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Chapter 137 – Decisive Victory


Wolf howled rang out through the skies. Many vicious beasts were surprised within the mountain depths. They couldn’t help but raise their heads to look, but they only saw the flapping wings of a big red bird as it flew over.

“What are you looking at? Have you never seen such beautiful wings on a grandeur and tyrannical bird before?” The big red bird casted sidelong glances at them, and had the look of a great hero as he looked down on them.

“What kind of bird is this? Why is it making wolf howls?”

“It’s most likely an illegitimate child. It’s the later generation of a Flame Yunque and a Demonic Wolf.”

Vicious beasts mumbled below, criticising the bird.

The big red bird carried a big black pot on his body. Originally, it was already in a bad mood, so now it was even more upset. It overlooked the vicious beasts within the mountain range below and howled, “What do you bunch of ground beetles understand? My grandpa is a descendant of the divine Vermilion Bird. If you guys dare to randomly discuss, my grandpa will one day exterminate you bunch!”


A violent ape jumped out from within the great valley, reaching over a hundred meters. Its entire body was pitch-black, and its hair was thick and murky. Its vicious aura overflowed into the heavens as it jumped into the skies, clawing towards this big red bird.

The big red bird cried out with a strange shout. It scampered off, frantically fleeing and flapping its wings with all its might. That violent ape’s enormous palm swiped past, almost scratching it. The big red bird’s body transformed into a ray of fiery light as it disappeared from above that mountain range, its body wet with cold sweat.

“What kind of rotten place is this, too dangerous. This grandpa is known as a leading king in the large outside world, yet why am I always being bullied here? In the past, I was always the one pressuring others.” The big red bird was extremely angry, and his bad temper almost exploded.

The little guy and Xiao Tian were also shocked. Just now, that violent ape was definitely extremely terrifying. It was not something that an ordinary person could defeat, and its cultivation level was profound and mysterious; it could be considered one of the indigenous species here.

After flying this entire time in search of the Rain Clan’s people, they only found a few tiny and insignificant traces.

“Let’s go back to the desert. Who knows, maybe they are still unresigned, remaining there.” The little guy made this speculation.

The large golden desert stretched as far as the eyes could see. The sand flickered with light, blinding people’s eyes. This place was simply too vast and incomparably boundless; it was extremely quiet.

“I’m going to put this out there. Later on, I am not going to fight against those old folks. They’re too terrifying, and I think my life is more important,” said the big red bird.

“If something goes wrong, you just have to escape while carrying us,” said the little guy.

The waves of heat surged, and even the scenery seemed to become distorted. They entered the depths of the abyss to carefully search, and at the same time, the little guy wanted to find the True Supreme Water one more time.

“This container of divine liquid is at least several jin in weight, enough for us to divide.” Xiao Tian understood what the little guy wanted to do. Getting close to the True Supreme Water was extremely dangerous.

“The more the better. I still feel like the amount is not abundant enough,” said the little guy. Other than his need, he also thought back to Stone Village. Bending his fingers one by one, he said, “Grandpa Chief, Uncle Hu’s family, Dazhuang, Ermeng, Pihou…”

“That’s right. How could these types of things ever be in excess?” interrupted the big red bird.

“It’s none of your business.” The silver-gowned youth spoke. Along the way, it became cautious toward this bird, as if he was guarding against a thief.

“Heavens, if you let me die, then whatever. This suffering is killing me! How could I, such a pure and innocent divine bird, have fallen to this extent?!” The big red bird felt incredibly wronged. It wanted to grind its teeth and bite the little guy a few times.

“Quiet down!” The little guy seemed to have heard some sounds.

The big red bird hastily pressed close to the floor. Following that, it carefully passed through a sand dune. While gazing forward, it shouted and said, “There’s an old fellow who is being carried by several little guys.”

Yu Wentian’s face had constantly been gloomy these past few days. His heart was bitter, and he was often gnashing his teeth. He really wanted to catch that devilish brat as soon as possible, giving him a painful death.

He was already sixty years old, and his cultivation was shockingly high. This time, he restricted his own cultivation realm, yet before he even made any accomplishments, he lost both his legs and became a cripple; this really was a crushing defeat.

