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Chapter 1301

“Why are you talking so much? Who cares whether or not he is that child? Just directly capture him! Wouldn’t we be able to find out everything after some severe interrogation?” said an elder.

The pit of the little guy’s stomach ached. Divine light flickered within his pupils, and killing intent pervaded the air. He remembered his father’s pale complexion from back then, recalling that he must have suffered from many ambushes. The wounds he received were extremely serious, and was to the point where his heart was almost pierced through. After hearing what the person in front of him mentioned, he felt an incomparable wrath.

“Get it done as quickly as possible. It doesn’t matter who he is, just quickly capture him.”

“Wu, we cannot let the imperial government find out about this to avoid any unforeseen events.”

The remaining individuals also nodded their heads, moving out together to surround him.

If the youth in front of them really was that dying child from that year, then they would bear an extremely large responsibility. Being able to live represented his terrifying innate talent, and also a type of worry within the clan. If he is able to undergo rebirth, then he will become even more terrifying in the future!

Moreover, if it really was that child, then if the martial imperial government were informed, what type of reaction would they show? Even though this child lost his supreme being bone, he still similarly rose to power!

If the people from the martial imperial government were to find out, then it might create a heaven overflowing disturbance. This would not be favorable for Shi Yi, so they could not allow this unpredictable factor to exist, taking this opportunity to eradicate him.


A tattered fan appeared in the middle of the little guy’s hands, causing silver light to flicker. This was obtained from the spirit race expert. Unfortunately, it had been shattered by the golden bone shears.

Currently, the little guy was using all of his strength to operate it.

This was a piece of primitive symbol bone that received an inexhaustible irrigation of lightning. It naturally began to emit light, and in the end, the piece was about to reach its limit, on the verge of splitting apart.


With a twist of his hand, the little guy threw it outwards, exploding towards those four individuals.

The four great experts were all shocked. None of them predicted that this little fellow would be so unwavering. He just threw away a precious artifact, using it like this to deal with them.

Silver light erupted, and the skies boiled. The silver light suddenly exploded, enveloping the four individuals within. It made their hearts scared and upset. One of the elders’ hair and beard were directly chopped off by the silver light.

Unfortunately, even though the four individuals were battered with attacks and were left in a panicked state, none of them collapsed. Only one of them was injured, with a strand of blood trickling out of his lips.

The little guy used the silver fan to break out from their encirclement, once again running far away. However, he was unable to break away from them. He was fleeing this entire time, and a few more wounds appeared on his body; his bones were about to stick out.

The Rain Clan’s attacks were extremely terrifying. Dense and numerous raindrops scattered, impossible to guard against. Each drop of water could penetrate through his flesh. Even though the little guy was trying his best to defend himself, he was still unable to block them all.

Blood poured from his left ribs, shoulders, and back, almost penetrating completely through. The four great individual’s strength reached the limit that was allowed within the Hundred Shattering mountains; within this small world, it didn’t matter who they met, as they could fight anyone.

Of course, this was excluding the realm’s native creatures.

The light in the little guy’s eyes were flickering. Blood dripped the entire way, and his body was swaying back and forth, seeming as if he couldn’t take it any longer. In the end, he dropped, falling in front of a large lake.

“How come you aren’t running anymore?” Yu Kun carried a faint smile on his face, completely relaxed. As he looked at the child in front of him, he felt that everything was now grasped in his hands.

It was worth mentioning that this youth inflicted a strong blow on him. He was still so young, yet he had this type of ability; just how great would it be when he grew up?!

“You have received heaven warping divine gifts, and in the future, you might really be able to go back and forth with Shi Yi. What a pity, you won’t live past today.” One of the elders was laughing deeply with a cold glint in his eyes.

The four people got ready, and prepared to make their moves.

“Within my mind, I have already set my mind on the fact that you are that child. However, the martial imperial government won’t find out. Even if you are a heaven warping divine person, you will still fall today. Moreover, even if they found out that you are alive, so what? That year, they had already made their choice!”

“That year, we were unable to kill your father, and merely inflicted a fatal wound on him. We lost many of our Rain Clan experts then. Today, after we kill you, once Shi Ziling finds out, I’m sure he will go crazy.”

