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Chapter 142 – Divine Tide

The mountain gate was impressive, and two ash brown stone mountains were present. They were study and ancient, and had existed for many years.

Ever since the the bloodbath of ancient saints, there would always heroic youths entering the Hundred Shattering mountains every hundred years. Many people have entered inside to search for and admire the precious artifacts.

When the little guy entered, a group of geniuses from powerful races had entered as well. The tide of people were like a flood, following inside.

The ruins were vast and boundless, and black mist floated about. The entire world was dusky, and it wasn’t possible to see far within this scenery. On the ground, debris covered everything. There were numerous broken walls and ruins; these were the Historical Remains.


A streak of multicolored light surged within the ruins, as if it was a silver thread. It quickly pierced through the air, startling everyone. It most likely flew up just beside them.


A large group of geniuses shouted loudly. They ran out one after another towards the distance in an attempt to catch it. That was a precious artifact that had already developed intelligence, so if it was caught, it would be priceless.

“The precious artifacts are buried within the ruins?” The little guy was confused. He clearly saw that the silver thread just now was a tree branch. It had gone through endless years without decay, and was extremely spiritual.

“These precious artifacts are all alive, and won’t hide in one spot. They will constantly change locations, appearing from anywhere,” said the Flame Crow.

A large group of creatures were walking together. Other than the little guy, the rest were all Archaic descendants. Their strength were great, all of them strong and robust; normal people wouldn’t dare to come close.

This area of the Historical Remains was exceedingly vast, reaching straight to the limits of the great earth. Other than the rubble and debris, there were also shattered mountains in the distance. From time to time, there would be precious light emerging from within the dusky mist.

Their group traveled deep inside, creating kacha kacha sounds as they stepped on the rubble left behind by ancient existences. It was as if they were hearing the various divine sounds of battle from back then, making it difficult for their hearts to stay calm as they walked here.


A purple cloud rose, creating a whimpering sound. There was another precious artifact, and that was a purple beast horn. It bore through a piece of broken wall, rushing into the distance.


The little guy yelled out. The group of Archaic species’ eyes had long become red with jealousy. This horn was definitely not an ordinary item. It emitted a sound that was like a magician’s spell, making people’s fundamental spirits feel like cracking apart; it was definitely a rare precious artifact.

The big red bird cried out with ao ao sounds, and it used its wing like a palm. It was carrying the black pot, and with a fierce toss, it flung it out towards that beast horn.


It was actually struck, however, the purple beast horn seemed unaffected. Dense smoke rose, becoming increasingly brilliant. The black pot was blasted out, smashing against a collapsed yet imposing giant palace and causing smoke to rush into the skies.

“Everyone attack together!”

The Nine-Headed Lion, Sable, Flame Crow, Three Eyed Race experts, little guy and the others all moved together. Symbols covered the skies, moving toward and surrounding that beast horn.

At the same time, they quickly hurried over, trying to overtake it. They wanted to seize this spiritual precious artifact.


The purple beast horn radiated light, becoming more and more brilliant. It actually directly pierced through the skies, soaring into the dusky heavens. Its speed was too fast, and in the blink of an eye, it disappeared.

“So powerful!”

“It’s possible that the precious artifact is a remnant of a saint. It was full of spirit, and even without taking the initiative to attack, it already possesses so much power.”

They were regretful. They looked on helplessly, and truly couldn’t do anything.

With a weng sound, the air trembled. A sheet of white appeared, and it was like the milky way as it appeared, sweeping towards the little guy’s waist. This streak was a terrifying sword radiance that wanted to slice him in half.

He quickly dodged. The sword radiance that was like a rainbow rushed past his body, cutting apart a hundred thousand jin boulder in half. The surface of the cut was as flat and smooth as a mirror!

This sword was incomparably sharp, and the point was terrifyingly acute. If actually slashed into someone’s body, the results would be obvious; it really was too powerful.

“He dares to attack us?” An ominous glint was revealed within the big red bird’s eyes. It had just promoted a rank, and its strength increased by a large amount, so it was always looking for someone to test its skills against.

