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Chapter 136 – Accomplice

After inhaling a deep breath, the little guy immediately began to emit a sound like the battering of a waterfall. In addition, light gushed out, and his bones and blood vessels becoming more brilliant and sturdy. His inner organs were also radiating light, and he was like a small sun.

This was not an illusion, and was reality. The little guy only slightly used his strength, and his five viscera and six bowels emitted waves of sounds that was like a mountain torrent. The force was shocking, and it was moreover emitting precious splendor. He continuously trembled, releasing a powerful aura.

He could clearly feel that his five visceras were like divine wheels. He circulated his symbols, pressing down on his inner organs. The sparkling and translucent heart, spleen, and other organs were rhythmically moving. They were extremely sturdy, resisting with a mysterious force.

This made the little guy shocked and excited. If he was fighting against another person, then this might truly be a huge advantage. Were even his inner organs as sturdy as bones? This was a powerful type of feeling.

Following that, he smacked himself with a fist. With a loud dong sound, it was as if a heavenly drum was struck, releasing a sound that resonated with all five visceras, blossoming with divine splendor.

He knew that the strength of his physical body was improved by a large amount. This was not only reflected in his bones and blood vessels, as even his inner organs were like this. They were incomparably sturdy, and were not inferior to that of flesh and bones. Once they began to move rhythmically, it was as if a heavenly drum was ringing out.

The little guy looked inside his body, and as a result, saw that his flesh was transparent, and his bones shone with a white luster. His inner organs were sparkling and translucent, plump and tender, transparent. They were transparent and brilliant just like his skin, and even his black hair was radiating light. From inside to outside, there wasn’t a single speck of corruption.

This was the embodiment of a body that was sturdy to its limit. His flesh was completely clean, and regardless of whether it was inner organs or divine bones, they all seemed to be forged out of divine glass. Even if he walked within a pile of ashes, it would still not attract any dirt.

“So powerful.” This was the feeling the little guy had from a direct observation. He felt as if he possessed an inexhaustible amount of energy.

He directly lept down. The distance from the ground was huge, yet he had no fear. In the end, smoke and dust rose, and the great earth violently shook. He smashed a huge crater within the ground, and large cracks extended outwards, leading into the distance.

“Abnormal… The strength of this child’s flesh… So powerful!” The big red bird exclaimed in admiration, and was stammering a bit.

The little guy walked out from within the crater, arriving in front of a forest. Using the strength of one arm, he loudly shouted and said, “Rise!”

A three hundred to four hundred thousand jin boulder instantly rose from the ground, being raised by that one arm. Meanwhile, the rock beneath his feet were being shattered with gabeng gabeng sounds, not able to bear this pressure.

Xiao Tian stared blankly. His mind was in extreme shock; was this still the strength of a human? Was he actually an Archaic vicious beast? He looked down at the little guy, feeling a bit strange.

After using one of his arms to display the strength of a hundred and eight thousand jin of divine force, the little guy did not continue to work out his physique. Instead, he began to emphasize comprehending the True Primordial Record, and understanding the profound mysteries of symbols.

However, the strength of his physical body did not fall. Instead, after receiving the baptism of the True Supreme Water today, it was raised by an entire level. His body was powerful to the point of making people horrified.

You have to understand that he was not even ten years old yet! If he continued to grow like this, just what kind of level would he reach? As long as he matured into adulthood, it would definitely be sufficient to shake the world.

The little guy did not continue examining himself, and tossed aside that small mountain-like boulder. He already felt that his body was not weak, and that his physical body had already reached a terrifying level.

He was still small, and his face was young and tender. His eyeslashes were long, and his eyes were bright and shining. They were extremely beautiful and cute. This type of appearance seemed to be quite different from that unrivalled explosive strength. It was really difficult for people to imagine him erupting with such terrifying strength.

After establishing his eight heavenly passage, the little guy’s control over symbols improved by another level. His entire fighting strength increased, and if he met another powerful enemy, it would definitely caused them to be shocked.


The little guy stepped down on the ground with force, and the rock below shattered. The ground split apart, extending to who knew how far; over a hundred black cracks appeared.

His entire person shot up into the sky, once again leaping back to the peak.

“This… Too savage. He doesn’t even need to stand on a precious artifact. Directly leaping up there, that speed is faster than the speed I fly at!” The big red bird cried out in fear.

“This… Xiao Tian became dumbstruck. He felt that his eyes weren’t enough to see everything. After sizing up the little guy, he was shocked. This close friend’s performance would make any person stupefied. Moreover, he felt that this youth was… Extremely similar to another person!

