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Chapter 131 – Bird Feathers on the Ground

Yu Kun and Yu Wencheng were both exhausted in both body and spirit. They were truly tired as they chased after him this entire time, and was even about to catch him. However, in the blink of an eye, they saw him ride on top of a Fire Yunque, turning around and escaping without a trace.

The two individuals were moving about in anger. White smoke was being spewed out from their nostrils, however, they could do nothing about it. Mist was floating about. Where would they go to find that man and bird? In the end, they failed through the lack of a final effort.

“Forget about it, let’s go back first. The water treasure is about to materialize. To our clan, it bears quite a large importance. Maybe it will be sufficient for our clan to rise to the top, revealing another human emperor.”

The two individuals carried the crippled individual on their backs, hatefully turning around and disappearing into the distance. If the little guy showed up again, they would immediately do everything in their power to kill him.

“Big Red, your speed is really fast.” The little guy gasped in admiration. The big red bird transformed into a streak of fiery light, breaking through the clouds and piercing through the mist like a scarlet ray of light.

The big red bird was proud as it spoke, “Of course. Have you seen who I am? If this magnificent bird emperor didn’t have a few tricks, how would I have dared to come inside the Hundred Shattering Mountains? My name is destined to be recorded in history.”

“Bird emperor? It’ll definitely be tasty then. It’s also an Archaic species, so the taste must be even greater!” The little guy wiped off the saliva from his mouth.

After the large red bird heard what he said, it immediately shivered and shook its head at once. “My body is all bones, and there isn’t much meat. Moreover, I come a small place, and is only the emperor of a small mountain top!” It was truly a bit scared of this little demon king, fearing that it might be eaten.

“All bones is also good, since it’ll be crispy.” The little guy hung off of its neck, and it could feel the heat coming out from his mouth.

The big red bird was absolutely horrified, screaming out, “Don’t! I recently got sick, and contracted some bizarre disease. If you eat me, your entire body will rot!”

“Forget it, I won’t scare you anymore. I am an extremely nice person. In the future, we will be working together, and need to mutually assist each other. I guarantee that you will receive a great opportunity in the future,” spoke the little guy warm-heartedly.

After the big red bird heard this, it was extremely unsatisfied. Working together my ass! It’s so obvious that you’re sitting on my back! If you have the ability, than carry me on your back while flying; that is what’s called mutually assisting each other.

“Hey, dumb bird, what is wrong with your eyes? Why is it almost completely white?” asked the little guy.

It’s obviously to glare at you! I want to throw you off! The big red bird really wanted to spit out those words, but in the end, it didn’t dare to do so. It resentfully muttered, “I was born with more white in my eyes.”

The little guy patted it a few times and said, “Don’t be so stingy. In the future, I’ll give you a large gift. I know a small red bird, and although it is only the size of a palm, it is far stronger than you. In the future, I’ll introduce you to it as your master. You’ll definitely reach the heavens in a single leap, enjoying the benefits for the rest of your life.”

“What?! A palm-sized child? Making something like that my master, this grandpa won’t do something like that!” The big red bird was angry.

The little guy threw sidelong glances at it and said, “Don’t regret this afterwards. That might be a Vermilion Bird or its descendant. When the time comes where we truly meet, don’t cry and kneel while begging to become its disciple.”

“Pah! This grandpa isn’t that type of person, and wouldn’t care about things like that.” The big red bird had a look of disdain.

“Stupid bird, after meeting up like this, what grandpa? I’m going to strike!”

With a dong sound, a huge blister appeared on that large red bird’s head. It became confused and disoriented, almost dropping out of the sky while shrieking.

“Find a spiritual mountain. I need to heal.” The little guy’s injuries could not be considered light. There were quite a few bloody holes on his body, and even now, fresh blood flowed out.

When the big red bird heard this, its eyes immediately lit up as it flew towards a mountain range. It felt that it could most likely get rid of this devil king.

“Stupid bird, I can tell what you are thinking as soon as you lifted your butt. Don’t play any tricks. Otherwise, I’ll definitely eat you,” warned the little guy.

“Why are you so fixed on me? Can you please change for a different Archaic descendant?” The big red bird was extremely unwilling.

“Who told you to fly so fast? There would be big trouble if I changed for another vicious bird and got caught by the people behind,” said the little guy.

“Then I’ll fly a bit slower, maybe even break one of my wings.” Big Red was extremely angry, and wanted to go on strike.

“Alright, I’ll help you then!” The little guy began grab its feathers, immediately causing scarlet feathers to flutter about. His attitude implied that he was really going to pluck it naked.

