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Chapter 140 – Rise of the Humans

When the Rainbow Luan heard what was said, all of the feathers on its body stood up, especially those that were gathered on its head. Its bright tail feathers were standing even more upright, and magnificent and bright colors covered its entire body. It angrily widened its two eyes, revealing an ominous glint.

“Human, who do you think you are speaking to?!” Its words resounded, as if blades and swords were clashing together; it was a bit awe-inspiring.

“Aren’t you just a bird? Nothing more than food.” The little guy spoke without caring in the slightest. He casted sidelong glances at it; were you trying to imply that you were actually something special?

The Luan’s cries shook the skies. Multicolored light blossomed, and an expanse of bright feathers flew out. It was as if rainbow-colored swords were slashing their way over, emitting air-shattering sounds. The wuwu sounds were terrifying, attacking straight towards the area between the little guy’s brows.

Hou… The Nine-Headed Lion released a roar, and golden rays of light burned and flourished. It submerged the area in front of it, blocking those bright feather swords and stopping them in midair.

“Brother Lion, what is the meaning of this?” The Rainbow Luan’s face dropped, seeming extremely unpleased.

“Brother Luan, there is no need to take things too far. There is no need for such force.” The Nine-Headed Lion spoke. If it was anyone else, then whatever. However, this Luan’s grandparents were quite close to the Nine Spirit King, so the lion was not willing to see it suffer from bad luck.

The little guy got annoyed and said, “Little bro, why are you blocking me from my prey? This type of strange bird is extremely rare. I think that it will be extremely tasty.”

The Rainbow Luan’s feathers stood up one by one. Multicolored light flickered, and its eyes were scarlet red as it said, “Human, say that again!”

The little guy didn’t even pay it any attention, not opening his mouth again. He directly walked forward with large steps, replacing words with action. He closed in on the Rainbow Luan, darkening its little face. He hated being threatened by other creatures the most.

The surrounding creatures were shocked. This human youth was so powerful! Was he truly not afraid of the Rainbow Luan, and truly wanted to eat it?

“Human, you are too arrogant…” Before that Rainbow Luan even made another move, the expert from the three eyed race once again spoke. A cold smile hung from the corners of its lips.

‘If the other person doesn’t provoke me, then I wouldn’t offend that person either.” The little guy turned around and said towards them, “Didn’t I say this before? You two are humanoids, and I don’t want to eat you, so don’t irritate me!”

The two individuals from the three eyed race immediately darkened their faces. It was always them who threatened others, and there was no one who dared to yap their mouths about eating them or not before.

“Today, no one take action. Let us do it!” The voice came from the three eyed race, and two brothers said this in a heavy tone.

“It really was you. We meet again.” Right at this moment, a cold sou sou cold laugh rang out. A strange snake that was several meters long appeared. It wasn’t that thick, but it was still astonishing.

Its body was scarlet red, and it appeared as if it was cast out of divine gold. Below the head region, its body began to divide into two bodies. It had six legs and four wings. Scales covered its body densely, eccentric and sinister.

This was an Archaic descendant — Feiyi. Within Broken Sky City, it had met the little guy once before. In the past, it directly smashed its tail over, provoking and attacking the little guy, almost sparking conflict.

“Snake, you’re doing this again. If you provoke me one more time, then I won’t be able to forgive you anymore,” warned the little guy.

Thick mists curled up within the majestic mountain gates, and strands of precious light flew out. According to legend, those were all powerful precious artifacts that had long developed intelligence. They were absolutely dazzling.

Meanwhile, numerous creatures were waiting outside the mountain gate. They were crowded there, yet none of them dared to act blindly without thinking. They didn’t go in immediately, and currently, many people’s eyes were drawn towards the little guy’s group.

The Feiyi coldly snorted. Its scarlet blood red body flickered with light, and its two eyes were incomparably ice cold as it said, “This is not Broken Sky City. Without your elder’s protection, it really isn’t the time for you to act so unbridled.”

