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Chapter 141 – To Eat Heartily

“I didn’t see wrong right? It really is him! The devilish brat from the Void God Realm truly entered the Hundred Shattering Mountains!”

Loud clamoring was happening outside, and all of the human race geniuses were in an uproar. No wonder someone offered a bounty, wanting his head; he really did enter this small world.

“Seeing his victory proves his reputation. What a pity it is for the Feiyi, three eyed geniuses and Rainbow Luan to have met him.”

“Truly no qualms towards fighting, angering humans and deities alike — devilish brat!”

The people sighed in admiration. When they thought of all the bizarre things that he did, they all felt sorrow and regret. There were many people who wanted to do heaven angering things to him, but in the end, none of them did.

The human geniuses were both amazed and shocked, yet at the same time, they felt rather excited. This rotten child’s savagery was aimed at the powerful races this time, making the human race look more impressive.

“I truly never thought that there would be a day when I could see the devilish brat’s real body! It feels a bit unreal!” A few young girls were chattering, and their vivid large eyes widened. They really wanted to squeeze their way up to the front.

Only, the area around the mountain gate was full of powerful races, so they couldn’t rush through with force.

Of course, there were also people who were resentful. Within the Void God Realm, it was precisely the little guy that they couldn’t stand, and now that they saw him, they hated him even more.

“If this information was spread out, regardless of whether it is the Ancient Country or the Void God Realm, they would both definitely surge with commotion! This devilish brat is becoming more and more savage, somehow reaching an astonishing cultivation level!”

This area erupted into a clamor, to the point where geniuses from other races even knew the history of the devilish brat. They learned of his splendid past, and they couldn’t help but stare with their mouths open; this brat was too weird.

Beside the mountain gate, the clear spring was sweet and cold as it surged with waves. The big red bird added a black pot and sprayed out a divine light. Flames scorched about, heating the water within the pot until it boiled.

“Hurry, it started boiling a long time ago.” It turned around to take a look, and it was excited to the point that it was shaking. Divine snakes like the Feiyi had a deadly enticement towards bird species.

“Start it up.” The little guy tossed the strange snake over to it.

“Alright!” The big red bird agreed as it cried out with joy. It wiped off its saliva with its feathers, fearing that it might drop down.

The Feiyi’s entire body was fiery red. It was covered in scales, and was incomparably solid. Rays of scarlet multicolored light were flickering about, and dang dang sounds ran out whenever it was struck. It was even tougher than that of iron and stone.

It had a single head, and from below its neck, it was divided into two snake bodies. On top of each body was a wing, and only when they were paired together could it take flight. It had a total of six claws, and they were like Flood Dragon claws. Scarlet-colored scales covered them, and they could easily tear apart iron and stone.

“It really is hard to prepare. I never ate this type of snake before.” The big red bird was perspiring freely, because this snake’s scarlet scales were too hard. Only after using all of his strength, did it finally peel off a small piece from the area scorched black by electricity.

In the end, it borrowed the golden bone shears from the little guy, finally speeding things up. The Feiyi was peeled before being chopped into pieces.

The Feiyi’s flesh was sparkly and spotlessly white. It was extremely smooth and soft as it flowed with multicolored light. It had not been boiled within the water yet, but it already began to emit waves of sweet scent, making people drool with desire.

“Haha, alright, we’ll slow cook it into snake soup. It will definitely be a delicacy on this earth!” The big red bird swiftly moved the sparkling and translucent snake meat into the pot, slow cooking it in front of everyone.

The sable also moved close to the front. Its pair of ruby-like eyes were swirling as it muttered inwardly; this youth truly was terrifying. In the future, it definitely had to develop a good relationship with him. Otherwise, what if he was eaten by him?

“There is still a bit of fine salt here, don’t waste it.” The little guy tossed over a bag of salt, telling it to use sparingly.

After dealing with the group of Rain Clan experts within the desert, the little guy went on a search for his previously lost ‘treasures.’ As a result, he once again carried a few seasonings on him.

At this time, he was personally cleaning the chunks of meat from the bird’s thigh and wing by the clear spring. After plucking the radiating divine feathers and washing it clean, he made the big red bird flap its wings, raising a flame.

