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Chapter 139 – Youth’s Ferocity

Numerous creatures waited in front of the towering and great mountain gate. Some of them were densely covered in scales, and others had bright and magnificent feathers. They took in and sent out large amounts of multicolored lights, and all types of powerful species were there, all of them born with different talents.

Yellow mist bubbled forth, and the great earth trembled. There was a huge monster that was more than fifty meters in length with the appearance of a pangolin. However, it had the head of a Flood dragon, and was incomparably dignified. It was flowing with golden multicolored light as it appeared.

Everyone immediately cried out in alarm; this was a Land Dragon! As long as it stood on the great earth, its strength would be incredibly great. It could move mountains and drain seas, and was exceptionally terrifying.


An entirely black Violent Ape appeared on top of a mountain. It roared towards the sky, and its voice roared like a tsunami; it made people’s hearts tremble with fear. It used its strength to beat its chest, creating an oppressive and astonishing sound that made it seem as if a heavenly drum was ringing out.

With a hong sound, this ten meter tall Violent Ape leapt up, jumping directly from the stone mountain to a neighboring mountaintop. Immediately, it caused smoke and dust to rise into the air, smashing apart the mountain peak. The black hair on its body was black and thick, and it was jumping towards this area.

With a peng sound, the great land immediately cracked outwards. The black Violent Ape roared and hissed, revealing its snow white teeth. Dark light flickered about, circling around its body and giving it a ferocious and malevolent appearance.

Everyone there had no choice but to move away. This Violent Ape was too fierce, and no one dared to provoke it. It stopped in front of the mountain gate, observing the inside from the elevated position. It did not immediately enter, and continuously roared.

A butterfly flew over, and it was roughly a meter in length. Rainbow light flowed with overflowing color, and it was extremely gorgeous as it arrived and danced about the mountain gate.

Everyone was frightened, and even that Violent Ape no longer uttered a word. It could not stop itself from taking two steps back as it revealed a vigilant expression.

“It is the legendary Crack Demonic Butterfly1!” Light shot out from the big red bird’s eyes. It was a bit nervous, yet it was developing an expectation.

The little guy also began to carefully  watch. The gorgeous stripes covering its body were all mysterious symbols. It was as if they were made by heaven, and even though they looked weak, they were actually incomparably powerful.

According to the records written down within ancient books, when the Archaic Demon Butterfly flapped its wings, it would cause cracks in ten thousand li of clear sky and shake the earth. It was so powerful that there was nothing else like it.

In the distance, a large golden bird glanced over. In addition, there was also an unusual green bird that continuously stared at the Demonic Butterfly.

Bird species had a deadly attraction towards these types of creatures. If they were able to swallow it, then their strength would definitely increase by an entire level. However, if they were killed instead, then it would be a pity.

Hong, hong…

The great earth lightly trembled, and a bronze-colored ant appeared. It was only a zhang in length. Each time it moved, it would immediately cause the great earth to shake and split apart; it was as if a mountain was moving.

“A Divine Ant that descended from the Divine Bug appeared! In the ancient years, they were all grouped together as they moved out, dominating over a few terrifying years. All of them could move mountains and level land, possessing extraordinary strength.” Someone sucked in a cold breath of air.

“Good thing only one came.”

“Impossible, they’ve always stayed in groups. How could there only be one!”

Sure enough, right as his voice dropped, the great earth began to once again tremble. A bronze expanse appeared, and from start to finish, there was a total of twenty of them. All of them were sturdy enough to crush apart the stone mountains.

Within the group, there was a Divine Ant that wasn’t bronze-colored. It was actually silver white, and it flickered with dazzling rays of light, and it was even stronger. As soon as it appeared, it already made people’s hearts palpitate.

“This strength of this bloodline sure is astonishing!” Everyone there began to shiver. This was definitely a terrifying competitor.

Colors flowed in all directions, and a creature that looked like a dandelion appeared. It wasn’t a type of grass, but was rather a glistening branch with fresh leaves. A snow white globe rested on its upper half that sparkled with a crystalline splendor. It was like white feathers, and a few would drop from time to time, floating into the distance.

“Demonic Cattail Tree!”

Many people were horrified. They all backed off in succession, because those white fluffs were deadly. They were known for their cursing powers, and as long as they dropped on top of flesh, then it would immediately take root, sucking out all the divine essence within.

Since ancient years, there was a Demonic Tree that was greatly blessed. It killed many divine creatures, and when its demonic fluff floated down, it would take root within the flesh of deities, sucking dry all the essence energy from their bodies.

Following that, only after the various saints took action was that Demonic Tree killed. However, it still scattered endless saint blood, making that battle extremely difficult.