Cruel and cold smiles hung from their lips. Even now, they did not forget to verbally attack the little guy to ultimately confirm his identity.

The great lake was terrifyingly calm. All of the little guy’s muscles went taut, and his hairs stood erect as he got ready to jump at any time. He stood beside the lake with the back of his hands behind him, aiming the precious mirror at the surface of the lake.

Suddenly, the four great experts moved out. They charged forward together with the goal of catching the little guy. Their bodies revealed countless symbols, lighting this place up with bright and resplendent rays of light.

With a hong sound, the little guy used the golden bone shears to protect himself while the Suan Ni precious mirror emitted a streak of lightning. It struck the great lake, immediately creating a heaven overflowing wave that poured over.

“Do you think you can escape with the help of this wave? In the face of the great waters, my Rain Clan can increase our strength by a large level. It is futile to try and escape by borrowing the strength of water,” one of them coldly laughed.

The four individuals transformed into light, rushing over in an instant.

At that moment, the little guy only made a single action. That movement was to shift horizontally, the speed of his body reaching its peak. He slipped out over ten zhang2 out, leaving behind an afterimage.

In that instant, the Rain Clan halted their steps and wanted to follow horizontally. However, at this moment, from within the heaven reaching wave, a huge figure appeared. Following that, an enormous bloody mouth emerged. The teeth alone reached a few meters, snow white and sharp to the extreme. They were extremely terrifying as they flickered with cold light.

This was a Fish Dragon, and its aura was terrifying. It had the head of a Flood Dragon, and the body of a fish. Its entire body was radiating light, and just its eyes alone were the size of millstones. Its head was similar to that of a small mountain, and as it broke through the water surface, it immediately bit down; this was simply all to sudden.


Among them, two individuals cried out miserably. They were enshrouded within an expanse of symbols. A scarlet tongue rolled out, carrying them into its enormous mouth. With a kacha sound, it closed, causing blood to blossom and splash out.

One of them was directly bitten into pieces by the snow white teeth that resembled broadswords before being swallowed.

The other person was going all out and risking his life as he struggled. In the instant before entering that giant mouth, he was heartlessly torn in half! His two legs were snapped off, and he fell down by the shore, miserably screaming as the floor was dyed in red.

“Ah… No!”

The other two angrily roared, and crazily attacked. They wanted to rescue the one who had been swallowed. Unfortunately, they themselves could not avoid the danger, as they could not do anything to that colossus.

Symbols flickered, as if huge billows were engulfing their way over. The blood-colored mouth once again opened. That Fish Dragon was extremely resentful, and wanted to continue eating. This was because these individuals were all rarely seen experts, and was considered precious flesh medicine to it.

The faces of the two individuals in the back paled, supporting the individual who lost both his legs. They frantically used precious techniques, and as symbols hid the skies and covered the earth, they fled from the large lake.

This was a shocking turn of events. Everything happened too quickly, not allowing anyone to react. It all happened in the blink of an eye; among the four experts, one of them lost their life, and another lost both his legs with fresh blood gushing out.

The little guy turned around and entered the jungle, quickly fleeing.

He naturally knew that the Fish Dragon resided there. The first time they passed by, this vicious beast almost swallowed him and the Nine-Headed Lion into his stomach.

There were quite a few terrifying creatures living within this small world. Since they were born within this world, they weren’t suppressed. Only the excessively powerful geniuses from outside would face tribulation.

“How could it be like this?”

The Rain Clan’s four experts lost a member and had another one crippled in the blink of an eye. Yu Kun and the other elder’s eyes were all spewing out flames. They searched for the little guy, really wanting to peel off his flesh; this child was too despicable.

“If I catch him, I am going to put him to death with a thousand cuts!”

They were talking through clenched teeth, blue veins jumping on their foreheads.

Within the lake, the Fish Dragon did not go ashore, only moving to and fro within the waters. It revealed a small mountain sized head as it stared at these people, seeming as if it was preparing to attack again.