“Abnormal ah… No one can understand this savage child’s world.” The big red bird used all of its strength to shake its head.

“Why do I feel like he’s like a certain someone?” The silver-gowned youth spoke with a bewildered and uncertain expression.

“Are you trying to say that I’m like that devilish brat from the Void God Realm? I hate it when people say that I’m like him the most. It’s more correct to say that he’s like me. I’m stronger than him, and always wanted to give him a beating, only I never had the chance to meet him. Moreover, with my brave appearance, how could that naughty child compare?” The little guy spoke proudly.

“You do seem to be stronger than him, but…” The silver-gowned youth was too embarrassed to say that his little face was full of meat and rather plump. It made those who saw him want to pinch it; this could still be considered a brave appearance? Although that devilish brat was terrifying, he truly was very pretty.

“Let’s not talk about this anymore. In the future, we will enter the Void God Realm together. At that time, there will be many opponents, and we will challenge all of those various pure lands one by one. At the same time, I will help you give him a good beating.” The little guy said this with extremely deep emotions.

Although the silver-gowned youth was bewildered, after thinking a bit, he felt at ease. If he really was that devilish brat, could they really have become brothers like this? He most likely would have received a hammer to the head a long time ago, running away with the divine liquid.

Xiao Tian turned around and walked towards a large limestone. On top of it he placed the jade container full of the True Supreme Water.

The little guy kicked aside a limestone that was like a brick. He wanted to pick it up, because this was a good opportunity. He could knock out the silver-gowned youth, grab the divine liquid, and escape without a trace.

However, wouldn’t doing this make that silver-gowned youth angry to death? If he went insane, or if he left behind some traces, then that wouldn’t be good. After all, there still wasn’t any deep hatred between them.

The little guy looked at his figure, and his two small hands were twisted together. His large eyes were blinking, and he was truly at a loss.

Upon seeing this, the big red bird immediately understood what the little guy was thinking. It could be seen that this fellow normally was definitely not someone who was upright, and was not a good bird.

Its two eyes emitted a ominous glint, and with a gesture of one of its wings, it was implying ‘Go, the two of us will go together’!

The little guy was even more confused. Doing things like this wasn’t too good, however… Last time he smashed with the hammer twice. He felt that the back of his head was rather attracting, and always wanted to try it a few times.

He picked up the limestone from the ground, using it as a brick. He walked forward step by step.

The big red bird was immediately excited, and its two eyes emitted light. It walked quietly on tiptoes and followed behind. The two of them working together was obvious better than one. It indicated towards the little guy that he was going to make the first move.

After seeing the little guy nod, its two wings hugged the black pot which opening its large mouth to continuously laugh. Afterwards, he suddenly leapt, throwing itself forward. It prepared to knock out the silver-gowned youth.

At the same time, the little guy also leapt up. He grabbed a rock, slapping it forward.

With a dong sound, it struck firmly, right in the center of the back of the head. This type of technique was definitely an experienced and seasoned skill.


The big bird’s big mouth that was open and lowly laughing suddenly froze solid. Afterwards, it began to roll its eyes, and from its mouth came out an uh sound before its head slowly turned around, collapsing on the ground.

It did not actually lose consciousness. It only felt rather dazed, and its two ears were ringing with wengweng sounds. Other than the sharp pain on the back of its head, it was as if he had been kicked by a fat cow. That area soon developed a huge blister.

The big red bird was confused and disoriented, however, it became flustered and exasperated soon after. F*cking savage child, your aim is just too poor! How could you smash the back of this grandpa’s head? There’s such a huge head in front of you! Can you not see it? What kind of vision do you have? How do you get anything done? Your accuracy is too terrible!

It was about to throw out a stream of curses; this savage child’s way of doing things was just too unreliable.

When Xiao Tian heard the commotion, he turned around to take a look. He asked in puzzlement, “Why is he lying on the floor?”

“I slapped him. I saw his shifty-eyes, and knew that he wanted to do something bad, so I gave it a slap with the rock,” said the little guy.

When the big red bird heard what was said, it immediately became hopping mad. It struggled to stand up, and was simply angry beyond belief. After going through so much, it turns out that it wasn’t because of a loss of accuracy, but was rather because he was originally aiming for the back of his head.

Ironically, he was trying to find a justification by saying that the savage child lost his aim.