Although the Demonic Cattail Tree is a botanical creature, its roots seemed like legs. It could use them to walk, and was also extremely fast. Once it arrived here, it directly took root into the ground and began to absorbed the great earth’s spiritual essence, not moving again.

Everyone seemed as if they were avoiding snakes and scorpions, stepping aside and giving it its own area. No one was willing to get closer.

Suddenly, a violent gale swept up violently, causing sand to fly and rocks to roll. A large bird swooped down from the skies, and its body was green. However there were specks of red light glittered about, emitting a brilliant radiance. It’s beak was spotlessly white, and what was the most peculiar was that it only had a single leg. However, when it landed, it was extremely stable, shaking and splitting apart the surface of the ground.

“Bifang2! It’s actually a legendary Bifang!” Someone shouted in alarm.

After everyone heard what was said, their expressions all changed. This type of bird was extremely rare, but within the ancient years, it was definitely a demon lord. It was known as a heavenly ranked demonic bird, invincible and unrivalled.

Everyone there backed up. This demonic bird was exceptionally rare. They did not know whether or not this Bifang’s bloodline was sufficiently pure. Otherwise, if it truly was the young of a heavenly ranked vicious bird, then it was likely that it would be able to eat a genius just by opening its mouth.

The Bifang’s form was similar to that of a crane. Its entire body was green, and specks of scarlet light sparkled about. The bird’s beak was pure white, and dazzling rays of divine radiance revolved around its body.

It casted sidelong glances at everyone, its eyes sweeping over the big golden bird, Suan Ni, Pi Xiu, and Horned Dragon one by one. It stood by itself in an area without moving as it observed what was happening within the gate.

Within the vicinity of the majestic mountain gates, the number of creatures grew larger and larger. There were so many that it was difficult to see all of them. They were all extraordinarily powerful, and were all geniuses from various races.

After arriving here, all of the human race experts became extremely cautious. None of them dared to be careless; otherwise, it was likely that they would be torn apart by a terrifying creature.

“Little bro!” Suddenly, the little guy revealed a happy expression. He had good eyes, and saw saw the Nine-Headed Lion within the group of creatures. It was because the lion was rather eye catching, as its entire body was bright. Its body looked like it was forged out of gold, and no matter where it was, it would still draw attention.

When the Nine-Headed Lion heard this voice, its body immediately went stiff. It was right in the middle of chatting with a few of its close friends. It never would have thought that it would hear this devil-like voice.

The little guy didn’t care at all, and squeezed his way forward. When the surrounding creatures saw this human, they were all rather annoyed. They were about to get angry, but they never expected this youth to be so ridiculously strong, directly pushing all the experts to the side.

“Human, you are setting foot in a region that you should not be entering!” warned a creature. This area was all for Archaic species, and all of them were extremely powerful; humans did not dare to come here.

“Don’t anger me!” The little guy replied like this, immediately making this group of powerful creatures bewildered.

Hou… A vicious beast angrily roared, emitting its killing intent. Multicolored light flickered all about its fur, and its might spreading out. “I am warning you! Don’t bare your fangs in front of me, or else I’ll eat you!” The little guy suddenly turned around, facing that vicious beast and berating it.

Immediately, this group of creatures were petrified. Did they mishear what was said? These words seemed wrong somehow… Ordinarily, wasn’t it the Archaic beasts that threatened the humans, saying that they would eat them? Why was it the other way around today? Moreover, this devilish brat was still so young!

“Human, are you tired of living?” These vicious beasts charged forward, and symbols poured down in torrents like a great flood.

The little guy did not say anything else, kicking towards the ten types of symbols flying towards him. Like an ocean wave, it swept out. With a peng sound, the sole of his feet collided into that vicious beast.

Right when everyone thought that his leg was going to be devoured, that tyrannical vicious beast instead began to miserably cry out. Its mouth was full of shattered teeth, and fresh blood flowed; its enormous body flew out.

The other creatures began to move out of the way. This vicious beast smashed into the ground with a hong sound, not getting up again. Its mouth was fractured, and it incessantly howled in grief.

Within the group of Archaic species, there wasn’t a single one who wasn’t fearful of such a powerful human youth. It was a mere kick, yet it immediately took care of a vicious beast.

“Don’t provoke me!” The little guy seemed to be a bit annoyed as he puffed his cheeks. He stared with his large eyes, running them over the Archaic species.

Following that, he walked forward, directly pushing aside these powerful races. He pushed them to the side, and walked forward, appearing incredibly valiant.

The group of Archaic species were completely dumbstruck. Exactly who was the vicious beast ah? This child was too savage! He entered their region that no others dared to walk into, impatiently pushing them to the side.

Everything was truly flipped around to the point where they couldn’t believe what was happening!

In the distance, the group of human geniuses were also struck dumb from seeing this. Even if they had a powerful individual in their group who did not fear Archaic species, they still would not be this aggressive!