The little guy felt a tremble from fear, and his face revealed an angry look. He looked towards that direction and only saw a green-robed man quickly retreating.


The big red bird shouted out loudly and rose after flapping its wings. It quickly rushed into the distance, and since it could fly, its speed was naturally faster than others.

“Let’s go together. Taking action in front of so many of us, does he not put us in his eyes?” The Nine-Headed Lion also roared. It opened its mouth and released a clear hiss, causing golden light to submerge the ruins.

A large group of Archaic species began to fight back, following the big red bird, Nine-Headed Lion and little guy as they chased.


The fiery light in the sky flew in all directions. The big red bird’s black pot and a flying sword violently collided, creating waves of brilliant radiance and dang dang sounds.

“Come quickly, screw him! I can’t overcome this!” The big red bird cried out, asking for help.

Even though the little guy couldn’t fly, his speed was still extremely fast. He already hurried his way over, and after taking out that Suan Ni bone mirror, lightning rays were released, blasting towards that green-robed individual.

“Aohou…” The Nine-Headed Lion also roared loudly, and its imposing manner could swallow up mountains and rivers. Golden symbols surged like an ocean, rushing forward.

Gu! The Flame Crow cried out loudly, and its voice was ominous. Endless great flames erupted, engulfing everything in front.

The Three Eyed Race expert’s third eye opened, and blue divine light flew out, creating qiang qiang sounds.

The green-robed individual was extremely powerful, however, under the little guy and the group of Archaic descendants’ attacks, it immediately couldn’t support itself anymore. It spewed out large mouthfuls of blood, and the bone sword in his hand emitted a cracking sound. Cracks appeared on the sword, and blood leaked out from the corners of his mouth.

Dreadful radiance were shot out from his pupils, and his heart was in lament. Cracks actually appeared on the precious artifact in his hand, causing the sparkling precious bone to dim. It made him furious, and his body was sore.

“Yi, it’s not a young person!” The sable was shocked.

The green-robed individual’s hair was dishevelled, and he revealed his true appearance. It seemed like he was around twenty-five or twenty-six, and wasn’t a genius youth. It was obvious that he was one of ‘the restricted.’

The little guy shivered inwardly. It seemed as if he thought of something. Quickly rushing up, he said, “Kill!”

Everyone followed, and began to chase after that person.

Even though that green-robed individual’s strength was great, and it far surpassed that of a normal genius, he was still caught up in an incomparably difficult situation.


The little guy took out the Suan Ni bone mirror and used its power. A streak of lightning struck the opposing party’s left shoulder, immediately blasting out an area of bloody mist. His scapula was split open, and that arm almost fell off.

The green-robed individual miserably howled. In the end, he clenched his teeth and retrieved from its bosom a divine talisman. He stuck it to the soles of his feet, creating a stream of light and disappearing from this great earth!

“What a powerful divine talisman! That is an item from the ancient era, and it must have been obtained from these historical remains! It’s priceless!”

“Divine talismans like these have usage limits. He can’t use it that many times.”

These Archaic species were all quite knowledgeable, recognizing the ‘Withdrawal Talisman.’ They couldn’t help but sigh at this green-robed individual’s luck, actually reaping a harvest within these ruins.

“Damn it, my bone sword cracked.” The green-robed individual cursed from the distance. His sinister face was full of bloodstains, and he was in an extremely difficult situation.

“Don’t think that you can kill that child just because you are one of the restricted. He is extremely difficult to defeat,” said an elder.

Nearby, there were several others. Each and every one of them carried terrifying auras, and none of them were ordinary.

“Let’s slaughter our way over and wipe those Archaic descendants clean. They definitely all carry precious artifacts, so killing them will be easier than searching within these ruins,” said the green-robed young man.

“The origins of those species are great. If we kill one or two of them, it might not matter too much. However, if we kill them all and news of this somehow leaks out, then we would be bringing a huge calamity to my clan!” An elder said in a low tone.