“Ah… What are you doing?”

“Plucking your feathers! Afterwards, I’ll throw you into a river to wash you clean before putting you into a pot to stew,” said the little guy.

“You already said that you wouldn’t eat me! How could you go back on your words?” Big Red was screeching.

“That’s on the premise that you carried me while flying. Now that you are going on strike, since you are going to be useless, it’s better to just eat you.”

“Okay, I won’t mess around anymore. I’ll fly, so we’ll go wherever you want to go.” Big Red felt wronged, as if he was being bullied by a younger family member.

Of course, it was still restless. Its large eyes were moving about constantly as if said, “You want an even faster vicious bird right? I know one that isn’t any slower than me, do you want to visit the nest it guards?”

“Let’s go there then, perfect place for recovering.” The little guy knew with a glance that that was most likely a hated enemy of the big red bird. This fellow was not any good, wanting to borrow his hand to defeat its enemy.

This was a mountain cliff with a huge bird nest constructed on top. Bones of the dead were piled up below the cliff, and quite a few belonged to humans. One could tell with a glance that this was the lair of a vicious creature.

The little guy frowned. This creature was not simple. He saw within the bone pile the skeletal remains of seven to eight humans. They were still polluted with wisps of blood, implying that they were devoured not that long ago.

“They are all human race geniuses ah… They all ended up being its food.”

This nest was forged out of dead trees, and was emitting a wave of murderous aura. The surrounding cliff was dense with the smell of blood. It was definitely the remnant of the vicious bird’s last meal.

The big red bird was circling about, speaking in bewilderment, “Yi, it’s not in its nest.

Following that, it quickly pulled together its wings. It dropped down, landing within the nest.

The dead trees were thick and extremely sturdy. However, a layer of soft silver grass lined the inside, neat and cozy.

“Wa, there are eggs!” The Fire Yunque burst into loud laughter, rushing over in high spirits. It tossed aside a pile of silver grass, revealing three enormous eggs.

There were three eggs the size of stone rollers. They were completely black and sparkling, as if they were made out of black jade. Symbols were accumulated inside, circulating with strands of essence energy.

The big red bird’s mouth cracked open, giggling endlessly. “This is the egg of the mountain’s bird of prey! It is equivalent to great tonics!”

“Ai, I lost my cauldron!” The little guy was sighing in despair. His pots, bowls, ladles, etc. were all left behind during the chase. Now, he had no way of creating a meat delicacy.

“What pot or cauldron? Watch me, I am a connoisseur in egg-eating.” The big red bird had a look of pride on its face.

It stood within the grass, its wings suddenly unfolding, slashing toward the eggs. With a kacha sound, it made a perfect cut, as if it was done with a knife.

Moreover, those two egg halves immediately fell down, perfectly sitting horizontally without spilling a single drop of egg juice.

Currently, the egg shells were like bowls. They were filled with egg yolk and white, emitting multicolored light. The fluid inside was sparkling and translucent, distributing a sweet scent, making people drool with desire.

The egg was divided into two, and both halves were like this.

The big red bird laughed foolishly. Its movements were extremely swift, opening its mouth to spew out flames, adding heat to these ‘egg bowls.’ Both ‘bowls’ began to emit a strong fragrance. The juice began to bubble before beginning to become golden and shiny.

The little guy started with a stupefied expression. This dumb bird was actually a foodie! In the past, it must have done this quite a few times.

“Turns out that you are an egg thief!”

“Pah! This grandpa only does this sometimes. While your body is maturing, you need some kind of supplement right? Otherwise, how would you become taller, faster, and more powerful?” The big red bird was speaking forcefully and with justice.

The little guy couldn’t care less about its bad record. It was currently carrying heavy wounds, so he naturally would not pass up this divine and nourishing good. He immediately move his head in towards the ‘egg bowl’, eating heartily. In the blink of an eye, the stone roller sized egg was completely eaten.

“I didn’t even eat yet!” Big red was extremely angry.

“There are still two more eggs! Continue cooking!” The little guy wiped his mouth. When his mouth opened, essence energy gushed out. Multicolored light could clearly be seen, and it was obvious how rich the divine essence was within the egg.

In the end, the little guy ate two of the eggs, and they were even heavier than his own body. It completely transformed into essence energy. His entire body radiated light, and as he sat there, he began to circulate symbols to recover.

The big red bird was also rather satisfied after eating an egg. It was full to the point where it was hiccuping, and as it lied down on the ground, it had its legs crossed. It took out a wooden stick and began to pick at its mouth.

