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Chapter 132 – Promising and Brilliant Youth

“This grandpa doesn’t care anymore, going on strike! During the following few days, my beautiful feathers have been continuously abused. If this continues, I am going to age prematurely and lose the prime of my life!” The big red bird had already flowed for several days, tired to the point of wilting. It was going to go on strike.

“I just fed you a spirit medicine. Now, if we stew you, it would be just like chicken and mushrooms. It would be a mountain and field delicacy,” threatened the little guy.

“Then just stew! I’ve already died a hundred times over, it’ll at least save me from suffering.” The big red bird was like a dead pig that wasn’t afraid of boiling water. It realized that this savage child wasn’t really going to eat it, because he still needed it for transportation.

“You really aren’t going to move?!” The little guy grinded his teeth, beginning to madly pull out its hairs. Scarlet feathers danced in the air, falling like rain.

The big red bird miserably yelled. However, this time it had decided to resist and fight for its own rights. It unexpectedly clenched its teeth and mumbled to itself, “It will grow back in the future, it will grow back in the future…”


The little guy took out the golden bone shears, allowing it to change into its real form that looked like a dragon head. The top and bottom jap opened and closed, biting off a chunk from its neck, causing blood to flow.

“If you aren’t going to go any more then I’m just going to eat.”

“He’s going to eat me! Save me ah! The savage child is going to eat me!” The big red bird was once again terrified. It did not turn around, and thought that the little guy bit down himself. It flapped its wings, directly taking off to the skies.

“Go forward, continue scouting,” ordered the little guy.

The big red bird hung its head dispiritedly. It did not have any energy left. During these past few days, it was always doing the dry and dull task of investigating the Rain Clan’s tracks. However, this group of people seemed to have vanished; it was difficult to find even a trace of them.

Following that, although the Fire Yunque was still moving along, it was extremely negative, slacking around. When it looked at the little guy, its teeth would hurt. Just how long would it have to search for? He vaguely felt that the Rain Clan had some type of secret; otherwise, why did they stop chasing after him? He felt that he shouldn’t miss this opportunity.

“Big red, I said before that I would recommend a master to you. Do you still remember? As long as you behave, when we return, you will definitely reach the heavens in a single bound.” With no other choice, the little guy began to entice it.

“Ah pei, don’t bring up that little bird anymore. It’s not even as big as a palm! This grandpa won’t serve it!” The big red bird was acting high and mighty, and whenever this topic was raised, it would get angry.

“Those words are coming from your mouth! When the time comes, don’t beg me with snot and tears,” said the little guy.

“Stop dreaming. This grandpa doesn’t do that kind of stuff. You should stop trying to sway me with a bird child whose fur haven’t even fully grown. I won’t fall for it.” The big red bird stared at him with the whites of its eyes. It had a ‘do you think I’m an idiot’ type of look.

“You are positive that you really won’t beg me when the time comes?” The little guy looked at it.

“I’m positive! Even if I am beaten to death I wouldn’t beg you!” The big red bird made a solemn vow. It lifted up its head, leaving the back of its head to him.

The little guy did not say anything, only taking out a stone case from within his bosom. He began to fiddle around with it alone, and then he opened the case, appreciating it alone.

“What kind of aura is that? Something’s fishy!” The big red bird suddenly turned around, staring at the stone case in his hands. His eyes immediately began to stare blankly.

Scarlet multicolored light was overflowing from within that stone case, emitting a unique type of fiery radiance. Although the essence energy was not that abundant, that type of fluctuation still made people apprehensive.

The little guy was calm and unruffled, slowly removing a bright and beautiful feather from within the stone case. He held it within two fingers, placing it in front of his eyes and observing it.

“This is…” The big red bird suddenly couldn’t move its eyes. It was completely stupefied, its mouth agape and tongue-tied; it couldn’t say anything.

That bird feather was as scarlet as blood. The aura being emitted made its heart tremble. It felt as if it was looking at a sovereign who was standing ten thousand zhang within heavenly flames, currently overlooking it!

This was a spiritual light unique to bird species. Although it never saw this little bird’s body before, it could feel an unrivaled divine might through this feather.