The little guy was extremely patient. He took those two chunks of precious flesh medicine that weighed around ten jin and propped them up. He began to roast the meat seriously, and soon after, the meat fragrance attacked everyone’s nostrils. The shining meat chunks began to shine with a golden tint.

“Smells so good!” The little guy wiped off his saliva.

Not to mention him, even the throats of the Archaic species who were watching nearby were moving as they began to swallow inwardly. It was because this wasn’t any normal type of flesh, but was rather the precious meat from the Rainbow Luan; how many people had the privilege of eating it?

Strands of multicolored light moved about, and the thigh and wing chunks of meat became a glistening gold. The fat fell into the flames, creating chi chi sounds, making people drool with desire.

This was definitely a great tonic medicine. After eating it, it will definitely make one’s essence energy boil. They will gain an inexhaustible power, and their strength will increase by a large amount.

Not mentioning the others, the people who were hostile towards the little guy just now were moving their mouths. They were wishing to worm their way into being friends and get a portion of the golden fragrant meat.

There was only a single creature who was indignant. That was precisely the Luan bird. It was circling about in the sky, continuously crying out. It really wanted to break apart the heavens, and its entire body was flourishing with multicolored light.

“Stop shouting, it’s not like I’m eating all of you. To give my little bro face, we are only eating a small chunk of your thigh and wing.” The little guy shook his head as he spoke.

The Rainbow Luan’s feathers all stood up, and was about to go mad from anger. This savage child was too despicable; he was eating its flesh in front of everyone, yet he was still so tyrannical.

Within the Rainbow Luan’s golden thigh meat was a layer of fat, forming a crisp layer. The fragrance pervaded the air, becoming increasingly attractive. The little guy took out the spoils of war he won — that scarlet-colored sparkling flying sword polished from fierce teeth, and cleaned it in the water. Then, he heated the blade for a long time before using it like a cooking knife.

He used the sparkling and transparent flying sword to cut open the fresh and crisp golden precious flesh medicine, causing some of the fine salt to scatter down. After that, he opened up a container and began to smear honey on it while roasting it on low fire.

Originally, he prepared many condiments and cooking utensils. In the end, he lost all of them while he was being chased down, and could only recover these few items.

“Wu, it smells too good!”

It was nearly done cooking. The little guy tore off a chunk of the golden flesh, and the honey was sticky as he ate a mouthful. The mouthful of fragrance left his mouth, and it smelled so appetizing that it made others develop saliva in their mouths. Their saliva was about to splash out.

The little guy closed his eyes. It left a rich aftertaste, and an expression of infatuation covered his entire face. This first bite made him feel as if all of his pores were relaxed, extremely comfortable; it truly was one of this world’s delicacies.

“It tastes too good!” The little guy once again ripped off a large chunk of meat. The honey was pulled until it became like thread, and as it sparkled, the meat was golden and fragrant.

“Big Red, sable, you guys come over and eat too.” The little guy swallowed two jin of meat in a flash. His tongue felt like it was going to melt from the rich aftertaste.

The surrounding group of creatures were incredibly envious. Although this human youth was extremely savage, he really knew how to enjoy himself! In such a intense and dangerous area, he actually acted as if there was no one else here! Seeing him gorge themselves like this made them extremely envious.

The fragrance in particular was simply too alluring. The geniuses from the other races almost threw themselves over to fight for it.

The big red bird was at a loss as he said, “That is bird meat. I don’t feel too good about eating it, so I’ll wait for the snake soup.”

“You lack experience. This is Luan bird meat, so it’s a different race from you. It is abundant with essence energy, so you will most likely break through after eating it,” said the little guy.

The big red bird began to reject it even more, saying, “The Feiyi is also a great supplement, and isn’t inferior to the bird! I’ll wait!”

The sable drooled. It was not a bird, and directly moved closer. It sustained a severe injury; the vertical eye between its brows was almost clawed out, and it truly needed this type of precious flesh to supplement its health.

Moreover, it was extremely powerful itself. Its origin was not ordinary, and was not any bit weaker than the Luan in the sky; it was not scared of its retaliation.

With a kenchi sound, the sable swallowed a chunk of meat, and immediately cried out, saying, “So fragrant! It really is a delicacy!”

