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Chapter 143 – Historical Ruins’ Precious Treasure

The emperor carriage emitted light. This was both an ordinary carriage for the purpose of traveling, as well as an ancient war chariot. Currently, symbols were interweaving together, forming a curtain of light as it carried the people within it. Large amounts of densely packed symbols scattered down, almost as if they were going to completely fill in the mountain valley. The walls of the valley began to split from all sides, causing giant boulders to tumble down and dust to rise into the sky.

The little guy was constantly dodging while using his precious artifact to fight back; he was facing a crisis. A streak of divine radiance shot towards him, smashing apart the ground where he previously stood as earth and stones splashed outwards.

The valley rumbled as its walls crumbled down. Chunks after chunks of giant rock were struck until they flew high up into the sky. The valley was beaten and ruined; smoke and dust filled the air, revealing a scenery of destruction!

“White Tiger, you are making me angry! I am going to eat you!” The little guy was angry, and his eyebrows were pinched together. He tried his hardest to take away that sparkling bone pagoda, but he never thought that the White Tiger would rush over and completely ruining everything.

This spotlessly white bone pagoda was truly unique. It continued to bob up and down, and with a gentle shake, propitious vapors began to rise. It pushed apart the bone shears and precious mirror, making it difficult to approach.

You have to understand that it didn’t truly attack yet! This was merely the divine fluctuations naturally being emitted by it!

In the end, the little guy used the ancient methods carved within the ‘True Primordial Record’ in an attempt to communicate with it. He used the power of symbols to to resonate with the pagoda, however, right as soon as he succeeded a bit, the White Tiger interrupted, immediately startling the divine bone pagoda.

The White Tiger stood upright on the carriage. Its body could not be considered that large, yet it still had a threatening demeanor. Its eyes emitted a faint golden color, and it was as if they were shooting out daggers as it stared at him.

‘You are talking to me?” It finally spoke in human speech. Its face was callous and cold, and cold light flickered within its pupils; they were like tail feathers ready to shoot out.

“You don’t say? Fat cat, you are bringing about your own destruction!” The little guy yelled in anger. Currently, he was trying to communicate with that bone pagoda, but it was already useless. A mist proliferated outwards, pushing him away.

“Seal up the valley and kill him! I despise humans who speak to me like this. Hurry up and collect that precious artifact!” The White Tiger spoke, and it made its move as well. Lifting up a tiger claw, it dropped down. Immediately, it was as if a mountain was smashing downwards. The earth quaked and mountains shook, and that white expanse of symbols submerged the mountain valley.

On top of the carriage, the white tiger took out a beast skin pouch. An elderly man walked forward and accepted it. After loosening the ropes around it, that pouch immediately blossomed with multicolored light. It possessed a wave of unparalleled attractive force that wanted to suck in everything within the valley.


After being agitated repeatedly like this, that bone pagoda finally woke up. It erupted with a white light that was like an ocean wave, shaking all four directions.

The little guy was shocked. He quickly withdrew his bone shears and precious mirror to protect his own body before quickly retreating far into the distance.

“What a great treasure. No matter how great the price is, I still must obtain it! You all, utilize the Heaven and Earth Pouch together to obtain it!” The White Tiger was pleasantly surprised and began to repeatedly roar.

The two female human geniuses inside the carriage, as well as the four buff and husky fellows walked forward, began to support the elderly man. They operated the Heaven and Earth Pouch that was refined from the skin of an Archaic descendant together.

Their bodies all emitted divine light that poured into that beast skin pouch, making it even more dazzling. The opening of the pouch was bright and resplendent as it swallowed everything. Boulders that were several tens of thousands to even millions of jin were pulled in and stored within the pouch.

The pouch opening was clearly not big, yet it seemed like it could take in the entire mountain and river.

The little guy’s eyes were filled with divine light as he watched it. That bag was truly too great, being able to store all living things. Regardless of how many things there were, it could all be kept inside, so there was never a need to worry about not being able to bring something.

“What a great treasure! If I obtain it, I can wrap up all the Archaic descendants as take out and carry it with me!” He clenched his fists tightly.