Moreover, right when he was about to obtain the True Supreme Water, that hateful youth dropped down from the sky, obliterating the Rain Clan’s dream to rise in power. It made him completely irritable and angry.

“Don’t let me see you again. Otherwise, I will definitely crush your bones, slowly tormenting you to death!

There were still a few guys and girls on the side, and they were all Rain Clan geniuses. Two of them were in charge of lifting a chair, carrying Yu Wentian across the desert.

As for this elder’s bitterness, they expressed their understanding. After all, he was someone whose cultivation was always astonishing, yet it had to be opressed here, not allowed to be put to use. He was tormented terribly by that child, making him lose his legs; he was naturally resentful.

“Sister Zimo already left to invite cousin Shi Yi. If he comes over, then as long as he relies on his eyes that can see through the void, the we can definitely quickly find that devilish brat.”

“I hope you can invite cousin Shi Yi over. I’m not sure if he broke away from the forbidden land. If he obtained a heavenly bone, then he will have undergone another transformation, destined to become incomparable.”

The group of people all had light shining from their eyes. Towards Shi Yi, they all had strong belief and reverence.

“Don’t let me catch him!” Yu Wentian clenched his teeth, and was incomparably depressed. Could you grow back legs after losing them? What type of astonishing divine item would that require?! He felt that his life was already a dull gray, and was filled with haze.

“Everything that occurred happened as as result of your own actions.” A sound could be heard, and out came a bird and two humans from behind the sand dune. It was lead by the devilish brat that made the Rain Clan clench their teeth with resentment.

“It’s you! You actually dared to show yourself!” Yu Wentian held an anger that was as big as the sky. He was in charge of continuing the search for the True Supreme Water within the desert, and they did not continue their chase. They never thought that the little guy would be so reckless and suddenly appear again.

“You harbor a grudge against others, yet have you ever thought before as to why you received this type of result? If it were not for you guys wanting to kill me, why would it ever end up like this?” The little guy said this as he stared at the empty trouser legs.

“Little child, accept your fate!” Yu Wentian’s expression was malevolent, and after slapping his vine chair, he rose into the air. He swooped down towards the little guy, and his fierceness was a bit terrifying.

He stared angrily, and his eyebrows stood erect. His murderous aura spread out as his two palms slapped down. Symbols flickered, and they were densely packed as multicolored light submerged the area in front of him.

The little guy’s strength increased by a large amount. Now that he was confronting the elder again, he had quite a bit of confidence. He was not frenetic, and directly brought out the golden bone shears. Within kacha sounds, all of the symbols shattered.


The little guy loudly shouted, and his palms radiated light. His palm shone, and lightning rose dramatically. The strength of his body and symbols merged together, meeting the fog in the air and curling up around the large hand within the rain radiance.

The sound of thunder exploded. The little guy’s lightning palm and that large hand within the dense mist collided together, shaking this area of the desert. The sand were like ocean waves, diffusing in all directions and creating roughly ten large waves.

The scene terrified people to the extreme. The golden sand waves overflowed into the heavens, causing this area to be completely submerged. It hid the sky and covered the earth as it rose into the air; abnormally terrifying.


Yu Wentian was shocked. After trading a blow, his body flew out diagonally. As he flew out, all of the bones in his arm became numb, losing all feeling. Lightning radiance curled up around his arm, and his body was violently shaking. Afterwards, with a pu sound, he spat out a large mouthful of blood.

He simply couldn’t believe what happened. His own cultivation level was extremely high, and the achievements of his symbols far surpassed that of a youth. However, after that single shocking exchange, it was as if he received a thunderbolt. That huge strength was too terrifying, penetrating through the symbols’ protection and affecting his body.

“Purely the strength of the physical body!” A type of anxiety and dread rose within his heart. This youth was too terrifying! If he was allowed to develop further, just how ridiculous would he become?


However, before he could even think any more, the bones in his arm unexpectedly began to emit shattering sounds, exploding at this second.

Following that, his small arm also emitted the sound of fracturing, breaking at several locations. The sharp pain made his face sweat profusely, and he could not believe what was happening. Too terrifying… This type of natural divine force simply shocked people to the extreme! He felt that he had to pass this information to his clan, because this child could not be allowed to grow up.