“Of course! Didn’t you see who’s work this was? I am the famous gourmet chef!” The little guy was proud.

The two of them ate heartily. Of course, the sable showed proper behavior. It was roughly a zhang in length, and was too embarrassed let loose to gorge itself on the meat.

Multicolored light flickered, and the fragrance assailed everyone’s nostrils. The nearby Archaic species were both resentful and inwardly conflicted. They really wanted to go up and ask for a piece, because that smell was too alluring.

Only the Rainbow Luan was angrily crying in the sky. It really wanted to swoop down and fight to the death; however, it held back this urge, fearing that the little guy might get an extra snack.

“Little bro, you don’t need to hold back. Come over quickly and eat with us,” the little guy called out. He was enjoying the ten jin of bird wing and leg meat, and oil was dripping out of his mouth. Multicolored light sprayed out as he spoke, and his entire body was immersed in the divine rainbow light.

The golden lion moved closer with a complicated expression. This sworn brother of his was too savage; how could he be like this? It now felt as if it was the human, and this little brat was the real savage Archaic species.

“Stop staring foolishly. Hurry over and eat!” The little guy once again spoke.

How could the Nine-Headed Lion eat this? If he did, the Luan bird would definitely fight it to the death. However, looking at that golden and glossy precious meat, it really was drooling with desire. It was struggling to hold it in, and with a gulu sound, it swallowed its own saliva.

The Rainbow Luan just happened to fly across. It could clearly see and hear what was going on. It was immediately angered the extreme, loudly shouting, “Nine-Headed Lion, you… You anger me to death!”

“I didn’t eat any…” The Nine-Headed Lion felt awkward. This couldn’t be blamed on it! That meat was too fragrant, and if there weren’t any other people on the side and the Luan wasn’t there either, then it definitely wouldn’t be polite.

“The snake soup is done!” The big red bird cried out. Divine light flickered about within the black pot, and a pot of snake meat was blossoming with auspicious radiance. The fragrance wafted about, and the soup was sparkling and translucent.

“Little bro, I invite you to eat snake meat.” After eating the last piece of Luan meat, The little guy patted his own little round and bulging belly. He then patted the Nine-Headed Lion as he headed towards the black pot.

Other than the snake meat, there were also two snake gallbladders that were left behind. The big red bird naturally didn’t bother to act polite, directly taking one and swallowing it. The little guy took out the other one, and without paying much attention to it, he swallowed it into his belly. This was the best part of the Feiyi, and could not be wasted.

The little guy’s body immediately began to erupt with scarlet multicolored light. The snake gallbladder’s flourished with might, and it was surging with essence energy. It made his flesh emit thunder-like sounds.

“Good! So powerful!” The little guy was extremely happy.

Following that, it called out to the big red bird, sable, and the Nine-Headed Lion to enjoy the Feiyi together. This pot of meat was truly special. The soup was sparkling and translucent, and as divine multicolored light flickered, the snake meat was sparkling with even more precious splendor. There wasn’t a single genius from the other races whose hearts weren’t itching.

“Haha… Begin the meal!” The big red bird excitedly and loudly shouted. It was the first to dig in, not being polite in the slightest.

Even though the little guy ate until his stomach was bulging, his appetite was still great. After refining the precious flesh medicine from before, his body became brilliant, and he began to pig out again.

The sable did not hold itself back either. Only the Nine-Headed Lion was inwardly conflicted. It really wanted to eat it ah… However, after glancing up at the sky and seeing the Rainbow Luan angrily crying out there, it truly couldn’t participate.

“Stop crying already. We wouldn’t have become acquaintances if we didn’t fight, so come down and eat with us. Back then, I met little bro like this too,” shouted the little guy towards the sky.

The Luan was extremely angry, and naturally wouldn’t compromise.

The Nine-Headed Lion was embarrassed, and couldn’t say much.

A savage child, big red bird, and sable sat around the black pot as they ate to their heart’s content.

There was also a Nine-Headed Lion on the side, so conflicted that it wanted to smash its head into a wall.

The little guy and the others acted as if there was no one else there. They were overjoyed as they ate, completely ignoring the gaze of the powerful creatures around them.

