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Chapter 138 – Descendants of the Martial Imperial Family

It was a sable roughly a zhang in length1. Its entire body was purple and sparkling, and its pair of eyes were like rubies, transparent and brilliant. It traversed through the mountain forest, appearing at this location.

A group of young experts also sped along. They took out their precious artifacts, attacking in front of them. They wanted to subdue this young Archaic descendant.

“What a spirited creature! This sable is not ordinary. If not for the fact that it was injured previously and was seriously hurt, this group of people would most likely not be able to do anything to it.” The big red bird was amazed.

This was a rarely seen Archaic species. Its spiritual influence pressured everyone, and there was no lack of demonic aura. Between its brows was a vertical eye. It was not known what type of creature it fought with to sustain that injury, as there was a terrifying claw scar.

“Quickly withdraw. The Martial Imperial Family will capture that Archaic species, don’t obstruct us!” The person who was charging in front loudly shouted.

The little guy jumped down from the bird’s back and stood on the ground. He completely ignored them, and stared at the sable that was being surrounded. He felt that it was definitely a type of tonic medicine.

“We are talking to you! Did you not hear us?!” One of them shouted, rushing towards this area. That person wanted to seal off that golden passageway, preventing that sable from stepping over towards another region.

The little guy continued to ignore them like before, appearing rather uncommunicative.

The group of people revealed their anger, and walked forward. Their expressions were callous. One of them stared at that big red bird and said in astonishment, “Fire Yunque, it’s also an Archaic species.”

“We are talking to you. Did you hear us even once?” The leader of that group had thick eyebrows and big eyes, and he was extremely buff. He seemed to be around fifteen or sixteen, and his heroic spirit pressed outwards as he watched this area closely.

The little guy looked at this group of people while in deep contemplation. He wanted to find their figures within his dusty memory, since there was a chance that they met before when he was younger. However, even though he was trying to remember, he still couldn’t find any traces of them. Eight or so years had passed, and all of those former children were now heroic youth, becoming substantially different.

Perhaps this group of people weren’t part of the children he saw back then.

Before the little guy fell ill, there were some older cousins who would often play with him. However, after he lost his Supreme Being Bone and became incomparably weak, there were no longer anyone who looked for him; only bullying accompanied.

“Hey, did you hear me?” One of them shouted.

“I heard you. I’m only standing here on the side. The world is so big, so there shouldn’t be a problem if I stand on this ground right?” The little guy spoke.

The big red bird was surprised. This savage child was acting a bit unusual; his state of mind seemed to be a bit gloomy.

“We want you to stay on the side, not allowing you to affect our capturing of the Archaic descendant,” one of of them spoke out.

The little guy’s eyes stood up. He watched them attentively, and did not say anything.

The big red bird couldn’t take it and said, “Why should this grandpa leave? For what reason do I have to get out of the way for you? Who do you guys think you are?”

In the outside world, it was a self-proclaimed king. No creatures dared to provoke it, and it had long acquired the characteristics of a great mountain king. After entering the Hundred Shattering Mountains, it naturally wouldn’t be a pushover.

“What an unbridled bird. It’s also an Archaic descendant, so I think we might as well capture it.” One of them coldly spoke, and already had eyes on the big red bird a long time ago.

The few people heading the group gestured with their hands, and that group of people quickly surrounded the sable. At the same time, seemingly secretly and without gaps, they also targeted the little guy and the big red bird.

The little guy sighed. He gave up recalling his memories, and completely snapped back to reality. His eyes blinked, and with an extremely serious tone, he said, “I’m warning you guys, don’t provoke me!”

“We don’t want to take advantage of anyone. However, you shouldn’t stand here and be such a hinderance. We want to catch the sable, so we ask you to immediately continue on your way. Otherwise, you are responsible for the results.” The leader spoke out, lowering his face.

Behind him, there were a group of people who were staring at the big red bird. They were eager to give it a try, and really wanted to take action to capture it.

“This area is so big, so there should be more than enough space for your battlefield. Don’t be so overbearing, and don’t annoy me.” The little guy spoke bluntly.