They came from a large clan, and it was one of the Four Great Clans that had previously been blackmailed by the little guy within the Void God Realm.

In another area, there was a hidden group of people who wanted to defeat the little guy. Moreover, there were a few people who already moved out, and as they sneaked their way closer, they prepared to strike like lightning.

Within the ruins, the little guy was aware of this already. His perception was great, and had constantly been observing the surrounding wind and grass movements.

“There is someone who wants to defeat us!” This time, the little guy gave them an early warning.

“Does this never end? Go up together and tear them apart!” The big red bird shouted.

The Nine-Headed Lion, Sable, Three Eyed Race and others were all resentful. They rushed over together, as as multicolored light flickered, precious methods rose together; their might was shocking to the extreme.

These ‘restricted’ individuals were all startled. They immediately turned around to flee.

“F*ck! We clearly just arrived, and didn’t expose ourselves along the way!” The people from this clan did not know that the green-robed individual had made his move already earlier.

A rebellion was happening in the ruins. The group of Archaic species attacked together with astonishing might. The Four Great Clans were slaughtered until blood covered their bodies with no route into heaven and no gate to earth; in the end, they were all killed.

“So hateful! Why is this savage child grouped up with these Archaic species, becoming this powerful?!” The others from this clan were resentful as they hurried over from the distance.

In the following two days, the little guy, Nine-Headed Lion, big red bird, Flame Crow and the others became the rulers. They swept through these ruins, and there weren’t many who dared to provoke them.

During this period of time, they had chased after ‘restricted’ individuals several times. As long as they saw an older person quietly approaching, they would madly and fiercely chase after them.

The army of the Four Great Experts were extremely depressed. Exactly who was killing who? They gathered experts to enter these ruins with the goal of taking care of that devilish brat. In the end, why were they the ones being chased and beaten?

The ruins were vast and borderless. After walking for two days, they still haven’t seen the limit. Within this time period, the little guy’s group had seen around ten precious artifacts, yet they all flew into the sky, making it difficult for them to capture.


Suddenly, it sounded as if a mountain torrent was pouring down. Rays of light flourished at the horizon limit, and it was as if nine suns were rising at the same time. It dispersed the black mist, creating sounds that were like thunder.

“Not good, quickly flee! A large of number of precious artifacts are resuscitating, forming a divine tide!” Someone loudly roared.

In front, there were ten thousand creatures that were fleeing back. Their faces were pale, without a bit of color. Within that group was the powerful Violent Ape, terrifying Suan Ni, and others. There were many human children who were from noble descent.

All of the creatures who entered these ruins were running and fleeing. They were all alarmed and anxious from this desperate situation!

“Heavens, the precious artifacts are resurrecting! They are killing the creatures who entered these ruins, quickly flee for your lives!” The Flame Crow loudly shouted. The same thing erupted several days ago, and at that time, quite a few geniuses died as well.

It spread its wings to soar into the sky, forming a streak of dark light before disappearing into the distance. This was simply impossible to defend against.

Aohou… The Nine-Headed Lion loudly roared, and its entire body radiated golden light. It stepped on top of a string of beads before quickly fleeing into the distance.

The big red bird, Sable, Three Eyed Race experts and others were no exception. They turned around and fled, because that was definitely a force that they could not fight against; it was too terrifying.

At the limits of the horizon, divine sound rang out like thunder. Multicolored light flourished magnificently, completely submerging the heavens and the earth. It was as if roughly a dozen Archaic descendant divine birds — Golden Crows were coming into being, covering the sky. They illuminated the ruins.

Those precious artifacts combined together, emitting multicolored light as they slaughtered their way over. They were truly like a divine tide, and as they created rumbling sounds, nothing could contend against them.

Numerous creatures hid the sky and covered the earth, fleeing from all directions in disarray.

The little guy’s eyes were widened until they were big. He saw many strange treasures, and they were all refined from Archaic species’ precious bones, fur, and other parts. A Golden Crow’s divine wing, Flood Dragon’s ash horn, Mysterious Turtle’s precious shell… They were all extremely valuable treasures.