“Wu, it really is lively here. It has been a long time since a member of the human race has dared to challenge creatures like us.” A big Flame Crow spoke. It’s entire body was black, and was emitting strands of black flames. It was also a former acquaintance of the Nine-Headed Lion.

The Nine-Headed Lion was getting a headache. This time, things were too crazy. These were all powerful species, and moreover, they all came from extremely powerful races. Now that they were all gathered together, they were definitely up to no good.

“Big red!” The little guy shouted. At this time, he did not have any fear. On the contrary, he was extremely stirred up. He blinked his large eyes and stared at the group of Archaic species while wiping away his saliva.

“I’m over here.” The big red bird eagerly appeared, moving forward.

“Hurry up. Wash that black pot of yours clean and boil a pot of water. Prepare for a great meal!” Demanded the little guy.

The big red bird frowned. That was its precious artifact. Although it looked like a black pot, it was actually carved from a bird egg. It was rich with precious energy, and was priceless. However, it became relieved soon after. It raised its brows in delight and laughed with its eyes when it thought of cooking a pot of Archaic descendants. Would he really miss such a great meal?

“Alright! I’ll start boiling the water!” It looked everywhere, searching for a source of water. In the end, it found a spring beside the mountain gate.

The Rainbow Luan had already waited for an extremely long time. It was about to flap its wings over, but was instead stopped by a golden light. The Nine-Headed Lion firmly held it back. No matter what, it had to protect this bird due to the relationship between their two races.

“You crossed the line of death, so you only have yourself to blame!” The three eyed race brothers directly took action without any hesitation.

The space between his brows flourished magnificently with rays of light, emitting an astonishing blue light. The little guy lifted up a boulder that weighed over ten thousand jin, smashing it into that blue light. With a pu  sound, the boughter immediately smashed apart in the sky. It transformed into dust, scattering onto the ground. This type of astonishing power made the group of creatures feel their hearts alarmed and their bodies leaping; they felt waves of fear.


The little guy lifted his hand, and a golden light flourished from within his palm. Lightning hacked out, colliding with that blue light. The air immediately exploded into a lump of dazzling light. The shower of radiance scattered down, falling on the ground and on top of the rocks. Waves of pupu sounds rang out, and deep and terrifying holes appeared on the ground.

“He has a few skills.” The three eyed race expert used some strength to step on the ground, immediately causing this region of the great earth to rupture. That black crack extended out over ten zhang, and it was clear how terrifying the strength of its flesh was.

His head of blue hair fluttered about as he suddenly soared into the air. His two arms unfolded, swooping down. It was as if a great Peng was spreading its wings, incomparably oppressive; that type of terrifying aura was extremely intimidating.

Everyone became incomparably fearful. He was angry. It was simply as if a mountain torrent erupted, rushing out from within those ten thousand great mountains. No one was willing to get caught up by it!

“Too powerful! It’s as if the true human form appeared!”

“How could it be this powerful? The three eyed race was indeed shocking, and they are worthy of being known as one of the tyrannical races. Their heavenly talents are different, and other creatures can’t compare.”

All of the creatures were exclaiming in admiration.

The three eyed race genius swooped over, bringing with it a gale. From the ground, sand flew and rocks rolled. Clouds and mists surged. Moreover, multicolored light flickered, shocking people to the extreme.

Right as everyone’s hearts were trembling and in shock, the Nine-Headed Lion couldn’t watch any longer. It turned around and faced the other way. This was because he knew just how terrifying the fighting strength of the little guy’s physical body was. Just use your precious artifacts … Why do you have to rush over? He began to feel sympathy for the three eyed expert.


Blue light shone brilliantly, and the three eyed expert dropped down from the sky with his feet stamping downward, aiming for the little guy’s forehead. This was the ultimate finishing move; to smash apart the opponent’s head.