“Motherf*cker. What is that brat looking at? If you keep staring at this grandpa, I’m going to stew you!” The big red bird traveled together with the little guy this entire time, and so now, when it threatened others, he also opened his mouth and said that he was going to eat them, stewing them in his mouth.

“Haha… Truly strong-willed. Those who dare to provoke people from my Martial Imperial Family are quite few. After coming to the Hundred Shattering Mountains, you guys are the first!” Some of them began to laugh loudly.

“What more is there to say? Seize them. I feel that this Fire Yunque is not bad, so capture it. After domesticating it, it will become quite an extraordinary mount.” The group of people laughed as they spoke, wanting to besiege them.

The big red bird’s face darkened. Originally, its mood was already quite terrible, and so now it was even worse as it spoke, “You dare to have thoughts on this grandpa, you guys wash yourself clean and prepare to enter the pot.”

The group of people’s faces were cold and detached as they pressed forward.

“I will say it again. Don’t provoke me.” The little guy also said this one more time.

“Who do you think you are? Do you think you are our clan’s Shi Yi or something? Do you think you are shoulder to shoulder with those who have the bloodlines of deities, and can show contempt towards us? If not, then you will suffer the consequences!” The few who were leading the group wore cold and detached expressions.

“I’ll discipline you guys a bit on behalf of the Martial Imperial Family.” The little guy’s expression was calm as he walked over with long strides.

“That’s going to happen to you! You dare say these words!” The group of people were angry. From their perspective, this was a provocation directed at the Martial Imperial Family.

The group of young geniuses soared up, throwing themselves forward. They opened their mouths and hissed, and as symbols surged, they surrounded the little guy.

The little guy was calm and composed. He lifted his hands, and with a slap, the symbols that filled the skies were extinguished. Strands of lightning radiance were emitted from his hands, curling up around that person’s body and directly pulling them over.

“Ah…” That youth loudly cried out, and his entire body was giving off white smoke. His four limbs twitched, and was thrown down at the little guy’s feet.

Everyone was shocked. This was like meeting face to face for the first time! One of their talented and accomplished members was dropped; this youth really wasn’t ordinary!

The leading members walked out, their eyes like lightning. Their hands began to move about, and a ripple immediately appeared. A Flood Dragon was displayed, drawing out an arc as it appeared. They took out their precious methods and began to attack the little guy.

The little guy stood where he was, and did not move. His palms emitted light, directly sending out a streak of lightning. The golden lightning caused that Flood Dragon attack to continuously tremble, ultimately erasing it.

“So powerful!”

The Martial Imperial Family’s youth all revealed concentrated expressions. This time, they might have met a fierce obstacle.


That youth once again made his move, quickly taking out a piece of beast skin. It emitted a precious light from symbols, placing in on his arm. It unexpectedly merged together, becoming a part of his body.


He was shouting, and his stature got taller by a large level. In addition, thick scales appeared on his arm, forming the claw of a Flood Dragon. It was extremely thick, and it slashed its way over.

The little guy was shocked. The opposing party had a precious artifact, and it was originally the skin of a Flood Dragon. It merged with his body, forming a Flood Dragon claw.

The bulky Flood Dragon claw was covered in scales, and it was strong enough to cut open mountains and shatter stones. The little guy dodged to the side, and that arm claw caused a large boulder that was a over ten thousand jin to violently split apart. Smoke and dust rose into the air.

It was obvious that this youth’s identity wasn’t ordinary. This was because his precious artifact was rare. Even if it was the Martial Imperial Family, they still wouldn’t prepare a primitive symbol bone for every child.

This group of people also only had two precious artifacts, but those who carried them were all quite extraordinary.

“Good! Suppress him!” A group of youth were surging with enthusiasm.

The thick and bulky Flood Dragon claw destroyed everything in its way. It held extraordinary strength, and it once again began to attack.

The little guy coldly snorted and no longer dodged. He saw through this precious artifact’s strength. His palm emitted light, and as lightning interweaved, his bare hands welcomed the attack.