It descended down onto a mountain top. After waiting for the little guy to land, it directly turned around, spreading its wings and throwing itself over. “Please, let me become its disciple, please!”

“Yi, weren’t you scorning just now? Saying how you wouldn’t beg me even if you were beaten to death?” The little guy sat on top of a large boulder, feigning astonishment as he asked.

“I haven’t been beaten to death yet, right? That’s why you make it accept me as its disciple!” The big red bird’s face was thick to the point of being comparable to a shield, speaking without any sense of shame.

“I recall someone calling that bird a child…” The little guy was smiling.

“I was wrong! That is my master, how could I be so disrespectful? I am definitely repenting…” The big red bird had snot and tears coming out, and seemed to be aching with sorrow.

“I said before that you would definitely be like this. You still vowed that you definitely wouldn’t, yet the result is like this. With boogers and tears flying, everything matches now right?” The little guy was laughing with haha sounds.

The big red bird originally already had scarlet light flickering about it. Now, its face was even more read, however, it still had a hard mouth1. “Knowing your mistakes and improving is the most important. The return of a prodigal son is the story that describes a bird like me!”

“Not a very good bird!” The little guy made his conclusion.

“You’re just cursing now.” The big red bird was angry.

“I am just declaring a fact.” The little guy patted its shoulders and said, “I say, red red, when do you think we can find that group of people?”

After hearing the words ‘red red,’ the big red bird’s body immediately trembled. It felt its teeth grind, but then it quickly stuck out its chest. Valiant and full of spirit, it said, “They are just a bunch of trash. They can’t run, watch me!”

Following that, it scuttled through the mountain forest. While crying out loudly, it tormented a large group of vicious birds. Afterwards, it opened its mouth and shot out flames, loudly rebuking them and ordering them to reveal everything they knew about the Rain Clan’s whereabouts.

After the scarlet divine feather was suddenly revealed, the big red bird seemed to be stirred up. It began to shout with all of its energy, flying past countless tall mountains for half a day. They lost count of how many vicious creatures they disturbed, using force to make them scout out the Rain Clan’s whereabouts.

Just like this, only several days passed, yet it had already received precise information. The efficiency was improved to practically ten, or even a hundred times.

The big red bird had an excited look and said, “That group of people entered the desert, appearing to be looking for some type of treasure. Let’s hurry and rob them, moving ahead of them to steal it.”

This was a great golden desert, dry and scorching hot. The granules of sand were reflecting a bit of light, making people’s eyes hurt.

In the distance, there were quite a few lakes, and long rivers winded around mountains. It was the opposite here, and was completely different. It made people a bit indisposed, because this golden great forest was too arid.

After more than half a day, they entered the heart of the desert. Although they didn’t have the special perception towards water like the Rain Clan had, they still could vaguely feel that something was different and that there was a mysterious wave fluctuating.

“Treasure ah! It’s definitely an extremely precious treasure. The reason for this desert’s existence is most likely because of that divine object.” The big red bird was even more excited than the little guy.

After entering the desert, the little guy wanted to separate from the big red bird so that they could both look for the Rain Clan’s people. In the end, however, it followed him like plaster, not willing to leave at all.

This made him a bit speechless. Before, he had to threaten it to make it yield. Even then, it was negative and flew with an unwilling manner. Now it was the opposite, and it wouldn’t leave even if he kicked it.

“You have to take responsibility!” The big red bird spoke boldly and with confidence.

“Just stay on the side!” The little guy kicked out once again. The outcome was that it fell over, and then came back.

“Yi, the sweet fragrance of precious medicine!” The big red bird’s nose was especially keen, and could smell a wave of medicinal scent from quite a distance away.

“You’re right, it is a precious medicine!” The little guy nodded his head, and then quickly rushed out.

In front of them was a field of cactus. They were full of thorns, and were one of the few creatures that could thrive within this desert.

A small silver light flickered about. Within the sand surrounding the cactus was a single silvery-white flower. As it swayed back and forth, the fragrance assailed the nostrils. Multicolored light flickered about, and silver splendor dropped. It was like a rain of light.