The little guy’s pure eyes lit up. Facing this type of attack, he stood his ground without moving. He simply lifted his hand to erase those bright blue symbols. Following that, with a peng sound, he caught the three eyed expert’s ankle with a terrifying divine shackling force. Then, he furiously spun him in a circular motion before smashing him into the ground.

Streaks of cracks extended out from the ground. The humanoid creature smashed into a rock, causing dust and smoke to rise. Its body was convulsing and spitting out loud mouthfuls of blood.

All types of geniuses from great races were petrified. None of them thought that it would be like this, as the discrepancy from start to finish was too great.

The three eyed race’s expert rushed out, wanting to crush the little guy under his feet. In the end, however, he were caught by the human youth as if he was grabbing a little chick, directly flinging him into the rocky ground; this was too terrifying.


The three eyed expert rolled his eyes and almost passed out. Even though his body was strong, causing the rocks to crack open, its body was still in great pain. Blood spewed out from his mouth, yet he wanted to struggle up.

However, the little guy grasped his ankle, once again spinning him around and smashed him with a hong sound on top of a huge boulder. This time, the tree eyed expert directly went unconscious, and quite a few bones were fractured.

“Release my brother!”

The other three eyed race expert was furious. His two hands moved out, and the blue light was like a blade as it sliced apart the heaven and earth. It quickly flew out, attacking towards the middle of the little guy’s back.


The little guy used the captive in his hands to block his back, resulting in a bloody flash of light. The individual in his hand released a miserable cry, waking up from his unconscious state; it was almost hacked in half.

“Brother!” The other three eyed expert cried out in alarm. His eye sockets were about to split as he attacked forward violently.

The little guy turned around while carrying his captive. His entire body erupted in golden lightning, using everything he had. This sea of lightning erupted suddenly, and it began to hack in front of him.


The three eyed expert’s attack was disintegrated, and he began to spray out large mouthfuls of blood as he staggered backwards.

This was extremely astonishing. You have to understand that the little guy used all of his strength as if it was some large scale battle. However, he was not shot dead. Instead, he only trembled a bit and coughed out blood, with a bit of its body charred black. It’s race’s precious techniques and symbols were truly astonishing.

The little guy was dissatisfied. This attack did not achieve the anticipated result.

However, in the other people’s eyes, it was completely different. This was simply too terrifying. This was only one attack, yet it actually severely wounded an expert from the powerful three eyed race!

With a shua sound, the little guy rushed out. Symbols covered the sky, enshrouding the area in front of him. The three eyed expert that had been severely injured previously naturally couldn’t fight back. By getting closer, it naturally made the situation even more dangerous.

With a hong sound, the three eyed expert was blasted flying. Its entire body was scorched black, giving off strands of white smoke. He fell on the ground an twitched a bit before never being able to stand up again.

The little guy threw the brother to the side. The two of them lied next to each other side by side, both of them unable to stand after receiving grave injuries.

Everyone there became overwhelmed in shock. This was too savage… It was only a few moves too, yet he already took care of two genius experts.

“Why are you a humanoid? I hate these types of Archaic descendants!” The little guy grumbled, and seemed extremely angry.

Everyone became stupefied. He truly did want to eat them…

“What about that Luan bird? I want to eat it the most. Regardless of whether I roast it or stew it, both ways would definitely taste really good.” The little guy turned around and stared at that gorgeously colored and beautifully winged divine bird descendant.

At this time, the Rainbow Luan bird became a bit apprehensive. Such a strong pair of brothers were unexpectedly defeated like this. They were directly mowed down, and even if died it still wouldn’t believe it.

“Wei, I’m talking about you. Get in the pot already.” The little guy shouted in discontent as he closed in on the Luan.

“You’re too rampant! I’m going to risk it all against you!” The Rainbow Luan angrily rebuked him, throwing off the Golden Lion’s arm. It spread its wings into the sky, emitting light from its entire body as it covered the sky in symbols.

The little guy concentrated his gaze, getting ready to confront the bird.