“Do you have teeth?” The little guy shot a glance at it.

“This grandpa is happy. This is a type of spiritual pleasure.” The big red bird had an expression implying that the little guy wouldn’t understand.

The little guy did not pay attention to it anymore, and concentrated his mind on healing. The bloody holes began to quickly heal up at a visible speed, quickly recovering. This was caused by multicolored light, making his body bright and clean without a single wound left.

“What a weirdo. Are you sure you’re not a real Archaic vicious beast?” The big red bird had its doubts. It stared at the little guy for a really long time. When it saw that he didn’t show any reactions, it quietly stood up, suddenly jumping off the cliff and spread it wings to flee.

With a peng sound, the little guy also jumped off, smashing down on its back.

Ao… The big read bird miserably yelled, feeling as if had been stomped on by a prehistoric monster. Everything in front of its eyes became dark, almost crashing down onto the ground.

“I’m still not full. Have you decided that you wanted to throw yourself into the egg bowl to get cooked?” The little guy sat on top of its back as he continued his healing.

“Aiyou, grandpa’s small waist!” The big red bird flapped its wings, bird feathers falling down.

After experiencing this, the big red bird no longer dared to rashly escape.

Suddenly, a long cry rang out. A gigantic bird swooped down from the horizon, its voice ear-slitting like thunder. It was twenty to thirty meters long, with a terrifying bodily form.

“The parent is here! Savage child, quickly fight with it!” screamed the big red bird.

“I wasn’t the one that roasted the egg. You are the one that did those underhanded things. Quickly go and fight.” While the little guy was speaking, he fastened one of the egg shells to its head. It looked like a steel helmet, radiating dark light.

“You are making me into a scapegoat and placing the blame on me! Stop playing around! It’s clearly you who ate two of them! I only ate one!” shouted the big red bird.

However, soon after, he could no longer cry out. He didn’t have time to ramble on, because that mountain bird of prey had already appeared. It was a colossus not only in name but also in reality. It was as if a black cloud was descending, and after it saw the ‘black cap’, its eyes immediately shot out flames, attacking in a berserk manner.

Of course, the big red bird was not that easy to deal with. Just because it wasn’t as strong as the little guy did not mean that it was weak. On the contrary, as an Archaic species, it was extremely powerful. It began its counterattack.

Immediately, bird feathers danced about in the skies. Raging flames scorched the area, and dark light hacked about, causing this area to erupt.

In the end, the mountain bird of prey lost. It escaped without a trace.

“To fight with me, have you seen who this grandpa is?” The big red bird was acting high and mighty. Only when the mountain bird of prey left did it begin to miserably cry out, “F*ck! It hurts so much! Why is that shitty bird so vicious?”

“Aiyou, my small waist. My slender legs and beautiful wings, they are about to break.”

It rolled around in the air, continuously tossing from side to side. Snot and tears were flying about.

Several days later, not only did the little guy’s injuries disappear, it seemed as if his body became a bit more powerful. His two pupils were clear as he said, “Let’s go and see how the Rain Clan is doing.”

This region was full of lakes. Several centuries ago, the Rain Clan’s people arrived here. They could vaguely feel the aura of the True Supreme Water from legends.

This could be considered a type of divine fluid, and it possessed all types of strange effects. For example, it could be used as medicine, and be refined into an exceptionally precious pill.

It borrowed the law and order of water. Although it is impossible for people to uncover the source of its mysterious, it still holds extreme significance for the Rain Clan. When they borrowed it to cultivate, they could attain twice the effect with half the work.

The Rain Clan mustered up a large force precisely for this reason. After searching for so many days, they finally gradually gained some progress.

They were not in front of the great lake nor were they at the spiritual spring. They were deep within the only desert in these lands, finding a distant pond. It was only a meter wide, and as the divine fluid bubbled forth, propitious vapors rose.

However, after walking for two days, they still could not reach that divine pond.

“It must be a reservoir of True Supreme Water, but an illusionary land appeared, misleading us. However, this just means that we are getting closer to it.”

Yu Kun was excited. After dispatching so many people and persevering for so long in this search, they were finally going to reap in some harvest.

According to legend, the True Supreme Water was something that even the deities needed. With its spiritual nature of being able to nourish precious artifacts with even a single drop, it was precious beyond belief.

There was actually a divine reservoir here. If the outside world were to find out, then it would definitely cause a huge sensation. A great number of old freaks would no longer care about anything and find any way possible to send in people to fight over this.

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