Yu Wentian angrily bellowed, spitting out a lump of light. A beast horn appeared, and it was completely black. It carried evil influences, sweeping out with waves of dark light. Moreover, the wuwu sounds rang out from within the horn, and the divine sound was ear-splitting as if it wanted to split open one’s soul.

“Go away, demons, devils, and evil spirits!” The little guy shouted out, and the Suan Ni bone mirror his his palm emitted a light that shot out a valiant heavenly lightning. The golden lightning was thick, piercing through the dark mist and shooting in front.

With a hong sound, the opposing beast horn trembled. It was not a match for the Suan Ni bone mirror; after all, that was the most precious asset dropped from the body of an Archaic species, far surpassing ordinary precious artifacts.

“Not good. Elder uncle received a great blow to his strength after losing his legs, and his precious artifact is also not as powerful as his opponent’s. He is most likely not a match.” The young disciples behind them looked at each before rushing up together.

“Do you think that you’ll win just by grouping together?” The silver-gowned youth Xiao Tian stood up. He established his eighth heavenly passage, and was definitely a top level genius youth; he blocked off everyone by himself.

At the same time, the big red bird’s face also darkened. It took a step with its two long legs and began to press forward. His mood was absolutely terrible. One of its scarlet wings was like a hand as it carried the black pot. It quickly charged into the group of people and began to flip out.

“You bunch of bastards actually dare to insult me! This grandpa will beat the shit out of you!”

What made made them dumbstruck was that the big red bird went crazy. While carrying the black pot, it charged forward while smashing about, causing some of their weapons to be distorted. It created obliterating symbols, and the iron pot rang out with dongdong sounds. Soon after, some of them had their heads smashed into bloody calabashes.

The Rain Clan’s people were depressed. Did this bird go mad? When did they provoke it? When did it harass it? It came over and attacked us for absolutely no reason, and it even endlessly cursed! These people were extremely resentful.

During this battle, the silver-gowned youth was only in charge of blocking off the others, preventing the Rain Clan disciples from running after falling apart. Everything else was pretty much handed over to the big red bird.

It was also an Archaic species, and its strength was incomparably powerful. Just because it suffered under the little guy’s hand did not mean that it was weak. On the contrary, it was extremely powerful, and there were few who could be its opponent.

The bird was carrying a black pot as it smashed left and right. It was crazy as it acted violently, causing the Rain Clan disciples to endlessly complain. They were all smacked around until their scalps were bleeding, and their bones as well as their muscles were snapping.

On the other side, the little guy was confronting the Rain Clan elder. Like a beast youth, each time he rushed out, a sand wave that overflowed into the heavens would be carried along, fierce and berserk.

With a weng sound, the Suan Ni bone mirror emitted light. Lightning interweaved, causing the dark beast horn to shake and crack apart. As a result, it began to dim.

Light burned brilliantly within the little guy’s eyes. He suddenly charged forward to attack towards his opponent. Yu Wentian slapped the floor and once again rose. The symbols around his body continuously interleaved, causing the force of a thunderstorm to appear.

However, they were within a desert, and so his divine might was at the absolute lowest. Added to the fact that both his legs as well as one of his arms received serious damage, his fighting strength was truly extremely lacking.

The force of that thunderstorm could not injure the little guy. It was illuminated by the Suan Ni bone mirror, immediately being defeated.

With a weng sound, the golden bone shears flew out. A kacha sound rang out, and that black beast horn that already developed few cracks previously broke apart, falling on the ground.

When Yu Wentian saw this, his heart became incomparably sore. Such a powerful precious artifact was actually destroyed; he almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

The Archaic species were powerful. There weren’t that many people who were like the little guy. He held two extremely valuable treasures that previously belonged to Archaic descendants in his hands. These artifacts were enough to make eyes of super large clans red with envy.

“Small child, I will let you see the taboo strength!” Yu Wentian’s body received immense injuries, and together with the fact that his precious artifact was ruined, a large dread began to develop in its heart. He began to roar.

“He is about to break his own restrictions! He is going to go all out since he is at death’s door, quickly retreat!” The silver-gowned youth loudly shouted.