However, right at this moment, a ray of scarlet multicolored light rushed out. It was incomparably terrifying, striking towards the back of his head without a single sound or aura. It was hot and sinister, wanting to pierce through his skull.

The Feiyi took action, spitting out a flying sword that had flaming light curling around it. It was only the length of a palm, yet its aura was astonishing. The blade was a glistening scarlet.


The little guy moved sideways, avoiding the sword radiance. His finger struck the body of the blade, wanting to seize it. However, this blade’s spirit was quite strong, quickly dodging him. Moreover, it erupted in endless flames, burning his arm.

A great battle was about to erupt like this. The symbols from the Luan descended from the skies, and the Feiyi on the ground took action. One bird one snake moved quickly and violently like lightning, both of them radiating magnificent rays of light.


The little guy didn’t hold back. He used the Suan Ni’s precious bone mirror to blast out an enormous lightning, frying the Luan’s feathers into and scorching a region black.

“Kill!” The Luan was furious. It opened its mouth to spit out a rainbow-colored precious fan. It was made out of feathers, and with a honglong sound, a ray of multicolored flew out. It created a huge crater in the ground.


The little guy avoided it. Electric radiance flew out, and his primary target was the Feiyi. This snake was extremely sinister, and it was better to eliminate it earlier.


Scarlet red clouds lingered about, and that flying sword once again attacked with an explosion of fiery radiance. If one examined it more carefully, they would find that it was actually polished out of a fierce tooth, and that its radiance was as red and sparkling as a cornelian.

When a Feiyi is born into the world, it would inevitably create a huge drought. That was because they thoroughly understood the fire dao precious methods. The scarlet fierce teeth flying sword was wrapped in fiery light. It immediately hacked down, and the great earth cracked open with a honglong sound. The small chink it made was astonishing, directly splitting apart over a hundred zhang outwards.

Even the little guy was startled. He quickly evaded to the side, narrowly avoided being pierced. Moreover, he almost fell into that several meter wide crevice. He began to treat these two enemies in this battle seriously.

The little guy’s main focus was on the Feiyi, and wanted to get rid of it first. Rays of lightning circulated his body, forming a golden-colored shadow as he dashed out. His hand held the bone mirror, and struck out like thunder.

At this moment, everyone was shocked into a sense of loss. His current appearance was like that of a young deity. Glaring golden light covered his body, and his attack power was powerful to the point of making people tremble.

The Feiyi immediately felt its scalp going numb. It absolutely never thought that the little guy would be so many times more terrifying than when it first met him. It also broke through after coming inside, and wanted to devour the precious blood in this human youth. He never expected to have ended up kicking this iron plate.

However, its cultivation was still extremely terrifying. At the very least, it could be considered outstanding among the Archaic species, and it rarely had a worthy opponent.

It did everything it could to resist, and great flames overflowing into the heavens. The entire artifact was submerged in fiery light. Scarlet multicolored light danced about, and precious techniques flew about in chaos. It tore apart this great earth, causing the mountain rocks to shatter.

That fierce teeth emitted light, transforming into a flying sword. It weaved in and out, and originally, even the little guy didn’t dare to face it head on, making the group of creatures feel waves of terror.


Suddenly, the little guy took action, meeting the scarlet glistening flying sword head on. He erupted with countless symbols and rays of lightning. He wanted to subdue this precious artifact, creating kengqiang sounds.

The Feiyi’s expression changed. After more than ten bouts within this great battle, it already had thoughts of fleeing. Precious techniques shot out, and the fiery radiance was heaven overflowing; neither of them could do much to the other party. This was the result of the Luan bird attacking cooperatively from the sky. The Feiyi was about to run away.

“You want to leave? It’s not that easy!”

A divine moon suddenly appeared behind the little guy’s back, silver white and resplendent. It flew out in that instant, colliding with that Feiyi’s scarlet divine sword.

With a weng sound ringing out, the silver splendor became hazy. The silver moon surrounded the scarlet and crystalline flying sword, imprisoning it inside and preventing it from flying away.

