youth simply had too much guts!


A short snap rang out in the sky. When those ten Archaic descendants heard this order, they immediately rushed forward. They each took out their precious artifacts, and in that instant, birds broke into the skies and vicious beasts howled towards the moon; they all began to slaughter their way over.

The symbols were bright and resplendent. This area erupted into chaos, causing sand to fly and stones to tumble. Lightning interweaved, and flames overflowed into the heavens. All types of remarkable abilities were displayed, and any genius youth seeing this would become horrified.

The Nine-Headed Lion, big red bird, Sable, Flame Crow and the others’ expressions all changed. They were truly worried. When these creatures grouped together, they were too terrifying; they had enough power to destroy the mountains and rivers.

The little guy was fearless. With the broken sword in hand, he sweeped across. Boundless sword qi immediately engulfed everything like an ocean wave. With a hong sound, it split apart all the precious light, stopping these magical abilities.

Moreover, the sword qi was like a waterfall as it surged and bubbled. A vast expanse of whiteness appeared, swallowing everything in front. It wanted to slice through all the enemies, completely wiping them out.

Everyone was trembling. This rusty and rotten looking sword’s power was too great, and was simply impossible to defend against. If there were swept up by it, they would definitely fall apart and become a lump of meat paste.

The ten or so Archaic descendants’ facial expressions immediately changed. Even if they worked together, they still couldn’t block it. The precious artifact was unmatched, enough to kill them all!

A cold snort rang out from the sky. The giant golden bird began to scatter a hazy mist from its body. Its aura was frightening, as if ten thousand giant mountains were pressing down. It made people shake violently, making them acknowledge its power.

The fog curled up around itself. It opened its mouth to spit out an ash colored stone. It quickly grew in size, becoming a mountain. It unexpectedly blocked off all the sword qi.

“What kind of precious artifact is this?!” The big red bird cried out in fear. It felt absolutely terrified. With this precious mountain’s appearance, it surprisingly fought off the sword’s might; it was simply inconceivable.

The Rainbow Luan, Flame Crow, and the others were all shocked as well. Anyone could see for themselves just how formidable the broken sword was. This golden winged divine bird actually spat out a similarly terrifying weapon from its mouth.

The ashy mountain blossomed with auspicious multicolored radiance. It flickered with a demonic magnetic light, and as it sounded out chi la chi la sounds, it was about to directly collect the broken sword from the little guy’s hands.

“It’s the Primary Magnetic Mountain!” The Nine-Headed Lion was immediately gobsmacked after seeing this. It had previously heard that this precious artifact was extremely terrifying and powerful. It specialized in subduing swords, spears, and other metallic precious artifacts.

“So powerful. That ashy mountain was originally an extremely powerful Guardian Spirit. After it was killed by someone, it was refined into a precious artifact. It possesses the same type of divine might.” The Three Eyed Race’s experts spoke out in shock. Their vertical eyes were spiritual, and could see through the precious artifact’s origins.

The broken sword in the little guy’s hand trembled, as if it was about to leave his hand. It emitted waves of kengqiang sounds after encountering a powerful wave of interference from the primary magnetic divine force.


The giant golden-winged bird within the sky shouted. This was the base for its confidence in claiming that it would take responsibility. With this type of mysterious, powerful and shocking precious artifact in its possession, it was naturally fearless. It excelled at suppressing other creatures’ weapons.

“Be careful, the Primary Magnetic Mountain’s origins are great. Back then, there were many experts that all encountered disasters because of it!” The Nine-Headed Lion shouted, giving out its warning.

This was definitely not some ordinary precious artifact, and it even made quite a few of the powerful Archaic species a bit jealous. You have to understand that these creatures all surpassed these youth.


The little guy’s sword shook, and the sword qi became vast and boundless. The vast qi surged violently, and was not one or two streaks of sword qi, but rather an expanse. It was like a mountain torrent as it smashed towards the sky, creating a rumbling sound.

The sky erupted with endless lumps of light before exploding. The sword qi collided together with the Primary Magnetic Light, and it was as if a raging inferno collided with dry firewood. The flames burned fiercely, inciting chaos between the heaven and earth.

Even though this Primary Magnetic Mountain was not an Archaic artifact, it was still far more terrifying than the precious artifacts people normally see. It can be said that it was a most precious treasure.

In the past, there was a Guardian Spirit that shook the great earth. It swept away everything before it, giving itself the title Primary Magnetic Mountain. It suppressed everything, and was absolutely unparallelled. In the end, however, it was defeated by a great golden Peng. It was ripped apart, and its defeat resulted in its death, as well as being turned into a precious artifact.