“It’s… It’s the legendary Desert Silver! This is a precious medicine that surpasses ordinary precious medicines!” The big red bird’s eyes immediately became red.

The little guy was even more amazed. This was because next to that stalk of precious medicine was a silver-robed youth. He was already crouched, moving his hands to pluck it out. With such a large distance between them, it was already too late to prevent it from happening.

Moreover, there were a few giant scorpions on the ground, and the flickering silver lights were all millstone-sized. They were malevolent and terrifying while emitting a demonic aura.

It was obvious that these silver scorpions were protecting the precious medicine. As soon as they blossomed, they would immediately devour it. They grew all year round around here.

However, at this moment, these giant scorpions had already been executed and killed.

“It’s him.” The little guy revealed an odd expression, because he was not exactly unfamiliar with that silver robed youth. He previously struck that individual with a blunt stick, moreover hitting him several times. He was the number one disciple within the Heaven Mending Pavilion’s entrance examination, Xiao Tian.

“Aiya, he ate it!” The big red bird stamped its feet, and was extremely unsatisfied. The distance was too great, and it was impossible to stop him. However, it immediately fiercely shouted, “He ate the precious medicine! It should be okay if I eat him, right? The medicinal effects won’t be wasted.”

At this time, the little guy also had the urge to move. He wanted to take a detour around and knock him out with a hammer. However, after thinking for a bit, he resisted his impulse.

The silver-robed youth came from the Xiao Clan. This time, he was sent by his clan, and not through the Heaven Mending Pavilion. As a result, he did not enter together with the little guy.

In reality, it was not only him. For example, Shi Yi, the Fire Nation princess, as well as many others from large clans all came through their own clans, escorted by an appointed person.

Xiao Tian sat down and began to refine the precious medicine. His entire body emitted light, and it was obvious he was about to break through.

“So powerful! This fellow isn’t that old, yet he’s already opening up his eighth heavenly passage. Within the human race, he could definitely be considered a rare and extraordinary genius.” The big red bird was astonished.

At the present age, to be able to open up the seventh heavenly passage was already extremely outstanding within the human race; a genius that could look at others with disdain.

As for opening up the eighth heavenly passage, that was simply too difficult. It was exceptionally rare, as uncommon as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns. It really was as the big red bird said, and it was impossible unless you were a heaven warping genius.

As for those that could open up the ninth heavenly passage, that was only something from legends. Typically, those were only stories written within ancient books, and was truly difficult to find within this world.

The little guy was paying attention while carefully observing. He noticed that there were seven lumps of light, and the eighth lump was indeed forming, on the verge of being established.

Each person established their heavenly passages differently. Moreover, towards the later stages, it will vary even more.

Suddenly, silver light flickered, and two giant scorpions drilled out from within the sand. Their pincers were chilly, and their tail hooks were terrifying. They slowly made their way to where the silver-robed youth was, preparing to unleash a thunder-like attack.

“We’re going over!”

“Good, neighbors who can’t agree loses out to a third party. While they are fighting, we are going to take advantage of the situation.” The big red bird was excited.

“We are going to lend that silver-robed youth a helping hand,” the little guy corrected.

The opposing party entered the desert alone! He most likely was not aimlessly wondering around, because this world was too vast. There were too many places that potentially held spiritual objects. It was not worthwhile to wander around this wasteland, and it was likely that the other party knew something.


The golden bone shears flew out, quickly bisecting those two giant scorpions. Their corpses collapsed, finally alerting Xiao Tian. At the same time, he broke through, establishing his eighth heavenly passage.

He instantly realized what happened. Even though he felt that those two silver scorpions couldn’t do much, he was still grateful that the little guy took action, granting the favor.

“Brother truly is a heaven warping talent, actually able to open up eight heavenly passages.” The little guy was sighing in admiration as he spoke. He was not worried at all about being exposed, because there were bloodstains all over his body.

In addition, these two had never truly met face to face. He only knocked the other party out a few times with a hammer; the other party wouldn’t be so sensitive.

“Look at the full protrusion in the middle of your bright forehead! You are definitely a promising and brilliant youth2 who will inevitably soar in the future.” The big red bird also acted appropriately, following along with the little guy’s praise.