This was a strange scene. All of the creatures who stared were incomparably powerful, yet that human youth didn’t pay any attention to them. He was in high spirits as he ate heartily.

The human geniuses had complicated expressions. What was being intrepid? This devilish brat revealed the best interpretation of this. In front of this group of Archaic descendants’ faces, he roasted the meat just like that. After steaming and cooking the Archaic species, he directly gorged himself.

“Truly… of another kind!”

The human geniuses all sighed as they spoke. This devilish brat’s way of doing things always made people speechless. After encountering him, many people met great misfortune, angering deities and humans alike! This time, however, his way of doing made the human race appear more impressive.

For these types of things, they only appeared every hundred or so years. Never before had they seen such a savage person before, daring to do these types of things.

Countless geniuses as well as experts from various experts were watching these individuals as they ate heartily. After many years had passed from this scene, whenever the people brought up this event, they would still continuously sigh with regret.

Of course, at that time, the savage child’s status and position would be completely different; these stories will all have become rumors and stories.

The little guy ate until his belly was as round as a ball. As soon as he opened his mouth, it would inevitably blossom with multicolored light. He absorbed too much precious flesh medicine, and his body was going through a baptism.

It was a pity that he didn’t open his ninth heavenly passage from this. After all, this was an accomplishment that had only been recorded in ancient books. In reality, it had never been seen before, and the difficulty to reach such a level was beyond one’s imagination!

In reality, it really was like so. It was impossible for the little guy to smash apart the shackles and create a miracle just by eating the Feiyi and Luan.

The feast finally ended, and towards these individuals, this was a type of pleasure. However, towards those around them, this was a type of torture. That type of precious flesh medicine and the delicious light it emitted was something they could only see but not eat; it truly made them suffer.

The little guy picked up the two experts from the three eyed race and carried out some simple first aid. After fixing them up a bit, he began to discuss with the Flame Crow as well as the other Archaic descendants; these were all individuals who were acquainted with the Nine-Headed Lion.

“Since you guys are my little bro’s friends, then you are my friends as well. In the future, when we have problems, we all have to bear through it together.” He burped from being full, and patted his stomach that was as round as a ball while speaking.

A few of the tyrannical Archaic descendants looked at each other in dismay. Being friends with you is too dangerous… One mistake and we might get eaten. Have you not seen that Luan in the sky and how much it is cursing and bawling?

Moreover, how old were you? You aren’t even older than that Nine-Headed Lion, yet you call him your little bro.

Now, however, they no longer dared to look down on this human youth. When he spoke, not a single creature dared to be rude. He was treated as if they were on equal grounds, and there was even a type of reverence.


Right at this moment, the big red bird screamed. The feathers around its body ignited, turning into ashes. It was naked from head to toe, becoming incomparably ugly.

“Big Red, what happened?” The little guy was startled.

The Flame Crow next to the Nine-Headed Lion revealed a envious expression. It began to open its mouth to explain, saying, “The Archaic Feiyi snake is truly beneficial for my bird race after all. It ate one of the snake’s gallbladders, as well as a large part of its body. This is the Flame Bath Rank Advancement!

Sure enough, right after its words came out, the big red bird once again cried out with ao ao sounds. Even though its hairless body was funny, a terrifying aura was being emitted.

Following that, the surface of its body emitted light. The nearby rocks and ground began to melt, causing magma to boil.

With a honglong sound, new feathers were reborn on the big red bird’s body. They were even more beautiful and scarlet, absolutely dazzling.

“Haha… This grandpa broke through, becoming more powerful!” The big red bird shouted with joy. The divine radiance in its eyes rose dramatically, sweeping around in all directions. In the end, it stared at the little guy. “This grandpa is no longer scared of you!”

The little guy scowled and said, “If you keep bickering, I’ll eat you later!”

When it heard this, the big red bird immediately withered and completely killed off its temper. Even though it felt that its strength increased sharply, after remembering the scene of the little guy completely refining all of the True Supreme Water, it developed a feeling of powerlessness. It drooped its head, and was incomparably angry.

In the end, it raised its head again. It roared towards the surrounding geniuses from the other races, “Don’t irritate this grandpa, or else I’ll eat you!”