The primary magnetic rays flew about, and every streak that shot out had the power to pierce through an expert, turning them into mush. It could even capture precious artifacts to extract their essence energy and use it for itself.

The broken sword was an Archaic device, and carried an inconceivable past. Even though it was broken, it was still extremely powerful. When these two top level precious artifacts clashed together, it naturally created an incomparably intense situation.

The giant golden-winged bird was shocked. This precious artifact from its clan that could break through everything somehow couldn’t do anything to that ancient sword; in all these years, this was the first time such a thing has happened.

The little guy also shivered. The opponent’s precious artifact was truly heaven defying. It was actually able to forcefully withstand the Archaic device, it really was something rarely seen.


Up ahead, when the group of Archaic descendants saw this situation, they all ran over and attacked the little guy together.

“This grandpa is coming! I’m going to stake it all against you guys!” Upon seeing this, the big red bird wanted to rush over and support the little guy. The reason was because it was difficult to tell the results of the little guy’s fight with the golden divine bird. Now that a group of powerful species wanted to come over as well, it would most likely only lead to disaster.

The Nine-Headed Lion, Sable, Flame Crow, and the others also struggled to stand up. They prepared themselves to move out, because if the little guy lost, then they would all definitely die. Now, they had to fight with everything they had.

“You all stand back!” The little guy shouted. Unexpectedly, he blocked off everyone.


His entire body emitted light, and lightning interweaved. A silver moon appeared, and the broken sword began to shake with a rumbling sound. Sword qi increased dramatically, forcing the Primary Magnetic Mountain back, and after breaking out of this situation, it slashed its way forward.

“Suppress and kill!” The giant golden bird shouted. It also used all of its strength to make the ashy magnetic mountain flourish, and an even more terrifying divine might descended, blocking that broken sword.

The mountain revealed its might. Sure enough, it began to work, once again throwing the sword qi into chaos. However, like before, it was a bit slower, and couldn’t block everything.

An Archaic descendant was caught up in the sword qi, causing it to directly explode and turn into a bloody mist. The other dozen creatures were all horrified, all of them stopping before immediately retreating.

Wasn’t the sword stopped? How could it suddenly burst with power? All of the Archaic descendants were ranting and raving, none of them daring to act blindly without thinking again.

The giant golden divine bird seemed to be cold and indifferent. It hissed towards the sky before diving down, and that Primary Magnetic Mountain descended with it. Tens of thousands of propositions vapors streaked out, surrounding the broken sword in an attempt to stop it.

The little guy’s lips had a hint of a sneer. Facing towards the sky, he began to fight a great battle with the divine bird.


The broken sword emitted light as it collided together with the Primary Magnetic Mountain. It was like raging waves beating against a shore, and it was also as if the heavens were falling and the earth was splitting. Boundless beams of light enveloped the land, creating rumbling noises.

Meanwhile, the giant golden-winged bird swooped past with the Primary Magnetic precious artifact protecting its body. Soon after, a giant golden claw dropped, swiping towards the little guy.


The little guy did not get pushed back at all. The broken sword matched the magnetic mountain, and his left palm blocked that giant claw. The two individuals exchanged moves, and in the sky, it seemed as if lightning struck down. Rumbling sounds rang out, and countless symbols erupted.

The giant golden bird released a long hiss and rushed into the sky. An odd expression was revealed in its eyes. Its accomplishments in symbols were deeper than its opponent, and its cultivation realm was also greater, yet it could not slap that human youth into bloody paste.

The little guy shivered inwardly. This giant golden bird was terrifying after all, far surpassing the White Tiger; it was definitely a formidable opponent.

“Mountain chicken, you aren’t pure-blooded, yet you’re stronger than an Archaic species. Exactly what type of background do you have?” He asked while holding the broken sword in his hands.

“It’s a half-blooded golden Peng!” From the rear, the Nine-Headed Lion opened its mouth, revealing how powerful the bird’s bloodline was. In fact, it was also trying to walk down this path in hope it might become a pure-blooded Nine-Headed Lion as well one day.

“Half-blooded golden Peng, it’ll definitely be extremely delicious!” The little guy spoke. The broken sword pointed towards the heavens, and at that second, its aura became completely different.

“Back up, all of you!” The giant golden-winged bird in the air shouted. Its entire body lit up, wanting to use its ultimate magical ability to obliterate the little guy.

After it spoke like this, not only did those ten or so Archaic beasts quickly charge into the distance, even the big red bird and its group also hastily retreated. This area will inevitably become a land of disaster.