Following the little guy’s increase in strength, his comprehension and understanding of precious techniques became deeper by another level.

The Feiyi’s expression changed. This precious artifact absolutely could not be lost. It was created from its own most powerful symbol bone. It personally refined it for over a dozen years before changing it into the shape of a flying sword.

It rushed forward, wanting to seize it back. The fiery radiance burned ever more fiercely, becoming incomparably dazzling. It caused the ground to change into magma, continuously boiling.

“Mine, mine, they are all mine!” The little guy was happy, collecting back the silver moon. This time, he did not use the golden bone shears, so it didn’t ruin the other party’s precious artifact. He finally obtained an excellent and intact weapon.

“Give it back to me!” The Feiyi was raging, and its expression was fierce.


A streak of golden light flew out, and the pair of dragon shears was still sent out. With a pu sound, a stroke of bloody light emerged. The Feiyi was almost snapped apart, and fresh blood flowed.


Following that, the little guy flipped his hand, and the sparkling and translucent snow white bone mirror shone out. Lightning interweaved, this time completely exploding on that severely injured Feiyi’s body; it had difficulty defending itself.


The Feiyi miserably cried out. Its entire body was scorched black and it flew out horizontally; it was difficult for it to get up.

Meanwhile, the little brought out the golden bone shears again. It rushed into the heavens, hacking towards the Luan in midair.

This entire string of attacks and movements flowed smoothly. From when the Feiyi was suddenly struck by the bone shears to when the shears once again rose up, it was fast to the point where others couldn’t react quickly enough.

A streak of golden light streaked across, and with a pu sound, the Luan in the sky shouted loudly. Rainbow feathers fell down, and its leg was wounded. Roughly a dozen jin of flesh fell down. At the same time, its wings were tangled around the bone shears. Golden light flickered incessantly, and as kengqiang sounds rang out, it fell down in the end. It tried to run away, but a bloody hole had been cut into one of its wings. A chunk of precious flesh that was still bloody with feathers sticking to it fell down.

Ah… The Rainbow Luan miserably cried out repeatedly, and did not dare descend. It circled about in the air.

Everyone there was shocked. This was only a short period of time, yet four powerful experts had been defeated. This was completely wrong.

“Big red, did you finish preparing?” Asked the little guy.

“It’s done, just waiting for something to go into the pot!” The big red bird cried out from in front of the mountain gate, and had propped up the large pot up a long time ago. The water inside was already boiling.

The little guy wiped away his saliva. He grabbed the chunk of Luan thigh flesh and the chunk of flesh that came from the divine wing. Multicolored light flickered, and auspicious vapors rose. He said, “Roast these two pieces of meat!”

Soon afterwards, he then then arrived in front of the Feiyi. He directly lifted it up, resting it on his shoulders before saying, “Snake soup tastes the best. I think I will just stew it.”

He dragged his spoils of war and walked towards that mountain gate. He greeted the Nine-Headed Lion and said, “Little bro, come on. I’m inviting you to eat.”

Along the way, there wasn’t a single genius from the large races who didn’t back off. This was too savage! He really was going to eat it ah… This time, there wasn’t a single person who dared to block him.

Outside the mountain gate, there was a clear spring. After he put down his spoils of war, he washed his filthy little face, revealing his true appearance.

“He is… The devilish brat from the Void God Realm!”

A few of the human geniuses cried out loudly, and they all revealed looks of disbelief.

The little guy revealed his true appearance, and after someone recognized him, it naturally caused everyone to be shocked. This area immediately began to boil with commotion.

In the distance, a golden bird glanced at him from the side. The Suan Ni, Horned Dragon, Pi Xiu, and others were astonished, and were looking at him strangely; however, none of them actually took action.

A butterfly quickly fluttered about, and the Demonic Cattail Tree also swayed; they also acted as observers.

“Truly powerful!” The Bifang spoke to itself, and a glaring radiance erupted within its pupils.

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