All types of giant boulders were flying into the sky before rushing into the Heaven and Earth pouch, yet that bone pagoda didn’t move a single inch the entire time. Thick and dense mist circulated about it, making it seem more and more mysterious.

“Rise!” The White Tiger roared loudly. It also made its move, spitting out multicolored light. It scattered down on top of the Heaven and Earth pouch, making its might flourish even more.


The pure white bone pagoda was continuously agitated. Finally, the pagoda began to fight back; its body began to shake. The valley thoroughly cracked apart as it ascended into the air. While shaking, it created an ocean-like ripple that shook the mountains, creating a great earthquake.

“Not good, the precious artifact is activating!” The White Tiger was crying out in fear. The carriage quickly rose up as if it was going to enter the clouds; it wanted to keep a certain distance away from the pagoda out of safety.

The bone pagoda began to sway, scattering out an expanse of symbols. It almost turned the carriage over and made it fall; fortunately, they were far enough away.

“Try again one last time. If we fail, then we are leaving immediately!” The White Tiger was unwilling to give up.

They once again cooperatively operated the Heaven and Earth pouch. Light shot out in all directions, and the pouch entrance emitted large amounts of symbols. They shot out strand after strand, streak after streak in all directions.

The bone pagoda trembled, quickly collecting all of the mist. It began to radiate with light, and its crystalline body seemed to almost be transparent as began to diffuse a heart-trembling fluctuation.

Upon seeing this, the little guy was silent and no longer had the urge to eat White Tiger meat. He jumped on top of the Suan Ni bone mirror before turning into a streak of light. He quickly escaped far away, because he felt the dangerous aura approaching.


Sure enough, the land behind him blew up. That bone pagoda was emitting light, and it was as if a meteor was falling down. The mountain region collapsed, and the sky seemed to be splitting apart as well; it was as if a sun exploded.

Terrifying waves of energy engulfed the mountain range, and quite a few mountain peaks swayed before collapsing. Smoke and dust flew everywhere, and that area was completely ruined.

“What a powerful precious artifact!” The little guy flew in escape, and felt that it was truly a pity. This type of precious artifact was too powerful, and it was likely that even if the human emperor saw this, his eyes would also become red with passion.

“Hurry up!” The White Tiger roared. It knew that this treasure couldn’t be moved. Upon awakening, it far exceeded their expectations, and was not something that they could get their hands on.

“Could it be that this is a divine artifact left behind by an ancient saint right?” An elder hesitated.

The carriage flew quickly, but even though they were moving fast, one of the buff men was still struck by the multicolored light’s attack. With a miserable shout, he fell out of the carriage before exploding in midair.

“Faster!” The White Tiger’s complexion changed, and it was fearful.

They had ascended above the clouds long ago, and the gap between them was already sufficient. However, below them, multicolored light continued to radiate everywhere. They covered the sky as they flew about, and rays of light would still sweep over from time to time. The people within the carriage supported up the curtain of light together, fleeing as fast as they could

Ao… White Tiger cried out miserably. Even the White Tiger was stuck by one of the divine rays of light, and while staggering, it almost fell out of the carriage. Its shoulder was penetrated, and blood continuously flowed out.

With a pu sound, an elder’s chest was pierced through. He coughed out large mouthfuls of blood, almost being killed.

The carriage rushed along at a fast speed, quickly streaking across the sky and escaping from this place. Blossoms of blood scattered down from the skies as they fled for their lives.

With a chi sound, the bone pagoda no longer bobbed up and down and transformed into a rainbow-colored streak. The destroyed mountain region was peaceful once again.

“The bone pagoda is so powerful, yet it decided to escape and leave the valley?” The little guy could clearly see within the darkness that it unexpectedly left. It was in a hurry, making him extremely suspicious.

He did not waste any time, and chased after it in an instant. He pursued it the entire way, utilizing the precious mirror to fly quickly.

However, the pagoda was too fast. It left behind an after image before disappearing.

The little guy continued to move forward, and the mountains and creeks quickly disappeared behind him. He did not give up, and searched this entire mountain range. Finally, he once again felt the fluctuations of that bone pagoda.

In front of him, a fiery light overflowed into the heavens. It was a sea of fire that burned with vast quantities of magma and lava. They bubbled about,  dyeing the mountain peak in a deep red. The scene was strange and extremely terrifying.