However, upon hearing the four characters ‘promising and brilliant youth,’ his body immediately became rigid. He remembered these four characters well. Back then, those people praised the bump on his forehead as if it was a horn. Even now, this remained fresh in his memory, and it seemed as if he was going crazy.

The little guy understood as soon as he saw his expression. His mouth twitched, holding back his laughter. He reprimanded the big red bird and said, “What are you talking about? What promising and brilliant youth? Everything depends on your own effort, and only then can you become outstanding. I hate the four words ‘promising and brilliant youth’ the most.”

In that instant, the silver-robed youth almost had tears flowing down his cheeks. This was truly someone that understood him! He finally met someone who hated these four words to death.

“Brother, it truly is familiarity at first sight. Your words have stirred me deeply, resonating deep inside of me.” Xiao Tian’s mood shifted greatly. Although it was the ‘first time’ meeting the little guy, he already had a good impression of him.

The little guy walked up and began to converse with him. They talked about everything, from the vicious beasts within the great wastelands to the local conditions and customs, chatting and laughing along the way. The silver-robed youth continuously nodded his head, feeling that this youth truly understood his own interests, as if they really understood each other.

In the end, Xiao Tian opened his mouth and said, “Just now, you helped me out, making me feel grateful. How about this, you are on the same journey as me, so I might be able to grant you a great opportunity.

“What opportunity?” The little guy was curious.

“True Supreme Water!” The silver robed youth revealed a serious expression, saying these three words.

The little guy was shocked. He naturally heard of this type of stuff before. That was indeed a holy object, and even ancient deities would use this to refine weaponry. It was invaluable, and as soon as a single drop appeared, people would break heads trying to fight over it.

“Several hundred years ago, one of my clan’s ancestors discovered a clue, leaving behind directions. As a result, I came here as soon as the Hundred Shattering mountains were opened.” Xiao Tian spoke openly. Currently, it didn’t seem like he could succeed, because the True Supreme Water seemed to have life. It knew how to hide, and even knew how to use symbols.

The little guy’s eyes emitted light. “You have to fight for it no matter what! If you miss these types of opportunities, you will be hacked by lightning from the heavens.”

The silver robed youth laughed heartily after hearing his words, feeling that he was extremely interesting.

“This journey will not be peaceful. I noticed that some people have already entered, so when the time comes, there will be a great disturbance,” continued Xiao Tian. He had made sufficient preparations, enough to be able to unravel the laws of this world.

“Actually, we don’t necessarily have to do the work ourselves. A group of people already went ahead of us, so we should just follow behind them, taking action at the crucial moment,” said the little guy.

The silver robed youth nodded. He was thinking the same thing.

Along the road, the two chatted while smiling, making Xiao Tian feel that this youth was more and more to his liking. Every word the little guy said made him feel comfortable.

The little guy showed great emotion. He looked as if his morality reached into the skies, and with heavy words, he said that Xiao Tian’s matters were his matters. In the future, if there were any difficult situations, they had to face it together.

The silver robed youth was rather moved, saying, “We shouldn’t keep the truth from each other. I indeed have a great enemy. Although I have never met him, that child is too powerful. In the future, i don’t know if I’ll be able to release my pent up resentment.”

“Who is it?” The little guy blinked his large eyes, and with a curious look, he earnestly asked.

“It is a evil and savage child. I really want him to appear in front me right now, and then smash his head violently with a hammer.” The silver robed youth was fuming with rage.

“Good, your enemy is my enemy. In the future, let’s beat up that evil savage child!” The little guy spoke with an extremely deep heroic spirit.

Xiao Tian was moved. A close friend was hard to encounter! This trip was truly not made in vain!

The more the two guys spoke, the more agreeable they became. They traveled within the great desert, almost becoming a single person.

The big red bird followed after the little guy with jolting buttocks. It was incomparably polite, and would only say something here and there. It would parrot his words, because it was still hoping for him to introduce to it the master.

They did not borrow the Fire Yunque to fly in the sky, because they were already quite close to their destination. They feared being discovered by others, and so they moved stealthily within the desert.

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