A violent quake rang out, and the little guy did not move a single jolt. However, that youth that brought out the tremendous force with the help of the precious artifact still suffering incomparably. His face turned pale, and began to retreat backwards step by step.

His entire arm was spasming! At the same time, that beast skin fell off. It separated from his flesh, and its luster began to dim.

“Your bare arm can actually make precious artifacts tremble?” The group of youth were all dumbstruck. What type of terrifying strength was this?

The little guy threw an attack forward, his speed too fast. He carried over a gale, causing sand to fly and rocks to roll; it was as if an Archaic vicious beast was covering the sky.

“Not good!” That youth loudly shouted. Despite the fact that he was doing everything he could to resist, his symbols were still erased like before. That youth was too terrifying. Dropping down from the sky, he directly seized that beast skin and grabbed his neck along the way. Flinging with a sudden force, he was thrown down, landing not far from the youth that had been captured previously.

His heart was angry to the extreme. Right when he wanted to rebel, a foot stepped down, stamping down on his chest. Moreover, electric light erupted, and golden lightning pierced through his body. It made him twitch and suffer a severe blow; it was difficult for him to budge an inch.

“Let’s go up together and arrest him!” The people from the Martial Imperial Family knew that this time, they kicked an iron plate. This youth was powerful beyond common sense. He far surpassed his peers, and it was likely that only those who were much older could make him surrender.

The group of people made their moves, and all types of symbols danced about. In addition, a beast horn appeared, and it was also a precious artifact. With wuwu sounds that made people’s souls frightened, it emitted a scarlet red ray of light.

The big red bird glanced over, and immediately became excited. It prepared to go up and take advantage of the crisis.

The little guy stopped him, and did the job himself.

This battle was extremely fierce. Following that, six and seven people began to fight, and in the end, even those who were originally surrounding the sable came over, attacking the little guy together.

The big red bird was watching the fight. At the same time, that sparkling purple Archaic species called it over, wanting to discuss something with it.

Symbols flickered within the battlefield, and rays of electricity filled the sky. From time to time, there would also be precious artifacts sparkling, causing more and more shouts of pain.

The Martial Imperial Family’s people were truly formidable. They were all powerful, and did not contradict their statuses. However, it was a pity that they met the little guy; they were destined to meet a tragedy.

Although the fight was fierce, the end result was unbearably ugly. The group of people were all beaten until their mouths and noses were bleeding. They were bruised and riddled with scars, becoming more or less like a pig head.

All of them had bloody noses and swollen faces. Their heads were full of large blisters, and no one knew just how many times they were smacked around by that little guy. These people were beaten until they were crawling and rolling, as none of them could stand up.

In the end, the little guy piled them up together and formed a human pile. He sat on the very top and asked, “Convinced?”

The group of people loudly snorted. As a result, they provoked around a dozen thick streams of lightning. The electricity made them tremble once again, spitting out foam from their mouths.

“I’m giving you guys a lesson. Don’t think that you yourselves are all that. For people like you, the number that comes at me is the number I will take care of,” the little guy said.

These people were simply ashamed to the point of hiding their faces. They were individuals born within the Martial Imperial Family! Normally, they could be considered to be above their peers, yet now, why did they end up collapsing at the first blow?

Moreover, the one who was doing this was younger than them by a few years; this truly was a type of extraordinary shame and humiliation.

“Still unconvinced? Are you biting me?” The big red bird moved up, and using one of its wings like a hand, it began to random smash about with the black pot. These people immediately began to miserably shout again.

The little guy did not sympathize at all, allowing it to do as it pleased.

“Is the Martial Imperial Family that formidable? Aren’t you getting beaten while being sat on by my butt?!” The big red bird sat on top of the group of people, smashing about as if they were ping pong balls. It beat the group of people until they were badly battered, and their bad tempers disappeared.

“You guys are behaving so well.” In the end, the little guy gave each of them a kick. He kicked these guys into rolling calabashes, stepping on their bodies before leaving.