“Mine, mine, they are all mine!” The little guy clenched his small fist, and his large eyes became like crescent moons as he continuously wiped off his saliva. However, following the rumbling sounds, the divine tide drew closer. He could only hop about in anger before making his getaway as well.

The light of blood bursted out. While a dozen meter tall giant was fleeing, it was sliced by a spotlessly white elephant tusk precious artifact. Its massive head tumbled down, and as blood rushed high into the sky, the headless corpse dropped onto the ground.


Not far off, a group of geniuses were bawling miserably. A Golden Crow wing slapped down, creating a blaze that overflowed into the heavens. There were ten individuals who immediately became torches before turning into ashes, leaving behind absolutely nothing.

It was a wretched sight. The divine tide rushed forth and precious artifacts attacked, causing ear-splitting thunder-like sounds. It was as if ten suns were suspended in the air, absolutely dazzling. This area became a stage of massacre.


The sound of drums shook the skies. That was a Horned Dragon Leather Drum, and just as it rang out, it shook countless people until they coughed out blood. Many geniuses were in dismay; within their respective races, they rarely had opponents, but here, they discovered that their lives weren’t worth that much.

Dong, dong…

The drum beats rang out, and in the end, more than ten people’s bodies violently shook before they coughed out mouthfuls of blood. Their vomited out their smashed hearts, and all of the bones in their bodies broke.

The Historical Remains reeked of blood, and the sight of slaughter was everywhere.

Only four hours later did the bright and resplendent light from the horizon begin to restrain itself.

Within the ruins, the area was completely dusky. From time to time, precious artifacts would rush out, emitting strands of dazzling light. It was as if shooting stars were in the vast sky.

However, they were no longer coveting after them, and instead felt their bodies turning ice cold. The precious artifacts here were too terrifying, and as long as they grouped together and formed a divine tide, they could simply erase everything. There really wasn’t anything that could resist it.

After this large calamity passed, there were at least two thousand creatures who were killed. As corpses covered the ruins, the debris were dyed in a fresh red.

“The weapons left behind by the ancient experts are terrifying after all!”

Many people had ideas of retreating. Even though the precious artifacts were good, they were not as valuable as their lives. Those things were all difficult to obtain.

The little guy’s face was dirty, and only his pair of large eyes were bright and clear. Just now, he was a member of the large group that was fleeing. He was shaken to the core the entire way, but did not meet any danger as he escaped the bloody battlefield.

“It really was scary. I was almost skewered by that divine tree branch.” The little guy rubbed his arm. There was a wound there, but it had already healed.

The recovery speed of his body was extremely fast. It was only a slight injury, and in an instant, it already stopped bleeding before closing up.

At this time, he had long wandered off from the Nine-Headed Lion, Flame Crow, big red bird, Sable and the others. This was because he was watching the precious artifact curiously, falling behind. The rest of them were most likely unaffected.

“Wu, need to be more careful.”

Half a month passed by in an instant. The little guy’s clothes were ragged and shabby as he walked into the deepest parts of the ruins. During this period of time, divine tides had occurred several times, and he gradually became accustomed to the patterns. After a divine tide, there would always be several days of tranquility.

In front of him, mountain peaks covered the area. Some of them would have precious light rising from time to time, causing killing intent to spread outwards.

“Many powerful precious artifacts are hidden here. This is the origin of the divine tide, and it is where they gather. They charge out from here into the ruins, bringing with them a large massacre calamity,” the little guy quietly said.

In reality, even though there were many treasures hidden, it was more safe than the outside. At the very least, there were no divine tides here, and they all occurred outside.

“It seems like I am not the only one that understand the situation. There are many experts that also came in!”

The little guy became cautious. He saw a few powerful individuals moving stealthily, roaming the mountain in search of precious artifacts.

None of the people who were able to arrive here were weak. All of them had terrifying strength and outstanding abilities.

There wasn’t a single blade of grass that grew here, and it was completely barren. Regardless of whether it was the mountains, plains, or valleys, they all seemed to have gone through a large calamity. As a result, all opportunities for life were extinguished.