“Brat, what is the meaning of this?!” The big red bird was extremely angry. It was clear that you wanted to launch a blunt sneak attack on the youth! I was going to act as an accomplice out of kind intentions, so why did I get knocked out with a stone by you?

“This bird is not something good. Just now, it wanted to mount a sneak attack on you to steal the True Supreme Water. I only slapped it with a rock out of anger.” The little guy spoke towards the silver-gowned youth.

The big red bird was angry to the extreme. It rubbed that huge blister on the back of its head, grimacing in pain. It was angry to the point of almost spitting out blood. You’re obviously the one being vicious, so why did everything get blamed on this grandpa? The hardest thing to forgive was that the rock strike that this grandpa receive hurted too much; who did things like this?

Xiao Tian’s complexion was not good, staring at the big red bird as he said, “You kept staring at the jade container. It seemed you didn’t have any good intentions after all.”

“It’s none of your business.” The big red was angry to the extreme. This was just too unlucky, all of these accusations were just too unjust. It wanted to be an accomplice, yet it was instead struck instead. It was also turned into the victim that was blamed, that’s right, he wasn’t the victim, but rather the big red bird was the one being blamed! Was there still any heavenly logic?!

It naturally was not willing to be made the scapegoat. It opened its beak, and was about to release everything and expose the little guy.

“Ignore it, this bird is rather bad. If it wasn’t because it wanted me to recommend a master for it, it would have long rebelled.” While speaking, the little guy shook his head before speaking again. “It’s so disobedient, now I’m beginning to hesitate whether or not I really should introduce the master to it.”

The big red bird seemed as if it was injected with chicken blood. It was previously unwilling to forgive the little guy, and was about to reveal and explain everything to Xiao Tian. However, after hearing these words now, it immediately became spiritless. It rubbed the big blister on the back of its head and sulked with heavy breathing, not willing to say anything.

“Brother, you really are worthy of being called a close friend. If it was anyone else, then they would definitely follow this bird, and be taken advantage of by it. For example, that devilish brat definitely would not give up this opportunity.” The silver-gowned youth expressed his sincere gratitude, feeling that this intimate friend was not bad of a person. From beginning to end, he always hated that devilish brat with extreme rage.

“Ahpu…” The big red bird spat out blood. Great heavens! Great earth! Was there still any place with reason? This is the results of the savage child’s actions, so why am I the one that’s being unjustly blamed ah?!

“We became familiar at first sight, so there’s no need to be so polite.” A brilliant smile hung from the little guy’s face, however, his heart was actually incomparably torn. He endlessly muttered to himself ‘I am a good person. I actually didn’t take action, and changed my mind at the last second. I am so kind, I am too kind…’

“Brother, you have to be on your guard against this bird. Its inherent nature is too evil, so don’t let it take advantage of you.” The silver-gowned youth Xiao Tian seriously reminded.

“No problem, give it another chance. I won’t let it be so evil, slowly making it yield.” The little guy winked with his large eyes.


The big red bird once again spat out a large mouthful of blood. It felt as if these past six months have been raging with snowstorms. Could there be any more injustice than this? This savage child was too dishonest and unkind! It was angry to the point of wanting to wanting to run over and smack him.

“This grandpa… Really wants to stake it all!” The big red bird was resentful.

“Look, it’s holding a grudge,” said Xiao Tian.

“Forgive it this time. In actuality, there is still a bit of kindness inside its heart. As long as it changes, then it’s fine.” The little guy spoke extremely magnanimously.

“This grandpa feels wronged to death!” After the big red bird heard what they said, tears almost began to flow down its cheeks. With dongdong sounds, he directly slammed its head into the ground.

“Look how bad it is. It is using its own misery to threaten us,” said the little guy.

“This grandpa is done!” The big red bird was in grief and indignation.

In the end, Xiao Tian discussed it over with the little guy as to how they should divide the divine liquid, decisively eliminating the big red bird from the equation.

The little guy said, “I’ll give you this chance. If you atone for your crimes by doing good deeds and carry us to look for the Rain Clan’s people, we can give you a bit of the True Supreme Water after cleaning them up.”

“I don’t want the True Supreme Water, I just want to be pure white1…” The big red bird angrily said this to the little guy.

The little guy said, “Your body originally is already red, and you are carrying a black pot as a precious artifact. What pure white, if you don’t want the divine liquid then forget it.”

“I… I… I want!” The big red bird rubbed the big blister on its head, and in the end howled out. It covered its nose, carrying the two people into the sky to search for the Rain Clan.

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