“Who are you?!” The group of people were resentful, yet they were shocked at the same time. How old was he? Yet he was still so terrifying, it was simply like Shi Yi two to three years ago!

“Fourth brother, sixth brother, and ninth brother, you guys go separately. You all will go into the forbidden land alone to find them and let them know that there is such a terrifying youth.”

“Cousin Shi Yi is there. This time, we lost too much face. If we cannot defeat him, then wouldn’t it mean that we have no one backing up our Martial Imperial Family?!”

The group of people all had black eyes. Their mouths were crooked, and their eyes were slanted. They were swelling like a pig’s head, and all of them were extremely indignant.

In the distance, the little guy stared at the sable and wiped away his salive. He always felt that stewing it would definitely taste good; after all, it was an Archaic descendant.

Regardless, this sable was extremely grateful towards them. It acted rather intimately, making them too embarrassed to stew it.

“What did you say? There are some historical remains, and within them are all precious artifacts, sword mountains, beast horns, divine rings, and more? That they are all capable of flight, and have developed intelligence a long time ago?” The little guy was shocked.

The sable did indeed escape from that area. A great amount of the most powerful geniuses were fighting it out, and even though it was powerful, it still almost suffered a fatal blow, an inch away from losing its life.

“Correct, those historical remains are one of the Hundred Shattering Mountains’ most important areas. It is also one of the most precious lands!” The sable said.

“What are you waiting for? Let’s hurry!” The big red bird couldn’t sit still any more.

“No wonder the outer regions were so desolate. I didn’t see that many people. It turns out that all of the geniuses left for those places, fighting it out within those historical remains and precious lands,” said the little guy to himself.

They once again set out, leaving through the golden passageway. They continuously charged forward, continuously passing through eight regions. They passed through eight golden gates in succession, running through vast regions.

Along the way, the amount of experts they met increased in frequency, and it became more and more lively.

Sure enough, the closer they got to the heart of the Hundred Shattering Mountain’, the more powerful creatures they met. Geniuses began to appear in large numbers.

In the end, they passed through a total of twenty four regions. Along the way, they fought through many battles because the number of geniuses from the various clans began to increase. It was impossible to avoid conflict, resulting in explosive battles.

This trip took up many days before they finally entered the desolate region.

There was no vegetation here, and there was a lack of life. The great land was scarlet red, as if it was contaminated by blood.

However, this area was not quiet at all. There were too many geniuses rushing over, charging towards the center. Clouds and mist curled up around that location, and multicolored light flickered about. It was as if it was a demonic land filled with treasures.

Two stone mountains formed a gate. The region inside was extremely vast, and the black mist took shape, surrounding those large historical remains. From time to time, precious artifacts would fly up, emitting air-shattering sounds.

Outside of the gate formed by the two stone mountains, countless creatures walked over, all of them hesitating as to whether or not they should enter.

The number of creatures here were too numerous. They completely filled up the area outside the mountain gate. The little guy felt a little dizzy when he saw this. There were creatures of all types here; there were golden giant birds, strong creatures, Pi Xiu, and even Suan Ni. There were also human disciples from ancient families, sacred experts, kings from ancient countries, etc.

“Hey, come look! Is that completely golden bird a Peng bird?” The big red bird seemed to be a bit terrified, nudging the little guy.

“It seems like it will taste good.” The little guy’s large eyes flickered, and used his sleeves to wipe his mouth, fearing that his saliva might drip.

The sable was speechless. Along the way, it already realized that this human youth was more savage than Archaic species like itself. He already ate a few powerful Archaic species that dared to provoke him.

‘Come look. Is that horned dragon pure-blooded? Why do I feel that it is extremely terrifying, and that it is carrying some powerful pressure? It shouldn’t really have originated from the Archaic sacred mountains right?”

After arriving here, the big red bird felt as if he didn’t have enough eyes to see everything. At the same time, it was also not as arrogant, holding itself back. That was because the creatures here were numerous, and they were all extremely powerful. The aura they emitted made people’s hearts palpitate.

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