“There’s actually a sea of fire!” The little guy was shocked.

He had not passed by this area yet during the past few days. This area was melting along with several mountain peaks, turning into magma and trickling downwards.

‘This is phoenix fire! It actually appeared here!” The little guy was astonished and finally recognized the flames.

This was a top-notch flame for refining precious artifacts, yet it was unexpectedly gushing out from here. In reality, it was a single flame, yet in the end, it melted all of the mountains and creeks here.

At the heart of this mountain creek, there was a throbbing ball of fire. It was bright and resplendent like divine radiance, burning with exceptional magnificence.

The little guy’s pupils were suffused with divine radiance as he carefully surveyed the scene. That was definitely a precious flame. That pulsing ball of flame was like a dancing phoenix, extremely astonishing.

“The bone pagoda is at the heart of that flame!” The little guy was startled. He finally noticed the the bone pagoda figure. It was rising and falling there, taking in the forging and refining of the fire ball.

Could it be that it was injured, and needed to recover? Or maybe it wanted to transform, refining itself anew? This was definitely shocking, and was rarely seen within precious artifacts.

The tall mountains melted, and magma surged out. It submerged the area in a fiery light. The little guy had no choice but to retreat.

For the next few days, he continuously roamed about nearby. He would always stay within fifty li, waiting for that flame to extinguish. However, magma continued to bubble about there without any intention of stopping.


A streak of sword radiance hacked out, and a green-robed young man appeared with a bone sword in hand. He had an air of arrogance as he chopped towards the little guy, and other human figures appeared as well in succession.

One of the four great families arrived, appearing here. That green-robed man was precisely the first person who attacked the little guy after entering the Historical Remains, but fled after being attacked by the Archaic species.

The little guy avoided the sword flash and stared at these people. There were old and young people, totaling to nearly twenty people. There were six or seven ‘restricted’ individuals.

“You all truly are souls that have not yet dispersed. Exactly what type of enmity do you guys have with me?” The little guy asked.

“Void God Realm. Part of the human pile made of the Four Great Races.” The green-robed young man spoke coldly.

After hearing what was said, the little guy stared blankly. Soon after, he laughed loudly. “That truly was a period of happy days. Unfortunately, I was expelled, ahh what a cherished memory… After the expulsion period ends, I will definitely create an even bigger human mountain.”

This was an absolutely savage sarcasm, and the group of people’s faces immediately soured. Being defeated by this devilish brat was said and done already, but they were also extorted, and lost so much face.

“Wu, could it be that you guys were the ones that I made a human mountain out of?” The little guy sounded suspicious.

With these words spoken, the group of people’s faces became ugly beyond belief. The veins on the young people jumped, and even those few elders’ faces darkened.

“Hahaha…” The little guy laughed at the top of his voice and was incomparably overjoyed. It turns out that the people who were chasing after him had been beaten by him in the past.

Laughing like this, it made the group of people’s complexions gloomy like water. They wanted to skin him alive.

“I get it now. The others who chased me must be like this as well, coming from the Four Great families. They were all people who were defeated by me, haha…” The little guy laughed extremely joyously.

Before, he was depressed. Why was he always being chased by others? Now, all of the tension was completely dispelled, after all, these were people that he had already beaten up before. Seeing the people he defeated before face to face really made him happy.

“This isn’t the Void God Realm’s Starting Ground, so our cultivation levels won’t be suppressed to such a low level. Just give up your life!” The green-robed man shouted. He was originally an elite from his generation, and among his peers, there were few who were worthy opponents. However, within the Void God Realm, he was actually cruelly beaten by someone and piled together with his clansmen; it truly was an extraordinary shame and humiliation.

“It’s not a big deal, you guys were defeated by me previously, and I thought you guys wouldn’t make it. If you don’t listen, then let’s go back and continue forming a human mountain.”

This was a calamity of slaughter. The little guy was smiling mischievously, making this group of people all reveal a gloomy light within their eyes; it truly made them hateful and angry.

The little guy’s two hands continuously made seals, putting to use the symbols from the True Primordial Record. He drew out a golden wave that slashed its way over, colliding with that green-robed male’s bone sword.