“Retreat!” The little guy roared with a low voice, also reminding the crazy big red bird. Soon after, he suddenly stamped on the ground, causing smoke and dust to rush into the skies. Waves of sand surged as they disappeared from that area.

Yu Wentian revealed a sneer. He did not actually use his taboo strength, and never broke the seal. This was because he did not want to die, and was instead preparing to bring out another precious artifact to escape from this place.

A feather appeared. It was purple, flowing with multicolored light. He sat on top of it and wanted to escape into the skies.

Suddenly, a terrifying wave swept over. Rays of light flourished magnificently, and a pair of golden shears appeared. With a kacha sound, the precious feather was cut apart, almost cutting Yu Wentian’s body apart as well.

Meanwhile, a shadow rushed past. It was too fast, and with a pu sound lightly ringing out, his head was directly twisted off. After tossing it to the ground, it then once again retreated, avoiding the wave of blood that surged.

The little guy did not actually run away, and only kicked up a sandstorm. In the midst of the chaos, he approached, carrying out the most severe and decisive assassination.

“You…” The head that dropped to the ground emitted that single character before it could only watch helplessly, full of unreconciliation and despair.

“If you were really going to use the restricted power, then you wouldn’t have roared in advance.” The little guy was looking down on him.


Yu Wentian spat out one last mouthful of blood, and his two eyes went dim. He carried a look of unwillingness as he died. If he knew that things were going to turn out like this, it would have been better to directly use the restricted power to carry out one last attack.

“The elder has passed away, elder uncle was defeated!”

The Rain Clan disciples were alarmed. This was the same as the heavens collapsing and the ground sinking. Such a powerful elder died in battle; how were they supposed to fight back? They were definitely not his opponents.

“Go quickly, invite cousin Shi Yi!” There was someone who loudly shouted, and they began to separately flee.

“This grandpa still hasn’t completely vented its anger yet! None of you are allowed to leave!” The big red bird once again flipped out, and the black pot was taken out. It smashed about explosively and continuously, intercepting a few of them on the spot.

At the same time, the silver-gowned youth also took action. Not many of them could escape, and their fate within this battlefield was already sealed.

Yu Kun and Yu Wencheng had left the desert, and were currently searching for traces of the little guy. Meanwhile, Yu Zimo was searching for Shi Yi. Other than these three, the rest of the Rain Clan members that entered the Hundred Shattering mountains were here.

After leaving the desert, the big red bird’s mood seemed to have improved quite a bit, once again becoming a bit cocky.

“This grandpa’s fighting strength is matchless after all. I single-handedly swept that area! I admire myself so much.”

The little guy was all smiles as he said, “Not bad, you’re making progress. Next time, it’s your turn to take on Yu Kun and Yu Wencheng.”

The big red bird directly shook its head, saying, “No way. Those two old fellows are too strong. I can’t take them on. However, after they receive the news of what happened, I’m sure that they would become half dead from anger. Who knows, if we launch a sneak attack then, it might go smoothly.”

Needless to say, if those two Rain Clan experts received news regarding the circumstance, then they would definitely go crazy. The losses they suffered this time was too great, since the geniuses they brought in this time were all executed; it was definitely difficult to bear.

The silver-gowned youth left. He wanted to find a place to conceal himself, and no longer prepared to come out. As long as he protected that container of divine liquid, then that would become the greatest harvest.

The little guy did not have the Sealing Light Bead, and so he left the divine liquid with Xiao Tian for the time being without taking his portion. He began to continue exploring this small world.

A gate shining with light appeared. It was a passageway, and it allowed them to leave this water country and proceed to a different region.

The big red bird rushed through, taking the golden passageway to quickly enter a new world.

“Who dares to interrupt? The Martial Imperial Family is hunting an Archaic descendant, so back off!” When they had just entered this area, they immediately heard someone loudly howl, berating the little guy who was on the big red bird’s back.

“Martial Imperial Family…” The light within the little guy’s pupils flickered. Wasn’t that where he himself was originally born in? He actually met up with someone from the same clan, only that back then, most of the martial imperial family members did not choose him, but rather stood on Shi Yi’s side.

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