The two individuals stared at that great lake. They really wanted to jump into those waters and behead that Fish Dragon. In the end, however, they hatefully stamped their feet before leaving with the wounded on their back. They activated their precious artifacts and hunted after the little guy.

This was due to the fact that the Fish Dragon was extremely terrifying, it’s level of power not any lower than theirs. If they fought all out here, then they might risk being discovered by the laws of this small world and get erased.

Although the little guy was still being pursued, he was no longer feeling terrible inside. Not only did they lose one person, they also gained a burden. Chasing after him now was not as easy as before.

However, the Rain Clan’s experts were truly powerful. Even though they were carrying a handicapped person, after operating their precious artifacts, they were still incomparably swift. They once again appeared, pursuing closely behind.

“I need to think of a way to break into a few forbidden areas to stir up a few terrifying existences. Otherwise, it’ll be impossible to break past them.” The little guy decided on a plan, and escaped into the depths of the mountains.

He operated his precious technique, breaking through the clouds and piercing through the mist. When he passed over a mountain ridge, he almost collided with a vicious bird within the clouds. It was clear that this was a powerful and easily angered fierce bird. It opened its mouth to clearly cry, directly spitting out an expanse of flaming light.


The little guy moved horizontally, dodging in a split second. Following that, he suddenly dove past, throwing himself forward regardless of what was there.

This was a flaming great bird. Its entire body had mysterious multicolored light encircling about. It could be said that its outwards appearance was fabulous, and was extremely like the Archaic divine bird — Vermillion Bird.

It passed through the mist, finally seeing the little guy’s appearance. It was immediately scared stiff. It miserably cried out, almost falling out of the sky, flapping its wings to escape.

“Big Red, don’t run! I’m not trying to get you into my bowl!”

At this time, the little guy exhausted all of his strength before finally dropping on top of the Flame Yunque’s body. It hugged its neck as if he wouldn’t let go even if he died. He was happy to the point where his eyes were emitting light, because he didn’t need to enter those forbidden lands this time.

The great red bird miserably howled, as if it had been captured by a dinosaur. Its entire body was powerless, filled with unwillingness and despair. It whimpered, “Why?! Why did I have to come across you again? I already hid into the skies, yet we still met!”

“It’s fate!” The little guy was laughing heartily while hugging it neck, his heart elated.

However, the Fire Yunque was scared into trembling. It howled endlessly like a chicken or duck about to be slaughtered. “Why am I so unlucky? The heavens want me to die ah… I ended meeting this devil king again.”

As soon as the little guy entered the Hundred Shattering mountains, he had an encounter with ‘Big Red.’ He even sliced off roughly twenty jin of flesh, making a meal of it after stewing it within a pot.

Now, Big Red met him again. It was just like meeting a ghost, affecting his heart. It cursed repetitively, and it was as if hundreds of thousands of horses were trampling over it. Why did it end up meeting this monster above the clouds? This was just too unlucky.

“Big Red, don’t be scared. I am very kind, and won’t harm you,” comforted the little guy.

“Spit out my flesh then!” Big Red was extremely angry.

The little guy gave out a hollow laugh.

“There are evil people chasing after me, so we need to hurry to flee. With your speed, escaping from them is too easy.” The little guy nervously looked backwards.

When Big Red heard this, its eyes immediately lit up. Moreover, this bird immediately turned around with the goal of chasing after them. Wasn’t the enemy of your enemy your friend? It was hoping that someone would take care of devil king, rescuing it from this abyss of suffering.

“Stupid bird, quickly run! Otherwise, I’m going to eat you!” The little guy fiercely spoke, revealing a mouthful of small white teeth. He grinded his teeth while hugging its neck.

Big Red was scared to shivering, almost falling out of the sky. It pulled back its neck after suffering from the little guy’s bullying, once again running into the distance.

“That’s the right way.” Soon after, the little guy was amazed. Big Red transformed into a ray of fiery light. It streaked across the sky, its speed reaching a shocking level.

Behind them, the Rain Clan’s two experts blinked their eyes. Does this f*cker even understand reasoning? They were so exhausted after chasing, yet he just suddenly rode on top of a bird? The two individuals’ teeth were hurting, and their stomachs as well as lungs were sore.

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