“Go up together, get rid of him!” Another young person walked up, making his move with everyone else.

At the same time, several elders walked up. With each step, the ground would gently tremble. It was as if giants were walking, and their eyes were bright and resplendent like golden lamps.


An intense and great battle erupted. The little guy fought with different people one after another, causing blood essence to roll over and over like waves. The symbols covering the sky were suffocating, pressing down as precious techniques attacked from all directions.

His essence energy began to boil. Although his physical body was unparalleled, his symbols were not as powerful as those few elders’. He was shaken until a trickle of blood flowed out from the corners of his mouth.

With so many people making their moves together, they were definitely more than he could take on. The little guy shivered inwardly. These ‘restricted’ elders were definitely not ordinary people, and it was impossible for him to withstand. If he was surrounded here, he would definitely fall.

He did not zealously continue fighting. He wiped off the bloodstain from the corner of his lips, and did not let them crowd around him. He was half fighting and half retreating.

“Young one, your innate talent is truly astonishing, but you’ve provoked people you shouldn’t have provoked. How can my Kun Clan tolerate your existence? Receive death!” shouted out an elder.

They revealed their identity, because they determined that this youth was not going to live past this.

The little guy did not trade blows with them, and continuously received the elders’ suppressing symbols. Precious techniques poured over like an ocean wave, making blood once again flow out from the corners of his mouth. In the end, he used the golden bone shears to quickly rush into the mountain depths.

“Where are you going?!” How could the group of people agree to let him slip away? Several elders were standing on top of precious artifacts, leading the clan’s younger generation in pursuit.

Scarlet liquid blocked their way, and fiery light surged about. The scene in front of them was terrifying. The mountain peak was thoroughly red, and the heat waves of the great earth were rolling about, forming magma.

The little guy was standing on the golden bone shears as he crossed these vast rocky lands. His eyes were flickering with rays of light, and after glancing backwards, he began to increase his speed!

From the back, the group of people were coldly smiling. Their speeds were not inferior to the little guy’s, making it difficult for him to break away; sooner or later, they were going to catch up.

“Weren’t the other clans also offering a bounty? If we kill him and take away the precious artifacts on him, we can then turn his head in for the bounty.”

“This devilish brat is truly hateful. Simply decapitating him would be letting him off too easy. We must torture him to death!”

The group of people were extremely cold. They finally caught the devilish brat, so they were all thinking of ways to take his life.

Suddenly, the little guy turned around with a strange smile on his face. He raised his hand, revealing the Suan Ni precious mirror. He shone it towards the magma behind him, creating a fierce explosion. Lightning radiance dropped down streak after streak.


The heart of the magma raged, and billows soared into the heavens. The scarlet liquid’s temperature was shocking as they erupted high into the sky.

“He truly is a child. Does he really think that this magma can harm us?” An elder laughed coldly. With a flash of his precious artifact, he blocked off the surging scarlet wave.

However, his cold smile immediately froze. Everyone suddenly felt dreadful.

A wave of terrifying aura rushed charged into the heavens, making every person tremble.

A crystalline pagoda bobbed up and down within the magma, surrounded by a lump of phoenix fire. It revealed its body, and then began to violently shake. It seemed as if it was incomparably angry as if erupted in a heaven overflowing radiance.

“Ah… No!”

The Kun Clansmen released blood-curdling screeches. They knew that they met a terrible calamity, because this precious artifact was too terrifying. It far surpassed their clan’s treasures, and was currently attacking them out of anger.


The sound of precious artifacts shattering were emitted, and three of the elders’ precious artifacts shattered on the spot. All of them cried out miserably as they sank into the magma.

“Flee quickly!”

The green-robed male and the two other elders carried the people from their clans, and while stepping on their precious artifacts, they fled for their lives.

Unfortunately, they were too close to the magma. Moreover, this bone pagoda was at the crucial point of its own refinement, and as a result of being disturbed, it madly displayed its might out of anger.

Another precious artifact cracked open, and the elder on top of it also exploded. The people beside him also fell into the magma.