The little guy’s fighting spirit became even stronger as well. With a loud shout, his body seemed to be transparent. All of the divine essence energy in his body boiled, and soon after, it completely poured into that broken sword.

With a weng sound, the sword seemed as if it awoke from a deep slumber. It transformed into a blazing sun, and the brilliant rays flourished even more magnificently. Sword qi overflowed into the heavens, erupting out like a sea.

The sword’s current divine might was unfathomable. Previously, the little guy still held back a bit for precisely this moment. He suddenly activated it with the intention of killing that golden-winged Peng.

The golden-winged peng released a long cry. An intimidating look appeared in its eyes as it quickly rushed up into the heavens. Using the Primary Magnetic Mountain to defend itself, it had to be mentioned that its speed was simply too fast, actually avoiding this disaster.

This type of lightning speed made the big red bird shiver coldly; it knew that it was no match for this speed.

“The Peng kind are truly one of the world’s fastest creatures!” The little guy said to himself. His heart became increasingly vigilant.

“You are very powerful, and you even obtained a rather formidable precious artifact. However, like before, it is still not enough, and I will take your life today!” The golden-winged giant bird spoke with a callous tone in the sky.


Suddenly, divine flames overflowed into the heavens. The golden radiance became even more terrifying. That giant bird was not the only one emitting light, as there was another fan. Its entire body was golden as it burned fiercely.

“Archaic device!” There was a creature that cried out in alarm. This was a golden golden fan, its feathers brilliant like a blazing sun. When the divine tide erupted, this precious artifact already began to display its might.

“It was refined from the wing of a Golden Crow! What a powerful precious artifact!” Everyone became incomparably frightened.

The large flames overflowed into the heavens as it surged, immediately creating boiling magma on surface of the great earth. Red waves soared into the heavens as they poured towards the little guy. It carried a world-shocking divine might as it tried to drown out the little guy.

“Open for me!” The little guy loudly shouted as he stood on the Suan Ni precious mirror. Electricity danced about, rushing high into the sky. The broken sword hacked into the sky, slicing through the boundless waves of flames towards the golden-winged Peng!


The golden-winged giant bird shouted and swooped over. The Primary Magnetic Mountain pressed down, interfering with that broken sword. The golden precious fan suddenly began to flap, sweeping downwards. The fluctuations it created were terrifying to the extreme.

The two individuals collided, and with a honglong sound, countless rays of light submerged the heavens and the earth. No one there could open their eyes.

Only after a long time later did the rays of light disperse, allowing the people to open their eyes to see what was going on. The little guy’s entire body was tattered and worn out. There were quite a few places that had been burned by the fiery light, and blood was dripping out of his mouth.

The golden-winged Peng was in a just as unpleasant situation. Its golden feathers were drooping, and there was a wound on its chest. Fresh blood was gushing out.

“So powerful ah!” The little guy sustained some injuries that couldn’t be considered light. His physical body was quite powerful, yet today, he was actually almost shaken into pieces.

The giant golden bird was similarly stunned. Its precious fan was obtained from the Divided Treasure Cliffs, and was a device left behind by an Archaic saint. Even though it was already damaged, no matter now you looked at it, it should still be better than that broken sword right? Why was it that it couldn’t completely block it, and it still encountered a streak of sword qi?

If it were not a creature with a powerful body that was already on its way towards being a pure-blooded existence it would have immediately exploded.

The golden-winged Peng cried out. Its cultivation realm was higher than the little guy’s, and there were two world shocking precious artifacts in its possession, yet it still couldn’t kill the other party. This was unforgivable.

If this human youth was swapped for the White Tiger, it believed that it would have immediately been killed. This human youth was actually stronger than that White Tiger by that much!


The golden-winged Peng spread its wings and took off into the sky, once again swooping over with both of its precious artifacts. The Primary Magnetic Mountain blocked the broken sword; it didn’t matter if it didn’t completely block it, because as long as it could hold it off, it was enough. It used all of its strength to activate the golden wing. It was rumored that this precious artifact contained the feathers of a pure-blooded Golden Crow’s feathers. Even though it was damaged, its might was still unparallelled.

The little guy roared. He encountered a truly great enemy. The opponent had two precious artifacts that were both comparable to Archaic devices. At this moment, he also fought with everything he had.


The stronger the opponent, the stronger the broken sword became. It once again emitted light, and the rusted marks unexpectedly began to come off. It revealed a portion of jet-black sword blade, and the sword radiance began to burn even more magnificently.