“The Restricted!” The little guy shivered coldly. He noticed that the human experts were all older generation characters. He became serious, taking strict precautions.

To him, humans might be more dangerous. There were a few groups that made the firm decision to kill him, and so he definitely had to be careful when dealing with them.

Two days later, the little guy met an ambush. His shoulder blossomed with a string of blood, almost being chopped off; he received a fatal injury

At the same time, he also took out the golden shears, slicing a person in half at the waist. Their internal organs dropped onto the ground, creating an extremely terrifying bloody smell.


There were five others who were unaffected, and their ages varied from twenties to thirties. They pounced over like tigers and wolves, and were all ‘restricted.’

The little guy encountered a crisis. He used his strength to stamp his two feet, causing the entire mountain to rupture on the spot. Following that, the mountain top began to slide, creating honglonglong sounds as it fell. Smoke and dust soared into the sky.

The other people’s expressions changed. This human youth was too terrifying, directly causing a mountain to collapse and fall. It was shocking to the extreme! They couldn’t kill the enemy, and began to defend themselves one after another.

The little guy took advantage of the chaos to flee, disappearing within the rising dust and pebbles.

He had encountered a crisis, as this area was full of danger. One could lose their life just be being a little bit careless.

Several days later, the little guy recovered from his injury and walked out from a cave. Divine light flickered within his eyes. This time, he definitely had to pay attention, because it was obvious that there were a few great powers from the human race that targeted him, all of them being ‘restricted’ individuals.


He was amazed. In the distance, there was a valley that was shining multicolored light from its interior. It was obvious that a precious artifact was hidden within. Like a cheetah, he hurried his way over, stealthily moving closer.

There was no vegetation within the valley, and was the same as the place he was previously at. It was a barren piece of land, completely bare.

The little guy entered carefully, and his eyes immediately opened up wide. Sure enough, there was a precious artifact there. A pure white bone pagoda was sinking and floating. It took in and sent out multicolored light, and as propitious vapors rose, it was extremely astonishing.

This was definitely a unique treasure. The little guy felt worried, scared that he would alarm it into fleeing or failing to make it yield.

He took out the Suan Ni bone mirror, and then fiercely shone it in front. He then quickly revealed the golden bone shears, using them together. It shot out to suppress and imprison the this divine bone pagoda.

Within the valley, divine light immediately erupted. Thousands and ten thousands of divine rays danced about, submerging this area. It was extremely mysterious.

Not far off, there was a emperor carriage on top of a mountain peak. A white tiger was sitting upright on it, and beside it were two human genius girls that were feeding it fresh meat.

There were no beasts pulling the cart, but rather four experts who lifted up the cart to move it. Moreover, there were a few elders who were in the front, standing as guards.

“Yi, precious treasure? Let’s go there quickly! No matter who it is, we will kill them!” The white tiger sat up and spoke with a divine voice. Terrifying radiance was emitted from its pupils, and this area immediately began to rumble with the sound of thunder.


The emperor carriage emitted light. It was actually a powerful precious artifact, and multicolored light wrapped around this group of people as they flew towards the ravine.


When they had just arrived, they immediately began to attack. Countless symbols scattered down, as if they were going to submerge this entire land. The valley began to form landslides from all four sides, and rocks tumbled into the sky.

The little guy was extremely angry. At such a critical moment, there were actually people who interrupted him, coming to destroy everything. They prevented him from obtaining that divine bone pagoda, making him surge with rage.

“Yi, it’s you. This isn’t Broken Sky City, and there aren’t any elders there to protect you. This time, you have nowhere to flee, kill him!” The white tiger shouted. It released a tiger roar, because it hated human speech.

The emperor carriage shone, and the symbols burned even more magnificently than before as they all fell down.

“It was a precious treasure after all. Human, you don’t need to attempt in vain, because it belongs to me!” The white tiger was exited. This was the precious artifact that it liked the most after entering the mountain abyss.

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