The green-robed youth as well as another elder suffered heavy injuries. There was blood everywhere on their bodies, and their precious artifacts were almost destroyed.

What was rather unfortunate was that the little guy was waiting in front. He directly took out the golden bone shears, and with a pu sound, the two individuals were sliced at the waist, spraying out fresh blood.

“So hateful!” The two of them were in despair. They were filled with unwillingness, dying at the magma’s shore.

“So terrifying!” The little guy stared at the sea of magma and felt a wave of dread.

Just like this, he guarded this area for more than ten days. It had already been more than a month since he entered these Historical Ruins. The magma finally congealed, and the temperature here began to drop.

“Yi, the bone pagoda didn’t reappear?”

The little guy was in doubt. He walked around this region and carefully observed everything. In the end, he couldn’t hold himself back anymore and began to probe deeper.

He brought out the scarlet flying sword , drawing out a red streak and cutting deeply into the rocky ground. After searching carefully, there was still no fluctuations like before, and the bone pagoda did not rebel.

Half a day later, the little guy personally got up and arrived at the area where the bone pagoda was rising and falling previously. After looking around carefully, he saw that this area had been dug out by the flying sword a long time ago. Pieces of shattered rocks were everywhere.

With a dong sound, the ground rang out with a hollow sound. Moreover, there was a blaze that flickered before disappearing. The little guy was startled, and when he looked downward, he couldn’t help but reveal an astonished expression.

There was a pagoda there, and it absorbed the last of the flames. It became completely sparkling and transparent.

“This… Did it absorb all of the flames here?” There little guy was horrified. He quickly retreated, but noticed that the object below did not actually show any reaction.

“Yi, it changed.”

The pagoda in the ground had all of its radiance restrained. It did not have a strange appearance, and was only the size of a palm. Moreover, it began to shrink, in the end becoming only the length of a finger. It was only about the size of a thumb when it stood up.

The little guy was shocked. After waiting for a really long time, he saw that it no longer had any changes. He released a stream of symbols to feel it out, and he got the same result.

In the end, he retrieved the small pagoda and placed it at the center of his palm. It did not have the slightest reaction.

The small pagoda was only an inch tall, and was roughly the size of a finger. Its entire body was transparent and crystalline, as if it was carved out of white jade, exceptionally beautiful. It did not seem like a precious artifact at all, instead seeming like a gorgeous piece of jewelry. It did not have any fearful aura at all.

The little guy looked it over repeatedly, but could not feel any symbols at all. Following that, he used some divine force to try and activate the treasure, yet it still did not show any reaction.

If he did not see it himself personally, he definitely would have thought that this was a delicate and elegant object.

“Why isn’t it showing any reactions?” The little guy scratched his head. He was full of doubt, and after studying it for a really long time, he still didn’t have the slightest idea. In the end, he stuck it in his hair, truly using the pure white crystalline pagoda as a piece of jewelry.

Several days later, the little guy arrived at the heart of the mountains. Along the way, he met over twenty precious artifacts, but he couldn’t subdue any of them. He truly felt that it was a pity, but there was one thing he was sure of, and that was that those precious artifacts weren’t as mysterious and terrifying as the bone pagoda.

Unfortunately, the pagoda did not react to the little guy, and was just like a normal object.

There was a giant mountain at the center, and it was extremely massive. It was as if ten mountain peaks were merged together, and it was exceptionally grand and majestic.

“What a big mountain!”

The little guy sighed in admiration. Divine light flickered above the mountain, and precious artifacts would fly about from time to time. It was as if fireworks were blossoming, and they were all powerful spiritual objects.

At the foot of the mountains, he saw a Bifang, Golden Divine Bird, Horned Dragon, Pixiu, Demonic Cattail Tree, Crack Demonic Butterfly, and other talents of that sort.

There were people on top of the mountains long ago, and all of them had met by heavenly fate. This was the origin of the Historical Remains. It was known to have precious cliffs, and according to legend, this place was full of treasure.

“My sword… my sword…” Suddenly, the little guy heard an aged voice beside his ear, making him absolutely terrified. He replied in fear, “Ghost grandpa, don’t scare me. Didn’t you stay behind in the Heaven Mending Pavilion? Why do I hear your voice again?”

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