This child was too savage!

The little guy cleared the way in front of him, and the big red bird jolted its buttocks eagerly as it followed behind him. It was extremely cocky, saying, “Move aside, move aside. You never met a savage child yet right? Get out of the way, quickly, don’t blame me for not warning you guys. Those who don’t consider carefully will all be eaten!”

The group of creatures were all a bit stunned. They dug at their ears to make sure that they weren’t hearing wrong. The human child was really going to eat them? It really overturned their impressions of the human race.

Above all, when they saw that this big red bird was clearly a powerful Archaic species, yet it was still so eagerly attentive, the creatures who were originally about to erupt in anger held themselves back.

The sable summoned its courage, and also began to follow along. It was a bit terrified. Even though it was powerful, following behind this savage child still made it feel fear and trepidation. This was simply too intrepid.

The little guy traveled across and arrived. He had a pure smile on his face as he said, “Little bro!”

The Nine-Headed Lion’s entire body was rigid. It truly did not want to meet this devilish brat again. It felt that its neck was a bit numb, and turned around its head with difficulty.

“You’re still alive?” It had a complicated expression on its face. Towards this savage child, it felt anger and annoyance, yet also feel a bit of gratitude. Although many things happened along the way to make it thoroughly resentful, at the crucial moment, the other party still risked his life to block four experts, creating a road of life for it.

“Of course! Of those four fellows, I got rid of two of them.” The little guy spoke without the least bit of concern.

When the Nine-Headed Lion heard this, it immediately stared blankly. Under such dangerous circumstances, this savage child was still able to strike back? However, after seeing him leaping and frisking about like before and appearing here, what he said was most likely not false.

“Little bro, it’s good that nothing happened to you. I was scared that you encountered danger.” The little guy walked over, and patted its golden and resplendent clawed arm.

Those Archaic species that previously stood in the little guy’s way almost had their jaws drop to the ground. They were scared until their eyeballs were about to fall out; the little bro he was calling out to was actually the Nine-Headed Lion?

Numerous creatures became foolish. This was the descendant of an Archaic divine king who was known for slaughter! Its bloodline was incomparably powerful, and normal creatures wouldn’t even dare to get close.

A human youth was actually this carefree, calling it… Little bro!

The Nine-Headed Lion’s entire body was brilliant. It angrily stared with its two eyes, and its might was astonishing. It was about to flare-up; to be called little bro in front of so many Archaic species, it really had no face.

“Little bro, are you being hostile towards me? Don’t blame me for being impolite!” The little guy widened his eyes, and no longer cared. He began to take steps forward, staring at that powerful creature whose body was burning with golden light.

The Nine-Headed Lion carried a terrifying dignity. It stared forward, but the moment their eyes met, it immediately withered. It truly was scared of this this devilish brat going crazy, beating it up in the process. In a soft voice, it said, “We’re friends, so of course we have to act friendly, but can you please not address me like that?”

“What are you scared of? You’re my little bro, so what is there to be worried about? Who dares to laugh at you?” The little guy swept his eyes over the surroundings.

No one from the group of creatures that blocked him before laughed, and all felt their bodies turning cold.

However, in front, there were a few Archaic descendants who couldn’t believe it, and one of them sneered. “I say, Golden Lion, did you really make a human your older brother? It truly is humiliating.”

“Right? As brothers that have interacted with you, if you make a human your senior, how can we endure this?”

The two who spoke were from the same race. They had human bodies, but their head regions were not quite the same. It was a bit bigger, and between their brows was actually an extra vertical eye.

These were experts from the three eyed race, and were considered Archaic descendants. They were blood brothers, and entered the Hundred Shattering Mountains together. Their strength was shockingly tyrannical.

“I say, Nine-Headed Lion, you make us too shocked. To actually find a human youth as your senior brother, is he blackmailing you somehow? Do you want me to help you eat him?” At this time, a Luan bird opened its mouth. Its wings were brightly colored, flickering with rainbow rays of light.

This was definitely a tyrannical species. Its race was the impressive and well known Archaic divine bird. Back then, its power shocked everything under the heavens, and it rarely met worthy adversaries.

“You two stay on the side.” The little guy was extremely dauntless, and after speaking, he immediately pressed forward. He pointed at the three eyed race experts and said, “Count yourselves lucky. I don’t eat humanoid creatures, so stand on the side!”

He loudly berated, not putting these two great experts in his eyes at all. This obviously caused a sensation, drawing the attention of countless creatures.

“You!” He pointed at the Rainbow Luan bird and said, “Think. Are you ready to be roasted or boiled? I will give you the opportunity to choose.”

Immediately, a huge commotion erupted outside the mountain gate. Regardless of whether it was the humans or geniuses from other races, they were all shocked. Chatter sprung up everywhere.

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