“What? It still can become more powerful?” The golden-winged Peng felt a wave of fear. It noticed that the more it pressured down, the more terrifying that sword became. If this continued, then it would truly be difficult to imagine the result. A dark cloud began to form in its heart.

Earlier, when the little guy sliced down the White Tiger with the sword, the giant Golden-Winged Peng stared coldly with the eyes of a bystander. It assessed the power of the sword, and as a result became confident in its victory.

However, now that the battle reached this point, it already surpassed the limit of that sword’s previous power several times, and it was truly becoming more and more terrifying!

“This lord will cut you down, killing you right here!” The golden-winged Peng shouted loudly. Light blazed about its entire body, releasing all of its hidden potential. It wanted to kill the little guy immediately, because it felt that the longer this fight was dragged out, the worst the situation would become.

The golden-colored precious fan emitted light, forming a giant divine wing. Hanging in the air horizontally. It fanned downwards, and not only was there a god-like flame, there was also electric, as well as other types of terrifying symbols.

The little guy’s black hair fell down vertically, and his eyes were like lightning. The corners of his lips flowed with blood, and they were facing towards the sky. The broken sword in his hand erupted with a beam of light, as if it came from a volcano, hacking towards that divine wing.

With a weng sound, that ashy mountain dropped. It began to fiercely interfere, affecting that sword’s power.

With a hong sound, the three precious artifacts erupted, making the heavens endlessly terrifying. Fiery light, sword qi, primary magnetic divine force, and others flourished, turning the land into ruins.

The little guy coughed blood. With a loud shout, he began to fight fiercely with the golden-winged Peng. The giant bird’s body also received an injury, gushing out blood.

This battle was incomparably fierce. The one who cowered first becomes the one that was killed first. They could only press forward and fight this bloody battle to the end.

The little guy was extremely tired from all this fighting. The opponent had two terrifying precious artifacts, and he was tired of dealing with them. He really wanted to take out the heaven and earth pouch and try out its power. However, he just obtained it and hadn’t refined it yet, making it difficult to control.


The little guy took out the broken sword, using it to rush into the sky. It hacked towards the divine wing and primary magnetic mountain.

“Come, I’m waiting!” The giant golden bird howled. Meanwhile, it also activated the two precious artifacts to suppress the little guy’s Archaic device. Meanwhile, it attacked towards the little guy personally.

The precious artifacts fought it out, while the two individuals began to attack each other in close combat.

The golden Peng was a half-blooded divine bird, moreover, its cultivation realm was higher. Its accomplishments in symbols surpassed that of the little guy as well, and as a result, the amount of strength it displayed was absolutely terrifying.

However, the little guy’s physical body was absolutely tyrannical. It was enough to fight a true Archaic vicious beast youth, and could even capture or kill one.

As a result, their battle was dangerous and fierce as blood splashed out. They were evenly matched, and all the creatures watching were incomparably mind-blown.

The Golden-Winged Peng was inwardly shocked. This human youth was definitely holding back before, and only displayed his true fighting prowess now. His physical body was simply too unreasonable, and was definitely comparable to that of a pure-blooded divine beast.


After fighting to this extent, there was already no route for retreat. The Golden-Winged Peng’s two eyes changed into two golden spirals, as if they could swallow people’s souls. It wanted to tear the little guy’s mind and spirit into pieces.

Hou… The little guy shouted out. He spat out a wave of extremely powerful essence energy. It combined together with lightning, striking towards the golden Peng’s two eyes.


Divine light burst forth. The electric radiance and the golden spirals burned together, creating a shocking scene!

With a shua sound, the golden wing hacked down. It was even sharper than a blade from heaven, and was really a great peng wing. Golden colored symbols filled the sky, and it was incomparably terrifying.


The little guy shouted loudly. His right leg was winded back, and then it fiercely kicked out. At the same time, a multitude of divine light streaked out, colliding with that divine wing. Rumbling sounds sounded out, and all types of symbols interweaved together densely.

The two individuals both flew out backwards. The little guy’s gaze was penetrating. The golden winged divine bird felt a sharp pain in its wings. If not for its high cultivation realm and symbols to mitigate the damage, it might have suffered a wound.

The little guy shivered. If it were any other Archaic species, they definitely would have been shattered by his powerful kick. This giant golden bird actually blocked it with force; he really did encounter a real opponent after all.

At this moment, he felt an incomparably longing. If his cultivation realm was a bit higher, then this battle definitely would not be so arduous. He really wished to become more powerful!


The golden Peng’s two wings flapped, and it directly swooped down from the clouds. Another fierce attack was being carried out, and a golden giant claw was stretched forward with the intention of tearing the little guy into pieces.

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