Everyone became dumbstruck. This really was of common origin! Even this bird was infected by this savage child.

The sable’s entire body was also radiating with light. The injury was completely gone, and it almost broke through. Its entire body was sparkling and translucent as it flickered with purple light.

In a short period of time, there were various powerful Archaic descendants around the little guy, such as the Nine-Headed Lion, Big Red bird, Sable, Flame Crow, three eyed race’s two brothers, and even the angry Rainbow Luan; it was bustling with noise and excitement.

“Stop making noise. Sooner or later, we will become friends. Haven’t you seen that the Nine-Headed Lion and I are sworn brothers?” The little guy turned his head towards the Luan bird, and really wanted to talk about how he also ate a part of it before becoming like this.

In the end, the Nine-Headed Lion’s face immediately turned green. It hurriedly stopped him, not allowing him to say it out loud; otherwise, it would lose too much face. The roasted lion head secret was something that he didn’t want his acquaintances to know about even if it was beaten to death.

“Then you help me console it,” said the little guy.

The Nine-Headed Lion nodded its head at once. As long as its background was not leaked, anything was fine.

There were numerous species here, and they were all extremely powerful. It didn’t matter if they were friends or enemies; as long as the savage child was powerful enough, he could stand inside the group of Archaic descendants and be revered.

“Is it him?” From the distance, someone conversed in a low voice within the crowd.

“Correct, it is precisely that devilish brat. In the Void God Realm, he beat a group of experts from my clan until they fled in all directions. In the end, they were suppressed by him and piled up into a human mountain, extorting us!”

“Don’t make any moves now. Wait until we enter the Historical Remains. We will use all of our strength to kill him then!”

The people who spoke were not young, and it was clear that they came in through underhanded means. They restricted their bodies to enter the Hundred Shattering Mountains.

On the other side, there were a similar group of people. Their gaze were chilly, and cold light flickered. It carried the luster of hatred, and as they muttered, they were also discussing how they were going to deal with the little guy after entering the Historical Remains.

Back then, at the Void God Realm’s starting ground, the little guy was targeted by a few people. Some of them wanted to steal his precious bone, and in the end, he did everything he could to counterattack. He even piled the people from the Four Great Clans into four human mountains, ruthlessly extorting them.

This naturally produced a huge complaint. The Four Great Clans all sent people into the Hundred Shattering Mountains, and one of the clans wanted to catch him alive in order to regain that precious scarlet feather fan. That was the treasure of their Zhen Clan, and it was left behind in the Void God Realm, stolen by the devilish brat.

Murder and calamity will rise, dark winds and clouds will surge!

“Why aren’t you guys going into the Historical Remains? I can see divine light rising from time to time, and can tell that it is a precious artifact with a glance. Why aren’t you guys going in to pursue it?” asked the little guy. In his surroundings, there were many Archaic species. He wanted to rope them in with him to enter the Historical Remains.

“We sent in a batch of people previously, and they pretty much all died. Those precious artifacts developed intelligence, and will kill those who come close.” The Flame Crow open-heartedly spoke.

The sable nodded its heard. It indeed escaped from inside. At that time, it was attacked from behind by someone, and moreover, there were spiritual precious artifacts chasing after it. If it was not for its strength being terrifying enough, then it would have inevitably died.

“Since we came, we can’t not enter. Let’s go, we will catch precious artifacts!” The little guy did not fear anything as he walked forward.

This naturally raised an uproar. This was because it had already been a long time since anyone entered.

“Go, we should move out as well!”

On the other side, the Bifang, Golden Divine Bird, Pixiu, Horned Dragon, and others seemed incomparably terrifying; it made people feel as if their hearts were palpitating. These terrifying creatures whose power were difficult to estimate moved out, about to enter the Historical Remains.

Everyone was shocked. Soon after, this area began to clamor with noise. More people wanted to join in and enter the Historical Remains.

Demonic Crack Butterfly, Earth Dragon, Violent Ape, Demonic Cattail Tree and others were already moving. They transformed into strands of light, rushing into the Historical Ruins.

“Go, everyone charge in together and suppress those precious artifacts. We cannot go in late and obtain nothing!”

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